BOOK REVIEW – Mystery/Thriller: Next of Sin



Glyn Smith

What do you do if you discover that someone very close to you is a killer?
That’s what this book is all about. Lisa describes the doubts, the conflicts of emotion and the raw feelings of reality as the story unfolds. The protagonist, Gaby, and her friends come across with consummate reality, and before the end of the book, you come to know them very well.
Lisa has either travelled widely, or really knows how to use Google Earth. No matter, the descriptions of the many international venues come across vividly, and you feel yourself transported to each of them.
I think I would have given this book a five star rating were it not for the number of typos. It is only because of that that I have awarded four stars.


K. Barns

It says a lot when you read a new book by a new-to-you author, and immediately start searching for what else she has written.

Next Of Sin is a fast paced, well written page turner. Beautifully structured in as much as you start off witnessing a murder from the point of view of the murderer, without knowing which character’s head you are inside. This is slowly revealed along with the trail of destruction this character has left behind him. And is done in such a way that the book is full of the type of surprises that make perfect sense as soon as they are revealed, even though you didn’t see them coming.

The author cleverly weaves the different aspects of the story together, throwing in lots of twists and turns and plenty of nail biting conflict. The main female characters are feisty and likable, though as someone recently said to me about ‘Game of Thrones’, don’t get too attached to any of the characters. You really don’t know who will still be alive on the last page.

A great read and one I’d recommend to anyone who likes crime fiction, thrillers or just well-written, edge-of-your-seat drama.

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Seeing things clearly and in perspective; this is a time for stripping away the people and activities which are not nourishing for you.  There is a need for a re-evaluation of your values, how much of your behaviour is dominated by or catering to the values of others and how much have you absorbed those values – are these really you?  You need to re-connect with your core beliefs and values and re-align your life to accommodate these.  Virgos need some soul searching – your life should mirror what you are not what those you live with are.  The solar eclipse at the end of April will result in a certain pre-occupation with the intangible beliefs and attitudes that influence your life; events may force you to re-examine your ethics, morality, religious and philosophical ideas – how are these changing, how is society and the media affecting what you believe?  What do you really believe at heart – yes, it’s easier to go with the pack, but what does your conscience say?

This is a time of truth seeking and you may do that via travel, immersing yourself in books, a spiritual retreat or exposure to a new culture.


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For the rest of your year check out: HOROSCOPE 2014: ASTROLOGY and NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPES by Lisa Lazuli


Big plans are made up of thousands of little details and it is those little details that Leo need to pay attention to, to ensure that the big picture stays focused.  If something is going wrong within your life: family, work or love, the problem may be smaller than you think, so do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as something small but significant could change things from disaster to success.  Leo love a grand theme but often pay far less attention to the small details that can hamper the ultimate goal.

Leos will look to the home and family to restore things: these things may be family relationships or on a practical level home improvements which will make life more comfortable.  There may be the impetus to move home in order to improve work travel time, be near better school or to get a better job.

Spring predictions for CANCER


from Horoscope 2014 by Lisa Lazuli

Balancing the demands of work and career is a hard act to pull off this Spring.  There is just so much going on right now in terms of changes within your career and life direction, big changes going on in the life of your partner and inner changes within yourself.  This is a big spring in a year of huge personal development for you.  A wave of optimism will carry you through despite the demands and you will thrive on the feeling that the hard work is worth it.  Many Canercians may experience a role reversal when you go from being a stay at home mom/dad to the major breadwinner or from secondary household salary to primary. Satisfaction can be achieved via learning or teaching and there is a strong emphasis on the exchange of ideas.  If you are a writer, something you have written may really catch on in late April especially if it is very informative to people in terms of health and personal development.  You may achieve an award or recognition for an invention or something which you have researched and documented.  Your ideas are where the spotlight is.

The solar eclipse at the end of April will propel you to shift your focus towards group and organisational goals; volunteering and charitable activities may result.  You may become concerned about humanitarian or green issues or speaking up for a cause.  Involvement in a group goal or activity may help you gain a new sense of confidence or self-worth.


What is in Store for Gemini this Spring

From HOROSCOPE 2014 by Lisa Lazuli



How do you deal with people whose values, attitudes and beliefs are diametrically opposed to yours/  Gemini are in a position where you are having to work with and go along with either a company, relative or associate whose way of going about things is conflicting with the way you believe things should be done.  It’s a matter of principle on which you disagree and the fundamental difference is making your life and your position untenable.  Gemini must decide whether to pull back from this situation or to go along in the short run to avoid letting people down.  Long term you will have to disengage from dealing with this person/people and perhaps now is the time that you will see that.

The solar eclipse on April 28 will have you thinking about money: material status and financial reward will be a focus as will envy and striving to do better and have more.  Do not allow your eagerness to become recklessness when it comes to both earning and spending – do not gamble with resources in a hasty ill thought out manner.  Conspicuous and impulsive spending can be a part of this – so guard against spending more than you have or running up debt.  Ask yourself: do I need this? Why am I really buying this? Is this purchase about pride and ego?  Can I afford it?

This is be a very prosperous period financially as long as you are not motivated out of pride and ego.

On a deeper level this solar eclipse can bring about circumstances where you are forced to draw on the deep reserves of strength and mental energy you have – it may lead to one of those experiences where you realise how strong you are.

