It’s cold and wet! What you need is a warm mug of coffee and a stimulating, gripping read to rocket you into another world. A world of excitement, white knuckle tension and nerve burning action. Here are some terrific thrillers from amazon.


“If you don’t pay me £250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die”. The text on Josh Hammond’s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling. Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious. Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailing him and why? He has 48 hours to find out. The first novel in the acclaimed City of London Thriller series is a hit which will enthral everyone who knows and loves its London settings. Rich in detail and truly evocative it is a real page turner, told in around 100,000 words.”

Positive Reviews

“The imagery in the book is rich and really adds to its texture. The image of rainfall like sugar on strawberries had me from the off. The book is fast paced and moves into the main plot quickly, which helped keep my attention and increased my desire to read farther.”

“I liked the honest human feelings down, the humour and suspense. I would definitely read another book by this author.”

Negative Review

“Whilst, I thought the idea behind the story line for this novel was interesting, I ultimately found the book frustrating. I felt it was far too wordy and although the author took time to describe what his characters were wearing, he failed to portray their individual characters. Throughout the novel, I felt I had little real idea of the character of the protagonist.”


This riveting suspense thriller explores the special bond between a brother and sister when Richard Baimbridge rushes back to his coastal hometown of Wilmington, NC, to assist with his sister’s recovery after she’s brutally attacked and crippled investigating the rape of a 13-year-old. Coming face to face with his tormented past and a dark family secret, he fights to stay above the flood of childhood trauma and, serving as his sister’s legs, is drawn into the dark underside of this quiet coastal community where he, himself, becomes the primary suspect in the murders of Wilmington’s young girls.


Although this book started off a little slow, it built the pace and eventually became a keeper. I wouldn’t describe it as unputdownable, but only because there were times when I HAD to put it down and take a breather.”

“An enjoyable story which invokes a variety of
emotions leaves you often in suspense and guarantees as a few surprises along the way.”


With a contrived plot, signposted twists, repetitive devices – how many times can one man ruin his clothes and have to throw them away before you need to write in a trip to the shops for new trousers? – and scenes so insultingly unbelievable you’ll snort with derision, this book was overpriced even at 38p.”

“It was riddled with spelling mistakes and rubbish over-dramatized descriptions. I wonder if this book was self-published. Anyway, Bill Brenners, don’t give up the day job is my advice to you.”

I note that while the negative reviews on this book are thoughtful, well put together and informative; the positive reviews are short, vague and repetitive leaving me to believe the negative ones are more accurate.


Grisham introduces a small-town Virginia lawyer named Malcolm Bannister, who’s dubiously convicted of money laundering for a drug-lord client, and maps out a revenge plot from his federal penitentiary cell that’s twice as elaborate as the one Alexandre Dumas cooked up in The Count of Monte Cristo. Like many a Grisham hero, Mal is a legal insider who knows how to work the system to his advantage. He’s also a peculiarly lone wolf, willing to shed all his family ties in pursuit of a very long and entertaining con.

“This is by all means a good book, but my expectatons of John Grisham are based on the excellent books he has written in the past, and are therefore much higher.
The story is nice, but not particularly captivating. Grisham’s books typically keep me awake all night reading, Sadly, this one does not fall into that category.
Perhaps, as many people say, the sun has indeed set on this great author. Nothing he has written in the last few years compares to his first few books.
My one word summary would be “disappointing”. If the authors name for this book had been John Doe, I would definitely not look for any of his other books to buy.”

“The Racketeer is the first of his books that I have tried for several years and you know what – it was a good read.

The story was enticing and credible, the characters well drawn and interesting and the plot drew me in and I read the entire book , if not breathless, but certainly well engaged, over a couple of days.”


The “big twist” was completely spottable very early on – so reading this was more about guessing how it gets revealed rather than what happens. As usual, Grisham is let down by his inability to write characters well – I’ve no idea whether I like the main guy or not (I feel rather “meh” about him) and the love interest lady was very poorly sketched out – although I’m left with the impression that Mr Grisham is a fan of large boobs and long legs, because that’s all he really said about her. I did get the feeling that The Shawshank Redemption was more than a little influential – I think the idea was “innocent man breaks the law to get justice”, just not as well done. Having said all that, I quite enjoyed it – but I doubt I’ll remember a thing about it a year from now.”

“This had the potential to be a very interesting story but it is let down by the absence of characters that we care about and by the padding that stretches it out significantly longer than the storyline warrants. There is a low level of suspense throughout, but not enough to maintain your interest.”


A chain of tragic deaths across Dubai spanning two decades, only Valda knows they were not accidents, but murders. Her name is next on that list…..

Spunky singer Valda ditches her old life in Cape Town for a new start in glittering Dubai. Armed with just her cigarettes and some attitude she sets about reigniting her career and putting to bed the heartache over her former boyfriend Richard.
Valda does indeed find success and to her astonishment love, but all is threatened when she is introduced to a billionaire Sheikh. Her clandestine liaison with the Sheikh, propels her into a murky web of deceit and when newspaper clippings of seemingly accidental deaths across Dubai are posted anonymously to her it is clear she is rushing headlong into the same fate.

No one dare cross the Sheikh and she can hardly hardly turn to the law, so with few options open she confides in Larissa.
As an astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the Sheikh's destinies were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret.
Together, Valda and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian Roulette where the stakes are their lives and their adversary, Fate itself.


“A riveting read. Cleverly written this modern suspense thriller charts the story of Valda and is set in the exotic but dangerous locations of Cape Town and Dubai. Containing destiny, fate, karma, intrigue and passion it is an edge of the seat read. Its emotional impact is chilling and often quite scary and its tight description and dialogue create real tension. That said it is an easy read and has an easy plot that suddenly shakes you with its swift turns. The journeys between Cape Town and Dubai are very tense and often chilling. The atmosphere and culture of Cape Town and Dubai come alive on the page and Gordon cleverly weaves all this into easy dialogue and vivid descriptions. Once the reader is comfortable with the story along comes another sudden twist. The storytelling is compelling and moves at a fast pace making the book difficult to put down.”

“But the best thing about this book is the characters. The author understands so well how people hang together, how one thing in life relates to another, and how we tend to act in line with our personalities, no matter how perverse this may occasionally be! A real warmth shines through the writing… this author really cares about these characters and I really fell in love with the two main ones! I had a bit of a crush on the love interest too!”


I thought the story was slow to start but it revved up at around page 40 and I was glad I stuck with it. The pace then gradually increased to a frenetic speed towards the end. The second half of the book was gripping and intriguing. However, the conclusion was abrupt. I was left wanting more and would have liked to see the story and charaters develop further.”

“It started out good but I did not like how the ending was so quick
There could have been further story line.”

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