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Yearly overview and monthly astrology forecasts for Virgo on love, life, sex and career.

“With planets active in your 5th and 7th house, relationships, romance, self-expression and fun are on the agenda and yet there is are serious overtone, you are not taking these things lightly. Love is seen through the lens of your spiritual and personal development and that is why what happens in your heart has deep significance. 2019 is a year of increased ease and comfort on the domestic front – you may relocate to a bigger or more convenient property or have changes done which improve your current living situation. If you have been unhappy with where you are living, you may suddenly begin to settle in and find things that make where you are a cool place to be.
You present to the world as charming, funny, diplomatic, sociable and reasonable and your attitude to others is positive. Internally however you are far more mixed up and confused, although this is a very spiritually productive and rich phase in your development which can certainly give you a better sense of self in the future.”

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