April 2 Daily Horoscope 2018


Love – Nothing can be taken as read in love, you have to keep putting in the effort and so no resting on your laurels, grab some roses, get a favourite meal on the table and keep love burning bright with thoughtfulness and extra input.
Career – You may have heavier outgoings in the next few weeks and so this is a time to review finances and think ahead to what you will have to fork out, especially in business and for client entertaining.
Health – With your ruler conjunct Saturn, health cannot be take fore granted and while you have sustained energy release you must have routine and get enough sleep and eat proper food not just filling food packed with rubbish


Love – With Venus entering Taurus this is a fruitful time for love to blossom and for all relationships, new and old, to grow and prosper
Career – With malefic Mars on your ninth house ruler this is not a great time to book long haul travel for business or trade or to publish a book or a paper and so hold back for a few days
Health – Positive thinking is quite a battle right now as Taureans are in a rather passive mood, you are inclined to take what comes and do what you have to do, shying away from the bigger challenges which could propel you forward as you are a little lazy mentally and spiritually right now.


Love – Sexually you are more reserved and this is not the day for a new sexual liaison, you should hold back and think about what you want in terms of intimacy rather than just going through the motions in an unsatisfying treadmill
Career – Rather make a dash than splash the cash, do not let others around you lure you into spending which is unwise or which you cannot afford right now
Health – Social activities are usually your tonic, but right now you need to be discerning in who you chose to hang out with, as certain people are more effort than they are worth and you should keep your distance.

Love – You are the hostess with the mostess, Cancer love to host events right now both social and with a business element and you can use these events to enhance your profile in terms of being available romantically.
Career – A time when you cannot work with bossy, aggressive types – chose carefully who you work with right now and if you do have a choice, steer clear of those who are clearly out to feather their own nests and look after their own ambitious needs.
Health – You should be careful of setting too high a bar in terms of a health or diet – too high, too far, too soon – take it in bitesize chunks or you may feel demoralised

Love – Work or worry about your work load can make Leo a dull boy or girl, you tend to be preoccupied and a little austere when it comes to love, while this will pass soon, it is still worth explaining to your partner that you have a lot on your mind instead of expecting them to guess
Career – A great time to schmooze the boss; be on your best behaviour and give it your diplomatic best shot – it pays to play the game right now rather than look to lock horns or be controversial.
Health – Headaches and neck or back pain may bother you and so be sure to stretch and get up after long hours sitting for some posture exercises. Drink more water was you are very dehydrated.


Love – Love can be hard work and less is more, you may keep feeling that you have to do more and more to keep romance exciting or loving, but maybe what you really need is to walk away and let your partner miss your input
Career – With the ruler of your money house entering your 9th house, Virgo want to spend money on aspirational purchases and so you may look to set money aside for an exciting holiday or spend on a promotion for a pet project or a course to boost your self esteem.
Health – This is not the time to start a dispute over money or resources even if you are in the right as the ramifications can be very anger inducing and health damaging and so pursue dialogue for as long as possible,


Love – Sexual expression is vital for Libra right now and you need to be in touch with yourself as a sexual animal. So even if your relationship is stale or you are single, no reason why you cannot buy sexy underwear, get your favourite music on, eat some more chocolate (if any is left after Easter) and reawaken the sex kitten or panther within.
Career – As your ruler enters your 8th house, personal progress is linked to your ability to access the resources or talents of others and so you need to headhunt people with complimentary abilities and you must also work hard to improve relations with people like bank managers, bureaucrats or government officials who have decision making power over your or your business
Health – Get a massage or some other form of relaxing hands on treatment from a facial to a head massage, Libra benefit from touch especially when combined with fragrant oils today.


Love – It is pretty easy for you to bring the best out in people right now and so even if no one else can get on with person X, Scorpio may well be the little bit of magic dust to bring this person out of themselves and a lasting bond can be formed.
Career – You have a talent right now for recognising potential in others and so this is a good time to spot a professional ie accountant or lawyer or a new partner who can complement you and who you can have a productive working relationship with.
Health – Scorpio have a powerful worth ethic right now and when to come to work and also personal chores, you are exacting and you can push yourself to unreasonable limits and watch out for that and know when to quit.


Love – With Venus ruling your 11th and entering your 6th, friendships you have with work colleagues may soon turn into romances and so what out for that fated encounter at the coffee machine.
Career – Coping with self doubt is a problem and so you have to steel yourself and give yourself a thorough pep talk – nothing can be gained now with modesty you have to know what your strengths are and act to make the most of them.
Health – Sagittarians are entering a phase where dieting will be much harder as you have a sweet tooth that demands to be satisfied and so plan to increase physical activity from today to compensate.


Love – Romance gets a boost as Venus enters your 5th house, offering more opportunity for fun and for spontaneous self expression in the next few weeks and so get planning excursions, theatre trips or day trips for you and a partner or alone with a view to giving Cupid ample chance to strike.
Career – You goats are more daring than usual and your work rate and pace of success improves as you see results, you must watch out for wastefulness as increased profits can be offset by added costs you did not notice stacking up.
Health – Take extra care when doing DIY and carpentry, especially odd jobs about the home as accidents are more likely right now.


Love – You have to be more careful n your choice of words in love as you are inclined to be blunt and can come over as insensitive or uncaring – take more time to show your sympathetic side.
Career – This is not the best time to deal with the press or to present any information to others that is controversial – know your audience and know your market and do not push them out of their comfort zones,
Health – You need to take supplements to increase the flexibility of joints and also to reduce inflammation. Look into glucosamine sulphate for joints and Omega oils with turmeric for inflammation.


Love – A very good time for Pisces who are with Librans and Taureans, romance and also communication are just perfect and good times roll. In general Pisces do better in relationships which are flexible and dynamic with both of you looking for new ways to live life rather than ways to stifle each other.
Career – Group leadership is not favoured and so even if you are being pressured to take a leadership or high profile role in a group or community related venture, resist for now as you may not know what you are in for.
Health – Discipline is not your strongest point today and for the next few days and so you have to work hard at being focused, prioritising and sticking to what you have tasked yourself to do in terms of diet and regular exercise.

April 1 Daily Horoscope, 2018


Love – Novelty and surprise are key ingredients for love and sex this long weekend. Double dates and blind dates can work well and for couples a weekend away with another couple can be fun and relaxing.

Career – This is a very creative time for those of you who work in technical and mechanical spheres. Science and mechanical engineering students, researchers and workers can make great strides within their fields. Work on your hobbies and see the results.

Health – Watch out for health hazards in your immediate environment, reduce wi fi rays but not having devices you are not using connected in. Do not use air freshener or swap to burning oil rather than aerosol.


Love – You are in a rather flirty mood and should have no shortage of potential partners to impress – that does not mean you will immediately settle for one, you may even keep a few on the go while you decide.

Career – It’s a period when you will pause to take stock and perhaps re-think your strategy. Certainly not a weekend to push ahead regardless, you need to take some time to stop, listen, investigate and plan again.

Health – Be careful of any medications or anti histamines you take as they can knock you sideways, which may be good if you need a long sleep but not good if you need to be mentally active.


