March 23 2018, Daily Horoscope.


Love – You cannot be tamed right now; Aries have that leader of the pack aura which a highly magnetic pull for potential new friends and lovers. People gravitate to strenghth.

Career – Aries are highly motivated to get things done, you take action rather than just making plans and talking about something, and your work rate is high – fast and furious as you race for the weekend.

Health – You play hard and work hard today and so you may just have time for the gym before you had off for a night out as your zest for life and what it has to odder is high.


Love – A partner who is worth their salts should be able to support you emotionally and understand you, it may become clear to Taurus that your loved one is not that connected to you spiritually and cannot give you that emotional support you need as they are just not able, you need to be more self reliant.

Career – You should watch out for sudden developments with your supplier or business partners than could affect deliveries or your future reliance on these companies. Look out for any person you work with going bust.

Health – This can be a tough time in connection with family matters and decisions as you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t and so avoid taking any major decisions and let other step up and take the flack.


Love – A partner needs to be your best friend and you expect attention, support and some camaraderie, if your partner is not your BFF or BBF you will gravitate to friends tonight whom you feel natural and comfortable with.

Career – You really have to be careful with what you say, this is not a good time for mass communications or PR as you can be too blunt and perhaps ill-considered in your choice of words.

Health – Take extra care when travelling; today and the next two weeks are not great for travel nationally as things are more stressful than you expected and hectic and so unless you are ready for a rollercoaster put it off.


Love – You are in quite a possessive mood and you are more territorial and so arguments can arise over how to spend money or over who has access to what.

Career – A time of going after targets financially – you are highly motivated by money right now and even though the week is almost over you will still put in full effort to make sure you impress a boss or reach a personal target or goal.

Health – Cancer relish a physical challenge and your sporting abilities and pursuits can really bolster your sense of self-worth. You like to participate in physical pursuits you can do independently.


Love – You reactions to people and situations are immediate and authentic and that means you react to both loving and confrontational situations with equal fervour.

Career – You may need to take a breather today – you can work hard and see little results and so a good time to take a step back and ask yourself if you are working smart. Work smarter not harder.

Health – Leo may experience migraine or severe tension headaches and so avoid undue stress and eat sensible – avoid coffee, chorizo, flashing lights, loud music and arguments.


Love – You want space and time to think today and so you may opt for a quiet night in with a book rather than hitting the town or the social scene.

Career – It is important to balance your energy today, you also need to know when to hold back and keep you powder dry, less s definitely more.

Health – Any suppressed anger can now release via a sudden fever or nasty bug and so often illness is linked to feelings you are harbouring.


Love – Competitiveness and jealousy are big issues in love right now – there is quite a measure of one-upmanship and trying to outdo eachother or get one over, rather than a leg over.

Career – You are not in the mood to be a team player, but you have to work with people today and so try not to come on too strong and alienate others with your fiercely driven attitude.

Health – Good health is about being a free spirit and so the freeer you are the better your health and recuperative power will be; if confined, sudden ill health is a message something needs to change.


Love – Love on the job can help motivate you, you may work much harder to impress of catch the eye of someone you have noticed in the building or in the circles you move in professionally

Career – You have a need to impress others including your boss, but to do so you need to be less mechanical and less about detail and more about the human, interactive side of your work, show your ability connect with people and demonstrate warmth.

Health – Desk based work can frustrate you and so even if you are stuck working 9-5 make sure you look for any chance to run an errand that gets you walking and out of the four wall of the office. Variety in terms of physical environment and exercise is vital today.


Love – Your Sagittarian gregariousness and hearty laugh is attractive to others, and your zest for life is unmistakable is a massive drawcard in love.

Career – You may spend more of today debating than actually working, you must be careful not get on your high horse as you are very opinionated.

Health – Sagittarians have a taste for adventure this weekend but you must be careful when doing adventure or outdoor sports. Know you limits and make sure people know who you are and help it at hand.


Love – This is a very passionate time in love and shades of Scorpio can be found in the goat’s desire nature. True passion takes time and patience and so no rush jobs if you want your love life to be magical.

Career – Your ego and your more negative base instincts can affect money decisions and so this is not the best day for a rational, business decisions.

Health – You can get heated and stirred up quickly, you are faster to anger about things which threaten your values or challenge your beliefs and so avoid debate and confrontation to keep stress levels down.


Love – Your partner may wind you up today, you are more tense and tend to react with what comes across as hostility even if you do not realise how snappy you are.

Career – Stop pressuring others, you are very impatient for results and yet you cannot force a consensus, focus on making your arguments more succinct and

Health – A very good time to get away on a short break, a journey out of town for a day trip or a cultural experience can do wonders for your mood.


Love – Boundaries and reality matter in relationships and Pisces can take a cold light of day look at things – if you are in a short term or even a long term relationship this is an eyes wide open day where illusions get stripped away and you see thing for what they are and take action.

Career – A day when working with colleagues can be like herding bees; it is a challenge to keep on top of where everyone is and keep everyone on message and on board with the most important agenda.

Health – Work is demanding today and you need to know when to stop and call it a day, you inclined to go overboard, but put your health first.

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