Daily Horoscope May 22, 2018


Love – This is not a time when Aries are impulsive in love; you want to hold onto your heart and keep emotions in check and you are more reticent or even sceptical about love opportunities.

Career – Creative work gets a boost, especially where Aries work with their hands to fashion products or work with machinery. You should also take care to check your bank balance as if you do not keep up to date with daily changes you may not catch a security breach or cyber theft fast enough.

Health – Remember that what you have on your fork may have more to do with your health future than what is written on your prescription; so take control by taking more notice about what is on your fork.


Love – Taurus are doing extra work in their intimate relationships – yes, you want great things, but you also know that hard work and creativity are needed to keep romance alive and maintain that spark that makes everything worthwhile

Career – Patience is key, you have to take a wait and see attitude and cannot force the pace. Taurus have to find ways to deal with frustration and even some anger specially when things that should work don’t or don’t work quick enough.

Health – Bad habits that you developed recently are hard to break as you are lazy mentally and will look to take the easy way out where possible; this means you will skip gym and get a take away and think ‘what the heck I deserve it.”


Love – Time for a clear out of your contacts book or your little black book – time get rid of all those people who were all talk no action, those who folded and who just did not form a suitable match but who are still lurking around and possibly keeping a potential good match at bay.

Career – Material goals help provide motivation and so it is helpful to keep in mind an aspirational purchase or something near and dear to you that you wish to spend money on to help create momentum and help you through the tiresome phases of work.

Health – Good health today and in the next few week is about inner ease and so no amount of good food and fitness activity can compensate for a negative internal environment and so let go of bad feeling and do your best to cultivate good vibes inside.


Love – Your clarity of mind right now ideally places you to make sensible and also optimistic plans for your love life and you are able to set achievable social goals that can lead with good probability to lasting life.

Career – This is a good time for making management decisions as information is easy to come by, and it is one of those times things really are black and white. Your judgement is enhanced, and a reputation for, or past experience of, you being just and fair pays off.

Health – Good relationships and good company promote health and so forget the gym and head for the pub or club for a good catch up and a renewal of bonds with old and new friends.


Love – While at times family can bring pressures and create problems in marriages, today the exact opposite happens, and there is a healing quality fostered by family involvement.

Career – A time of checking, editing, and going back over what you have done to ensure plans are watertight and your research and writing are error free.

Health – Restoring your home is very much a theme, and often the restoration or indeed the packing up of things you no longer use to recycle or give away or going through old letters, photos, and souvenirs can be a spur to revisit aspects of your past and capture some of the positivity and naiveté of another era in your life.


Love – Contentious sexual and also marital matters can be discussed and resolved with some rational and common sense. As long as conversation is possible, resolution on many matters is possible with some quite creative and pleasing outcomes.

Career – Right now, the key to your business success is in your immediate environment, and that means local community, neighbouring businesses, local business networks, local facilities, and so take note of those things which are under your nose and see what they can tell you about how to do better business.

Health – Virgo need to step out of themselves and look at events from a perspective that is not your own – perhaps you need to look at things from your parents’ side, your children’s side, your competitors’ side – immerse yourself in their emotions, and see it from their eyes.


Love – A time of many questions and doubts about other people and their motivations; you may also question your ability to handle certain situations; however, you can sense truths now in the sober frame of mind which is very helpful.

Career – Disagreements in business dealings can be protracted and very hard to iron out, and it takes a great deal of mental fortitude and patience to keep going – the plus side is that what is eventually thrashed out will be enduring.

Health – If you have abandoned any project, especially one connected to self-improvement, now is the time to pick it up again and get going.


Love – Scorpio will seek to be with people who reinforce what you are most proud of and what you aspire to be; do not look to spend time with those who bring to the fore your baser instincts.

Career – Your own experience is your best guide right now; so no matter what others are saying about XYZ, if XYZ never worked before for you, it won’t now and so use the past as your best guide to the future.

Health – This is a very powerful time mentally for Scorpio; you can literally think yourself into or out of problems. Your mind is both incisive and highly observant, and you can project your thoughts out into the world so that they can manifest.


Love – You are able to turn on the charm, and you can avoid that foot in the mouth bluntness that often trips you up in love. Love means doing things together, and Sagittarians understand that good sex is all about ambiance and build up.

Career – This is not a good time to lend out equipment or share an asset, in fact, it is a tricky time for any sort of sharing or cost splitting.

Health – Look for anything you once aspired to or enjoyed and stopped doing because of a painful rejection, humiliation or harsh criticism and get back on that horse – learn from the mistakes and pick up the pieces and try again.


Love – You are entering an excellent time for relationships – problems can be smoothed over and in new relationships there is an increased level of understanding and cooperation

Career – Your dealings with others are about to get easier and so jump back into negotiations or discussions and despite the past you can actually get a new outcome that will surprise.

Health – Avoid alcohol and caffeine today: boost energy with avocado, a smoothie with coconut and a light salad with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing.