Love – Sometimes our loved ones want tangible evidence of our commitment and that is the case now; you really need to put in extra effort to show him/her that you care. This means listening more, helping out, taking an interest, going the extra mile.

Career – Watch out for freeloaders who try and ride on your hard work or poach your clients – watch your back and be careful of false friends who offer to be helpful when they really plan to use you.

Health – As you are feeling positive and buoyant, use the time to tackle anything you would usually shy away from ie an emotional issue that could be cleared up.


Love – You have enough energy to keep your sex life going, and sex is actually a great way to relax now after what was stressful month. So get the arguments out the way and make love.

Career – With 4 planets in your 10th house, you are likely to be out and about attending many trendy dos. You have a strong desire to be where it is at – you want to feel part of what is going on, and you are fulfilled and energized by people, nightlife, and the art world.

Health – It is a time to seek out new pastures and to both re-educate and re-awaken yourself to possibilities and new avenues of thought. This is very exciting, and while it may alienate you from some people and things you once felt at home with, it is an acknowledgement that you are changing and growing as a person.


Love – Your general optimism and fun-loving attitude bode well for starting relationships and for existing love relationships. Eager to let bygones be bygones, you will not dwell on trivialities and will be eager to smooth things over.

Career – Generous and forgiving, your relations with others are excellent right now, and so this is a really good time to network or start new projects, especially if those projects rely on teamwork, cooperation and require a good spirit.

Health – A time to allow yourself to dream, take more chances in love and be daring in setting goals or planning rewards for yourself. You need to think big now as being too confined mentally leads you to miss opportunities.


Love – You are very romantic and also passionate and yet versatile in the bedroom – you are willing to adjust to the needs of your partner and this bodes well for love. You are more relaxed in general, which means that sex will flow naturally, and nothing will need to be forced.

Career – Diplomacy and bridge-building are very important career-wise and so be the one to put out an olive branch to colleagues or perhaps business rivals with whom you have clashed in the past.

Health – Do not waste your increased mental and physical energy – this is an ideal time to begin new studies, brush up on skills, start a course and/or learn a new sport. Use free time today to improve your skills and fitness, then the month will be more about fun with purpose than just fun.


Love – If your partner has been feeling low, this is the time when you can jolt him/her out of the blues and give him/her some valuable advice and encouragement. In fact, you are not in short supply of advice to give right now, and you may put your money where your mouth is by using your extra energy to help out in a practical way too.

Career – If you work in partnership, this can be a difficult period with disagreements over finances and resources – it will take time to find a solution to accommodate you both, and it may get heated.

Health – A burst of pro-active positive energy that will inspire you to initiate changes and get cracking on ideas. Not much will get you down, and when something goes wrong, you will bounce back with more determination.


Love – Your red-blooded attitude is great for your sex life but may not bode well for general household harmony with arguments breaking out.

Career – Try not to exaggerate anything, and do not promise more than you can deliver; you have big plans and the benefit of foresight right now, but you are not very good with details and are prone to overlook anything which does not fit into your vision.

Health – Impatience is a big problem as is frustration and boredom; you must find constructive and positive ways to burn up all your energy. April will be good month to try new things, especially physical exercise and sports, as long as you heed the general advice of the month not to overdo it.


Love – If your partner is weak, this is a time when the relationship will struggle and where there can be arguments and silences. If your partner is a critical and bossy person, it can also be an awkward month for you.

Career – Money matters can seem like a murky labyrinth and so bet keep things simple and hold off on a major expense while you paper over the cracks for the time being.

Health – This phase is certainly full of change and variety. What there is a lack of, however, is routine and routine no matter how much we hate it can be a vital structure for us, which can give us an emotional or psychological anchor.


Love – Perhaps something your own child is experiencing now or a phase they are going through will allow you to relive your own experience and thereby put a positive spin on it and consign any neuroses that stemmed from it to the past.

Career – You may feel the need to put on a brave front as you are feeling vulnerable and quite touchy inside. This is not a day when you will be able to take criticism on board easily, and you should shy away from situations or people where you are likely to be put down.

Health – If something is not going your way, just drop it and forget all about it – this is not a day when plugging away gets you anywhere, mental breathers and a change of environment are what you need.


Love – You may meet someone who already has children, and you will be ready to embrace that happily. In new relationships, this is the period when Aquarians will feel accepted and assimilated into the family of their lover.

Career – Aquarians are not instinctive, in fact, you prefer to act in accordance with reason and critical evaluation, but now you can be rather emotionally and instinctively driven. Often your impulsive reactions to a situation are in contrast to what you consciously aimed to do, and the result can mean you taking a different direction quite suddenly.

Health – There is something nagging, something you know you should do, but are putting off – this may make you irritable and cranky – the best thing is to deal with the issue head on, or throw your efforts/energy into doing something constructive, especially if that relates to home or family to work off the tension.


Love – Issues that may arise could be to do with the time you spend with your family/friends relative to your partners, or it may be to do with your opinions being heard and taken more seriously, or perhaps it is the way you spend your time.

Career – Yes, Pisces are easy going and you like to be hands off in terms of mundane everyday affairs, but today you can be rather irritated and feel as if you do not do something, no one else will.

Health – Moderation is the key: you are highly motivated and enthusiastic, and yet you may attempt too much to prove something to yourself. It is a time when you are driven to take chances, and you want to challenge yourself, but you are not always wise in the way in which you go about this.

March 31 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – You are very sensitive to criticism or even comments and you need some time alone as much of what your partner does will annoy you even if it is innocuous or innocent.

Career – SCorpio are obsessing about aspects of your work – the collection of 4 in your 6th calls for detail and attention to specifics but often you do not know when you have done enough and you go over and over stuff unproductively. You can get held back by perfectionist tendencies.

Health – You need to pace yourself in all your exercise and to avoid any extreme sports that could result in injuries to bones ie skiing or climbing or ab sailing. Fitness may be high on your agenda, but it must be measured and combined with highly nutritious food.

Love – A good time to dust off the Romance CD’s and introduce some passion into relationships – or why not make the move on the one who has caught you eye.

Career – The biggest problem in your creative and management work is just too many choices and you feel torn between possibilities. Virgos are finishers but right now you jump from thing to thing possibly not completing. It is hard to prioritise.

Health – Self-confidence for Sagittraius is intrinsically linked to leadership and creativity, and you need some place in your life where these elements, so vital to you, are given an outlet. A great time to get pregnant.


Love – You are more open-minded about relationships right now, and while your expectations will be high and you will want things to move fast, you will tend to regard the inevitable ups and downs more as a chance to understand your new partner than a cause for upset.

Career – Events at home can overshadow everything – you may have works ongoing or major family events, but your focus is drawn to the most personal matters in connection with home and family. You are forced to reconsider many plans and aims you are pursuing – are they the best use of your time and energy?

Health – Hard physical work can do you a great deal of good and so throw yourself into anything which is all consuming from exercise to a DIY project. Get stuck in wholey and souly and feel renewed.


