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Review for A SEALED FATE
A riveting read.
Cleverly written this modern suspense thriller charts the story of Valda and is set in the exotic but dangerous locations of Cape Town and Dubai. Containing destiny, fate, karma, intrigue and passion it is an edge of the seat read. Its emotional impact is chilling and often quite scary and its tight description and dialogue create real tension. That said it is an easy read and has an easy plot that suddenly shakes you with its swift turns.Image The journeys between Cape Town and Dubai are very tense and often chilling. The atmosphere and culture of Cape Town and Dubai come alive on the page and Gordon cleverly weaves all this into easy dialogue and vivid descriptions. Once the reader is comfortable with the story along comes another sudden twist. The storytelling is compelling and moves at a fast pace making the book difficult to put down.
The characters are well written and relationships both warm and friendly through to cold and chilling. Valda soon realises that a chain of tragic deaths across Dubai over the last twenty years were not accidents but murders and her name is next on the list. As this unfolds Lisa Gordon keeps the reader guessing as Valda’s relationships with Richard, the Sheik and his bodyguard Ahmed, Charles and Brett develop. Her professional meeting with Larissa turns into friendship and a strong sense of trust between the two as they unwittingly test the assumptions of fate, free will and destiny. All the time I felt I knew what was going to happen next, then was quickly sent in another direction.
Well worth reading, I look forward to reading more novels by Lisa Gordon.
Barbara Goldie from the Kindle Book Review

LIBRA in May and June

Passive aggression are the key words for Libra this spring.  How are you expressing your anger and frustration right now, even if you are holding it back it may be having a subliminal effect on those around you.  Maybe you are projecting that anger and experiencing it through others.  Try and own up to your feelings and do not feel martyred as that will increase not diminish your level of frustration on a desire level and on a spiritual level.  There is a call to to be self-sacrificing right now and to surrender to forces beyond your control; this does not play well with Libra who like to be the boss.

The solar eclipse in late April will bring the issue of sharing to the forefront – this may mean how you and your partner manage your joint account or issues of money between yourself and a business partner.  As a Libran you will want things balanced fairly.

Sex is certainly a theme and so are your boundaries – what are the undercurrents in your relationship, how are these affecting your sex life?  Perhaps it is via sex that you can influence your partner.  Could sex be the key in understanding yourself better?  Your sex life will give you clues about what is right or wrong with your relationship or with the intimate side of your life.



You are not very self-aware right now; somehow you are very much caught within your own perspective and are not seeing how your own emotions and reactions to situations may be part of the cause of negativity from outside.  Talking to your close friends and your partner could give you a far better take on how you are coming across.  If your partner or spouse says that you are snappy, sulky or irritable then take them seriously.  You need some time alone this period to work through certain feelings and emotions, you have a nagging sense of things not being right and yet you cannot put your finger on what is actually wrong.  This feeling will of course affect all relationships, especially intimate ones and so talk about it and let your partner know why you need some space.

Single Librans are best staying away from serious romance this period as you don’t know yourself and you are not sure what you want.  Go out with mates and platonic friends and let your hair down, commitment and the game that comes with romance is not what you need right now.

From: HOROSCOPE 2014

VIRGO – Love and life this month and June

Seeing things clearly and in perspective; this is a time for stripping away the people and activities which are not nourishing for you.  There is a need for a re-evaluation of your values, how much of your behaviour is dominated by or catering to the values of others and how much have you absorbed those values – are these really you?  You need to re-connect with your core beliefs and values and re-align your life to accommodate these.  Virgos need some soul searching – your life should mirror what you are not what those you live with are.  The solar eclipse at the end of April will result in a certain pre-occupation with the intangible beliefs and attitudes that influence your life; events may force you to re-examine your ethics, morality, religious and philosophical ideas – how are these changing, how is society and the media affecting what you believe?  What do you really believe at heart – yes, it’s easier to go with the pack, but what does your conscience say?