Love – Time to pay attention to technical details in love – your partner may care more about how you help out in practical ways rather than hearing sweet nothings. Often love is hard work and today you cannot escape the boring chores which show your commitment.

Career – This a more serious time when you have to put in the grind and concentrate. It is a great period for detail work and also for being highly critical – you can work long hours, often alone and can achieve a great deal.

Health – Aquarians are after easy answers in terms of health and that can cost – you may buy something which offers fast and substantial results but which fails to deliver.


Love – Pisces are happy to take on greater responsibility for friends where you feel the friendship has value and deeper meaning and in those friendships you will go to great lengths to aid and protect that friend.

Career – You are radically individual, and you trust your senses even when you feel they may get you into trouble.

Health – Restriction is to be rebelled against, and expansion embraced. Test yourself, set targets and goals both physical and mental. Diet should include more organic foods and fresh produce, and you must ensure you are not deficient in any minerals.


Daily Horoscope April 22, 2018


Love – A day filled with promise for meeting partners with potential and yet that potential can take a year or so to unfold. In marriage responsibilities feel lighter now, and so this is a good time to strengthen the emotional and sexual side of relationships.

Career – This is an ideal time for planning not only staff parties but parties for your suppliers, distributors or anyone who you see as an essential part of your network and day-to-day worklife.

Health – This is a very good time for training and weight-loss exercise; this is also great for those who want to build up to a big challenge fitness-wise.


Love – You want the one you love to have your back, just as you have theirs, and any sense that they are less committed than you can make you withdraw and be less emotional.

Career – Working in teams can be frustrating to you, and you may resent having to drag along the less able members – you need to make everyone feel included and valued to create more productivity in general.

Health – You may want to press yourself hard physically, but this may be to let off steam rather than for fitness sake per se, and you should be careful to be measured and not reckless.


Love – You will do anything for your loved one, and if someone crosses your partner, you will take it personally and go out of your way to fight their corner. You will also stick up for your partner if they are criticised by your family.

Career – Often, your pre-conceived ideas can cloud your judgment, and you may resent being questioned. Try to take a step back and ask yourself if you are making decisions on actual facts or perceptions as perceptions can be more powerful than reality to you.

Health – Trust in all your dealings is very important, and if you do feel that you have been betrayed or that your interests are compromised, you can be quick to end the relationship or take further action.


Love – Cancer are friendly and sociable, which means if you are single you will be placing yourself in the ideal circumstances to meet interesting new partners who have good long-term potential.

Career – Sharp and eloquent, you know what you want, and that will make it much easier for you to get it. Your focus is clear, and your mind is processing information fast.

Health – This is a great time to start lessons to improve skills, i.e., your golf swing, tennis serve, French pronunciation, your vocal range (if you are a singer), etc.


Love – This is a very practical and solid time in relationships where contentment, security and common purpose grow, increasing deeper understanding and long-term happiness.

Career – Your judgment is very good right now, and that can help you in business, i.e., by choosing the right associates and identifying the best plans, and it can also help you if you work with people where you make judgement calls every day, i.e., the police, social work, legal advice or arbitration.

Health – You will get bored very fast, and it will take a great deal to keep you occupied; you will seek new people, places, and often you can be rather extreme in seeking new experiences. It’s all about novelty and creating excitement.


Love – Your partner may find you a little erratic and very hard to understand. You are extremely impulsive right now, and some of your decisions may not go down well.

Career – Today old school ties, glass ceilings and perceived social class divides are more apparent and may hamper your progress. You have the will right now to fight against entrenched views and change things for yourself and others.

Health – Don’t overdo it – this weekend it can be hard to know when enough is enough. So be it partying, promoting, working – know when enough is enough and don’t burn too much of the midnight all. Pace yourself from today.


Love – A great time for the start of a new love interest. Aquarians are very appealing to the opposite sex right now as you are giving off a confident air. You are also more likely to make a move on someone who interests you, and this will open the door to new romance.

Career – Creatively you are fired up and can produce work fast and furiously – some of your work may need quite a bit of refining and editing later as you are inclined to just go for it, letting vent to all your deeply held emotions.

Health – You are not likely to make new friends or contacts now unless there is a very powerful reason to form that connection as you simply do not have the emotional energy to keep superfluous friendships going.


Love – Scorpio are great actors, and often they play a role; it can be part of a fantasy or indeed a way of self-protection, but how long is it sustainable, and what happens when reality tests a new relationship?

Career – You may find that you are disappointed in an authority figure who was once supportive and even instrumental in helping you in your career – this reflects how far you have come and that you can now see their mistakes and know that you want to avoid those mistakes.

Health – It can even be that you have a period of lessened contact with family members who you feel are controlling or are negative influences.


Love – Your partner cannot be convinced by arguing; let the matter lie, and discuss it at a time when you are both relaxed. Use the art of subtle persuasion rather than hammering home your ideas aggressively.

Career – This can a good day for any Archer involved in teaching or raising awareness, no matter what the subject, as you are skilled at putting ideas across in an inspiring way.

Health – Sagittarians have to be wary of bad habits making a return as your disciple and resistance is low and so stay away from situations where you could face temptation and fall off the wagon.