Love – You can be rather critical and impatient with your loved one at a time when you actually need to be more compassionate. Maybe you are looking at things from your own point of view exclusively, and you may actually be picking up the wrong signals or drawing the wrong conclusions.

Career – You have to be careful that you do not over analyse something to the extent that the opportunity passes by why you are there doing all the sums. AQuarians have poor timing as you do not know when one phase is over and you need to jump right into the next phase, know when you have done enough and move on.

Health – Overwork can lower your immune system. You need variety in activity and you should chose to walk or drive rather than take crowded public transport where you can pick up illnesses.


Love – You are in a very giving mood and will find it natural to be helpful and caring, in many cases forsaking your own needs, but you need to be careful that this mood of self-sacrifice does not swing into one of martyrdom where you feel a little underappreciated and used.

Career – Pisces have many choices facing you right now, get advice from a partner, a financial consultant or accountant –do not get so wrapped up in managing your own possessions and finances that these things rule your life.

Health – This can be a very stressful and demanding time when emotionally and mentally you have to give far more to get by – you need more sleep and better nutrition and so take a good supplement with potassium, manganese, vitamin B and Calcium.


Love – You will tend to romance with people you have only just met and who know nothing at all about you, so that you almost have a blank canvas to reshape and redefine your image – you can be a new and different person with this new lover.

Career – It is vital to work with others right now to balance you energy and help you get a perspective – you are bursting with ideas and yet you need a strong foil who can assist you is seeing what matters and where to focus.

Health – Use your intuition, but do not let your faith in your destiny or some overriding plan make you neglect dealing with details.

Love – You are a little insecure in love right now and thus can react to small things with quite a bit of venom, especially if you sense a slight or an attack.

Career – Not a time to be a hermit or work alone. Even if you have no real work, Taurs need to get outside of yourself and involve yourself with useful service to other people or you can become quite neurotic!

Health – This is a time to avoid aggressive or toxic people. You are very impressionable now and can easily absorb negative emotions and so you are best avoiding people who emit these as they often seek to make their problems yours.

Love – Positive new associations can take the pressure off existing relationships, you are fulfilling inner needs in many new ways, and that means your world is expanding, making the old issues and problems seem smaller in this new context.

Career – While being with others stimulates you and gives you energy it can result in you losing the plot and going along with the herd forgetting what you priorities are.

Health – Mentally this is a very draining time and you should supplement with tryptophan, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Iron is also important and so eat your spinach, chicken liver pate, oysters, clams, beef and sardines.

Love – You have to watch out for perceived double standards in love; your partner may feel that you act in ways that appear to contradict your stated values and beliefs. It may not be contradictory at all and you may have to explain that.

Career – With 5 planets in your 10th career is demanding, emotional, dynamic and filled with variety – it demands you leave it all on the field, take your chances and make those opportunities pop.

Health – There could be intense relations with one or both parents and this can have a knock on effect on your home and family life as it throws off your balance and affects your ability to make clear decisions.


Love – Pontificating about life and relationships can keep you from living in the real world and making decisions that will help you thrive emotionally – stop thinking and planning and start doing.

Career – Leo are the ponderers –you are mentally oriented and can easily hide in a world of philosophy and theory. Teach and share what you know – then allow others to draw their own conclusions.

Health – You can be obsessive about your beliefs: you need to work on tolerance and walk away from hearted debate. Do not be offended when people ask for advice but do not follow it or ignore it.


Love – Stop taking control obsessively in relationships allow things to just happen – walk away or let your partner walk away, take a chance and see what happens. There can be problems connected to a conflict between sexuality and spirituality.

Career – With 5 planets in your 8th house things beyond your control keep arising and creating upheaval – karma is everywhere and so work with it and learn from it. Go with the flow and stay open to the knowledge coming at you in subtle ways.

Health – Aches and pains tend to play up and any persistent health issue will be more troubling and so avoid triggers, do not indulge in anything you know has a bad effect on you and employ balance in your diet. Warm up carefully before exercise.


Love – Sometime the closer you get to the problem the more you cannot see the wood from the trees; a little distance from you partner can be the solution rather than just hammering on trying to analyse and solve problems.

Career – Intense negotiations that carry on through the weekend can drain your energy. Work is all about using every one of your people skills and also being an emotional contortionist in order to keep everyone satisfied and catered for.

Health – You may be getting a little run down and so today you should pop a multi vitamin or a good tonic to get a general vitamin and mineral boost. A green smoothie could also do the trick.

Daily Horoscope March 29, 2018


Love – It is vital to draw on past experience in order to further your romantic aims, and the universe will test whether you have learned the lesson of the past, even the subtle ones.

Career – Those of you in education can gain more influence and also have greater autonomy to lead in your field. Students can become more vocal or join student unions.

Health – Being empowered and feeling at one with yourself is all about being be true to yourself and not following the crowd – be a torch bearer for both truth and champion ideas that take things forward not back.


Love – It may be a challenge for you to accept the ways in which your partner is so very different to you and how those ways almost take him/her away from you to a place phyically or mentally which you cannot understand.

Career – Opportunities to work with new people and collaborate can come about from now, and these new relationships can have a significant impact on the way you work, your success, and the availability of further funds.

Health – It is vital to chat to others both socially and also in a work context as creative partnerships that can potentially come about and can be life enhancing and also improve your positivity and encourage you to think bigger.


Love – Gemini will prefer to talk about superficial things; you do not want to get drawn on highly charged emotional matters, and in this way you can be quite a mystery.

Career – Family matters can be quite confusing, and it is better not to make decisions about home alternations, home moves, etc., as there are still changes coming which can alter the complexion of the decision.

Health – You may work longer hours without extra pay or do work beyond your remit just to show how committed you are, but this takes its toll and you need to supplement with eating extra fibre and also pro biotics.


Love – Saturn will require you to take a new look at the dynamic between you both, often causing you taking a step back and be very realistic about what works and what could be improved.

Career – You need to fast discover who you must make an effort to keep on board with your plans and who is fast becoming surplus to requirements. Not all compromises are equal; some are valuable, and others are just polite gestures.

Health – Cancerians can draw on inspiration from a high level. Your faith is stronger, and that can encompass many things, i.e., a faith in God, in the universe, or you may be an atheist with faith in organic food or technology.


Love – It may not be the most spontaneous time in love, but it is consistent and pleasantly predictable with less drama and volatility, and you can make decisions and get stuff done.

Career – Ethics can play an important part in your decision-making and even the way you express opinions or hide opinions. It is best to think of all the possible ramifications before you make political or social comments in a public forum.

Health – Trust that even in the turbulence and ups and downs you have spiritual protection. Leo can make strides in ridding yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deep-seated fears, and emotional habits towards guilt.


Love – Virgo need to step out of themselves and look at events from a perspective that is not your own – perhaps you need to look at things from your parents’ side, your children’s side etc – immerse yourself in their emotions, and see it from their eyes. This can be very helpful when it comes to resolving problems or dealing effectively with others.

Career – In work and within client relationships, you should hold back emotionally and keep it strictly professional.

Health – While your empathy is heightened right now, you should not be an open book – there is a need to share, and yet you may want to hold back and be vague rather than specific about how you express yourself to others.


