April Horoscope 2018; Love, Career, Health.


Love – Aries need to manage their jealousy, possessiveness, and sexual desire carefully as it is hard to sweep things under the carpet – as if you do they tend to build up like a volcano; however, it is also not easy to be open with your partner as with Jupiter and Mercury both retrograde communicating and being open minded and tolerant is hard as emotions, especially the deep seated and explosive ones can get the better of you.

Career – Mercury retrograde in your first house encourages Aries to press the pause button and also the reset button regarding the way you project yourself. You need to perhaps redo your CV or your Linked In profile, and if you regularly use the same speech or presentations, you need to bin that and start from scratch.Aries_Horoscope_2018

Health – With Chiron entering your first house, Aries have the power to make the best of what may seem to be a limiting or a bad situation. Often it is the struggles you face which define you more than your successes and which shape you and compel you to discover a talent you may otherwise never develop.



Love – Taurus have a great deal of charm and a positive energy, and yet Taurus can go overboard in relationships, especially new ones, setting your sights high and having great expectations which are almost impossible to meet. You can be a little rollercoaster: going from hot and quickly to cold when your route map for the relationships no longer matches reality.

Career – With Mercury retrograde until the 15th of April, you may be in a wait and see mode – it could be that you are relying on other people getting their act together or approvals from government or large business coming through, but you cannot yet get going even though you are itching to.

Health – While you need stronger boundaries from those close to you who seek to externalise their issues, your healing can be their healing too, and so you should not shut yourself off totally.


Love – A very good month to meet a new partner. Love relationships at work are likely and can get deep very quickly, but perhaps you should hold off on the sex for a little while as the stars suggest that new sexual relationships can be off to a tricky, yet exciting start with some quite explosive episodes which may not bode well for your working relationship if you are together most days.


Career – The challenge for Gemini this month is to ask yourself where you are regarding your life socially: do you accept anything and go with the flow to be trendy and surrounded by people? Where do you start and your friends end – are you an extension of the social group or its leader regarding thought? How influenced by friendship groups are you? Do they have the power to make you feel bad about your life or inadequate?

Health – It is a time to embrace being different and to throw off any masks you wear to make yourself more ‘acceptable’ to the people and places you think matter. Only when you move will you begin to feel your shackles. Who really matters?


Love – You can be quite erratic this month, and if you are with a Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, they may not like that at all; however, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius will want to encourage it and use the opportunity to get the relationship into a whole new mode where it’s all spontaneous, and anything goes.Cancer_Horoscope_2018

Career – This movement this month of Chiron into your tenth house cusp will last all year and is a call to jump on some new train tracks with your name on them. Yes, you need new meaningful goals that dovetail with your values and passions and give you a sense of pride and self-respect that is irrespective of worldly reputation and measurement.

Health – Limit caffeine this month as you are hyper as it is. Avoid sweeteners and also chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Eat more whole grains, eggs, avocado, and nut milks. Make sure you get sunlight or supplement your vitamin D.


Love – Love running smoothly means being aware, watching what you say, and being cognisant of what is going on. Leo must be willing to adjust and take on board the feedback you get both explicit and implied from your partner. Communication is not just about what is said, it is understanding what is behind the words and reacting to that quickly.Leo_Horoscope_2018

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th of the month, but it goes direct at the same time as the new moon giving you impetus to get cracking on things again. Until Mercury goes direct, it is an ideal time to refine and perfect – while dealing with the messy little details can be a real snooze fest, they are best dealt with now so that your projects can build up steam after the 15th and more importantly so you are not as vulnerable to criticism and attack.

Health – Strong opinions or beliefs can be causing you more pain than the good they bring into your life. Leo may need to detach a little from things which could be becoming obsessions. Is some desire, belief, or quest taking over your life?


Love – Virgo are very expressive right now; you are exuding charisma, and your devil may care approach is very attractive. Right now, you have a certain Scarlett O’ Hara about you; you are more flamboyant and also dramatic, and you do not take any nonsense from anyone.Virgo_Horoscope_2018

Career – You will not take no for an answer this month; Virgo are more wilful and decisive, especially when it comes to eliminating waste or anything deemed trivial or superficial, and that includes people. You are highly incisive and intuitive in the way you see to the heart of a matter, and while in your Virgo way you always prefer reason and logic, you cannot deny the strong appeal of gut feel right now, which cannot be explained away.

Health – With Chiron entering your 8th house this month, you are entering a phase of sexually questioning and awakening. This is a time when those of you who have experienced ambiguity about your gender may be ready to take the next step in addressing this issue and becoming more comfortable with who you are.


Love – The asteroid Chiron passes into your 7th house this month, and that propels you to work on relationships of all kinds and also to learn from them. It is not enough to keep plugging away in the same old manner; it is time to be more aware of what goes on at a subconscious level and to be more honest about key emotional drivers in relationships.

Career – Passion for a cause or for your work can have a deeply healing effect. Often immersing yourself in some artwork, study, or perhaps an engaging business project can help you escape other element of your life and create a meaning which helps you transcend limitations.Libra_Horoscope_2018

Health – This month is an excellent time to seek psychological help or to commence counselling. It is a time when you are more able to face what is painful as you want to transcend your current limitations and find a pathway to a better future.


