Taureans!  You guys are blessed with a friendly, charming manner and a genuine approach which wins friends and helps you forge robust social networks.  Female Taureans are almost always highly attractive, which is partly enhanced by a lovely inner nature.

“And the one-eyed furry toy that lies upon the bed,
Has often heard her cry
And heard her whisper out a name long forgiven
But not forgotten”  The Corrs.


Taureans have an explosive temper; although this side of you is rarely seen – one has to push a Bull to extremes for you to lose that temper.

The Bull seldom barges forward, you simply want to be left alone, as long as you are not disturbed you will remain contented, when pressed or bossed around you become obstinate.  When shoved too hard or teased too much you can erupt into a violent rage.  You can go for years exhibiting great control and patience, keeping the peace and doing anything for a quiet life until one day someone pushes their luck too far and you explode.  The Taurean temper is seldom displayed impulsively, but when you get mad you destroy everything in your path, including Scorpios. 

A Taurean never gets a little mad or annoyed, if the incident is significant enough to rock your placid nature, you can count on blind fury.

 Once worked up a Bull will take you a few hours or even a day to calm down; an apology is the best way to pacify a Taurean who will nearly always respond to an olive branch or a reasonable argument.  Taureans have long memories and if someone crosses you it will be a case of forgiven but not forgotten.  Always inclined to be diplomatic you will apologise soon if not immediately and with a dislike for discord you are unlikely to sulk, simmer or use the silent treatment to a great extent.  If a Taurean does indulge in some drawn out bitter dispute I can guarantee that it is hurting you more than your enemy.  At heart Taureans are lazy and arguing is hard work and so, why bother?

For more details on TAURUS including your Decan and what being born on your specific day means for your personality and your future.  Click here:

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