Love in 2014 for the AIR SIGNS – HOROSCOPE 2014

Love in 2014 for the AIR SIGNS – HOROSCOPE 2014.


A sexy year for Aquarians whose passions will be ignited.  You may meet someone quite unexpectedly who will both infuriate and excite you in equal measure.  You may well already know this person, but the relationship will quickly get to another level.  There is something dangerous or forbidden about this relationship: it may threaten an existing relationship or it may be that it becomes so intense so quickly that your usual air of detachment is shattered.  This is likely to be a very deep and meaningful encounter which will shape your life for many years to come.  How you handle this liason is up to you; but however it works out it will leave an impression on you.

Gemini like change and are notoriously fickle in relationships and friendships, but this year it is stability, security and depth that you are craving in all your close one to one contacts.  In current relationships you will look to cement the feelings and marriage is certainly a possibility.  Gemini who are single will gravitate towards sensible, established potential mates who can bring security and also some more predictability to their lives.  Love affairs with older partners are also distinctly possible.  Gemini have no desire for casual, meaningless liaisons: it has to feel right and the other person needs to deeply care for and understand you.

In marriages and stable partnerships Librans need to pay close attention to changes within their mates.  Perhaps out of force of habit you know what to expect from them or you think that you know them so well you no longer need to pay close attention to their moods, however things are changing for them: their values, needs and perspectives are not static and if you are not aware of and do not adjust to these changes things could be difficult. Open your mind and begin to learn about your loved one again – this can be very exciting, like a rediscovery.  For relationships that have been in difficulty this year could be a turning point where you either separate or where things turn the corner.  Whichever way listen to your gut and assume nothing!!


HOROSCOPE 2014 – More Spoilers

Freedom is vital to Sagittarius, but you are also an easy going mutable sign who adapts – perhaps you have adapted too much and need to drag some of the freedom and independence back into your life.  Think seriously about your routines and which activities could be dropped or made more efficient so that there is more time for you to pursue your interests.

The power of Pluto the planet of destruction and rebuilding is with you and you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to revolutionise your life and everything about it.  Capricorns are great initiators as you are a cardinal sign, but you are also an earth sign which means that you enjoy stability and continuity and so changing direction can be more like turning the Queen Mary around than doing a simple U-Turn, but slowly and surely does it.  

When it comes to winning friends and influencing people: the latter is in the bag although the former may need some attention.  But winning friends is not what Aries are all about in 2014; it’s more to do with getting where you want to go in a hurry and making some far reaching changes to revolutionise your life.

While it is not set to be a year of massive change for Gemini; it is a year of beginnings which will enhance your life.  It is also time to kick habits and activities which no longer serve you out of your life.  Maybe it’s time to join new clubs, support different courses and expand your circles – open yourself up, you will be amazed at how stale things had become once you make these changes.

Virgos are known to be very health conscious and disciplined and yet in 2011 and 2012 you may have let things slide to a degree; this is the time to pull yourself back.  You will feel in control of yourself and your destiny and that will provide you with a can do attitude in all walks of your life.

 This year however Scorpio can achieve more when connecting with others in a common goal – this can bring out a new side of you and help you to achieve your private aims at the same time.  There is also an indication that contact with an influential male or authority figure could provide an opportunity for both growth and career advancement.  

Friendships may well turn into romances as the year progresses; in fact romance could very well arise quite quickly in a totally unexpected area.  Once relaxed and aroused the Taurean’s affections are ardent and very passionate.  Relationships with men and with older people are favoured this year – it may be that you have your older wiser head on and are attracting mature folks to your circle.  You will feed off their wisdom and they may have sound advice for you.  If you are interested in karma, it is possible that these relationships will have a karmic aspect to them.

Recognition may well come your way this year, Libra.  Suddenly your ideas are really chiming with people and so it is more important than ever that you get your ideas, your products or your services out there.  If you have a business idea this is also a highly opportune time to begin it as you will forge contacts and clients easily and have the mental ability to focus your activities and direct a strategic plan.  

2014 is all about you and your creativity Aquarians, your lust for life and your passion for things of an aesthetic and a mystical nature.   Your imagination and levels of inspiration are high and thus in all creative pursuits and also in romantic ones you are a number one hit. You are at a turning point, but you are not quite ready to jump into the next thing yet as far as work goes.  

To be honest Canerians, your life was rather stale and humdrum and some of these crises or surprise events at the moment are offering to bring more excitement into your life and force you to make moves which will offer you more flexibility later on in your life and more openings going forward. There are rather daunting challenges and a topsy turvy sea to sail on, but you will use your gut feel and desire to adapt and create opportunity out of chaos very admirably. 

2014 is a super year to start a health diet, exercise routine or to kick a habit as the mental strength is there to achieve it.  Piscean optimism was a little dampened in 2013 and with Neptune in your sign it is often a confusing time when little makes sense and when life seems to be built on shifting sands, which is why this mental effort you put in during 2014 will provide you with an anchor and also a backstop.

In love you are very happy to work at things.  If you are a single Leo and have your eye on someone you will patiently work your way into their heart and will be more than happy to do practical things to help them out, yes you are very chivalrous at this time.  Helping out may mean cooking, fixing his/her car, picking him/her up from work, walking his/her dog etc.  It is via these practical and thoughtful gestures that you will show your love, concern and dedication to them.  Single Leo’s may well begin a workplace romance or fall in love with someone they hire to do a job.

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