Love – Even if you case your words in the most diplomatic terms and flowery, sophisticated language, a lover or date can see through it if it is pejorative and patronising and so be direct and call a spade a shovel or just walk away rather than playing with words.

Career – Librans in the arts and also politics and public careers are more flamboyant and expressive, and you can make a great impression.

Health – Opt for fish over red meat, have soup as a starter to limit your appetite, opt for rice over pasta and choose coconut milk over creamy dairy sauces.


Love – Scorpio may look to flirt and create romantic opportunities to relieve boredom; however your romantic feelings are driven by a need for excitement rather than affection and so be careful not to lead others on if they are more emotionally aroused.

Career – You have a good grasp of mechanical workings and can figure out how things click together and where the problem lies.

Health – A very good time to renew or improve relations with those in authority and this may include your father; while the temptation is to hold your ground and be stubborn, holding out the olive branch and patching things up brings you more peace of mind.


Love – You tend to sense what is real and what is important and that means you will not freak out about small stuff in love and you are able to inject you marriage or relationship with positivity and forward thrust.

Career – It is vital to reconnect with what you really think and feel – time to weed away the thoughts and opinions of others which may be strangling the growth of your own perspectives.

Health – Even if you are stuck at home on the treadmill, you may take more walks by the sea or in parks; you may choose the garden centre over the shopping mall, or you may just crawl into bed and close the door while you escape with a good book.


Love – You are in a very decisive mood, and you make choices for better or worse and stick with them rather than dilly dally.

Career – It is vital not to be stubborn, everything should be up for review, and you should not be scared to do a U-turn if new information comes to light or circumstances change. Hubris maketh not a man.

Health – Sports and physical outlets are vital as Mars brings you a boost of energy like you are a high power sports car itching to get out on the open road so that engine can roar.


Love – Sex life thrives when your imagination is fired up, and drudgery and routine are imagination killers and thus also passion killers.

Career – This is a very productive time for those of you who restore antiques, classic cars or who use items that others have discarded to produce some kind of art form. You can recycle very creatively to save money.

Health – You must be careful of excess, and that excess can take many forms, some of which may seem harmless at first.


Love – This is a great time for relationships that have started online and where the bulk of your communication is electronic.

Career – Pisces will tend to have to deal with more red tape in connection with travel than usual. International travel throws up complications, both expected and unexpected and that is why you have to be more cautious and cannot just operate on assumptions.

Health – Pisces experience an internal gear change, what was once important is no longer important, and your outer life will begin to reflect this as you drift away from stale activities you were engaged in to fulfillng new activities.

Troubling Questions about the Poisoning of Sergie Skripal.

As an astrologer, I use planetary cycles to detect trends politically and socially and if you have watched my YouTube channel, you will know I love nothing more than a discussion about current affairs and geo politics. My prediction for the UK in 2018 includes a note that we may get dragged into a war or conflict and here we sit ready to take on Russia after a chemical attack on our soil, but I am not the only one having Deja vu; I’ve seen this sh1t before, so let’s look at the facts or should I say lack of facts.


We have been told that the only plausible conclusion is that the Russian State was responsible, even though the investigation was only in its infancy with very little of substance established when this claim was made.  However the Russian State is not a political orchestra playing to a musical score conducted by Vladimir Putin, it is rather a labyrinth of murky associations between oligarchs, power brokers within different competing factions and mafia connections. The order could have come from anywhere in that maze.

Then we have the problem of the proxy. I am pretty sure we would have heard by now if Putin had visited this green and pleasant land on the 4th on March, so where are the perpetrators linked to the crime scene itself. When it was assumed that the hapless Russian pair were attacked on the park bench, we were issued with CCTV of a couple walking past a nearby gym and asked for information or for them to come forward. Did they even come forward and if not why? Was this lead followed up? As usual the police love to ask the public for help and yet once they have what they want we are quickly told it is no longer our business and dismissively shooed away.

Now, while it is no longer the case that the Skripals were attacked on the bench, it would still be very interesting to see the CCTV of their wanderings that day, just in case they were followed or under some sort of surveillance. I note CCTV is conspicuous by its absence as it always is when it counts i.e. Mandalay Bay, Paris 1997 , 7/7, 9/11 and many other notable occasions.

We are told that Putin has incriminated himself by making the statement, “Spies can expect to kick the bucket.” Indeed, kick the bucket means pass away rather than get topped. I could also say that smokers can expect to kick the bucket, but it’s not a threat it’s a logical observation as spying and smoking are dangerous life choices.

Why are we till set on State involvement, it’s a little old fashioned when we have companies that have greater turnover than many countries’ GDP’s and where billionaires manipulate revolutions, crash economies and change society via NGO’s and charities.


We are lead to believe the motive was nothing other than revenge. Yes, Vladimir Putin has been having sleepless nights, tormented with angst over double agent Skripal and plotting in the wee small hours a unique, painful, merciless and very dramatic end.  Yet, Skripal only received 13 year of a sentence when had his crime been viewed as more serious he could have been shot. He was put forward for a spy exchange after 6 years and since has lived openly in Salisbury, he is on the voters roll, visits friends at the Russian embassy each month and his daughter flies back and forth from Moscow frequently to visit – this is not a man trembling in fear.

But we are led to believe that revenge against this man, who buys scratch cards as a hobby, only one of many thousands of spies, defectors, traitors, oligarchs etc. is such a thorn in Putin’s side that he must be dispatched of in Hollywood Blockbuster style with the risk of permanent damage to Russia’s economy via sanctions, casting a shadow over the world cup and all the other unpleasant ramifications.

This is not at all logical.

The other theory is that Russia is flexing its muscle and that this is in keeping with recent aggressive acts like invading Ukraine, annexing Crimea and fixing the US election, Brexit and the Italian election – my, my Putin must have a massive ego boost with what the West credit him with, he is the political super genius of all time. But of course these are half-truths and fantasies that make great bullet points which mislead the ill informed, but which have no bearing on the truth and on the West/NATO’s aggressive placement of weapons closer and closer to Russia in direct violation of promises made to Gorbachev.


In every crime drama the first thing the police do is look into the victim’s lifestyle in the weeks and months before death/attack. I note the UK press are totally incurious about what Skripal and for that matter his daughter were up to more recently.

The Russian ambassador to the UN said we need Sherlock Holmes and indeed I am sure Holmes would be looking at bank statements, recent financial dealings, recent trips, meetings, phones logs and friends’ accounts to build up a picture of this man’s life, his enemies both old and new.

It was not Mary Poppins that was attacked, spies have many, many enemies as their work puts others in peril or gets people killed and so finding a few more suspects should prove an informative exercise, not one that seems to wet the appetite of the UK government however.

One week before the attack, a long dormant YouTube account was used to put up a video of Skripal’s arrest in 2004; the first time such a digital image had been seen. Coincidence?

Neither of the victims called 999. Why? Did they both succumb so fast and at the exact same time? It seems odd to me that they were walking about and eating and having a normal Sunday for many hours and then suddenly the Novichok takes them both down so fast they cannot even call or ring for assistance? I wonder if they knew what is was and presumed there was no point calling for help.


