Daily Horoscope March 16, 2018


Love – Single Arians may well be attracted to someone due a chemistry which is so strong that factors like age, distance, culture etc. can have no bearing on the feelings which develop.

Career – You can feel very confused at times today – the facts and what others are saying does not tally with what your intuition is telling you. It is one of those periods where you can still be right even if you are in a minority of one.

Health – Diet and fitness can have an effect on your mental health and so if you are feeling blue and somewhat unmotivated you need to look closely at your diet – natural fresh food, sun and some exercise can have a profound effect on your mental outlook and your ability to see things in perspective.


Love – Your partner may feel a little insecure right now; this may partly be due to the time you are spending with friends. Dealing with other people’s insecurity and the way that insecurity makes them react, can try your patience.

Career – Often we lose track of who we are, and we neglect those dreams and ambitions that make us feel alive, from today you will see a renewal of your zest for pursuing those activities related to dreams close to your heart.

Health – Friends are fundamental to your life and well-being right now, and you may actually feel lonely when you are by yourself.


Love – You and your partner may be working at cross-purposes – it may be that you are more ambivalent about where either the relationship is at or about where you both are heading. It may be that you feel a strong need to say “STOP, I need to have my say.”

Career – You should take advantage of all opportunities (even small ones or rather obscure ones) that arise within your workplace, and if you are not employed, you should take on anything offered as even part-time or volunteer work can pay dividends later on in terms of jobs opening up.

Health – There is a very strong urge right now to open new doors for yourself and start doing things differently to change your life for the better; sometimes, however, those decisions you make will take you out of your comfort zone, causing you some insecurity, but you should not look back.


Love – Tact and cooperation are essential – it’s not what you say but how you say it. Being pressed for time, you may choose the wrong words and may cause offense or hurt without even realising it.

Career – You will have little patience with those who do not pull their weight, and you will not bite your tongue if you perceive some colleagues or employees to be skiving.

Health – You will not want to commit to anything right now, and you should take as much time to make up your mind as you need – do not yield to others who may try to sway you.


Love – Control and power issues will also arise in all relationships, both new and old, and you need to find different ways of dealing with them – more maturity and understanding of the core psychology is needed.

Career – You are extremely competitive today, which will give you a boost in all situations where you need to act decisively, fast and with self-confidence.

Health – Something, i.e. a cold, a technical breakdown, severe weather, etc., may stop you in your tracks. This can be a valuable thing, as while you wait for the cold/weather situation to pass, you may get a new perspective you have totally missed before, which will help you to be more effective when you get started again.


Love – If things have been tough in your marriage this month, there can be a sudden improvement now and a change of fortunes. In any event, there is a fresh new feel to relationships with added spark and a renewed sense of love and compromise.

Career – You may identify very strongly with your ideas and see any challenge to them as an affront, but you need to step away from that attitude and see what you can take onboard and how you can improve in response to advice or constructive criticism.

Health – Your motivation is very high today as Mars trines Virgo from Capricorn, and you have more mental energy and your thoughts have more power and so you can think yourself into a good pro active mood.


Love – You may withdraw in relationships now partly due to your own doubts – it may well be that you are exaggerating problems, and yet you cannot be hurried, you can only work through things in your own time.

Career – Work-life balance cannot be ignored right now – if you are continually under stress at work, and this is having a negative impact on your health; this is the time when you have the power to change that, it all starts with knowing what has to stop.

Health – Lifestyle choices are in focus right now, and you need to be more aware of how these affect your long-term health. It is not just about diet; although you can indeed look at reducing how much processed meat you eat, you may also look beyond diet to the amount of time you spend in the sun; exposure to noise pollution or back strain, etc.


Love – This is a time to be carefree in love, so be spontaneous and see what happens. Your love life is ripe with potential, and Cupid is just waiting for a chance to strike

Career – You will have a renewed zest for creative projects and for anything that has lost steam and has become a little sterile and dull; this coming phase will see more impetus and ideas flowing that will revitalise your creative and social projects.

Health – You will enjoy freedom of expression and the chance to step out of the shadows – it’s a day of throwing away doubts and reeling in the opportunities as you flow with the energy and feel your own power to embrace and create change.