Love – You are very romantic right now and also extremely adaptable to the needs of your partner. You may get quite some satisfaction from helping or caring for your loved one.

Career – You can rely on your gut feel, flashes of insight and sudden inspiration to give you a spurt on in both business and artistic pursuits.

Health – Your ESP is strong right now, and you should not ignore hunches about people or places, even if they do not make sense – you are attuned to the atmosphere and able to pick up on subtle signals others are giving off.


Love – Little will get you down right now, and even if your loved one is a little reserved or even down in the dumps, you will cheer him/her up. You will most likely want to surprise your partner with a special gift, meal or even a trip away as you are highly spontaneous.

Career – Those with artistic interests will have excellent prospects in terms of receiving more training and honing your talent by developing new skills. This is an excellent time for all self-expression and for taking creative projects forward.

Health – This is a time of beig mature and you need to face up to the sharp side of things – this means acknowledging that there are often tough decisions to make in impossible situations, and that you cannot always please everyone, but you still have to be decisive to get ahead.


Love – Pisces are looking for a mirror for their own emotional intensity and may find love with Scorpios, or Cancer especially right now.

Career – An ideal time to begin new adventures, especially ones that are ambitious and long range – this is the time to start journeys (not in terms of travel, but terms of goals), and you should enjoy every step of the way rather than fixating on the eventual outcome.

Health – Understanding your own psychology and especially your relationship psychology could be the key to breaking bad habits. It is also time to address areas of your life where you are becoming too inflexible and a little obsessive.

Daily Horoscope April 12, 2018


Love – If you make a stand when it comes to red lines in relationships and you can pave the way for better understaing later on, but if you fail to set the tone now, you will regret it in 3 months’ time.

Career – A very energetic time when Arians can take advantage of a Mars burst of energy which enables you to get a great deal done, although you tend to start things and quit for something more interesting half way through.

Health – Good intentions and good beginnings mean that plenty of calories get burned but specific targets may not be reached.


Love – Everything is better with two today and so even if you are single seek out a pal to hang out with after work and if you are married time to get a table reserved at a nice quiet restaurant with a good ambiance.

Career – There is a strong desire to create today and that energy can be used to be artistically creative or just in terms of creative new environments, new methods and setting in motion new collaborations.

Health – A great day for health as you feel more at ease within and yet you are more likely to want to relax and luxuriate than do something physical.


Love – You are rather independent right now and are likely to wish to pursue your own interests away from the relationship – a time when you need to press the boundaries and resist in control in love that may be encroaching.

Career – You are highly conscious of your objectives right now and that means that you can work with great productivity and you can also motivate others as you lead by example.

Health – Gemini are vigorous and you have high energy which is great not only for your fitness goals but because you can energise any sports team you are part of and ensure success.


Love – A favourable impression you make on a boss or superior could be connected to your charm and also a certain sexual element and so make sure you keep that sexual side of things in check.

Career – Venus brings success in any group endeavour or with your public relations efforts – you find it easy to be diplomatic even with people who are difficult and demanding.

Health – You have a sweet tooth right now and so avoid temptation; if you remove things like sugar or cookies from sight there is an out of sight out of mind effect.


Love – Leo are in the mood for love and you are also in the mood for sex – you are itching to go dancing or do some physical activity that arouses you and gets you feeling sexy. You can be highly flirtatious and spontaneous affairs are possible.

Career – You are more willing to compromise today and so you will be less inclined to fight for what you want and yet if you go too easy on the competition today you may regret it later.

Health – Although a Mars trine to your Sun brings energy, the Venus square with your Sun inclines you to put that energy into having fun or pursuing things that make you feel happy and relaxed.


Love – Love, intimacy and affection all get a boost especially if your partner is an earth sign; but you may find that after the initial advances you just fall into bed and have a good kip rather than a major bonk.

Career – This is an excellent time for both working alone or in a team; you are very easy going and are able to apply your skills in many different spheres with ease – you can switch between roles seamlessly. An excellent day to pass a test or assessment.

Health – If you have been struggling with motivation, today should see a positive surge where you begin to believe that greater and better things are possible for your health and also for your lifestyle and work life balance in general.


Love – Single Libra are impatient to get into relationships and so may choose the first guy/gal that comes along rather than waiting and testing the waters.

Career – If you have colleagues or even clients whom you have to organise, it can be challenging, and you will have to give them tight deadlines and targets. Keep communicating and ram home the agenda.

Health – Eat like a peasant – no, not too little but focus on root vegetables, slow cooked meals and stews rather than modern meals like pasta and sauces or spicey exotic dishes.


Love – Today is about restoring intimacy on the deepest levels via quality sexual and intellectual stimulation. This, however, cannot be rushed; you need to make the time and turn down all the distractions.

Career – You can get the most out of today by doing things you really enjoy and being with people you really want to be with, rather than socialising or networking with people you don’t like just for some perceived advantage

Health – Being constrained by the speed or attitudes of others will feel frustrating, and yet being part of the group can help your own motivation and keep your energy high.


