GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2015 – New Release

2015 for Star Sign Gemini Revealed.

“A year of motivation and mental determination. There is no doubt you can achieve goals and open doors for yourself. You must allow yourself to let go in relationships to achieve the full level of emotional connectivity and warmth you desire. It will be a very enlightening year, when you will seek something to fulfil you on an ethereal level. Use the foresight and initiative you have this year to plan positively for the future.”

Following the success of HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes Lazuli will be releasing 12 books: one for each star sign’s horoscope for 2015.

Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2015 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering ‘what now’ in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2015? What opportunities can they supply the energy for?

Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the cyber pages of Kindle with this insightful and motivational book.

Includes a detailed yearly overview for Aries, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life and career.

A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

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From HOROSCOPE 2014 – Lisa Lazuli


You are working hard and seem to be continually clock watching or calendar watching to see if you are on schedule.  This quarter you may find yourself beating up about how much you should have done by this stage – you need to thoroughly analyse what you have done as there is no need to be hard on yourself as you have achieved more than you think you have.  Scorpio’s will be thinking ahead to a big treat you have planned, a treat which you thoroughly deserve and are planning carefully for.  Very future orientated Scorpio are prepared to sacrifice small pleasure for an austere lifestyle right now as the bigger goal is very much more important.  The big treat may be travel related or connected to a major life landmark goal. 

Relationships and their dynamics will have a marked effect on yourself esteem at the end of April during the solar eclipse.  Single Scorpio may jump into ill-advised relationships (with friends or colleagues) merely for the completeness a steady relationship can give.

The eclipse will however strengthen and solidify good relationships reminding you and your partner what love and togetherness means.  Shaky negative relationships will crumble.

Achieving inner peace and living in harmony with others in general is important to you.  Scorpio are also reaching out to others to lend support and assistance; being a good friend or good Samaritan to a stranger fulfils a need in you right now to be part of the bigger picture. 


For Scorpions who work with people this can be a period where your ability to create a very personal connection with these people can give you the edge in either providing for them, giving them better service or helping them.  Your excellent judge of character means that you can sense the weaknesses of others and use that to your advantage – you should not do this is a negative selfish way, but rather in a way whereby working with that person you are both better off.  Your work may bring you into contact with hospitals, prisons, care homes or foster homes.  Scorpions may help other using their own personal experience ie former addictions, lessons learned from illness recovery or weight loss. Scorpio can be powerful teachers this period, but the lessons will be intensely personal: about your journey and what you learned.  Your own pain can help others going through the same, so be inspired to share Scorpio.


A period of upheaval with quite a few things coming to a head in the areas of finance and business relationships.  Money concerns are a key element of this with you having to look to reinvest or refinance.  Sagittarians, unless they are gifted with a Capricorn Mercury are not generally good with money and so this will require some concentration.  Do be careful if taking advice that the person giving the advice is not going to benefit: the key is independent advice, perhaps even from a citizen’s advice organisation or government body.

Do not take your health for granted as the solar eclipse in late April may bring to a head health issues you have turned a blind eye to.  Seek health advice and look to your diet and the changes you can make in terms of solutions to health issues.


In business partnership you may have to take a strong approach to making sure that funds are fairly allocated.  You may use your talents to benefit a local group or charitable organisation.  If you use these talents in your line of work it may be a key way of getting some exposure.  Concentrate on what you are passionate about and look to see how you can make money from this – your passion could just be the answer to your money worries.

You really do need to feel more satisfaction at work and perhaps you need to think more clearly about how this can be achieved: should you look for a new job?  Should you try and improve work relationships? Can you reduce your stress level at work?  How can your work be less psychologically draining?  Can you improve relations with your boss?  The solar eclipse will give you an opportunity to make some changes at work which will both increase your productivity and your enjoyment at work.  Work in co-operation with others at your work to change things for all of you for better.



A spirit of giving has not been left behind now that it is spring: Capricorn are motivated by community and if they have the ability to give they will be generous to both charity and friends in need.  It is one of those periods when Capricorns will feel a great oneness with fellow man, as an earth sign this is natural, but being ruled by Saturn can make Capricorns feel very separate and thereby isolated.  You will feel able to open up and also more able to accept the quirks in others.  More at home with yourself you are easily able to make new friends and display your tactile, emotional side.

The solar eclipse in April will encourage the creative spark within you.  You are feeling a little risky and ‘out there’ and it’s fun throwing caution to the wind.  Capricorns are in touch with the child within and as a result are acting with joie de vivre and the freedom to be creatively expansive.

If you are a parent, you will be able to bond with your children and share their joys and experiences in a new and fulfilling way for you both. 


Inclusivity is really important in the work place ie making everyone feel needed and responsible for something important.  As a boss or leader it is vital to recognise everyone for their unique contribution and foster their talents. 

A sense of order and balance gives Capricorn a flare for creating structure, bringing harmony and more organisation to the work situation.  If you work for yourself or run your own business this is a good time to re-organise and make the processes and relationships at your company more harmonious and smoothly flowing.  It is also a highly productive and creative quarter for Capricorn in building, architecture, property development and landscaping – the challenges will be exciting and you will have great scope to use your artistic side.