This is a time of truth seeking and you may do that via travel, immersing yourself in books, a spiritual retreat or exposure to a new culture



Off with the rose coloured glasses and on with the 20-20 vision.  They say hindsight is always 20-20, but often we do know what we need to know and just do not want to accept it.  Virgos are able to see relationships in a new light and this will dramatically affect how you behave in the relationship and what you are prepared to give. 

Intelligence and your ability to cut to the chase are attributes which are making you very attractive to the opposite sex; being direct is a very fresh way to tackle a new love interest.  No games, just genuine interest and good conversation is the way to get the ball rolling if you fancy someone.

from: HOROSCOPE 2014


Big plans are made up of thousands of little details and it is those little details that Leo need to pay attention to, to ensure that the big picture stays focused.  If something is going wrong within your life: family, work or love, the problem may be smaller than you think, so do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as something small but significant could change things from disaster to success.  Leo love a grand theme but often pay far less attention to the small details that can hamper the ultimate goal.

Leos will look to the home and family to restore things: these things may be family relationships or on a practical level home improvements which will make life more comfortable.  There may be the impetus to move home in order to improve work travel time, be near better school or to get a better job. 


Mixed signals and immaturity from your partner may lead you to believe that they are losing the plot.  You may not decide to question them directly as for one, you may not want to hear what they have to say and for another, you fear that it would make no sense anyway.  It is best to play it cool and give them some space to sort out their head – the confusion is all down to them and there is no need for the two of you to be dragged into a mental quagmire.  Any discussions will increase misunderstanding not decrease it.

New relationships can be very confusing for single Leo, it’s a case of, “How will I know if he really loves me?”  The bottom line is, be careful of players; a new love on the scene may not be what they appear to be.

More from; HOROSCOPE 2014 – Lisa Lazuli


FRICADEL CASSEROLE – Scrummy Meatball Recipe for the Weekend



500g Lean minced beef

1 onion chopped

Sprinkle of marjoram

Chilli stuffed olives chopped

2 Tbs breadcrumbs

1 beaten egg


1 tsp flour

100-150ml beef stock

1 tsp lemon juice

Worcester Sauce


Evaporated milk

Salt and pepper

Chopped parsley


Mix raw mince with salt, pepper, onion, olives, marjoram, breadcrumbs and egg, then shape into balls slightly bigger than golf balls.

Fry the balls in butter until brown all over.

Transfer meat balls to casserole dish.

Add flour to frying pan and stir into butter over a low heat.  Add stock, lemon juice, splash of Worcester sauce and paprika and boil for 3 mins.  Remove from heat and stir in evaporated milk.

Pour sauce over meat balls/fricadels and bake at 170C for 10-15 mins.

Sprinkle with parsley before serving.


Delicious in summer with a salad or in winter with cauliflower cheese and green beans.

The meat balls can be eaten the next day sliced cold on a sandwich with chutney or with a salad.

More fabulous and easy recipes at: DELICIOUS and NUTRICTIOUS

Beauty of MARJORAM:  “As with most other herbs marjoram contains a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals, but it’s most notably a remarkable source of vitamins C and K. For every 100 gram of fresh marjoram leaves, you can get approximately 86 percent of the recommended daily intake. As for vitamin K, it will provide up 518 percent of the recommended daily intake. Although vitamin K often goes unnoticed, it does encourage osteotrophic activity in the bones and can play a vital role in the brain by diminishing possible neuronal damages suffered through afflictions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Many of its chemical compounds are also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Marjoram not only works wonders for the digestive system but it can also help with the cardiovascular system and as the latest research shows, possibly even get rid of breast cancer.”
Learn more:



(From Natural News website)  Sweet potatoes, also commonly labeled as yams, are an excellent and inexpensive staple to have on hand. These deep orange-fleshed nutritional powerhouses add several important components to the diet. Their health and weight management benefits far exceed the nutritional value found in ordinary white and yellow fleshed potatoes.

Superior fiber content

Sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber as other types of potatoes. Contributing close to 7 grams of fiber per serving, they make an excellent starchy addition to any meal. The high fiber content gives them a “slow burning” quality. This basically means their caloric energy is used more slowly and efficiently than a low-fiber carbohydrate.