Love – You are very sensitive right now, and certain criticism may feed into your self-doubts and insecurity – you must repel any feedback that is negative or unhelpful and take on board anything that can take the relationship foreward.

Career – Crunch the numbers and pay attention to any rebates, allowances or government subsidies you may qualify for on a personal or professional basis – you could be missing out if you do not stay abreast of what is available.

Health – A time for new routines and for finding ways to fit everything in while allowing time for harmonious and quite meal times as well as at least 10 minutes a day for physical activity where you get your heart rate up.


Love – This is a highly idealistic time for relationships of all types and a time that can be richly rewarding or very disappointing. It will be disappointing if you allow your expectations to become unrealistic as getting carried away is a part of this phase. It can be rewarding if you can relax, let your hair down, go with the flow and have a no strings attached, wild abandon style of love.

Career – Creatively you tend to gel with people and yet when it comes to dealing with suppliers or caterers it can be a massive headache and so if you are holding events make sure the people who can make or break the event in terms of the logistics and supply are prepped and ready to perform.

Health – One in four people are very sensitive to everyday household products – you may be one and so tail back on fragrance rich cleaners.


Love – It may be a case of having to put your pride in your pocket when it comes to an individual dispute you have within your family for the greater good of the family as a whole.

Career – This is a good day to deal with real estate sales and transfers, investment in real estate or investment in geological research. Take note of environmental law and regulations and make sure you comply if looking into new development.

Health – You may feel a little irritable and ill at ease and that can make you you quite snappy, but you will be quick to apologize. You may need to let off steam by doing something like boxing or shouting at a sports team just to get that inner frustration out.


Love – Pisces’ desire nature is stimulated by Mars and yet you will have to compromise to get what you want and after all the compromise you may be more ready for sleep than sex.

Career – They say you have to spend money to make money and yet you have to really know if what you are spending on will have the desired results and so do not shell out impulsively hoping for the bets Pisces.

Health – Aromatherapy can have terrific effects and so if you need lavender for calming or basil and ginger to pep you up do not underestimate the power of smell.

April 3 Daily Horoscope. 2018


Love – You love the tangible in love right now and so you will desire affection, some materialistic spoiling and a neck massive will go down extremely well as your neck and upper chest are your erogenous zones today.

Career – As the moon is in waxing phase Aries have to rev that engine on the starting grid a little longer and so hold back on the big surge forward or any brand new initiatives.

Health – Some misplaced guilt and anxiety may create a false sentimentality or attachment to material things to the point of neurosis. You are hard on yourself and not always in a constructive way.


Love – With Venus hitting your ascendant Taureans have an increased appetite for life and also romance, this will encourage you to take the initiative especially where you are comfortable with a partner. You are also charming and sparling making you hard to miss.

Career – This is not to time to take on the big guys – do not try and punch above your weight, while we should all be ambitions, sometimes it pays to know our limits.

Health – The energy you supress is the most dangerous, keeping down emotions you feel are inappropriate or even inconvenient can drain your energy and so if you feel very tired look closely at what you are holding back on expressing.


Love – Love and sacrifice go hand in hand and if you feel that you are not willing to give up the time, money or emotional energy required, you should question your commitment to the relationship.

Career – You have to overcome a fear of failure in order to get to that crucial next stage in terms of where you are at – you need to be able to go for it with the realisation that failure can only toughen you up and teach you a valuable lesson and so it should actually be embraced not avoided.

Health – Gemini need to be careful of people emitting passive aggressive vibes; avoid any situations where you get too close to comfort with someone who is drunk or not in control of themselves.


Love – The trick today is not to rise to provocation in love; there are things which are just not your problem and your partner needs to man/women up and deal with their problems like an adult.

Career – The buck stops with you and so you may end up sorting out an employee’s mess rather than makes strides on your own work.

Health – You should wear real quality and comfortable shoes as right now you are on your feet or walking more and a bad shoes day can be a killer.


Love – You want attention and compliments right now; Leo tend to need attention from either your partner or your facebook friend and so this may be selfie-time. If you do not get that instant hit of gratification from compliment ask yourself what it is you are really lacking.

Career – Leo can benefit right now from being very down to earth and take a bottom up approach where you roll up your sleeves and get to grips with problems.

Health – Don’t dismiss new ideas or input on your health too quickly and don’t be threatened by people offering advice. Look into what they are saying and check it out.


Love – A grass is greener attitude can have you fantasizing about the perfect life you perceive others have rather than getting more ambitious about where your own relationships is showing.

Career – Creative projects are just not ready for lift off and Virgo are not only back to the drawing board you may need to rethink your promotional and presentation strategy to go alongside.

Health – Areas of your life are crying out for change and you are resisting as you feel this change could be painful, but maybe it will be liberating.


Love – Libra will throw in the towel quickly with relationship which place too many demands – you are very busy now and love needs to be an escape rather than another chore to cross off the list.

Career – You have a penchant for anything that is mysterious or hidden and you are inspired to look deeper at anything that does not make sense making you a powerful competitor as you see what others are happy to bypass.