Love – If you want your relationships to be more mutually supportive and loving, and you want your partner to be more responsive to your needs, then you need to understand your needs better and also your triggers.

Career – Those involved in real estate and building will see an increase in sellers and buyers and a general upturn. It can be a good time to invest in the improvement of your business premises or the facilities you offer.

Health – Mars moving into your second house where it will encounter Pluto, marks a time when you can deal with emotional baggage – you will gain new perspectives that will help you understand past issues and attach relevance to them no matter how painful.


Love – You are impatient, and may thus choose the wrong times to make a move. Your partner may not appreciate being rushed, and it may seem that you do not have time for the finer, more sensual part of lovemaking.

Career – This is a time to get working on all the practical aspects of your plans and projects – you have a great deal of mental energy and the capacity to outthink and outwit your opponents. No slacking as it’s Friday, take advantage of the energy you feel.

Health – You have so much energy that you can become a little hyper, you love to multitask and can generate a large amount of work; you tend to rush about and you may need to take a long walk at lunch time to just burn off that energy so that you can return to work and take on things in a more relaxed and measured mode.


Love – Your senses are keenly attuned now, and so you can enjoy sex like never before as you can appreciate even the smallest touch or sexual nuance.

Career – You have great power to create change via cooperation and the consideration of a variety of factors. Diplomacy can lead to a greater social acceptance of your ideas and more opportunities for you to advance your cause.

Health – True friendships last storms, and if they do not last, they were not true – you never really know if someone is your friend until you face a tough decision where they must nail their colours to the mast, and such situations may occur right now.


Love – Today Pisces are extremely attractive and quite enchanting – many may fall under your spell, and you should be careful not to break hearts as you may inadvertently lead others on.

Career – Good information is vital now, and before you accept anything you hear, you need to ask yourself: who is providing this information, what is their motive and what do they have to gain?

Health – There is this tendency you have right now to look for quick fixes and the desire to believe in miracle cures – these can lead you astray, waste your money and throw you off course.

Daily Horoscope March 12, 2018


Love – You are more restless and if the relationship is stale there can be arguments and frustration expressed, but if you are generally happy then sex life picks up and is more fulfilling now.

Career – Aries like to make the plans and decide on the objectives right now, you are the motivator in the work group and you are the one who will provide a vision right now. You may not know what the details will be but you can see an end result and can use that to inspire others.

Health – You thrive and feel more alive when you are with people. Health is not just about eating and fitness it is about having excitement and change in your life and not living in a rut.


Love – You can provide the impetus for better communication about sex; Taurus want better sex, more creative sex and more imaginative sex and you are going to come up with ideas so that you can get it.

Career – This is a great time to engineer a new direction in career – a perfect day to approach the boss or HR department to discuss new opportunities or develop a new strategy for your own business, be bold in generating ideas.

Health – Taureans biggest problem right now is boredom; the planets are willing you to make some changes and shake up the routines that are making you stagnate.


Love – Long distance relationships can be very exciting right now; Gemini are more likely to start a long distance love affair than you are to meet someone in the next building.

Career – A time to get back to the drawing board and start re doing plans – Gemini can make great use right now of computer models and data analysis tools and you should use these in every aspect of work from marketing to HR to finance. Find ways to shove data into a program to generate trends and forecasts you can use.

Health – A time to use positive thinking and creative visualisation to improve technique in any sport you are involved in. It is not just about physical repetition it is about imagining yourself doing the stroke or move perfectly over and over in your head.


Love – You should resist reacting to any provocative behaviour from your partner – encourage your partner to spell out what they want or what their problem is rather than accepting their jealous or manipulative ways. Call out any sneaky or shady behaviour.

Career – New laws in connection with tax or compliance may mean changes to the way you work or structure your business, however there are many opportunities for Cancerians to get any changes to work for you financially and so embrace them.

Health – Hygiene is vital right now and so wash hands more often and use an antiseptic hand gel – Cancerians may be exposed to an usual level of germs or pathogens. Wear a face mask if dealing with fine dust particles or rotting organic matter.


Love – Leo want to be challenged by their partner and in love you will look to debate or stir things up emotionally. Leo are more confrontational and less likely to accept any restriction or being bossed about.

