Sagittarius Horoscope 2017


Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 now on amazon on kindle and paperback

“This is a year of looking within and then projecting onto the world; you are more in touch with what you want and need from the next few years and thus are putting your back into the work that can get you there. Things that are a distraction will fade away as you focus energy and will power on breaking the emotional and philosophical taboos that you have created for yourself. You can remake yourself in the image you want, this is a time of shedding any identity or value system that was painted onto you. Relationships will improve as you become more self assured and act with confidence that builds as they year goes on and as you successfully surmount hurdles. You are able to shoulder greater responsibility and this will bring reward and a greater sense of self.
This year, you can do it – you can do more and be more than you have ever imagined. You are the only barrier, so what are you waiting for.”

Following the success of HOROSCOPE 2014, 2015, 2016 and the Brexit, US Election and astrology vlogs Lazuli will again be releasing 12 books: one for each star sign’s horoscope for 2017.
A big thank you to all the amazon and B&N buyers who supported me over the past 3 years and also to my youtube channel subscribers.
Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2017 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering ‘what now’ in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2017? What opportunities can they supply the energy for?
Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book. Includes a detailed yearly overview for Sagittarius, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life and career. A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

NOTE: These are monthly horoscopes

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 now on amazon on kindle and paperback

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