The chosen weapon for this attempted murder was Novichok, an organo-phosphate talked about in open literature in the USSR from the 60’s.

Novichok was made in the Uzbekistan province of the USSR and after the fall of the Soviet Union, US weapons inspectors went to Uzbekistan and destroyed it.

It is worth noting that after 1991, in the turbulent days of Boris Yeltsin, Russia was an open bazaar for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. No doubt anyone could have got their hands on certain WMD.

Novichok can be made by any company producing fertilisers. Indeed there is a book available on kindle with the ‘recipe’. Chris Murray reported that the OPCW were in involved in tests in Iran where Novichok was produced, in fact one of its plus points ( as a weapon) was that it could be made by ingredients available in any functioning country.

Novichock was first mentioned to the masses in Nov 2018 (US) and Feb 2018(UK) in the context of a video game called First Strike – a coincidence maybe.

How dangerous is Novichok:

I note that men in hazmat suits who had virtually zero dexterity such was ubiquity of their suits, were stood alongside forensics people with fibre boiler suits similar to what one can buy at the DIY store to paint in and alongside them were firemen dressed in regular fireman garb. Odd?  Pure theatre produced for public consumption rather than chemical protection?

Where were the decontamination tents – does anyone remember the procedure for Ebola and how medical and other personnel had to go  into a tent to be decontaminated and to have contaminated gear safety removed and either disposed of or otherwise? People who watched Alex Crawford’s documentary on Ebola would have seen this. The lack of any decontamination tents is a red flag.

While on the first day the area at A&E was power washed and on the second or third day Zizzi burned the table the Skripal’s sat at and all the staffs’ clothing, it was one whole week before other patrons of Zizzi and the Mill pub (where the Russian pair had a drink) were told to wash clothing and wipe off handbags and glasses with baby wipes. It was two weeks before the Skripal’s car which had been taken to a pound where the public had access to it was taken away, suddenly wrapped up like a sore finger after the horse had well and truly bolted. It was only on the 3rd week that the bench, where they took ill, was removed, until then it was simply covered with a tent which blew off several times.

On the 3rd Monday after the attack we heard that police would be swabbing all public areas in Salisbury due to ‘persistent dust’; and yet on the Sunday ‘free parking’ was advertised on Facebook to get folks coming back to the town centre.

So a total lack of consistency in this approach. More haphazard that hazmat.

Sky reported that 32 people were affected, BBC later reported that zero people had been affected other than the Skripal’ and DS Baily. And that the 32 people said to have been affected were either misinformed or paranoid. However after the third week Sky News put the number affected at over 130? One police officer was reported to have had a mild hand rash – I had no idea Novichok was in the market for mild hand rashes. It is unclear if these affected people have verifiable symptoms is just unrelated general seasonal discomforts.

WE have all noted that Porton Down with its own dark chemical weapons post is just a few miles up the road from. Salisbury  https://www.theguardian.com/science/2004/may/06/science.research

Reports are that an unnamed consultant is dealing with Yulia and Sergie – why unnamed? Usually the doctors are happy to engage with the press and have their names mentioned.

I also wonder why they have not be transferred to London to a specialist hospital? I understand that being close to Porton Down, the Salisbury hospital may be best placed to deal with a chemical weapon injury, but surely at this point them have got to the stage where a bigger and more specialised hospital could assist.



The park bench was quickly ruled out as the scene of crime.

The media have lead us on a tour of Wiltshire and Devon with a new crime scene each day, just so that they can drip feed information daily to keep the drama going and maintain Russophoebia. However, what I see as crucial is that the only other person who is verified as being affected is DS Nick Baily who attended the scene at the park bench and also, it is vital to note, attended the house. Paramedics who attended the scene were unaware of any danger and treated the situation as an alcohol issue; they even gave mouth to mouth and yet not one medical person is mentioned to have come down with anything and yet this DS become seriously ill. So while the media talked about the car and the graveside, it is clear the house is the scene of the crime. DS Baily took ill before the car was even found. The house or something in it is the key and yet we have heard nothing more about that. Was a parcel delivered – surely that can be tracked and traced through a system somehow. Did Yulia unwittingly bring something over in her suitcase? In that case we should be looking at who she trusted and taking fingerprints.  This seems to be to be the most fruitful avenue for further investigation. On what item is the highest concentration of Novichok and where did it come from?

This would mean the perp never had direct contact with the Skripals and also opens the door for a few new possibilities.


The Telegraph reported that a security consultant who had worked for the company, Orbis which compiled the Fake News Trump Moscow dossier was close to Skripal. They went on to say that a recently deleted LinkedIn account exposed that this British security consultant is based in Salisbury, and works for Orbis Business Intelligence – which is Christopher Steele’s firm.  It was Steele who collated a series of dubious memos containing anti-Trump opposition research for Fusion GPS, employed by the Republicans initially and then taken over by the Democrats. Some reporters refer to this ‘security consultant’ as Skripal’s handler.

Sky News reported this week that among other things Cambridge Analytica was paying former spies for dirt on politicians.

In 2006 Litvinenko, on that fateful day he was poisoned with Polonium 210, was at the Itsu sushi bar in Piccadilly, at 3pm where he met Mr Scaramella, an Italian contact. It was at this very bar that the HIGHEST traces of Polonium were found and Mr Scaramella spent time in hospital in London very ill as a result. It was only later than day Litvinenko met chief suspects, Lugavoi and Kovtun at the Millennial Hotel. I can see a defence lawyer closing the case against Lugavoi with that information. It was also said that Scaramella was the first person Litvinenko accused of poisoning him. Mr Scaramella claimed to be a professor at Naples University, but they had never heard of him. I note that traces of Polonium 210 were also traced to a private security firm in London suggesting a non-state actor. But this is what is crucial, Scaramella was linked to the Mitrokhin Commission and was recorded in a conversation where he agrees to dig for any information smearing Romano Prodi (then the leader of Italy’s centre-left opposition, later Prime Minister) as a Russian stooge.

Do you see the link between Skripal and Litvinenko to fake news about Russia influencing politicians?


I certainly cannot see how Putin benefited.

Putin knows the eyes of the world’s media and elite are watching his every move waiting to cry foul and usher in a new cold or even hot war.

Had Trump not won, we would probably already be at war.

The international Neo Liberal order have Russia in the cross hairs as the anti-Soros, pro Christian, anti GM food, private reserve bank septic, IS crushing Vladimir Putin is not only threatening to upset their apple cart, he is somewhat of a lovable rouge to all of us who oppose the tyranny of globalisation with a one world dictatorship.

This story fits perfectly into the narrative of MSM and the globalists and thus they benefit and the manner in which they have rushed to capitalise has made it more obvious.








April Horoscope 2018; Love, Career, Health.


Love – Aries need to manage their jealousy, possessiveness, and sexual desire carefully as it is hard to sweep things under the carpet – as if you do they tend to build up like a volcano; however, it is also not easy to be open with your partner as with Jupiter and Mercury both retrograde communicating and being open minded and tolerant is hard as emotions, especially the deep seated and explosive ones can get the better of you.