Career – Leo love to take people and problems on head on today – you see a target and you go for it. You are good at focusing energy like a laser beam on something and smashing it.

Health – Not a good day to have alcohol or any substance that may make you more aggressive as you tend to get fired up rather fast. A good time to have a serious gym session to work off excess energy.


Love – A day to be a little adventurous in the bedroom – surprise you partner this Monday by dressing up, introducing a prop or a new toy.

Career – It is all change at work today and so expect the unexpected and watch out for colleagues who spring surprises – change is generally for the better and so even what starts as a shock can have a pleasant outcome.

Health – You may have renewed fervour for you diet or fitness goals and perhaps a new fitness instructor or piece of equipment at your gym will inspire you. Maybe it’s time to enrol at a different gym or club that will excite you more.


Love – A great time for love and even if you have been a little tired lately and have taken each other fore granted you can now up the anti and enjoy some more feisty and exciting intimate experiences.

Career – You are very competitive and will come up with ideas that are bigger and better to impress, your plan however may be too focused on impressing rather than eventual practical implementation.

Health – Watch out for catching something from your children, if they have a virus or bug make sure you take care to eat well and practice good hygiene.


Love – Your protective and nurturing instinct are often concealed behind a slightly domineering attitude – it is easier to be angry that to show compassion for your loved one initially and so they should not mistake your anger for lack of concern, it is really a disguise for worry.

Career – This is a time where you reject anything conventional – you look for exotic solutions and ones that can isolate you from the more orthodox thinkers in your teams.

Health – It is very important to eat sensibly right now – opt for the boring choice and avoid all sauces and highly spiced flavour enhancers. Eat as much fruit as possible especially apple.


Love – You are quick to speak and often you are quite sarcastic – you are in no mood to take nonsense or orders and if you partner is looking for a debate he/she will get both barrels – however this candour is what Sagittarians find highly stimulating and it can only improve things.

Career – You may assert yourself by playing others off against each other – you like to up the anti and get everyone’s intensity level up before you decide what solution to pursue

Health – A day to be active and get the heart rate up with varied forms of mental and physical exercise; you are best doing sports that require quick thinking and fast changes of pace rather than repetitive exercises where you tend to switch off and go through the motions.


Love – Your courage right now is an asset to your partner who can draw on your strength and you don’t have to say much, you just need to be there and be strong.

Career – You may be quite daring in your pursuit of money starting today – you are going to smash targets and reach new highs this month in terms of sales and new clients.

Health – Your lack of self control may be a problem and so let someone else buy you your lunch or do your shopping so that you are not tempted when you see tasty stuff.


Love – You will make hay while the sun shines in terms of not letting any romantic opportunity go begging – you are quick to become aroused and you will not let the moment pass.

Career – You have a sense of urgency right now and obstacles have no chance against you as you are not only feisty you are also quick to problem solve and see a solution rather than becoming demoralised.

Health – Impatience can make you rush in where angels fear to tread and so while danger may not be far away your quick witted responses allow you to side step a pit fall.


Love – You have to watch out for being passive aggressive; own your anger and take ownership of all your feelings even the negative ones as it is always better to look with for answers instead of projecting out.

Career – The best approach right now is indirect – you have to take things step by step and not make the obvious moves, you must use the element of surprise.

Health – Limit dairy products right now as you are more vulnerable to sore throats and tonsillitis; increase vitamin C by eating guavas, papino, kiwi fruit and pineapple.

Daily Horoscope March 7, 2018


Love – Single Aries may quite enjoy playing the field right now – it is best to try out new people and new methods of meeting people rather than getting too intense with just one person.

Career – Mercury entering your 1st house awakens you awareness of what is about you – especially new opportunities and also what needs to be changed. You are feeling as if a new leaf can be turned in many areas of life and you will impatiently gather momentum on fresh goals with novel ideas.

Health – You have a new interest in keeping fit, but you also have a short attention space and will tend to stick more at regimes that require skill – a good time to take up golf or squash rather than go to the gym as you mind and body should work together to master a tough discipline.


Love – Less is more when it comes to talking about feelings, all relationship can have secrets, secrets do not have to be deceptions, they can just be a private spot for you to retreat to.

