There is a great focus on relationships this summer not only love but any person with whom you have a regular close family or working relationship. Conflicts and arguments over the various contributions you both make, who gives and who takes and the relative commitment you both show to the relationship etc are part of a rebalancing and some serious and possibly heated discussions will ensue. Try not to get swept away in a wave of enthusiasm or righteous indignation for something, it may be self-destructive – take a step back every now and again and ask, “Why am I doing this?”

In marriage your commitment will be tested. Disillusionment or disappointment in your current union may lead you to have doubts about your partner’s faithfulness or your own ability to be faithful. It maybe past relationships casting a shadow over the present, where you are transferring the problems and disappointments of one to the other. You must take a clear and factual view of where the relationship is at rather than drifting off into unhelpful conspiracy and paranoia. If you can grapple with the deep subconscious issues which are creating the current relationship discomfort; you will gain a deeper insight.

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