Career – Mercury retrograde in your first house encourages Aries to press the pause button and also the reset button regarding the way you project yourself. You need to perhaps redo your CV or your Linked In profile, and if you regularly use the same speech or presentations, you need to bin that and start from scratch.Aries_Horoscope_2018

Health – With Chiron entering your first house, Aries have the power to make the best of what may seem to be a limiting or a bad situation. Often it is the struggles you face which define you more than your successes and which shape you and compel you to discover a talent you may otherwise never develop.



Love – Taurus have a great deal of charm and a positive energy, and yet Taurus can go overboard in relationships, especially new ones, setting your sights high and having great expectations which are almost impossible to meet. You can be a little rollercoaster: going from hot and quickly to cold when your route map for the relationships no longer matches reality.

Career – With Mercury retrograde until the 15th of April, you may be in a wait and see mode – it could be that you are relying on other people getting their act together or approvals from government or large business coming through, but you cannot yet get going even though you are itching to.

Health – While you need stronger boundaries from those close to you who seek to externalise their issues, your healing can be their healing too, and so you should not shut yourself off totally.


Love – A very good month to meet a new partner. Love relationships at work are likely and can get deep very quickly, but perhaps you should hold off on the sex for a little while as the stars suggest that new sexual relationships can be off to a tricky, yet exciting start with some quite explosive episodes which may not bode well for your working relationship if you are together most days.


Career – The challenge for Gemini this month is to ask yourself where you are regarding your life socially: do you accept anything and go with the flow to be trendy and surrounded by people? Where do you start and your friends end – are you an extension of the social group or its leader regarding thought? How influenced by friendship groups are you? Do they have the power to make you feel bad about your life or inadequate?

Health – It is a time to embrace being different and to throw off any masks you wear to make yourself more ‘acceptable’ to the people and places you think matter. Only when you move will you begin to feel your shackles. Who really matters?


Love – You can be quite erratic this month, and if you are with a Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, they may not like that at all; however, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius will want to encourage it and use the opportunity to get the relationship into a whole new mode where it’s all spontaneous, and anything goes.Cancer_Horoscope_2018

Career – This movement this month of Chiron into your tenth house cusp will last all year and is a call to jump on some new train tracks with your name on them. Yes, you need new meaningful goals that dovetail with your values and passions and give you a sense of pride and self-respect that is irrespective of worldly reputation and measurement.

Health – Limit caffeine this month as you are hyper as it is. Avoid sweeteners and also chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Eat more whole grains, eggs, avocado, and nut milks. Make sure you get sunlight or supplement your vitamin D.


Love – Love running smoothly means being aware, watching what you say, and being cognisant of what is going on. Leo must be willing to adjust and take on board the feedback you get both explicit and implied from your partner. Communication is not just about what is said, it is understanding what is behind the words and reacting to that quickly.Leo_Horoscope_2018

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th of the month, but it goes direct at the same time as the new moon giving you impetus to get cracking on things again. Until Mercury goes direct, it is an ideal time to refine and perfect – while dealing with the messy little details can be a real snooze fest, they are best dealt with now so that your projects can build up steam after the 15th and more importantly so you are not as vulnerable to criticism and attack.

Health – Strong opinions or beliefs can be causing you more pain than the good they bring into your life. Leo may need to detach a little from things which could be becoming obsessions. Is some desire, belief, or quest taking over your life?


Love – Virgo are very expressive right now; you are exuding charisma, and your devil may care approach is very attractive. Right now, you have a certain Scarlett O’ Hara about you; you are more flamboyant and also dramatic, and you do not take any nonsense from anyone.Virgo_Horoscope_2018

Career – You will not take no for an answer this month; Virgo are more wilful and decisive, especially when it comes to eliminating waste or anything deemed trivial or superficial, and that includes people. You are highly incisive and intuitive in the way you see to the heart of a matter, and while in your Virgo way you always prefer reason and logic, you cannot deny the strong appeal of gut feel right now, which cannot be explained away.

Health – With Chiron entering your 8th house this month, you are entering a phase of sexually questioning and awakening. This is a time when those of you who have experienced ambiguity about your gender may be ready to take the next step in addressing this issue and becoming more comfortable with who you are.


Love – The asteroid Chiron passes into your 7th house this month, and that propels you to work on relationships of all kinds and also to learn from them. It is not enough to keep plugging away in the same old manner; it is time to be more aware of what goes on at a subconscious level and to be more honest about key emotional drivers in relationships.

Career – Passion for a cause or for your work can have a deeply healing effect. Often immersing yourself in some artwork, study, or perhaps an engaging business project can help you escape other element of your life and create a meaning which helps you transcend limitations.Libra_Horoscope_2018

Health – This month is an excellent time to seek psychological help or to commence counselling. It is a time when you are more able to face what is painful as you want to transcend your current limitations and find a pathway to a better future.


Love – Scorpio prefer one to one companionship right now and will prefer cosy nights in with a partner rather than going out or hanging out with friends. If you are dating, you may keep that under your hat or only tell a few close friends rather than broadcasting your dating curriculum and introducing everyone to your new beau.

Career – This is not a month where Scorpio enjoy networking or work-related social events – you like to get on with the work and are not that patient with schmoozing and corporate networking.Scorpio_Horoscope_2018

Health – Scorpio are a little vulnerable this month, and so it is best to surround yourself with friends and embrace the predictable rather than throwing yourself to the lions regarding any situation in which you may face criticism or harsh treatment. You are more sensitive to rejection, and so it is not the best time for dating unless you are developing a friendship into a romance.


Love – Romance in the workplace is a distinct possibility, and so you may want to linger by the coffee machine just a tad longer and have a chat. Do not get so buried in your iPad or phone that you forget to check out any new talent in your office.

Career – You have heard the phrase get back on the horse – they always say the sooner you get back on the horse after a fall, the better. This month it is time for Sagittarians who decided in some part of life not to get back on the horse, to do it. It can be especially relevant to romantic life and creative life as these are both elements of life where you put yourself on the line and almost up for criticism and selection, and rejection in this area can be more painful as it is like something fundamental about us is rejected.Sagittarius_Horoscope_2018

Health – Although banana is fattening, Sagittarians have a sweet tooth this month, and quite an appetite and so eating banana can help fill the gap and give you that sweetness you crave in a healthy and energy boosting way.


Love – It is a time when you do sweep things under the carpet, not because you are afraid of dealing with them or are avoiding stuff, you just realise that these issues are not a priority and are better left for another time.

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th of the month which means you may have to retrace your steps and begin to review information or work already done so that you can spot errors and update with new information or new perspectives which are dawning on you.

Health – Chiron enters your 4th house, and this presents not a once in a lifetime, but an opportunity that does not come around every decade to resolve past issues and put away the effects or dispel the shadow they cast. We live in an era where suddenly due to changing attitudes and the openness in which sensitive issues are discussed it is now OK to speak about events of the past which were suppressed for many reasons due to fear, family, or social norms of the time.