Love – Scorpio prefer one to one companionship right now and will prefer cosy nights in with a partner rather than going out or hanging out with friends. If you are dating, you may keep that under your hat or only tell a few close friends rather than broadcasting your dating curriculum and introducing everyone to your new beau.

Career – This is not a month where Scorpio enjoy networking or work-related social events – you like to get on with the work and are not that patient with schmoozing and corporate networking.Scorpio_Horoscope_2018

Health – Scorpio are a little vulnerable this month, and so it is best to surround yourself with friends and embrace the predictable rather than throwing yourself to the lions regarding any situation in which you may face criticism or harsh treatment. You are more sensitive to rejection, and so it is not the best time for dating unless you are developing a friendship into a romance.


Love – Romance in the workplace is a distinct possibility, and so you may want to linger by the coffee machine just a tad longer and have a chat. Do not get so buried in your iPad or phone that you forget to check out any new talent in your office.

Career – You have heard the phrase get back on the horse – they always say the sooner you get back on the horse after a fall, the better. This month it is time for Sagittarians who decided in some part of life not to get back on the horse, to do it. It can be especially relevant to romantic life and creative life as these are both elements of life where you put yourself on the line and almost up for criticism and selection, and rejection in this area can be more painful as it is like something fundamental about us is rejected.Sagittarius_Horoscope_2018

Health – Although banana is fattening, Sagittarians have a sweet tooth this month, and quite an appetite and so eating banana can help fill the gap and give you that sweetness you crave in a healthy and energy boosting way.


Love – It is a time when you do sweep things under the carpet, not because you are afraid of dealing with them or are avoiding stuff, you just realise that these issues are not a priority and are better left for another time.

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th of the month which means you may have to retrace your steps and begin to review information or work already done so that you can spot errors and update with new information or new perspectives which are dawning on you.

Health – Chiron enters your 4th house, and this presents not a once in a lifetime, but an opportunity that does not come around every decade to resolve past issues and put away the effects or dispel the shadow they cast. We live in an era where suddenly due to changing attitudes and the openness in which sensitive issues are discussed it is now OK to speak about events of the past which were suppressed for many reasons due to fear, family, or social norms of the time.


Love – Relationships somehow feel less comfortable this month; you are more aware of imbalances. Maybe you are giving more and feeling more, or perhaps you are the one being accused of not feeling or giving enough, and that may totally confuse you as it may not be your perception of events.

Career – Mercury is retrograde until the 15th leading to some chopping waters and fluctuating circumstance in your daily life. Colleagues, systems, IT networks, the mail and deliveries cannot be relied upon so leave extra time for anything going by post and make sure you check any information that is handed to you by others as there are often mistakes. Double and treble check anything that goes to press and make sure you reference your sources.

Health – With Chiron entering your 3rd house, Aquarians are presented with ideas that are healing and can potentially change your life by a change in your mindsets, but to benefit you have to let go of some of the fundamental building blocks of your worldview.


Love – You enjoy debate and conversation in love, and you are very good at relaxing your partner and getting them to open up to you; you will draw out all sorts of interesting information. You can get your partner to reveal much for very little information from you in return, you can speak freely without actually saying much. PISCES_Horoscope_2018

Career – Pisces can be very clever with money and other resources, you are good at juggling things about and getting quite a lot out of very little. You are good at edging out of things and can be inventive with the excuses. You can turn things about very quickly creating a positive out of a negative.

Health – You may begin this month feeling tired and also less enthusiastic. The start of the month can be quite energy sapping as it is more frustrating and also filled with those boring or unpleasant chores that have to be done.




Seeing things clearly and in perspective; this is a time for stripping away the people and activities which are not nourishing for you.  There is a need for a re-evaluation of your values, how much of your behaviour is dominated by or catering to the values of others and how much have you absorbed those values – are these really you?  You need to re-connect with your core beliefs and values and re-align your life to accommodate these.  Virgos need some soul searching – your life should mirror what you are not what those you live with are.  The solar eclipse at the end of April will result in a certain pre-occupation with the intangible beliefs and attitudes that influence your life; events may force you to re-examine your ethics, morality, religious and philosophical ideas – how are these changing, how is society and the media affecting what you believe?  What do you really believe at heart – yes, it’s easier to go with the pack, but what does your conscience say?

This is a time of truth seeking and you may do that via travel, immersing yourself in books, a spiritual retreat or exposure to a new culture.


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Spring predictions for CANCER


from Horoscope 2014 by Lisa Lazuli

Balancing the demands of work and career is a hard act to pull off this Spring.  There is just so much going on right now in terms of changes within your career and life direction, big changes going on in the life of your partner and inner changes within yourself.  This is a big spring in a year of huge personal development for you.  A wave of optimism will carry you through despite the demands and you will thrive on the feeling that the hard work is worth it.  Many Canercians may experience a role reversal when you go from being a stay at home mom/dad to the major breadwinner or from secondary household salary to primary. Satisfaction can be achieved via learning or teaching and there is a strong emphasis on the exchange of ideas.  If you are a writer, something you have written may really catch on in late April especially if it is very informative to people in terms of health and personal development.  You may achieve an award or recognition for an invention or something which you have researched and documented.  Your ideas are where the spotlight is.

The solar eclipse at the end of April will propel you to shift your focus towards group and organisational goals; volunteering and charitable activities may result.  You may become concerned about humanitarian or green issues or speaking up for a cause.  Involvement in a group goal or activity may help you gain a new sense of confidence or self-worth.