While some Gemini will redefine how they stand in the world via financial gain and wealth, with other Gemini, it will be all about the inner riches: dealing with a circumstance will suddenly help you achieve a greater sense of psychological security and a deeper connection with who you really are.


What’s in Store this Spring for TAURUS


With relationships running more smoothly, it is to work, health and fitness your mind turns.  You need more organisation and more consistency in these fields instead of bursts of discipline and then major fall off the wagons.  You have had phases of intense work, then you have thrown yourself at the treadmill and downed a ultra-healthy smoothy followed by a cigarette and a sickie – maybe not literally OK – but your work- life balance is totally out of balance and you need to address this and to have a more realistic approach to these things.  Excesses of work and exercise can do more damage than good and you need to reduce the extremes in your life.  Taurus is a sign prone to extremes, but unlike Scorpio who thrive on extremes, Taurus do not. 

The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28 will encourage you to be mindful of your personal development which means growth, confidence and self-image.  Taureans are very strong minded, but you do need to be more aware of your weaknesses, not in a PLOM (ie Poor Little Old Me) way, but in a realistic way, so that you can work on them. Think about your strengths and which traits let you down in life: think about how you can control those more troublesome traits.


The self-doubt you may feel as part of the eclipse is just a call to be more aware of how others perceive you – life is a game after all and we all need to have a think about how we can play the game of life better. The Eclipse’s influence can help you identify or rediscover talents and attributes you can make more use of or develop to your advantage.  Self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-enrichment lead to an expansion of personal horizons for those who embrace Solar Eclipse energies. Arrogance, self -satisfaction and resistance to any form of change in attitude will mean a continuance of the negative and unproductive aspects of your life. 

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What’s in Store for Aries this spring???



Aries are making some grand plans for the future.  It’s the end of winter (in the NH of course) and time to look ahead.  You are filled with a vision of where you would like to be and the passion to begin making those changes.  Your leadership ability is in full swing and you are ready to persuade others and set the ball rolling.  This is the time when you will feel the impetus get going on things which have hovered in the back of your mind just waiting for the right time.  More haste less speed is the motto and you should not become angry when things do not flow; keep in mind that many of your goals are long term and need consistent effort not overnight miracles.

The solar eclipse on April 28 will throw the spotlight on the spiritual side of your life: meaning and soul-growth.  Aries are a sign to whom faith matters, whatever faith means to the individual and this May, you will be increasingly aware of the inter connectedness of your physical and spiritual nature.  A prayer answered, a dream that is prophetic or a strange coincidence – all these things may be factors in increasing the amount of importance you place on the non-mundane or non-physical side of life.  Faith in the universe, God, Jesus, Allah, Nature – whichever vessel you prefer – will be vital to how you cope and grow this period.

Do not allow fears and feelings which you are repressing to make you evasive and secretive.  Your secretive and deceptive side is actually more transparent during the eclipse and so even if you feel you must keep something secret or hidden or silent – don’t.  Speak about it, let it out, and lay it on the table.  Correct something rather than conceal it.

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Malaysian airliner may have been commandeered and taken to secret Coco Island base — New info reveals plane flew 4-hours after transponder was deactivated | Intellihub News

Malaysian airliner may have been commandeered and taken to secret Coco Island base — New info reveals plane flew 4-hours after transponder was deactivated | Intellihub News.


Intellihub News has information leading us to believe that the aircraft turned-back toward the Sea of Andaman and may have possibly been taken to a secret military facility under communist control in the Coco Islands.

Interestingly enough, the Coco Islands were originally leased to the People’s Republic of China and likely remain under China’s control today.


More at:

GIVE-A-WAY Tricky, devious thriller – Review from Susannah St Claire Vive Voice

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This is the second book of Lisa Gordon’s that I have read. “A Sealed Fate” was a
nice little book. Lisa did give the reader some tricky curves in it but this
book? “Next of Sin” just knocks the ball out of the park, so to speak. She has a
way of writing that kinda gets you in a groove , reading along, kinda ho hum and
then she gives you a bend in the road.. slips along again and then gives you a
hard right.. slips along and then dumps you right off the cliff. I love
The book follows a family that seems fairly normal, Gaby, the youngest,
Meagan and their older brother Clinton. The golden boy. When Gaby was four, her
oldest sister Alison died while swimming in the ocean on a family outing which
caused their mother to commit suicide by way of alcohol and pills. The family
never really got over it even though their father remarried not too long after
her mom’s death. Gaby meanwhile, just slipped rose colored glasses over her face
and let life take her where it led which was to a summer wedding with her
boyfriend Piers. She had become a lawyer because of her father and wasn’t too
thrilled with her job and even found married life very dull and unrewarding.
After a trip to the bathroom with a bunch of her gal pals at a high school
reunion , she did something very unusual for the conservative Gabriella, she
smoked a joint . Somehow it unlocked the nightmares that had been surfacing in
her sleep for most of her life. She “saw” something that was unbelievable that
had been hidden for all these years that her four year old mind had never
accepted. Herein begins the REAL tale. The title is SO apt once you find out
what is in that four year old’s memory and then it leads you on a chase that
should keep you turning pages. Not wanting to give up more, let me just say, it
sure got a hold on me and I skipped through 600 pages in a day or so. ( even if
it IS doubled spaced! 🙂 ) I highly recommend this as a great thriller. I sure
can’t wait for the next one but Lisa?? This is going to be hard to top!