Love – Relationships somehow feel less comfortable this month; you are more aware of imbalances. Maybe you are giving more and feeling more, or perhaps you are the one being accused of not feeling or giving enough, and that may totally confuse you as it may not be your perception of events.

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th leading to some chopping waters and fluctuating circumstance in your daily life. Colleagues, systems, IT networks, the mail and deliveries cannot be relied upon so leave extra time for anything going by post and make sure you check any information that is handed to you by others as there are often mistakes. Double and treble check anything that goes to press and make sure you reference your sources.

Health – With Chiron entering your 3rd house, Aquarians are presented with ideas that are healing and can potentially change your life by a change in your mindsets, but to benefit you have to let go of some of the fundamental building blocks of your worldview.


Love – You enjoy debate and conversation in love, and you are very good at relaxing your partner and getting them to open up to you; you will draw out all sorts of interesting information. You can get your partner to reveal much for very little information from you in return, you can speak freely without actually saying much. PISCES_Horoscope_2018

Career – Pisces can be very clever with money and other resources, you are good at juggling things about and getting quite a lot out of very little. You are good at edging out of things and can be inventive with the excuses. You can turn things about very quickly creating a positive out of a negative.

Health – You may begin this month feeling tired and also less enthusiastic. The start of the month can be quite energy sapping as it is more frustrating and also filled with those boring or unpleasant chores that have to be done.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 – Life, Love, Career, Health.

Sagittarius_Horoscope_2018Bigger and better in 2018.
“2018 is a year where Sagittarians can rely on a little magic. ‘One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal, one golden glance of what could be’ – the atmosphere around you is more electric and also more supportive, you feel increasingly plugged in to a grand scheme. Sagittarians are magnets for new situations and circumstances which offer more than you even imagined. Flashes of light show the way as your intuition fires up and guides you onto surprising routes where you are joined by people who before seemed opposed to you, but who you now see are on the same mission. Inner contentment and peace can be found more easily now via both the people you meet and circumstances you find yourself in. ‘The day will dawn of sanity’ as Jupiter acts as your guardian angel offering you spiritual protection and you are able to rid yourself of self-destructive tendencies, deeply ingrained fears and the burden of guilt. The bell that rings inside your mind is challenging the door which your own fears and anxieties have kept locked to you for so long. The magic is in unlocking, releasing and shining light into the dark places in your life.”

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Scorpio Horoscope 2018 – Career, Life, Love and Health.

“Drumroll and fanfare, 2018 is here and it a time of razzmatazz – Scorpio feel a sense of anticipation, the lights are down low, the orchestra are in place, the curtain is about to open and there is a surge of vibrant emotions, as the audience sits spell bound waiting for the rousing start. This is the year you have been waiting for and now you have the chance to leave anxiety behind as you embrace what is hopeful, joyful and positive while Lady Luck shines on you. 2018 is a spontaneous year of where you reinvoke the spirit of your glory days trailblazing and setting what you touch on fire. Your life becomes a fantasia where you are free to compose, improvise and orchestrate events to your fancy. The orchestra are playing your favourite tunes and you are imbued with a can do attitude; suddenly the past counts for nothing and the future is where you are focused. Scorpio have greater faith in the universe and yo


u believe that things are working together for good in your life and it feels like a blast from the trumpets and trombones as the music of life rushes through your soul and you once again feel alive.”

A big thank you to all the amazon and B&N buyers who supported me over the past 4 years and also


to my youtube channel subscribers.
Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2018 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering ‘what now’ in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2018? What opportunities can they supply the energy for?
Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book. Includes a detailed yearly overview for Scorpio, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life, health and career. A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

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March 28 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – Aries are emotionally robust today – you can take anything that happens in a relationship on the chin and with good humour. A good day for expressing you wants and needs and getting heard.

Career – You have added willpower and are decisive and so this is a good day to think strategically, look at data and make decisions that will affect your career path in the next few months.

Health – You are stronger today and are able to achieve more in terms of physical output – a great day for your fitness goals and for sports success.

Love – Your partner may be centre stage and for good or bad reasons his/her needs and wants will have to be prioritised and so you may find your life revolved around your marriage partner

Career – This is a good time to make some decisions that you know are going to upset some people – as they say you have to crack eggs to make omelette and today you have to risk some temporary unpleasantness for the long term benefit.

Health – Watch out for strongly flavoured food like chorizo, very strong coffee, mature cheese and smoked foods etc as they may bring on headaches and ingestion.

Love – A good time for all new relationships, but you need plenty of conversation or activity, if a new beau just wants to sit at home and watch TV, he/she will be up for the chop. Initiative and energy turn you on.

Career – You need to use your energy today to bring some positivity to others – you input today and also your ideas can be the make or break factor.

Health – This is a good day for walking, cycling or hiking and any other activity that gets you mobile for a long period of time rather than just a short burst.

Love – Your sexual prowess, charisma and power to attract are enhanced even though you are not at all aggressive in your pursuit of love and affection. If you allow yourself to be pursued you will have many suitors.

Career – . This is an ideal time to prepare for interviews and taking a step up in terms of the career ladder – you will be the stand out candidate as you can handle the extra work and responsibility and should excel in any probation period.

Health – Cancer are more aware of their bodies and alert to warning signs and you will be more concerned about heart health, aging and prevention of disease.

Love – New relationships can race along at pace right now – Leo may make sudden decisions in love like deciding to move in with a lover or get married.

Career – You are not paying attention to others or looking before you leap, this is about you and what you want and you act according to impulse.

Health – Your health is good, but you should not bite off more that you can chew in terms of volunteering for anything that have not tried before or taking on something all by yourself that really needs two or three.

Love – You are concerned about greater integrity and will move away from flirtations, budding romance or new relationships which are not in line with the real you or how you wish to be perceived.

Career – Virgo are more assertive in your interaction with others and debates can become quite heated – you have a knack of zoning in on what is most crucial and can be quite blunt at times.

Health – Reading between the lines can cause more trouble and stress than it is worth and so sit back and relax, sometimes there is nothing there to be interpreted, life can be what is seems, it does not have to be one giant murder mystery.


Love – Librans are up for some sexual activity thank to the action of Uranus on Venus your ruler, and you may initiative some spontaneous love action; you may not be that affectionate but you are passionate.

Career – You are ready to stand up for yourself and yet you can do this in a very positive way that puts other in their place but leaves no hard feelings.

Health – You enjoy the smell of battle and are attracted to competitive and adventurous sports and activities. You enjoy being active and so a good day for sports or a vigorous clear up.


Love – Scorpios young and old have a heightened sex drive – intellectual stimulation along with some eye candy will have you severely aroused. You may not be able to act on all passion in person, but you certainly will in your imagination.

Career – Scorpio are operating with a greater deal of moral certainly, you feel you have right on your side and so win or lose you will still be a winner as you were true to yourself.

Health – You are up for anything that is enjoyable – hard tasks and onerous routines are put on the back burner an you act on whims and cater to a taste for the wild side.


Love – Sagittarians are willing to let things go right now; you may store anger away for a more appropriate time, but if a partner thinks they have gotten away with a transgression they are wrong.

