Your creativity levels are high and can manifest via art, the mystical pursuits and charitable work. Your inspirational thoughts will be easy to manifest in a practical way. Your intuition is finely tuned and could lead to opportunities and gaining an edge in competition if listened to. Taureans are very psychic but their practical nature often makes them doubt their powers of intuition. Even if the facts do not back up your perceptions of a situation still trust that perception. Animals may play an important role in your life this Summer.

Lovers and partners of Taureans will have to bear with them as their minds are elsewhere: this should not be taken as a detachment or lack of feeling, Taureans are within an important period at work and within their life course and are constantly thinking about the next step. Taureans need the support and also the patience of their spouses and the overlooking of a few bouts of the Taureans stroppiness. Taurus are extremely stubborn now so any attempt to push or prod them will be met with not only resistance but some snorting and flicking of gravel with the back heels.
Single Taurus are not really in the mood for new romances; it’s just too much added pressure and what Taureans do not need now is someone who is emotionally needy.

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