Daily Horoscope April 6, 2018

Love – Right now fun should be on your agenda and you need to be in places where you are noticed and where you can say, “hey world look at what I have to offer” and so be active in your social circles and also more active in any online meetup or romantic forums where you can connect with like minded.

Career – When you express yourself from your heart and are spontaneously creative you excel – this is a not a time to hold back and to cow tie, you need to allow ideas to explode off the drawing board, so have confidence in your creative and also your money making plans.

Health – With your fifth house ruler in your sign Aries you are encouraged to make resolutions connected to fitness and wellbeing and so an ideal time to do more of the things you enjoy especially if they involve the outdoors and being physically although they do not have to be formal exercise.

Love – Taurus are dark horses in love, you feel the need to hold back and while you can be very affectionate and also intuitive about your partner’s needs you will be reluctant to share your deeper thoughts right now.

Career – You may be craving the limelight or at least looking to make some kind of debut or entrance and yet things are not working out that way and you still have to wait in the wings for your curtain call.

Health – With a 12th and 4th house emphasis, Taurus may find themselves with some quiet time alone to think and you should use this wisely to analyse what is motivating and driving you right now and whether it is a positive or negative emphasis. You may feel quite flat and actually be looking to find a little magic motivation to help you shape the rest of the year.


Love – Sudden situations arise inexplicably and you need to be on your toes with explanations and also excuses as you may land in hot water over something that was not intended. Love actions have unintended consequences and so get ready for all outcomes.

Career – Gemini need to focus on working in tandem with the group energy – go with the flow rather than looking to strike out on your own. Know how to use the momentum you sense about you to capitalise – it is one of those, “if life gives you lemons, grab a G&T and make a cocktail.”

Health – You can benefit from both the company and input of your elders and so cultivate relationships with those who have age or experience in excess of yours as you can gain spiritually as well as receiving support from an unlikely source.



Love – You may feel that your partner is not “on board” with your aims as a couple right now, especially when it comes to saving and money choices – it may be a good time to say, “Hey we agreed on XYZ, do I have your support on that or not!” Put your partner on the spot in terms of their input and commitment to agreed goals.

Career – People can be working at cross purposes to you and so you need to check out what others are doing as their efforts or lack of may have more bearing on your success than your own efforts.

Health – Energy comes and goes and you have to watch out for being drawn into energy sapping dead end activities – you may set out to have a run and end up talking to a neighbour instead.


Love – Your positive attitude can give your partner a lift even if they are struggling; thanks to your broad shoulders and ability to stay sunny, things in love stay upbeat and proactive no matter what the overall picture.

Career – A new focus on long range goals, especially ambitious ones is needed so that you can make sure your day to day life right now is consistent with achieving those broader and bigger aims.

Health – Your energy is higher and you have a greater element of balance where you do not feel torn between pleasing yourself and pleasing others, which means you can get out of life what you need to find fulfilment and fun.


Love – You are pressed to deal with what is unpleasant; in some cases you almost want to rock the boat or start some controversy to bring about greater honesty. You want the truth and will get at it some how

Career – With your 12th and 8th house emphasised you may need to work hard on bringing a project to a close and this may mean extra time or overtime which you may not even get paid or recognised for, will have to be done.

Health – Virgo are all about self analysis – you need to wallow in both self pity and also sadness just to get certain stuff out of your system. Some dredging up of past issues is therapeutic.


Love – Effort in love is not always reciprocated and you have to take an attitude of ‘I did my best, I cannot do any more’, accept that some romantic situations are out of your full control.

Career – You have to watch out for people who are competing for the same promotion or contract as they are going to up their game and so you can’t be at all complacent.

Health – Libra can be all or nothing today – you are either the laziest person on the planet or you are chasing down a rainbow, no half measures.


Love – This is a good time for marriages where you work together or in a similar field – there is quite a bit of industry gossip and your zest for work goals spirals up with the mutual support.

Career – Commitment and dedication at work pay off and so any extra work done or the extra mile of effort can pay dividends in terms of a promotion or leap forward in term of the career ladder. Make sure you maintain perfection as any lapse can cost dear.

Health – Scorpio should use today to set some long term health milestones to reach ie pounds to lose, miles to run, gym targets etc – calculate something to aim for and then get cracking. Health goals should be specific to increase motivation.


Love – There is a feeling of renewal in love, a little like a page has been turned and you are starting a new phase in terms of understanding and also in terms of the things you are now working towards.

Career – A new phase at work is looming and you may feel like you have to gather yourself – there is anticipation and also a few nerves and you will be forced to recognise a small lack of confidence rearing its head.

Health – A time of improving health, but you should not waste the surge in energy, Sagittarians should aim high and look to run that extra mile or lift a few heavier weights.


Love – Sex life and general family commitments due to children and step children are at odds – intimacy will continue to be at a premium as you and your partner are torn away with various emotional entanglements.

Career – A time to research very carefully any financial decision, you need to crunch numbers and look at data, you may have to look at data spanning many years.

Health – Family issues can reach a crisis point and there is nowhere to hide, you must deal with things and help resolve conflict especially over money issues. What is not dealt with now will eat away at you.


Love – This is an excellent time for long distance or medium distance love relationships where you have that added excitement of travelling to meet up and then being forced to make the most of that rare and precious time together.

Career – A time where you may have to prepare for negotiations and where you need to anticipate the next move of a competitor or colleague – it is not enough to know what you are doing, you need to get into the heads of others and see it from their POW.

Health – Travel for pleasure is an ideal way to relax. Cultural tours to museums, galleries, exhibitions etc can be the mental break you have been craving.


Love – Pisces want to be treated right and so point your boy or girl friend in the right direction by dropping as many hints as possible that it is time for a meal out, movie or even concert.

Career – Money can be made now due to your unique technical skills. Pisces looking for work or freelancing must focus on and emphasis your specialities rather than trying to tick all the boxes and be an allrounder. A good time to enrol on a course where you gain a more specialised skill or trade.

Health – A sauna to sweat out impurities can be very helpful. A sauna then a cold dip could be the ideal way to kick start your immune system which could be rather sluggish.

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