Career – A great time to work with inspiration, while facts are important, Taurus must look beyond those facts for the secrets they hold – do not get caught up in numbers, look for the story they want to tell you.

Health – Even things you enjoy can begin to annoy and frustrate you causing stress and so take a break from anything that is becoming distressing even if it is something which should be technically enjoyable.


Love – Gemini who are single may need to consider if your social life is actually stopping you meeting someone with the possibility for permanence – are you chasing your tail in love instead of just taking some time out and letting love come to you.

Career – It may feel like everything has come at you like a tsunami: there is information to analyse, people to contact and events to plan. It is vital to delegate and also not to get drawn into work that you are not directly responsible for.

Health – This is the start of a very demanding time in terms of having to be many things to many different people; you may feel pulled in different directions and it is never easy to know which person or activity to prioritise – saying no, is the best ‘tool’ you have in keeping healthy and not tiring yourself out.


Love – Work events and conferences can be the key to new romance. Love can also blossom at places of training and higher learning. A intellectual goal in common is often what draws you to another person.

Career – Do not take anything you hear from authority as gospel as the message or demands or even policy from the top is likely to change and so get ready to run in different directions.

Health – Seek out information from someone you trust, in all health matters got to the top, do not get palmed off by a secretary or underling.


Love – Political and philosophical or religious views can be make or break in love and so not the day to try and date someone who is an atheist when you are a Christian etc.

Career – It is easy to get carried away with ideas, Leo will tend to drift off thinking of anything but what is at hand. This is a great day for brainstorming in business and planning for future goals and directions, not such a great day for detail and actual implementation.

Health – It is vital to be positive today – good health begins by putting yourself in the best frame of mind even if it does not come naturally, force yourself to grab at all the positives and start focusing on them at the exclusion on negative.


Love – A good time to expand your learning about sex, don’t think you know it all, there is always something new to learn and that new piece of info may be just what you need to make your sex life great again.

Career – Virgo are devils for the detail, you come into your own where great concentration and incisive analysis is needed which is perfect for today as your eagle eye is needed to see what others have missed.

Health – Brooding feelings, morose or jealousy can take over if you give into them and so do not even go there; avoid events or people who can drag you into a dark place where negative feelings can begin to drown you.


Love – Talk can be cheap in love and so Libra need to press for meaningful discourse. Watch out for a new partner who tries to impress you with grand claims that may be a bunch of nonsense.

Career – If you are in any discussion do not just rely on tactics, you need information and so be armed with facts and figures and s superior understanding of these, use knowledge to intimidate.

Health – Conflicting advice can be very confusing, even getting a second opinion may make you more undecided and so do not act yet, wait for better information or more clarity.


Love – Scorpio are not in a mood for compromise and so it may be better to seek space in love and to retreat to your corner of the house where you can be irritable in peace as you are rather fidgety and inclined to be snappy.

Career – Today is a time to add meat to the bone of any plans, you really must fill in the gaps and flush out your plan in detail with back up and plan B’s. You cannot go forward with a flimsy or vague plan.

Health – A good time to write shopping lists and do meal plans to help you stay motivated and excited about dietary goals – Scorpio love lists and since you are very precise it helps to have a detailed and strict agenda to keep to.


Love – You can win people over in love with your banter, humour and ability to raise a laugh and see the funny side. Use humour to diffuse any tense situation in love, this can be the best way to take the sting out of any contentious issue.

Career – Sagittarians have an eye on the weekend, you may already be planning events – right now fabulous rewards are needed to excite you about your work. You cannot just plod on on the treadmill, you need a prize to aim for and so set up something as a reward.

Health – Mental games like crosswords, sudoko, chess or cyber games can be an ideal way to switch off from real life and engage in some challenging puzzles which absorb you.


Love – A good time for family – Capricorn need to catch up with where everyone is, life is so busy right now that balls can get dropped and so a good family discussion around the table can help pre-empt problems and ensure everyone’s needs are understood.

Career – A good time to get to grips with any reading – look at industry news and take time to sort through your desk for an memos or press releases that should b digested.

Health – Know your own mind and do not get distracted with what others are doing, be true to yourself an stick with health and diet routes that you believe in rather than with fads being followed by your friends.


