Paleo Diet by Elizabeth Gordon only 99 cents from 7-14 aug

This is not just another PALEO DIET book – this is personal!

When I believe in something I get excited; then I get passionate and then I get emphatic. But hey, if you are going to ditch food like milk and whole grains, which the media or even your Mom have been telling you all your life are good for you: you are going to need a pretty darn good reason. That is why Chapter two gives you all the reasons, research and facts you will need to convince you that the only way is PALEO.

Even if you have tried PALEO before; this book with help re-motivate you to this rejuvenating lifestyle.

Make a change today and increase your odds of a long and healthy life.

YES, Paleo can help you lose weight, but there is far more to it than that. I will quote studies and research to show how a Paleo lifestyle can help you avoid cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more of today’s health bogeymen.

Do you feel bloated, lethargic and unmotivated? Paleo can increase your mental and physical energy and improve your digestion dramatically.

Do you suffer from asthma, eczema, gluten intolerance or IBS? If you give the Paleo Diet a try you will never look back.

This book aims to introduce and explain the benefits and rules of Paleo. I help you get started with a 7 day meal plan packed with delicious recipes for every meal including snacks.

You will be eating all your favourite meat, fish and seafood dishes with tasty vegetables. There are recipes for Paleo puddings and snacks, so you will never feel hungry.

Be fitter, thinner, healthier and filled with energy on PALEO.

Embarking on a new diet is quite daunting, especially when you look at all the DON’T EATS, but what I like is how the author encourages you to take up a 30 day challenge. When you think you are doing it for 30 days only it feels like a fun challenge rather than a major lifestyle change. I felt a difference after a week and it confirmed to me that like the example of Novak Djokovic (given in the book) I may like wheat and dairy, but they sure do not like me. My energy and digestion are so much improved and I sleep better.

The 7 day meal plan which includes main meals, snacks and sweet treats really helped to get me into a Paleo eating routine. There are 1000’s of great Paleo recipes out there if you look, so easy to keep going.

A thorough introduction to Paleo and probably a good read if you fell off the wagon and slipped back into pizza-milkshake mode and need to be re-motivated. Some good scientific info too.

Author writes in an amusing way, which makes the book easy to read. Widgets