Daily Horoscope June 2, 2018


Love – There is a calming, healing energy in your life right now and this extends to intimate relationships where there is tender acceptance and understanding promoting an connection that can defy words.

Career – A grand trine in water brings out your empathetic side and you are motivated by the human side of any situation – a day when your heart strings have more sway with you than logic.

Health – The dreamer in you is activated – Aries are big readers and you love fiction especially, making this your ideal way to relax this Saturday and stimulate your vivid imagination.


Love – This is a very idealistic and romantic time in Taureans’ love life; you can afford to ignore reality for a little while and indulge in your wildest expectations and fantasies.

Career – With a grand trine in your 3rd, 11th and 7th houses, joint money making initiatives and pursuing goals in tandem with like minded people can bring fast success and also bring you closer to strongly held dreams you thought were out of reach.

Health – A day when your hopes and dreams get a boost and when any plan should be considered no matter how outlandish – you need to start thinking big, drawing others towards you and putting our feelers to attract communication from people who have complimentary skills and similar purpose in life.


Love – You are very open minded in love and romance and you can fall quickly in love and have a very fulfilling even if totally impractical love affair starting now.

Career – The grand trine in water affect your money and work houses and this gives massive impetus to creative and artistic projects – Gemini can profit now both in performance based careers and in the management of them.

Health – Your health is good, but you are not suited to strenuous work or very gruelling exercise or physical pursuits. A day for a relaxing swim, fishing, walking by the lake and taking deep breaths and grabbing a little sunshine.


Love – This is an excellent time for single Cancerians as you can have a whale of a time socially, meeting new people and feeling freer to express parts of your personality that are more daring and edgy. Love life tends to me more exhilarating and boundless rather than restrictive and responsibility laden.

Career – Sometimes it is good to let yourself off the hook and be a little wild – a time to experiment with ideas and a day when crazy inventions and solutions can come from nowhere and take shape.

Health – With Venus in your first house trine Jupiter and Neptune it is all about excess and throwing caution to the wind rather than binding yourself to anything limiting or being disciplined.


Love – This is a time to where others may play games with you and you have to be alert to their intentions – some cynicism is required as you hold back emotionally. No wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Career – Leo are a little low in confidence; you are in a period of retreat where you are feeling safer hovering in the background rather than putting your self out there to take the limelight. Not a time to lead, but a time to ponder and delve into the depths of your own psyche and that of others.

Health – The grand trine in water affecting your 4th, 8th and 12th houses make this a deeply emotional and person time. What you are feeling now is profound and will affect the deepest most out of sight parts of your personality. A time for introspection and reflection.


Love – There is a desire to save others now and that can play out in your relationship sphere, but it could lead to you taking on more than you can handle in the long run in terms of a turbulent relationship.

Career – You are skilled at advice giving right now and so whether it be as part of your work or in terms of contact you have with colleagues, you are there to solve their problems and work through any issues especially those to do with feelings of victimisation.

Health – You are fast to act and are in a problem solving frame of mind which means you are able to knock any health issues on the head – a stitch in time saves nine they say, but fast action now no only saves time but also pain and anguish.


Love – Thanks to your ruler in a grand trine with Neptune and Jupiter, relationships may run smoothly now, as you are compassionate and positive playing a balancing role as you can make your partner feel good no matter what the situation.

Career – There is a greater deal of trust in your interactions with others and that can help you make progress fast as you have a good feeling that the outcome will bear fruit and you are willing to take a risk.

Health – Librans enjoy fine food today and you may splash out on more expensive wines or fancy food; but expensive food is often as full of bad fast as cheap and nasty food as so do not be fooled.


Love – With your 7th house ruler trine Neptune and Jupiter this signifies a rather exciting and adventurous time in love – marriages have an injection of much needed tenderness and also greater imagination, but this does not mean you should jump into commitment. Experiment and yet do not commit.

Career – Scorpio are keen to play about with money and be more creative in terms of the way you invest – you may look to learn more about crypto currency or even employ some riskier tactics in terms of personal money management. You are very curious in terms of money and this inclines you to look further afield for options.

Health – With your 6th ruler trine Mercury, variety is vital in terms of your diet and also your daily routine and so mix things up and use today to introduce a new cycle or jogging route or a new recipe or a new super food.


Love – You enjoy going against the grain and so you may like to shock your partner with suggestions that seek to catapult the relationship to a more riving new level. It may not be about what you do, but the thought of what could be possible.

Career – A day of luck and good fortune, being open to anything and everything usually rewards you with some happy surprises that can bring a welcome shift in fortunes or breath of fresh air that re awakens your creativity.

Health – Concentrate on what you eat while you eat it – eating mindlessly in front of TV means you eat 18% more.


Love – Capricorn are often very set in terms of what you believe is possible in terms of a relationship outcome – this is a great day to make decision which totally disrupts those expectations and when you dare to ask if another reality is possible to the one you have always known.

Career – A very good time to promote something which is brand new or very different. It is also a good time to try out a totally new advertising or promotional method

Health – Are you hungry or are your bored? You may just be nibbling or even smoking as you are fidgety and have energy which is not being productively used.


Love – Patience is necessary if you are after better sex and yet perhaps better sex is not what Aquarians are after, just more sex more often.

Career – A good word from a colleague to a boss could set you up for a pay rise or a commendation – your team and your co workers appreciate you and they are proud of what you are doing.

Health – How well do you chew? The more you chew the greater you experience texture and flavour and the more fulfilled you feel from less food.


Love – You love entertaining others with stories and also jokes today and so you will be at your happiest where your partner is a good listener or is happy to give you the floor. A perfect time for love if your partner is Leo.

Career – Pisces may be in for a bonus soon or you may be about to hit a target and get an added financial reward. This is a day when financial benefits can accrue directly or possible more indirectly as people step in to sponsor you or your cause.

Health – Take your time over meals; the slower you eat the less you eat as your brain has time to register the intake and flick the kill switch on appetite.

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