Scorpio, you are the solid, emotionally dependable one right now – somehow you have a better grasp of what is going on right now and are seeing reason.  Your partner may turn to you increasingly this period due to your ability to truly understand their situation.  It maybe that you know your partner better that he/she knows his/herself and are thus more clearly able to see where they are going wrong and how they should deal with the people and issues that are troubling them.  This will bring you so much closer on an intimate level as well.  Although Scorpio has so much empathy, do not allow yourself to become too drained in dealing with the problems of your partner and do not become directly involved.

Single Scorpio may find that new love springs from a relationship of dependency ie where you are helping or supporting someone.


Working together on a home diy project or even clearing out the garage together can be a great way to spend time with your partner and share a sense of accomplishment.  Let’s be honest there are always things we don’t want to do and can put off, so this is an excellent time for you to rope you partner in to helping you with a mission (one that affects you both ie home improvement, the garden, fitness, new diet, new sexual techniques etc) and making it a team effort.  It can be fun, rewarding and a way to spend quality time together.

Have single Pisces thought of volunteering as a way to meet new people – volunteering is rewarding, great for the CV and a very good way to make friends who share your interests and who may become lovers.



In marriages it is all about teamwork and mutual support more than romance, but that does not mean that there is no romance at all: Cancerians will not many months go by without an effort with flowers, chocolates, music or whatever it is that will make a day special.

Idealistic about love single Canerians will want the object of their desires to make very traditional gestures of love; it may however be up to you to make the first move rather than them. You may befriend someone at work who has a secret ‘thing’ for you.

More from: HOROSCOPE2014 by Lisa Lazuli



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