March 28 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – Aries are emotionally robust today – you can take anything that happens in a relationship on the chin and with good humour. A good day for expressing you wants and needs and getting heard.

Career – You have added willpower and are decisive and so this is a good day to think strategically, look at data and make decisions that will affect your career path in the next few months.

Health – You are stronger today and are able to achieve more in terms of physical output – a great day for your fitness goals and for sports success.

Love – Your partner may be centre stage and for good or bad reasons his/her needs and wants will have to be prioritised and so you may find your life revolved around your marriage partner

Career – This is a good time to make some decisions that you know are going to upset some people – as they say you have to crack eggs to make omelette and today you have to risk some temporary unpleasantness for the long term benefit.

Health – Watch out for strongly flavoured food like chorizo, very strong coffee, mature cheese and smoked foods etc as they may bring on headaches and ingestion.

Love – A good time for all new relationships, but you need plenty of conversation or activity, if a new beau just wants to sit at home and watch TV, he/she will be up for the chop. Initiative and energy turn you on.

Career – You need to use your energy today to bring some positivity to others – you input today and also your ideas can be the make or break factor.

Health – This is a good day for walking, cycling or hiking and any other activity that gets you mobile for a long period of time rather than just a short burst.

Love – Your sexual prowess, charisma and power to attract are enhanced even though you are not at all aggressive in your pursuit of love and affection. If you allow yourself to be pursued you will have many suitors.

Career – . This is an ideal time to prepare for interviews and taking a step up in terms of the career ladder – you will be the stand out candidate as you can handle the extra work and responsibility and should excel in any probation period.

Health – Cancer are more aware of their bodies and alert to warning signs and you will be more concerned about heart health, aging and prevention of disease.

Love – New relationships can race along at pace right now – Leo may make sudden decisions in love like deciding to move in with a lover or get married.

Career – You are not paying attention to others or looking before you leap, this is about you and what you want and you act according to impulse.

Health – Your health is good, but you should not bite off more that you can chew in terms of volunteering for anything that have not tried before or taking on something all by yourself that really needs two or three.

Love – You are concerned about greater integrity and will move away from flirtations, budding romance or new relationships which are not in line with the real you or how you wish to be perceived.

Career – Virgo are more assertive in your interaction with others and debates can become quite heated – you have a knack of zoning in on what is most crucial and can be quite blunt at times.

Health – Reading between the lines can cause more trouble and stress than it is worth and so sit back and relax, sometimes there is nothing there to be interpreted, life can be what is seems, it does not have to be one giant murder mystery.


Love – Librans are up for some sexual activity thank to the action of Uranus on Venus your ruler, and you may initiative some spontaneous love action; you may not be that affectionate but you are passionate.

Career – You are ready to stand up for yourself and yet you can do this in a very positive way that puts other in their place but leaves no hard feelings.

Health – You enjoy the smell of battle and are attracted to competitive and adventurous sports and activities. You enjoy being active and so a good day for sports or a vigorous clear up.


Love – Scorpios young and old have a heightened sex drive – intellectual stimulation along with some eye candy will have you severely aroused. You may not be able to act on all passion in person, but you certainly will in your imagination.

Career – Scorpio are operating with a greater deal of moral certainly, you feel you have right on your side and so win or lose you will still be a winner as you were true to yourself.

Health – You are up for anything that is enjoyable – hard tasks and onerous routines are put on the back burner an you act on whims and cater to a taste for the wild side.


Love – Sagittarians are willing to let things go right now; you may store anger away for a more appropriate time, but if a partner thinks they have gotten away with a transgression they are wrong.

Career – You may be weighing up some major financial decisions, things are yet to play out in full and it is wise to hold back in the meantime – risky or speculative ventures must be avoided.

Health – Sagittarians must work on endurance and flexibility – hill walking, going up and down stairs and some energetic gardening where you dig and shovel are also great forms of exercise that are cheap and accessible at most ages.


Love – While you do want more intimacy tonight you are not really sure how to go about it, you are more reticent than usual and you fear a knock back, be thoughtful and affectionate and let you partner make the move.

Career – Capricorn feel a little like taking the scenic route today – you still want to get to your destination and you have not lost your drive and yet there is some uncertainty and you still need to think about some elements of your plan or approach.

Health – This is a time to seek the middle ground, do not be extreme and be cautious about anything that offers great results. Sometimes the best route is the boring route.

Love – A day where you enjoy one to one companionship; you will look to arrange a cozy night in where you can have your loved one all to yourself, preferably with his/her phone off and wi fi disabled.

Career – Today you are really good at seeing the other point of view and it is easy for you to slip into another’s shoes. Aquarius are great at negotiations, therapy and building bridges today.

Health – You enjoy making decisions with others, but that does not mean you actually take their advice, you just want to hear it as the exchange of ideas help clarify you own thoughts and instincts.


Love – Pisces are very expressive right now; you are exuding charisma and your devil may care approach is very attractive. This is a time of jostling for position in relationships – you will push for what you want and both of you will grapple for the reigns.

Career – You are more daring today and it is a good time to pen a strongly worded letter or fire off some letters of complaint – do not take injustice laying down.

Health – Try not to do everything in a rush, ask yourself what the hurry is. Accuracy can be sacrificed for speed.

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