Alternative Medicine for Pet – Book Reviews


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“So I was interested in alternative medicines for pets and whether they might work where the regular treatments have failed. This book by Jackie Gee was just what I wanted. The author explains the various ailments for which alternative medicines could actually work better than traditional treatments. She explains very precisely how herbs can be used for pet allergies, for example.

The author goes into detail about the various alternative treatments such as Homeopathic medicines for pets. She talks about the right diet for your pet – what to give it and what to avoid. I found the chapter on controlling fleas and ticks important as well. The book is full of quality information like that. Good job “ RANGER.

“ I’ve been rally impressed with this new and intriguing methods for taking care of our pets. So many ailments that they have usually have official remedies that have many harmful side effects, so I’ve been really interested in what this book had to say. Definitely interesting to consider and I am going to try some of them for my yellow lab in the future. Truly helpful and well collected alternative treatments for our pets. Well worth the read. “ Hailey R

“ I have 4 pets, 3 cats and a doggie and this guide has been really helpful for learning how to keep my pets in top shape. I was amazed to see that there are so many alternative and safe remedies for common problems that pets are dealing with. Definitely helpful and there were quite a few that I may treat my pets with in the near future. So useful and full of well researched information. Highly recommended.” Liz A

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