Health – You are more restless and moody than usual and you are inclined to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so hold back and don’t be destructive just because you hit the end of your tether.


Love – Scorpio are known for being a little ‘my way or the highway’ but today that is not your modus operandi; you are all ready to concede and compromise.

Career – Do what you have to do and do not let a current need to people please get you working longer and harder than is really feasible long term. Watch out for signs of mental burnout.

Health – This is a very disciplined time where you are quite happy to kick both long term habits and those which have developed lately. A good day to begin a detox or regime you wish to continue with for a fortnight.


Love – Dating right now is quite heavy, in that you need to find someone who takes what you take seriously, seriously, if that makes sense – you want someone who shares your concerns rather than someone just to have fun with.

Career – It is time to can some of your projects so that you can focus on the ones which are more likely to be successful – so a time of necessary culling to free up resources and time.

Health – Not a day you want to be talking too much as your throat may feel dry and scratchy – so best to postpone any engagements where you talk at length or sing. If you must talk, then talk with efficiency and keep throat lozenges at hand.


Love – You are eager for love relationships to pick up pace and you will not be content settling for a boring night in, in fact you may have something lined up for each night to keep up the surprise and enjoyment.

Career – This is not a time where high pressure tactics work and so back off and let the clients come to you – play it cool.

Health – While it is great to be physically active and play sports today, you must be present as if your mind is elsewhere you may attract an accident or mishap.


Love – You like a little bit of routine in love and even if things are boring you will not complain as you need that sense of the familiar and the consistent to keep you content and to bring out the affectionate side of you. It can be a more uncomfortable time in new love relationships.

Career – Past actions can catch up with you, but this can be a great opportunity to put a new positive spin on something that went out long ago.

Health – You may feel a little under the weather today and you should slack off the pace, leave work early and pamper yourself just to ward off anything that may be waiting to attack before it takes hold.


Love – You tend to play games right now, not because you want to deceive or mislead in love but because in your efforts to keep the peace, keep up the fun vibe or impress you can be evasive and a little misleading.

Career – The role you play in the development of others and in helping others reach their dreams is very important right now and it is not so much about your achievement but your important role in another’s fulfilment.

Health – A day where some social interaction with friends of family after work with a glass of wine and some snacks can do you more good than any strenuous workout.

Troubling Questions about the Poisoning of Sergie Skripal.

As an astrologer, I use planetary cycles to detect trends politically and socially and if you have watched my YouTube channel, you will know I love nothing more than a discussion about current affairs and geo politics. My prediction for the UK in 2018 includes a note that we may get dragged into a war or conflict and here we sit ready to take on Russia after a chemical attack on our soil, but I am not the only one having Deja vu; I’ve seen this sh1t before, so let’s look at the facts or should I say lack of facts.


We have been told that the only plausible conclusion is that the Russian State was responsible, even though the investigation was only in its infancy with very little of substance established when this claim was made.  However the Russian State is not a political orchestra playing to a musical score conducted by Vladimir Putin, it is rather a labyrinth of murky associations between oligarchs, power brokers within different competing factions and mafia connections. The order could have come from anywhere in that maze.

Then we have the problem of the proxy. I am pretty sure we would have heard by now if Putin had visited this green and pleasant land on the 4th on March, so where are the perpetrators linked to the crime scene itself. When it was assumed that the hapless Russian pair were attacked on the park bench, we were issued with CCTV of a couple walking past a nearby gym and asked for information or for them to come forward. Did they even come forward and if not why? Was this lead followed up? As usual the police love to ask the public for help and yet once they have what they want we are quickly told it is no longer our business and dismissively shooed away.

Now, while it is no longer the case that the Skripals were attacked on the bench, it would still be very interesting to see the CCTV of their wanderings that day, just in case they were followed or under some sort of surveillance. I note CCTV is conspicuous by its absence as it always is when it counts i.e. Mandalay Bay, Paris 1997 , 7/7, 9/11 and many other notable occasions.

We are told that Putin has incriminated himself by making the statement, “Spies can expect to kick the bucket.” Indeed, kick the bucket means pass away rather than get topped. I could also say that smokers can expect to kick the bucket, but it’s not a threat it’s a logical observation as spying and smoking are dangerous life choices.

Why are we till set on State involvement, it’s a little old fashioned when we have companies that have greater turnover than many countries’ GDP’s and where billionaires manipulate revolutions, crash economies and change society via NGO’s and charities.


We are lead to believe the motive was nothing other than revenge. Yes, Vladimir Putin has been having sleepless nights, tormented with angst over double agent Skripal and plotting in the wee small hours a unique, painful, merciless and very dramatic end.  Yet, Skripal only received 13 year of a sentence when had his crime been viewed as more serious he could have been shot. He was put forward for a spy exchange after 6 years and since has lived openly in Salisbury, he is on the voters roll, visits friends at the Russian embassy each month and his daughter flies back and forth from Moscow frequently to visit – this is not a man trembling in fear.

