Mercury Retrograde May 10, 2022

Think Big – Mercury retrograde and Jupiter in Aries indicate a opportunity for magnificent ideas.

The Mercury retrograde in Gemini of May 10, 2022 has an enchanting twist, because on the same day grandiose Jupiter enters fiery Aries, leading to an explosion of ideas and a invigoration of faith.Most aficionados of astrology think about Mercury retrograde with some trepidation imagining misunderstandings, confusion, travel delays and even IT breakdowns. Mercury does rule such matters as commerce, trade, negotiations, contracts, the postal service and short journeys, and with Mercury going retrograde those areas of life become unpredictable, face obstacles or there is a element of these affairs going into reverse as indecisiveness sets in.

However, what’s overlooked is that Mercury retrograde, especially in its home sign of Gemini, indicates a period of reflection and deeper thinking when you can ask yourself questions like:

Do I really know what I want from this situation?

Am I going about this the right way?Does my strategy need a shake up?

Can I gather better information before I make this decision?

Should I start a deep investigation?

Do my colleagues have an agenda?

Should I delay a short trip and plan an more productive trip for another time.

The Mercury retrograde in May 2022 is an opportunity for deeper analysis and giving yourself the chance to pivot. Don’t regret procrastination by yourself or others, take it as a cue about subtle changes in intent or clues about what lies beneath the surface.

So the motto with Mercury retrograde in Gemini is hold fire, however Jupiter enters Aries on the same day indicating a surge of entrepreneurial energy which could herald new projects in your personal life or business that can be extremely invigorating. So use this time to brainstorm, investigate new ideas with an open mind, and inspire yourself via faith.

Mercury retrograde can cause you to take a step back or have a rethink, however Jupiter in Aries suggests that this should be an extremely fruitful time for generating fresh perspectives and increasing your understanding of the bigger picture that will allow a more holistic and positive approach to your life.

For those of you thinking about higher education or study, this is a wonderful time to apply for a course or order yourself books which can take you on a educational journey.

This May, expand your vision of what’s possible, be better aware of all your alternatives and start getting curious about the possibilities as there is a wealth of them, but they may not be obvious or in your face.

Jupiter is Aries is quite a high energy position and it’s lucky because it encourages positive action, however it’s also linked to learning, as is Mercury in Gemini, so for those of you with a thoughtful, ambitious approach to life, you will be in your element.

So, welcome this Mercury retrograde as a chance to reboot your thinking, fire up the positivity, reignite your vision for yourself and trust in the benevolence of the universe to reward your planning and good intentions.