DEPRESSION BUSTERS: The Diet to Get You on the Road to Better Mental Health.

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Is your diet depressing you?

There are so many drivers of depression but this book is aimed at the most basic – DIET. Eat right, feel right, turn your mental health around!

Diet cannot solve your emotional problems, your financial woes, your troubled past, your dysfunctional relationships, but diet may be the ONLY thing you do have control of and by managing your mood via diet you will have more mental and emotional energy to deal with all those other depression drivers.

* This book is all about taking control of your depression via diet.
* It is about the food and everyday activities which can cause and exacerbate depression.
* It is about foods, supplements and natural ingredients which can improve mood and mental clarity.
* It is about tackling the key drivers of depression at their root.

There are chapters explaining: why depression is rising dramatically; how everyday food stuffs, nutrient deficiencies, environmental factors and activities can set off or exacerbate depression; which the foods and supplements can combat and relieve depression.

Nearly all suggestions made in this book are able to be used alone or alongside your regular medication (always have a chat to your GP first).

One reviewer said:

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Informative! March 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
This book was a very interesting read. I must admit that I learned a lot the moment I got my hands on this book. Who would have thought that there was a connection between your mental health and the foods you eat. Well, its true and this book show you what to eat in order to stay in good metal health. There are certain foods that will affect your brain in positive ways and others in negative ways. I highly recommend this book to everyone simply because of how educational it was. On anther note, you need to get this book if you are looking to improve your mental health.
Depression and Diet

Depression and Diet


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