Daily Horoscope April 8, 2018


Love – You have a natural flair and confidence and can adapt quickly and make needed changes while keeping momentum going in your sex and romantic life.

Career – It is vital to draw on past experience in order to further your aims, and the universe will test whether you have learned the lesson of the past, even the subtle ones.

Health – Try and incorporate greater variety in both your diet and exercise regime as they may be lop sided, tending to cater for one part of your body and not another. Make sure you do stretches to increase flexibility.


Love – Married Taurus may have to cope with being alone as your partner is away on business or perhaps is pursuing an interest very close to his/her heart that you have no interest in – it may be a challenge for you to accept the ways in which your partner is so very different to you and how those ways almost take him/her away from you to a place you cannot understand.

Career – This is not the best time for decisions about family matters as you may make them hastily and often in the wrong frame of mind – you have a short fuse when it comes to matters in home life, and that can make you see red before you see reason.

Health – There is a great opportunity in resolving old differences and healing old wounds (relating to those who may have hurt or betrayed you), allowing you to honestly and truly forgive and let go.


Love – Under all your congeniality and the good times you will have socialising, you are not being totally open; there is something within you which is uncertain and confused, and that prevents you from (in new relationships) committing more heavily or getting more deeply involved or (in existing relationships) opening up about your inner thoughts, feelings, and worries.

Career – You can be very effective in business by what you do not say, what you leave to interpretation or hold back. It is about the soft sell and the art of misdirection.

Health – Something inside you is screaming to be let out, and this can be a period of liberation and rediscovery of self.


Love – So much that happens in life makes us lose touch with who we are, and with that, marriages also suffer, and so this weekend is about you and your partner rediscovering who you are and thereby polishing up a relationship than could have become tarnished by the smog of daily life.

Career – A slow moving time with some frustrations, and you will have to proceed more cautiously and a little conservatively. It is a good time for firming up your approach and laying solid building blocks.

Health – Cancerians can draw on inspiration from a high level. Your faith is stronger, and that can encompass many things, i.e., a faith in God, in the universe, or you may be an atheist with faith in organic food or technology.


Love – There is a sense of responsibility in relationships, and both Leo and their partner will put emotions and even sexual needs aside to deal with practical matters.

Career – Leo need to resurrect aspects of your personality that have gone into hibernation: life tends to leave its mark by making us more cynical, more guarded, more cautious; right now, you are encouraged to recapture your generous spirit and open-hearted nature.

Health – This is a time to cut away excess and get rid of clutter. Leo may use Feng Sui principles to rearrange your furniture or your home and workspace, or you may just have a massive clear out to make daily life easier.


Love – Virgo are highly intuitive in love, especially in sex, and this allows you to unlock the desire in your partner, awakening passions, and opening new doors to sexual fulfilment.

Career – Step away from the problems, stop searching for solutions, and either trust the other person to do the right thing or let events unfold organically without a need to micromanage.

Health – Counselling and psychology can be very helpful for Virgo right now, especially if you do not have a trusted confidante and if you feel you are chasing about in your own head in circles looking for some answers. Feedback is vital right now; you need to talk things through.


Love – Librans may devote extra energy to projects in connection with the home and family. You are very protective of loved ones and are quick to rush to their defence with some ardour.

Career – This is not the best time to sell ideas; if you can hold back, do so while you refine and perfect your presentation.

Health – It is time to work on your inner world and restore self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. This starts with looking back at times when you were happy and more carefree and analysing what you have lost since then and why and if by recreating some facets of the past you can recapture that ‘lost’ you in the present.


Love – Scorpio are focused on inner growth and also on greater self-awareness; if you are in a new relationship, any lack of depth or phoniness in your partner will become glaring and something that will call the relationship into question.

Career – You have quite crucial insights into events, and you have vision, and yet your own vision can be at odds with what everyone else is going along with – you could be the party pooper who says, “Hey, we all need to sober up and get a grip here!”

Health – Therapy sessions and psychology tend not to be very helpful now as you are highly focused on your perspectives and not the totality of the situation.


Love – Cast aside love, sex and relationship dogma you have been force fed and allow your intuition to guide you to what has meaning and relevance to you.

Career – You have this way of patching together what you have and making it work somehow. It may be a time when you restore an old computer, and perhaps you will take your whole website apart and build it from scratch again.

Health – It is vital to reconnect with what you really think and feel – time to weed away the thoughts and opinions of others which may be strangling the growth of your own perspectives.


Love – If there is doubt, you step in and take control. You are quick to defend your partner but just as quick to go on the attack if you feel that your independence is in any way undermined.

Career – Focus and sustained effort matter, especially regarding keeping up the pressure on people or government departments from whom you need information, answers, or approval.

Health – You will become pretty direct and even blunt in dealing with others; this is a no-nonsense phase where you waste little time and energy and can get through a vast amount of work and have time for important spiritual and fitness goals.


Love – You can be a little naïve at times this month, you are almost too eager to see the best in people and situations just to satisfy the idealist in you, and that leads to some wonderful moments in the short run, with a few hard realities to follow.

Career – Aquarians who quote for work must be careful that you do not underestimate the scale of the work as you could under quote and end up doing a large proportion of the work for free.

Health – You often waste energy right now as you are quite exuberant and you do not always think things through. The grand plan becomes your focus, and you forget that little details.


Love – Often beliefs and ideologies are clung to in the face of logic and evidence just because of an irrational attachment to not admitting you could be wrong – Pisces may face this in their partner or in themselves.

Career – In new businesses, it is vital that you establish how big your market is and if enough sales can be generated to cover your costs; it is easy to over-estimate demand and put your faith in advertising right now.

Health – Pisces will tend to really push themselves, you are driven and motivated, and you put a deal of energy into everything you do. You can work hard and train hard, and in many cases, you set the bar very high with your exercise.

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