Virgo Horoscope 2014 – November

A change for the better in the finance department will take the pressure off you and allow you some breathing room.   This is a very fortunate time for buying and selling (chattels rather than property) in both a business and personal sense.

Friends can be most insightful and may offer you valuable advice; in fact this period is all about good friends and the way they can help you get a better perspective on life.  There is a spirit of cooperation and shared objectives with your friends and so if you all stick together and work at something you can achieve something to be proud of – it may be something to do with improving your community or saving something like a group, help centre facility or park near where you live. You are in an optimistic and outward looking mode – suddenly the things you take as read ie local community, neighbours etc seem more important and you want to put something back.

The lunar eclipse in October could coincide with a goodbye or a parting of ways.



You have an increased need for beauty, harmony and peace within your home.  Your home is your sanctuary and you want to protect that from all the stresses and strains outside.  You are making a concerted effort not to bring work, or at least the worries from work home.  You can make this more successful by turning off the phone, the pad and all the other devices and really connecting with your loved one without the distractions that are harming the conversation that Virgos love so much and value so much in love.

Sex can be significant this period – by that I mean closer, more connected or more revealing and intimate.

Single Virgo are more open romantically this period and will be surprised at how quickly they feel at home with and open up to a new lover – this can really help love develop.

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TAURUS HOROSCOPE October and November 2014

Taurus Horoscope Oct and Nov 2014


Work, routine and the chores that simply will not wait are interfering with a wanderlust.  Taureans really need to plan a trip away and find their freedom again.  You may have allowed yourself to become a slave to routine and the work thing.  A weekend away to a family event may help you to get a better perspective. Family love and support at this time is vital in helping you to get a perspective on where your life is right now.  While work is fulfilling on one level, this period you are yearning to spend more time at home, gardening, cooking, taking walks and letting up on the relentless pressure you put yourself under.  A whole new environment is what you need to clear your head.  Listen to what your body wants in a physical and emotional sense.

The lunar eclipse in October will incline you to become more introverted – you may withdraw for a time to get a chance to listen to the voice within.  You may well attract people who want to confide to you their problems; your empathy to another’s problems is apparent.  You should try not to become immersed in the problems of others, so much so that you begin to shoulder the problem.



In marriages and other significant relationships Taureans may find the negativity from the other person rather pervasive.  Perhaps you partner is having a glass half empty, Debbie Downer period, but whatever the case you need to insulate yourself from that negative or pessimistic vibe as their problems are not yours.

Single Taureans may be attracting types that are serious minded and there may be some fun and spontaneity lacking in your romances.  On the plus side the predictability of the love interests you are meeting will give you a warm sense of reliability.

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