Love – Communication can be a good and bad thing right now – while it can increase understanding, you can also reveal Achilles heels that could become a vulnerability later.

Career – You will encounter new people today and yet many may be time wasters and so you have to be discerning about what looks like interesting prospects as it may be a lot of hot air.

Health – Aquarians are highly impatient right now and that can mean you grab whatever is most readily available to eat; remember that there may not be as bigger difference between the healthy option and the very unhealthy on.


Love – Love can be hard when you keep doubting yourself and so right now you need to allow yourself to get immersed in your own point of views and your own needs without relegating them to back of the queue.

Career – A time when you have to stick to your guns an just hang in there – do not through in the towel too soon if at all, make your opponents and detractors work harder

Health – You are mentally tougher right now than you think and so push yourself beyond the usual limits in terms of your ability to withstand both criticism and opposition – you will find new levels of inner strength and tenacity.

Daily Horoscope for February 26, 2018


Love – You are not your usual decisive self and you will defer to your partner in matters especially financial. You look for agreement and will not make decisions alone.

Career – You may suddenly lose faith with what you are doing or with your direction but you will be able to change tack quickly and make the most of an opportunity to tweak things.

Health – You are rather tormented right now as you know what needs to be done and yet you cannot do it – logic is at odds with emotional motivations and this can be quite upsetting, try not overthink, do what you need to do for the short term.


Love – Love relationships are more intense right now and there is greater depth to what is exchanged between the two of you. New relationships that start now are more open and deeply help emotions and secrets tend to gush out.

Career – Do not be scared to compromise as it can be done successfully without making any sacrifice that matters greatly on your part. You can gain more out of any negotiation.

Health – The power of attraction is working for Taureans especially via connections with others and so keep communicating and meeting other people in many different circumstances as you have a powerful influence over others who will want to support or work with you.


Love – You can get frustrated if you are not agreed with – you are in a mood where it’s my way or the highway, as you do not want certain ideas and plans of yours challenged.

Career – A day of successful information gathering and also great variety – take any chance you get to do something out of the routine or get away from the office to run errands or try a new role.

Health – Try mint or chamomile tea today as you tend to become nervy or even over excited as Mercury square your sun heightens your responses to stimuli and also to the environment making you rather jumpy and excitable and so a soothing tea can help you make the most of your energy without getting stressed.


Love – Cancerians are really in a good mood and romance can arise with co workers. Existing relationships are on the up in terms of understanding and the fun element, as you are easy going and suggestable.

Career – A good time to make decisions, make lists and be decisive on any lingering issues – set yourself goals for today and nail them.

Health – One problem today is that you do not always give personal decisions the weight they require, you tend to rush headlong into what appeals to you in the moment, not perhaps taking account of the longer term commitments you could be triggering.


Love – You are more feisty and competitive in love, and you tend to act before you start worrying about the possible ramifications, and in this case, it works in your favour as you do not have time to talk yourself out of what will be positive moves.

Career – You have a good balance between your idealism and optimism or vision for the future and also a realistic sense of what can be achieved, which leads to good business decisions and concrete progress along the trajectory.

Health – Motivation is not a problem, even though acting on whims can sometimes waste your time; however, you almost have to follow impulses to get them out of your system.

Love – Watch out for having your arm twisted, you can be manipulated right now quite easily in love as you perhaps believe what you wish to and what feels comfortable rather than what is true.

Career – Today reading, re reading and carefully editing whatever you write is important – you need to check facts, remove vagueness and also be sensitive as you may come under scrutiny than usual.

Health – Virgo doing strenuous exercise may suffer increased inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, this can place a strain on the immune system. Eat more blueberries as they help counter exercise-induced stresses on the immune system.

Love – Relationships can benefit from some reminiscing – what is in the past can be a kind a treasure, that has become forgotten or buried or tarnished and you need to polish it up and value it again.

Career – You are able to focus with great determination and tenacity at anything you identify as key – you are great at seeing what is important and doubling down on that.

Health – Good health right now is all about elimination and so a great time to cut a certain food group or product out of your diet for good.


Love – In new love relationships, do not give up yet, keep working at it and keep looking deeper and trying to understand not judge.