They contain a large amount of vitamin B6. This vitamin is crucial in breaking down a substance called homocysteine, which contributes to hardening of the arteries and blood vessels. Vitamin B6 helps keep the walls of these important blood passageways flexible and healthy which allows blood to flow freely.

In addition, sweet potatoes contain high amounts of potassium. Potassium plays an important role in lowering blood pressure by ridding the body of excess sodium and regulating fluid balance. It is also an important electrolyte that helps regulate the natural rhythm of the heart, and maintains normal function of the brain and central nervous system.

Rich in beta-carotene

Beta-carotene or vitamin A is an important antioxidant. One medium sweet potato provides your body with the complete recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and then some. Vitamin A is useful in the prevention of several different types of cancer as it is one of the most potent antioxidants out there.

Beta-carotene also helps to internally protect your skin from sun damage by both deflecting and repairing cell damage caused by excessive UV exposure. It also is an excellent nutrient for eye health and has been linked to prevention of vision loss and macular degeneration.

A great source of manganese

Manganese is a little-discussed trace mineral that has some great health benefits. It is a pivotal component in the metabolism of carbohydrates which helps support healthy blood sugar levels. This can help stabilize the appetite for hours as opposed to the temporary satisfaction that comes with most other carbohydrates.

It also is a cofactor in enzymes that play an important role in the generation of energy as well as the efficient utilization of antioxidants. It is used for the treatment of anemia and is useful as a treatment for several premenstrual symptoms in women as well.

Rich in vitamins C and E

As if being one of the top vegetable sources of beta-carotene weren’t enough, sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamins C and E. These are potent antioxidant vitamins that play an important role in disease prevention and longevity.

Both vitamins also play a huge role in the health and beauty of your skin and hair, making them popular supplements. The combination of beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C in one food makes the sweet potato one heck of a “beauty food”. These nutrients all contribute to a healthy, glowing complexion and vibrant hair.


For terrific and tasty sweet potato recipes click here

SOURCE   Learn more:

Image pot


Symbolised by the Bull, Taurus has the capacity for acceptance, fixed determination and practicality and is noted for a strong sense of values and a love of beauty.  Taurus is motivated by feeling above all.  Taurus is a highly sensual sign and has a heightened response to and appreciation for beauty in all forms i.e. touch, sound, smell, taste and sight.

The Bull symbolises strength, tenacity, consistency and quite power.  When you see Bulls in a field they are always grazing or drinking together at the river; Taurus while not a party animal, is a social animal who enjoys company and togetherness.  Bulls are also rather docile and content unless aggravated, when they will unleash the full force of their wrath.  Taureans rarely seek conflict and are generally relaxed and easy going, but should you dare disturb the tranquillity and order of their lives, ‘Beware of the Bull’. 


Sexually Speaking

Taurus are often rather shy sexually at first or with a new lover.  Some of them are slow to arousal, but once aroused their desire is earthy and powerful.

In sexual encounters Taurus do not like to be rushed; it’s all about taking time and savouring the moment.  Taureans tend to like sex when they feel comfortable i.e. in familiar surroundings or where they feel safe

Taureans dislike sexual gimmicks, they like sex like they live their lives: down to earth.  If the lover can get past The Bull’s “quirks”, they’ll find that the wait is totally worth it.


In Career

Taureans have an amazing ability to focus and concentrate.  In Japan, a Taurus country, the cuisine is world renowned as superb, as chefs will specialise in a particular dish exclusively.

Most Taureans will tend to have well-defined long-term goals and the determination to achieve them. Bulls are unlikely to take on too many projects at once.   Taureans do not set out to do something if they think they can’t – they are not willing to gamble their reputation in that way.  Adaptability is not Taurus’ string point and so fast changing work environments or work places where there is a constant state of flux and disorganisation will not appeal to them.

Accounting, banking, the arts (music and acting), building, architecture, farming, catering and restuaranterring are careers that appeal to Taurus.



