VIRGO – Love and life this month and June

Seeing things clearly and in perspective; this is a time for stripping away the people and activities which are not nourishing for you.  There is a need for a re-evaluation of your values, how much of your behaviour is dominated by or catering to the values of others and how much have you absorbed those values – are these really you?  You need to re-connect with your core beliefs and values and re-align your life to accommodate these.  Virgos need some soul searching – your life should mirror what you are not what those you live with are.  The solar eclipse at the end of April will result in a certain pre-occupation with the intangible beliefs and attitudes that influence your life; events may force you to re-examine your ethics, morality, religious and philosophical ideas – how are these changing, how is society and the media affecting what you believe?  What do you really believe at heart – yes, it’s easier to go with the pack, but what does your conscience say?

This is a time of truth seeking and you may do that via travel, immersing yourself in books, a spiritual retreat or exposure to a new culture



Off with the rose coloured glasses and on with the 20-20 vision.  They say hindsight is always 20-20, but often we do know what we need to know and just do not want to accept it.  Virgos are able to see relationships in a new light and this will dramatically affect how you behave in the relationship and what you are prepared to give. 

Intelligence and your ability to cut to the chase are attributes which are making you very attractive to the opposite sex; being direct is a very fresh way to tackle a new love interest.  No games, just genuine interest and good conversation is the way to get the ball rolling if you fancy someone.

from: HOROSCOPE 2014

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