Career – You are very resourceful and ingenious at solving problems – if in doubt you will not hang about for help to arrive, you will use your wits and roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and sort it out.

Health – Scorpio have a greater willingness to closely examine whatever is missing in your life and you are willing to make the tough decisions in connection with removing obstacle, which may even be people, that stop you from experiencing fulfilment.


Love – Co-operation is the name of your game as you will do your upmost to avoid conflict and keep the good vibes flowing. Having fun trumps matters of principle right now.

Career – Sagittarians can work on and enhance any artistic ability that you possess taking it to the next level as you have increased confidence in your talents can produce with greater originality and also higher quality.

Health – You are in the mood to reach out to people and you really do not need their acceptance or validation in return, you are gratified by knowing that you held the olive branch and you forgave and the ball is now in their court.


Love – Capricorn are more protective of your private romantic life. You are unlikely to want to share details of your intimate life with friends or family. It is a time to keep love life under wraps.

Career – When tempted by an enticing new opportunity ask yourself if it is a good fit with your career plan and vision for you and your businesses future: it is you? If not it may just be an exciting distraction from what is really important.

Health – Avoid public transport and use the internet, zoom, facebook live or other methods to conduct meetings on line. Travelling can be stressful and also wasteful today.


Love – You may misrepresent your views as perhaps you have not quite thought through something and so best to stay off political or highly charged subjects as you can easily be taken the wrong way and give the wrong impression.

Career – Decisions and directions can quickly be abandoned as you realise you do not have the energy or ability to follow them through and so thing often end very differently what you imagined at the start of the day.

Health – This is a powerful time for meditation and any form of psychoanalysis. Emotions are that much closer to the surface and can be probed and investigated.


Love – You are more aware of what is subtle, you pick up on the undercurrents and concealed emotions of you partner and you are very good at pre empting problems and skirting around agressions.

Career – With a clear idea of where you stand on issues and what you are trying to achieve you are the tip of the spear and can be very effective at both communicating and directing the argument.

Health – You are in a hectic phase and you need to increase the amount of B Vitamins in your diet with asparagus, sunflower seeds, fish, avocado, nuts, legumes and shellfish.

Daily Horoscope February 25, 2018


Love – A build-up of sexual tension can mean that relations with your partner become tense usually over some trivial issues. Best thing to do is acknowledge the sexual element of any irritability and address that first.

Career – Your week may start earlier with your having to organise people due to sudden changes ie staff who car ill or problems which mean you have to reallocate different people to jobs.

Health – You may be the object of an inappropriate and unwanted advance – remember to act fast and be decisive, do not linger as you feel guilt, clarity is always better for both parties and so be blunt if necessary.


Love – Taurus are very aggressive in love today, you know what you want and what you do not and that is very helpful as you get closer to what is real and authentic and can fearlessly set the tone for future sex and romance/

Career – This is not a good time to start a new business relationship or partnership or make any changes to an existing partnership – be cautious of close financial dealings with others and in making decisions with others, make sure they really are as on board as they seem.
Health – Your body is highly reactive today and can become more easily irritated and so avoid high fat foods, foods with a high salt or MSG content ( MSG is a popular flavour enhancer which can be addictive and which hides in nearly all processed foods.)


Love – You tend to assume what your partner wants and is saying as you are biased according to past behaviour and actions, but how can anything ever change if you continue to assume that the past is always an accurate indicator of the future?

Career – This is an amazingly creative and imaginative time for Gemini and you should take time to do anything creative and artistic where you can just let loose and take advantage of the muse which is with you.

Health – Gemini can also use their imagination to visualise outcomes and rehearse positive actions be it for sporting events or encounters with others – a very fruitful and powerful time to use positive thinking and so send out your best to the universe.


Love – You are in a mood to keep moving and so you demand your partner keep up with you and respond quickly to the change in tempo – you are not content to hang about on the couch you need to socialise, or visit friends or get out shopping. You must be where the action is.

Career – A great day to take on others mentally, you are quick witted and can think on your feet making great points and helping you influence others.

Health – Think about taking extra Vitamin B12 especially if you are getting more and addicted to coffee. Vegan and vegetarians are more likely to be low in Vitamin B12 and so get a good supplement.