But we are led to believe that revenge against this man, who buys scratch cards as a hobby, only one of many thousands of spies, defectors, traitors, oligarchs etc. is such a thorn in Putin’s side that he must be dispatched of in Hollywood Blockbuster style with the risk of permanent damage to Russia’s economy via sanctions, casting a shadow over the world cup and all the other unpleasant ramifications.

This is not at all logical.

The other theory is that Russia is flexing its muscle and that this is in keeping with recent aggressive acts like invading Ukraine, annexing Crimea and fixing the US election, Brexit and the Italian election – my, my Putin must have a massive ego boost with what the West credit him with, he is the political super genius of all time. But of course these are half-truths and fantasies that make great bullet points which mislead the ill informed, but which have no bearing on the truth and on the West/NATO’s aggressive placement of weapons closer and closer to Russia in direct violation of promises made to Gorbachev.


In every crime drama the first thing the police do is look into the victim’s lifestyle in the weeks and months before death/attack. I note the UK press are totally incurious about what Skripal and for that matter his daughter were up to more recently.

The Russian ambassador to the UN said we need Sherlock Holmes and indeed I am sure Holmes would be looking at bank statements, recent financial dealings, recent trips, meetings, phones logs and friends’ accounts to build up a picture of this man’s life, his enemies both old and new.

It was not Mary Poppins that was attacked, spies have many, many enemies as their work puts others in peril or gets people killed and so finding a few more suspects should prove an informative exercise, not one that seems to wet the appetite of the UK government however.

One week before the attack, a long dormant YouTube account was used to put up a video of Skripal’s arrest in 2004; the first time such a digital image had been seen. Coincidence?

Neither of the victims called 999. Why? Did they both succumb so fast and at the exact same time? It seems odd to me that they were walking about and eating and having a normal Sunday for many hours and then suddenly the Novichok takes them both down so fast they cannot even call or ring for assistance? I wonder if they knew what is was and presumed there was no point calling for help.


The chosen weapon for this attempted murder was Novichok, an organo-phosphate talked about in open literature in the USSR from the 60’s.

Novichok was made in the Uzbekistan province of the USSR and after the fall of the Soviet Union, US weapons inspectors went to Uzbekistan and destroyed it.

It is worth noting that after 1991, in the turbulent days of Boris Yeltsin, Russia was an open bazaar for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. No doubt anyone could have got their hands on certain WMD.

Novichok can be made by any company producing fertilisers. Indeed there is a book available on kindle with the ‘recipe’. Chris Murray reported that the OPCW were in involved in tests in Iran where Novichok was produced, in fact one of its plus points ( as a weapon) was that it could be made by ingredients available in any functioning country.

Novichock was first mentioned to the masses in Nov 2018 (US) and Feb 2018(UK) in the context of a video game called First Strike – a coincidence maybe.

How dangerous is Novichok:

I note that men in hazmat suits who had virtually zero dexterity such was ubiquity of their suits, were stood alongside forensics people with fibre boiler suits similar to what one can buy at the DIY store to paint in and alongside them were firemen dressed in regular fireman garb. Odd?  Pure theatre produced for public consumption rather than chemical protection?

Where were the decontamination tents – does anyone remember the procedure for Ebola and how medical and other personnel had to go  into a tent to be decontaminated and to have contaminated gear safety removed and either disposed of or otherwise? People who watched Alex Crawford’s documentary on Ebola would have seen this. The lack of any decontamination tents is a red flag.

While on the first day the area at A&E was power washed and on the second or third day Zizzi burned the table the Skripal’s sat at and all the staffs’ clothing, it was one whole week before other patrons of Zizzi and the Mill pub (where the Russian pair had a drink) were told to wash clothing and wipe off handbags and glasses with baby wipes. It was two weeks before the Skripal’s car which had been taken to a pound where the public had access to it was taken away, suddenly wrapped up like a sore finger after the horse had well and truly bolted. It was only on the 3rd week that the bench, where they took ill, was removed, until then it was simply covered with a tent which blew off several times.

On the 3rd Monday after the attack we heard that police would be swabbing all public areas in Salisbury due to ‘persistent dust’; and yet on the Sunday ‘free parking’ was advertised on Facebook to get folks coming back to the town centre.

So a total lack of consistency in this approach. More haphazard that hazmat.

Sky reported that 32 people were affected, BBC later reported that zero people had been affected other than the Skripal’ and DS Baily. And that the 32 people said to have been affected were either misinformed or paranoid. However after the third week Sky News put the number affected at over 130? One police officer was reported to have had a mild hand rash – I had no idea Novichok was in the market for mild hand rashes. It is unclear if these affected people have verifiable symptoms is just unrelated general seasonal discomforts.

WE have all noted that Porton Down with its own dark chemical weapons post is just a few miles up the road from. Salisbury  https://www.theguardian.com/science/2004/may/06/science.research

Reports are that an unnamed consultant is dealing with Yulia and Sergie – why unnamed? Usually the doctors are happy to engage with the press and have their names mentioned.

