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A very hectic and even chaotic start to the New Year.  Your first priority is to get your finances in order, or you could be in for a nasty surprise mid-month.  Do not put anything off, and make sure that anything contractual is tied up before the 22nd of Jan when Mercury turns retrograde.  This is not a month to mix friendship with money: do not borrow or lend to a friend as it will become very complicated and create stressful bother.

You may find that your friendship circle and the events that are part of that i.e. weddings, christenings, baby showers, parties, etc. are beyond your budget this month, and that may cause you a dilemma – remember that sometimes a small, personalized gift that did not cost much means more that some standardized item, even if it was expensive.

In January, you are feeling highly restless and you are looking to squeeze out of commitments that you feel take too much of your time and effort, and which give little back; you may have been roped into PTAs, a focus group, a treasurer position or something of that nature.  You are now ready to throw the towel in, and it is not about being a quitter, it is about streamlining your life and your routine and getting out of what is not essential.

QVC is the motto as you start this New Year, and I am not talking about the shopping channel – everything in your life must pass the QVC test, i.e. Quality, Value added and Contentment.  Make quality use of your time, be sure what you do adds value to your life and creates contentment.  If activities this month are stressful and confusing, drop them, don’t go there, it isn’t worth it.

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