Career – You may be weighing up some major financial decisions, things are yet to play out in full and it is wise to hold back in the meantime – risky or speculative ventures must be avoided.

Health – Sagittarians must work on endurance and flexibility – hill walking, going up and down stairs and some energetic gardening where you dig and shovel are also great forms of exercise that are cheap and accessible at most ages.


Love – While you do want more intimacy tonight you are not really sure how to go about it, you are more reticent than usual and you fear a knock back, be thoughtful and affectionate and let you partner make the move.

Career – Capricorn feel a little like taking the scenic route today – you still want to get to your destination and you have not lost your drive and yet there is some uncertainty and you still need to think about some elements of your plan or approach.

Health – This is a time to seek the middle ground, do not be extreme and be cautious about anything that offers great results. Sometimes the best route is the boring route.

Love – A day where you enjoy one to one companionship; you will look to arrange a cozy night in where you can have your loved one all to yourself, preferably with his/her phone off and wi fi disabled.

Career – Today you are really good at seeing the other point of view and it is easy for you to slip into another’s shoes. Aquarius are great at negotiations, therapy and building bridges today.

Health – You enjoy making decisions with others, but that does not mean you actually take their advice, you just want to hear it as the exchange of ideas help clarify you own thoughts and instincts.


Love – Pisces are very expressive right now; you are exuding charisma and your devil may care approach is very attractive. This is a time of jostling for position in relationships – you will push for what you want and both of you will grapple for the reigns.

Career – You are more daring today and it is a good time to pen a strongly worded letter or fire off some letters of complaint – do not take injustice laying down.

Health – Try not to do everything in a rush, ask yourself what the hurry is. Accuracy can be sacrificed for speed.

March 27 Daily Horoscope, 2018


Love – Jealousy cannot be underestimated, and yet it is within your power to control the effects and the power it had over you – jealousy is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions, and it can cause havoc in relationships.

Career – Aries are known for always throwing themselves full throttle into activities, and you have a great deal of drive; what you often lack, however, is focus and also a long-term strategy.

Health – Aries are closer to the bone, more in tune with the vibe, and you have just that little extra intuitive power to draw meaning out of both everyday events and also wider social affairs.


Love – Single Taureans can be quite satisfied with single life – it is almost as if you can give yourself exactly what you need and be your own best friend, making you quite self-sufficient and happy to do your own thing.

Career – Not such a good time for politics or for ideas that are very radical and off the beaten track. It is a good time to be mainstream and cooperative.

Health – Oral health is of the essence, rinsing with bicarbonate of soda mixed with warm water is a cheap and convenient effective way to reduce inflammation and gingivitis.


Love – While you may feel less like having deep conversations as you grapple with some deeply buried issues, you can experience great togetherness via affection and sex that needs no words.

Career – Gemini may have some problems with details, and you need to make extra effort to keep track of names and dates as you can easily get them confused

Health – Gemini are more likely to be influenced by emotion and also by culture, conditioning, and the beliefs you developed in childhood. In some cases, you hold on to views even when changes in the information coming at you indicate it is time for a re-evaluation of whether these beliefs hold up.


Love – While married Cancerians are taking responsibility seriously, single Cancerians will shun it in favour of seizing the day in love without an eye on a bigger prize – it is about the moment rather than a pathway to an altar.

Career – You can feel the energy of other people and situations more keenly and accurately, and this enables you to react, to tailor your responses and have your guard up.

Health – There are some frustrations in terms of fitness goals, and you will have to proceed more cautiously and a little conservatively. It is a good time for firming up your approach and laying solid building blocks.


Love – You may actually be surprised at what you can get away with, this may inure you to through your weight around in love, but at what cost long term?

Career – Make sure you spend time rallying others to your side and explaining yourself better as this can pave the way forward more effectively than going ahead with a proud or apparent arrogance.

Health – Get into a routine where you eat and sleep at regular times. All this can help you maintain calm and preserve energy.


Love – Friends with benefits situations can also work for you right now – somehow intimacy within a marriage is problematic, and you want to withdraw, but casual arrangements tend to work and feel fun.

Career – Virgo have a cool head and a strong sense of purpose – you can control passions and direct that energy in a productive way. Whatever emotions are bubbling away, you can harness that energy and use it with maturity and ingenuity.

Health – Virgo are quite serious when it comes to your interactions with others; you have a wall up, and you are careful not to let anyone get too close, but this can cut you off from valuable emotional support and encouragement.


Love – Arguments with extended family may arise, and so resist the temptation to invite family over to stay or visit.

Career – . It is an opportune time to build relationships with business partners and look for peers with whom to collaborate. Benefits can come via your male acquaintances – they may have timely advice or can put you in touch with a useful contact.

Health – Good diet is not about limitation, more about substitution, which ensures that you enjoy food but with less of the negative impact.


Love – You not take well to be teased or criticised. You can, however, be very critical especially when it comes to the way your partner dresses or behaves in public.

Career – Men play a more important role in your life especially brothers, and in some cases, they can rush to your defence or help give you more certainty on a matter.

Health – Impatience can lead you into trouble as you just do not sit back and plan the job or the exercise properly.


Love – Romance and affection return, and there is greater comradery and mutual support given. Old hurts and grievances tend to heal, and while you may not be turning a new page as such, you are reconciling differences.

Career – It is now time to make peace with anyone you crossed in the past, even if it was their fault, there is no harm in you making the first steps to smooth it over as this may just be vital to your 2018 career plan.

Health – Humour is a great healer and relaxer and so time to laugh your heart out and to seek out comedy, get tickled or do something stupid to start yourself laughing.


Love – This is a good time for negotiations or discussion in love, especially informal ones that start over dinner parties, cocktail parties or after a good night out.

Career – Your work must have broad-based appeal, do not focus great effort on anything too specific or niche.

Health – Currently intense solar storms, are releasing copious amount of luminous energy and Capricorn may notice your energy—and that of people around you—feels super intense, like everyone is extra irritable, emotional, anxious, fatigued, spacey, or stressed.


Love – In new relationships Aquarians are a little passive; you want your partner to open up to you, and you are taking a step back and waiting to see how they come forward.

Career – A time to exchange ideas and to go seeking opposing ideas; you cannot work in isolation. You need to immerse yourself in debate for a period and then withdraw in order to make sense of it all.

Health – Avoid the Facebook pages of people who love to boast about the conspicuous spending, as they can spark a sense of inadequacy within you that you may want to quell with something unhealthy like retail therapy or heading for the fridge.


Love – Don’t forget about old promises and commitments just because newer ones have come along – look back at things you promised your partner and make sure you deliver. Showing you remember, shows you care.

Career – You will look for more risk, not physical risk, but intellectual risk. You want to go places and have experiences where others jolt you out of complacency and where you face some pressure.

Health – Just like when you plant a new shrub in a pot, you should get rid of the soil or any roots of old plants that may have died and put in some brand new compost to give the new shrub the best start. So, when you embark on thought patterns that you hope will change your life, you must first prepare the soil and rid yourself of old regressive and negative habits that can impair the growth of this positive plant or seedling.