I also wonder why they have not be transferred to London to a specialist hospital? I understand that being close to Porton Down, the Salisbury hospital may be best placed to deal with a chemical weapon injury, but surely at this point them have got to the stage where a bigger and more specialised hospital could assist.



The park bench was quickly ruled out as the scene of crime.

The media have lead us on a tour of Wiltshire and Devon with a new crime scene each day, just so that they can drip feed information daily to keep the drama going and maintain Russophoebia. However, what I see as crucial is that the only other person who is verified as being affected is DS Nick Baily who attended the scene at the park bench and also, it is vital to note, attended the house. Paramedics who attended the scene were unaware of any danger and treated the situation as an alcohol issue; they even gave mouth to mouth and yet not one medical person is mentioned to have come down with anything and yet this DS become seriously ill. So while the media talked about the car and the graveside, it is clear the house is the scene of the crime. DS Baily took ill before the car was even found. The house or something in it is the key and yet we have heard nothing more about that. Was a parcel delivered – surely that can be tracked and traced through a system somehow. Did Yulia unwittingly bring something over in her suitcase? In that case we should be looking at who she trusted and taking fingerprints.  This seems to be to be the most fruitful avenue for further investigation. On what item is the highest concentration of Novichok and where did it come from?

This would mean the perp never had direct contact with the Skripals and also opens the door for a few new possibilities.


The Telegraph reported that a security consultant who had worked for the company, Orbis which compiled the Fake News Trump Moscow dossier was close to Skripal. They went on to say that a recently deleted LinkedIn account exposed that this British security consultant is based in Salisbury, and works for Orbis Business Intelligence – which is Christopher Steele’s firm.  It was Steele who collated a series of dubious memos containing anti-Trump opposition research for Fusion GPS, employed by the Republicans initially and then taken over by the Democrats. Some reporters refer to this ‘security consultant’ as Skripal’s handler.

Sky News reported this week that among other things Cambridge Analytica was paying former spies for dirt on politicians.

In 2006 Litvinenko, on that fateful day he was poisoned with Polonium 210, was at the Itsu sushi bar in Piccadilly, at 3pm where he met Mr Scaramella, an Italian contact. It was at this very bar that the HIGHEST traces of Polonium were found and Mr Scaramella spent time in hospital in London very ill as a result. It was only later than day Litvinenko met chief suspects, Lugavoi and Kovtun at the Millennial Hotel. I can see a defence lawyer closing the case against Lugavoi with that information. It was also said that Scaramella was the first person Litvinenko accused of poisoning him. Mr Scaramella claimed to be a professor at Naples University, but they had never heard of him. I note that traces of Polonium 210 were also traced to a private security firm in London suggesting a non-state actor. But this is what is crucial, Scaramella was linked to the Mitrokhin Commission and was recorded in a conversation where he agrees to dig for any information smearing Romano Prodi (then the leader of Italy’s centre-left opposition, later Prime Minister) as a Russian stooge.

Do you see the link between Skripal and Litvinenko to fake news about Russia influencing politicians?


I certainly cannot see how Putin benefited.

Putin knows the eyes of the world’s media and elite are watching his every move waiting to cry foul and usher in a new cold or even hot war.

Had Trump not won, we would probably already be at war.

The international Neo Liberal order have Russia in the cross hairs as the anti-Soros, pro Christian, anti GM food, private reserve bank septic, IS crushing Vladimir Putin is not only threatening to upset their apple cart, he is somewhat of a lovable rouge to all of us who oppose the tyranny of globalisation with a one world dictatorship.

This story fits perfectly into the narrative of MSM and the globalists and thus they benefit and the manner in which they have rushed to capitalise has made it more obvious.








Scorpio Horoscope 2018 – Career, Life, Love and Health.

“Drumroll and fanfare, 2018 is here and it a time of razzmatazz – Scorpio feel a sense of anticipation, the lights are down low, the orchestra are in place, the curtain is about to open and there is a surge of vibrant emotions, as the audience sits spell bound waiting for the rousing start. This is the year you have been waiting for and now you have the chance to leave anxiety behind as you embrace what is hopeful, joyful and positive while Lady Luck shines on you. 2018 is a spontaneous year of where you reinvoke the spirit of your glory days trailblazing and setting what you touch on fire. Your life becomes a fantasia where you are free to compose, improvise and orchestrate events to your fancy. The orchestra are playing your favourite tunes and you are imbued with a can do attitude; suddenly the past counts for nothing and the future is where you are focused. Scorpio have greater faith in the universe and yo


u believe that things are working together for good in your life and it feels like a blast from the trumpets and trombones as the music of life rushes through your soul and you once again feel alive.”

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March 27 Daily Horoscope, 2018


Love – Jealousy cannot be underestimated, and yet it is within your power to control the effects and the power it had over you – jealousy is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions, and it can cause havoc in relationships.

Career – Aries are known for always throwing themselves full throttle into activities, and you have a great deal of drive; what you often lack, however, is focus and also a long-term strategy.

Health – Aries are closer to the bone, more in tune with the vibe, and you have just that little extra intuitive power to draw meaning out of both everyday events and also wider social affairs.


