Free Daily Horoscope February 8, 2018


Love – This is a tricky time with the in-laws and matters will arise which rake up old wounds; the challenge is to be the bigger person and look beyond the immediate matters to the future.

Career – Today it will be impossible to keep everyone happy and you will have to be ruthless even if you don’t want to be.

Health – Your challenge is to deal with your anger via constructive communication – be more diplomatic and also frank about your feelings without being confrontational.


Love – Do not allow your relationship and the direction your relationship takes to be influenced by others – make your own decisions, and do not allow someone to wind you up about something in your relationship that is not actually bothering you.

Career – Knowledge is power right now, but it may be advisable to keep some of your best ideas under your hat, so they are not stolen by competitors.

Health – Personality conflicts with teachers or lecturers can have an impact on your motivation and ability to concentrate, and you will have to be dogged about continuing in spite of this.


Love – Gemini may meet a person in a similar career right now, and this can be an excellent union as you will fuel each other’s ambitions and drive each other forward; this is an ideal time for power couples.

Career – Gemini are a sign who like to be flexible; however, some structure can do wonders for your productivity, and it is up to you to put in place the timetables or routines that work for you.

Health – You have a philosophical and almost fatalistic outlook right now – which does not mean you are leaving things to fate, but rather that you can see a bigger picture at work no matter what the short terms holds.


Love – You are very open to new experiences in love and want to put past pre-conceptions aside to experience new people.

Career – Business and fun is the theme, which means that those who sell via parties or at shows can do very well.  It is highly favourable for those who demonstrate their products and who have a very strong relationship with their customer base.

Health – There is good karma, and your positive attitude can help you to make even more of the beneficial developments about to begin.


Love – In love, your ability to be strong, resolute and loyal is very important right now – you will have to be the rock, and to a degree you will have to keep a lid on your own emotions and be tough to provide direction in the relationship and support for your partner.

Career – Events can be confusing, and the hidden agendas of others may mean that while you are doing the best you can, you are still being undermined.

Health – Relations with authority figures including parents can be strained – you may want their advice and support, but you may resent any interference or control.


Love – Decisions will have to be practical rather than emotional, and it will be up to you to keep a level head and keep you both on track.

Career – Limited time and limited money will mean that you have to juggle things with great finesse, and it will also mean you have less leeway than usual; this will not, however, mean you will be less effective.

Health – Parents can be resistant to your aims and ambitions right now, and your sense of self will be tested.  Do not look for approval or rely on approval to generate self-confidence.


Love – This is not a time when Libra love the chase; no, you want to be chased and appreciated, and so whether you are dating or in a permanent relationship, you will expect your partner to be forthcoming with romantic gestures and to initiate lovemaking frequently.

Career – A very good time for those learning trades and skills where you use your hands, from plumbing to painting to hairdressing.

Health – Librans are not the sort of people who do things if they are not enjoying them, although you can often delay in making that final break – use today to call time on anything you lost interest in.


Love – Your love life can be a little all or nothing, but when it’s good it’s very, very good.  Small gestures of kindness and affection will go down very well with you, and you will more than respond.

Career – There is a systematic and cool-headed approach to getting what you want now, combined with a renewed energy and zeal, which make for a terrific combination.

Health – Time spent on hobbies and leisure pursuits is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and set the tone for the other areas of your life.


Love – There is a mismatch of needs and timing in love: when you are hot, they are not and visa versa.

Career – You have a tendency to leap to conclusions, and this month you need to learn to wade carefully through details before you decide what to do next – you can often fall into the trap of thinking all is lost when that is not the case.

Health – An older wiser person, probably a male, may offer you valuable information and key advice to ease your mind.  You will tend to look to the older generation for support right now, and you can find comfort in their experiences and university of life experience.


Love – Even if you try and conceal your emotions, you will still blush and get a twinkle in your eye revealing your emotions.

Career – You can use your ability to sense the trends and write about them in a concise and meaningful way to impress your editor, blog followers or the public.  It may be that you can either collate information or make sense of complicated news data in a way no one else can.

Health – There is an interest in physical activity, not only to improve health but also as a way of expressing your competitive side.  You may also consider something like hatha yoga as a means of physical regeneration.


Love – You need to drop all your preconceptions about what the ‘perfect relationship’ is and that goes for those looking for love and those already married or involved.

Career – Success is not about paying for advertising; it is about generating word of mouth via those in your field acknowledging your work and singing your praises.

Health – Your likes and dislikes are especially intense, and you will have a very specific idea about things. There are some ways in which Aquarians are very stuck in their ways and are not going to change for anybody.


Love – Morally you will be tested by some unusual situations in love where it is not clear cut what is right or wrong, and you will have to be brave in sticking to your guns and doing what feels right to you.

Career – Stay on your toes as a very good period is starting for those of you making your way in organisations or public service which is very hierarchical and authoritarian.

Health – Feeling a bit down is merely due to feeling tired more than emotional issues – it is very important to take supplements, i.e., ginseng. ginkgo and guarana and vitamin B with plenty of water to help you maintain energy levels.

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