Although slow to demonstrate their feelings, a Taureans affections are strong, deep and long lasting.  They make faithful friends and lovers and will sometimes cling to a relationship, reluctant to let go even when it is clear that it has failed.  Bulls hate being alone and won’t live the single life for long (even if this means taking in a room-mate).  Some Taureans are quite content to stay within the family home for many years, when they do finally move out, it is a wrench.  They appreciate tangible tokens of love in the form of gifts and will always reciprocate in kind. Bulls cannot stand rows and would rather let things be than initiate any form of friction.  Sometimes Taureans end up putting up with way too much.  Very steadfast and a reliable partner, Bulls are also very sensual but inclined to be possessive and a little jealous.

Taureans make friends easily due to their relaxed, non-judgmental attitude.  They are very friendly and sociable and will have no shortage of social engagements.  However, Bulls are home birds really and enjoy to be with their family rather than raving it up every night.  Having a very strong ego, a Taurus doesn’t have to prove his popularity by going out with the in crowd each night – he’ll stay at home and let his friends come and get him, he is very sure of himself.

Something about their manner indicates to others that the Bull will make a satisfying lover and partner.  Taurus crave a certain measure of constancy and dependability in relationships and are drawn to the other fixed signs i.e. Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo because of this, even if these do not represent easy relationships.




Vulnerable parts of the body are the neck, throat, shoulders and upper torso. Sore throats, stiff necks, tonsillitis, pneumonia, croup, lymphatic stasis of the neck and head, asthma, bronchitis, Graves’ disease, laryngitis, hyperthyroidism, metabolic dysfunction (leading to obesity) and earache are common Taurean ailments.

The average Bull has superb health and it takes a lot to put him on his back, however recuperation can be slow due to a stubborn refusal to obey the doctor and a natural distrust of optimism which doesn’t encourage speedy recuperation

Taureans are generally work-a-holics who try to achieve a high standard in everything which they attempt, never quitting and often pushing themselves to the point of physical exhaustion. The Bull must pace him/herself and learn where the mental or physical OFF switch is. Breaks, fresh air and moderate exercise is vital.




You intuition is enhanced this year and should not be ignored – Taureans are very perceptive and quite psychic although that is not discussed very often as you are such a down to earth sign.  Bearing in mind what I said about you mentally be inclined towards practicality and factual analysis, there is no denying that you are getting feelings: gut feeling, hunches and instincts about things and people and you should not ignore these.

In 2014 you are working hard toward the practical things, but at the same time your heart is yearning for something more meaningful and purposeful and later on in the year events will allow you to bring that meaning into your life.  Reading self-improvement or spiritual books combined with a need to get away from it all are some indicators of that need to connect with another side of yourself.  Writing or being creative with music or art could be the escape and the avenue to release both artistic talents and emotions that you are looking for. 

Taureans often mask emotions that are hard to deal with via over-work, over eating or obsessive exercising – later this year you may attract people into your life who will help you to confront these emotions instead of burying them away. 

Self-honesty and a pull towards reflection, meditation and also prayer are fundamental to your well-being and you will find yourself exploring these and other similar modes of spiritual understanding. 

Artistic pursuits by their nature create a tornado of emotion which can whisk up feelings and bring deeply seated issues to the surface – thus Taureans who work in the arts or creative enterprises tend to be closer to their emotions and so this can be a cathartic time when these emotions are better understood.

Taureans are finally understanding things that they never quite got to grips with before – but the question is: What can you do with this understanding?

LISA LAZULI – Former BBC WM Astrologer and author of:

TAURUS – Your Day, Your Decan, Your Sign.

HOROSCOPE 2014 – Astrology and numerology Horoscopes.


Taurus the Bull is not only the most populous sign, but also the most diverse in terms of nature.


Taureans have incredible ‘stickablity’ – they can really keep at a job for many years with great commitment.  I use here as an example two of the most famous Taureans: Queen Elizabeth II (April 21) and Pope John Paul II (18 May).  Pope John Paul is the second longest serving pope and Queen Elizabeth’s reign of 61 years is second only to Queen Victoria.  Both have impeccable records as the head of the Catholic Church and supreme governor of the Church of England and Monarch respectively – their dedication, diplomacy and consistent effort over extraordinary lengths of time in public life have had a hugely positive and stabilising effect so typical of Taurus.  Both of their records are effectively blemish free.