Love – Single Taureans can be quite satisfied with single life – it is almost as if you can give yourself exactly what you need and be your own best friend, making you quite self-sufficient and happy to do your own thing.

Career – Not such a good time for politics or for ideas that are very radical and off the beaten track. It is a good time to be mainstream and cooperative.

Health – Oral health is of the essence, rinsing with bicarbonate of soda mixed with warm water is a cheap and convenient effective way to reduce inflammation and gingivitis.


Love – While you may feel less like having deep conversations as you grapple with some deeply buried issues, you can experience great togetherness via affection and sex that needs no words.

Career – Gemini may have some problems with details, and you need to make extra effort to keep track of names and dates as you can easily get them confused

Health – Gemini are more likely to be influenced by emotion and also by culture, conditioning, and the beliefs you developed in childhood. In some cases, you hold on to views even when changes in the information coming at you indicate it is time for a re-evaluation of whether these beliefs hold up.


Love – While married Cancerians are taking responsibility seriously, single Cancerians will shun it in favour of seizing the day in love without an eye on a bigger prize – it is about the moment rather than a pathway to an altar.

Career – You can feel the energy of other people and situations more keenly and accurately, and this enables you to react, to tailor your responses and have your guard up.

Health – There are some frustrations in terms of fitness goals, and you will have to proceed more cautiously and a little conservatively. It is a good time for firming up your approach and laying solid building blocks.


Love – You may actually be surprised at what you can get away with, this may inure you to through your weight around in love, but at what cost long term?

Career – Make sure you spend time rallying others to your side and explaining yourself better as this can pave the way forward more effectively than going ahead with a proud or apparent arrogance.

Health – Get into a routine where you eat and sleep at regular times. All this can help you maintain calm and preserve energy.


Love – Friends with benefits situations can also work for you right now – somehow intimacy within a marriage is problematic, and you want to withdraw, but casual arrangements tend to work and feel fun.

Career – Virgo have a cool head and a strong sense of purpose – you can control passions and direct that energy in a productive way. Whatever emotions are bubbling away, you can harness that energy and use it with maturity and ingenuity.

Health – Virgo are quite serious when it comes to your interactions with others; you have a wall up, and you are careful not to let anyone get too close, but this can cut you off from valuable emotional support and encouragement.


Love – Arguments with extended family may arise, and so resist the temptation to invite family over to stay or visit.

Career – . It is an opportune time to build relationships with business partners and look for peers with whom to collaborate. Benefits can come via your male acquaintances – they may have timely advice or can put you in touch with a useful contact.

Health – Good diet is not about limitation, more about substitution, which ensures that you enjoy food but with less of the negative impact.


Love – You not take well to be teased or criticised. You can, however, be very critical especially when it comes to the way your partner dresses or behaves in public.

Career – Men play a more important role in your life especially brothers, and in some cases, they can rush to your defence or help give you more certainty on a matter.

Health – Impatience can lead you into trouble as you just do not sit back and plan the job or the exercise properly.


Love – Romance and affection return, and there is greater comradery and mutual support given. Old hurts and grievances tend to heal, and while you may not be turning a new page as such, you are reconciling differences.

Career – It is now time to make peace with anyone you crossed in the past, even if it was their fault, there is no harm in you making the first steps to smooth it over as this may just be vital to your 2018 career plan.

Health – Humour is a great healer and relaxer and so time to laugh your heart out and to seek out comedy, get tickled or do something stupid to start yourself laughing.


Love – This is a good time for negotiations or discussion in love, especially informal ones that start over dinner parties, cocktail parties or after a good night out.

Career – Your work must have broad-based appeal, do not focus great effort on anything too specific or niche.

Health – Currently intense solar storms, are releasing copious amount of luminous energy and Capricorn may notice your energy—and that of people around you—feels super intense, like everyone is extra irritable, emotional, anxious, fatigued, spacey, or stressed.


Love – In new relationships Aquarians are a little passive; you want your partner to open up to you, and you are taking a step back and waiting to see how they come forward.

Career – A time to exchange ideas and to go seeking opposing ideas; you cannot work in isolation. You need to immerse yourself in debate for a period and then withdraw in order to make sense of it all.

Health – Avoid the Facebook pages of people who love to boast about the conspicuous spending, as they can spark a sense of inadequacy within you that you may want to quell with something unhealthy like retail therapy or heading for the fridge.


Love – Don’t forget about old promises and commitments just because newer ones have come along – look back at things you promised your partner and make sure you deliver. Showing you remember, shows you care.

Career – You will look for more risk, not physical risk, but intellectual risk. You want to go places and have experiences where others jolt you out of complacency and where you face some pressure.

Health – Just like when you plant a new shrub in a pot, you should get rid of the soil or any roots of old plants that may have died and put in some brand new compost to give the new shrub the best start. So, when you embark on thought patterns that you hope will change your life, you must first prepare the soil and rid yourself of old regressive and negative habits that can impair the growth of this positive plant or seedling.