What does Astrology say about BREXIT

12 thoughts on “What does Astrology say about BREXIT

  1. Well done Lisa – you were spot on! You did make me laugh when you mentioned Obama because he did make me mad! We British definitely don’t like being told what to do. Now of course everything is in chaos. Do you know if it is all going to work out OK for the UK – its all a bit scary at the moment! Have we done the right thing? It felt a bit ominous when you said the EU was set for global control especially with recent news stories about the EU wanting its own army!! As a lot of countries are now saying they want to leave the EU too after witnessing Brexit – do you think it will break up the EU or will it just reform? If it breaks up do you think it will rise again like a phoenix becoming more powerful? Finally any clues on whether Scotland will become independent from the union or if Northern Ireland will rejoin Ireland. Who will be the new Conservative and Labour PM? So much change its hard to keep up!

    • Hi Karen, So much to discuss. I am planning more vlog and will let you know.
      Yes, Obama also made me really angry – what a cheek.
      Teresa May for sure and as I said in this vlog, Boris would not be.
      Planning vlogs on farage, Corbyn etc.
      All will be very good for UK after this period – we must be patient.
      Yes, EU will cling on for dear life – not sure that others will have guts to exit. This is a major set back..they will press on and we will still be a thorn in their side. Their big drawback is arrogance too little flexibility. Will write back in detail – thank you so very much for your positive comments. BTW EU have a vindictive, spiteful side…But UK will do well. As for Scotland and NI…will get to work on it.

      • Fab – can’t wait to see what is in store! A bit concerned about Teresa May being PM though! Looking forward to your vlogs – Karen :O)

      • hI Karen, Got your comments.

        Yes, Andrea Leadsom could maybe become leader in a few years. I think TM will be OK – I think she is better than Gove and Hunt (too much water under the bridge with them). My volg on TM is now live, along with one on Nigel Farage. I am defo looking at Andrea in more detail as I think she could prove intersting; Liam Fox looks good too.
        France and Germany have been seeking control over Europe for 100’s of years ie Napalean, WW1 and WW2 and I think the EU was their latest attempt (hence Phoenix analogy). So very long term I do not think their ambitions will change, but in the short run they have suffered a big blow. The EU is all about politicians not the people who in the main are not overly keen. Are the EU ever going to do anything to help the PIGS and their economies. Anyway..I will look at EU chart again. I also have one coming up on Nicky S and Scotish independence.

      • You might find this link interesting – scary if true!

        Its all about politicians now – their contempt for the people is shocking. Can’t wait to see your other vlogs!


  2. Hi Lisa – I can’t find you vlog on TM – did a search but nothing came up. Could you point me in the right direction. Many thanks, Karen

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