Catherine the Great (born May 2) was the longest and most renowned female ruler of Russia and Russia was revitalized under her reign, growing larger and stronger than ever and becoming recognized as one of the foremost powers of Europe.

Russia is a Taurus country and two of its most influential political figures Vladimir Lenin (22 April) and Karl Marx (5 May) were Taurus.

Oliver Cromwell (25 April) a military and political leader of England, Scotland and Ireland,  is one of the most controversial figures in British history, considered a regicidal dictator by historians such as David Hume, a military dictator by Churchill and a hero of liberty by Thomas Carlyle.

Emperor Hirohito (29 April) of Japan served for 63 years;  his reign was not above reproach as in some of the previous examples due to the militarisation and involvement of Japan in World War Two; although he was never prosecuted for war crimes.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (6 May) is a Bull.

On the other side of coin there are many examples of Taurean dictators in politics who’s dogmatic and belligerent side have led to some of the more lengthy and/or brutal regimes in history i.e. Saddam Hussein (April 28), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), Pol Pot (Cambodia), Zein El Abideen Ben Ali(Tunisia) and Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia).

Mark Strage, biographer of Catherine De Medici (23 April) of French Royalty, calls her “the most powerful woman in sixteenth-century Europe.”

Eva Peron (7 May) of Argentina was an actress before becoming Argentina’s first lady and later became powerful within the trade unions, primarily for speaking on behalf of labour rights. She also ran the Ministries of Labour and Health, championed women’s suffrage in Argentina, and founded and ran the nation’s first large-scale female political party.

Unfortunately Adolf Hitler (April 20) and infamous Nazi’s Rudolph Hess (April 26) and J. von Ribbentrop (April 30) were born under a Taurus Sun. 

These examples prove that Taureans gravitate to important positions of political power and are able to make a huge impact for better or for worse when they attain it.

Read more at: TAURUS – Your Day, Your Decan, Your Sign.


How do Taurus get on with Fellow Taureans Sexually and in Love



While on one hand this can be a blissful, romantic and happy union, it could also be a downward spiral of depression, hopelessness and passive aggression.

Similarities in terms of the need for stability, comfort, continuity and peace can make this a very harmonious affair.  However things can get dull and there is little motivation to inject some adventure into the relationship.  Stuck in your old ways, you may plod on in a “doing Ok, but not very well,” state of suspension in time.

As you have similar values and look at the world in quite the same way making decisions and bringing up the children will be filled with agreement.   Deciding where to holiday, where to live and how to spend free time will also be a source of agreement as you are both laid back and enjoy similar activities. 

You are both earthy, sensual lovers who like romance and enjoy foreplay: you like to revel in the pleasure of feel, touch, smell and closeness and being pleasers by nature you will want to pleasure the other.  Sexually Taurus can be very comfortable together.  What’s more Taurus are loyal and committed and when in a solid relationship Taurus gives so much more in the sexual department; so Taurus with Taurus should mean plenty of sex.  Sex for Taurus must go along with affection; one cannot be fulfilling without the other and with a fellow Taurean affection, cuddles and an earthy wit will go a long way to make sex successful.

When Taureans are not shown affection they get very insecure about their bodies – this should not happen in a Taurus Taurus relationship.

Moneywise you are both sensible and both of you like to spend on objects of beauty to make the home pleasant or for the female to have nice jewellery and clothes.  Taureans like their lover to look good – they enjoy things that are pleasing on the eye.

Since you both like socialising, weekends should be packed full of events and engagements to go to, however sometimes 2 Taurus together tend to cocoon themselves and become almost reclusive.

The positive traits and easy going nature of two Taureans together can make you both more passive as a pair and more likely to get into a rut when routine kills the romance or where neither of you are able to provide the impetus to get yourselves out of a rut.

Jealous and possessive behaviour can become par for the course with no restraining rationale to temper the feelings which can run high.  You are both unwilling to back off and give each other time and space which can mean disagreements drag on.  Added to this the stubbornness of two Taureans can make compromises very difficult and the one who eventually backs down may resent it.

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