Love – Leo are very practical in love, you know what needs to be done and you can make those tough decision right now easily, knowing that what is right can never be avoided

Career – A time to build and start thinking of your CV, your business, your ambitions and look to build on where you are using what you have and where you stand as a spring board. 2018 is a year of pressing forward and so push hard now.

Health – Your stamina is exceptional right now – both mentally and physically you can take on that little bit extra and nail long hours of concentration or exertion.


Love – You can be vulnerable to illusion in new romance and so if you have only been with someone a short period of time be more cautious and go slowly.

Career – Any contracts Virgo sign now should not be taken lightly as you may end up taking on more than anticipated or outcomes can be far more variable than you think.

Health – Take on extra Vitamin C and also consider Manuka honey as these can be highly beneficial in the fight against allergies and colds which can flare up right now.


Love – A great day for entertaining – Librans are keen to spread the love and you can benefit by all human interaction not only romantic. Love is on tap and you need just lift the phone to get things going.

Career – The coming week will be a busy time for trade, and you may attend trade fairs, expos, and conventions where you can expose yourself to new ideas and concepts. Relax now ahead of things hotting up.

Health – Libra have many aims in your head, however you tend to scatter energy as you find it hard to prioritise and also to say, “No.” So, not a great day for serious progress and you may stray in terms of diet.


Love – Love life is very busy and also draining – stop trying to control and direct everything, just take it minute by minute as plans tend to go by the way side.

Career – Your reasoning powers are very strong now and so a good time to make a case or defend your ideas or actions – things click and you can grasp what is most important and articulate that.

Health – Instead of reaching for the coffee, keep hydrated, get some sunlight and rather than a greasy, cargo loaded snack reach for some fruit or nuts.


Love – Don’t try and be too clever – winning an argument or having the last word can do more harm than good right now.

Career – . Usually long trips have a long preparation time, but right now, you may undertake such a trip on impulse in response to news you did not expect

Health – Sagittarians are quite experimental with health and are eager to embrace way out remedies or potential cures – you will defy convention and not be put off by detractors.


Love – Say it from the heart and say it honestly and it will be accepted even if it is hard for the other person to hear. Do it now and say it now – do not delay the inevitable.

Career – You may not always be the one who sets the rules and you may not really even live some of the rules, but play along for now.

Health – Capricorn have an opportunity to know more about yourselves and you can deepen your self-knowledge if you truly seek answers, however being childlike or stubborn stifles your own progress.


Love – You have greater diplomacy and can broach even tricky subjects with charm and a non-threatening manner which is a great starting point.

Career – You are undeterred by the unfamiliar and anything stereotyped will be rejected. Being flexible and looking to work with team, groups and individuals is key to success.

Health – Your need for drama and escapism can lead you into some rather haphazard actions, in which you often underestimate the scale of effort involved and leave yourself exhausted.


Love – Avoidance is key to the way you deal with things – you will buy more time and look for room to think and allow yourself to imbibe the emotional atmosphere rather than what is actually being said.

Career – Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus make events of now rather confusing but your intuitive perception and imagination are supercharged. Work creatively and with images rather than logic.
Health – You are highly sensitive emotionally and must avoid anything harsh, negative or stressful – a day to immerse yourself in arts and music.

Daily Horoscope February 17, 2018


Love – You tend to joke about today and yet often there is some truth in what comes over as zest and you will look to conceal a jibe in what appear to be banter. Do not try to be too clever as your innuendo may not go down well.

Career – Contracts involving hospitals, care homes, social services, and other medical institutions may lose you money or have unexpected outcomes and so be careful in your dealings with these.

Health – Avoid giving friends free advice, especially if you are a professional and if the advice will be used for family purposes.


Love – This can be a tricky time for platonic friends, and Taurus may not want to put trust or faith in friends or casual lovers over any important matter especially money as they may let you down.

Career – Personal finances can be rearranged with ease and budgeting and forecasts are useful and accurate. This is also a good time for travelling to trade fairs, import and export or currency transactions.

Health – While sacrifices must be made for family, it can also become a bone of contention how much or little family support your life ambitions.


Love – Even when you think you are being rational, prejudices, past experiences, and preconception can play a large role in obscuring your judgement in love and so take a step back and delay important decisions.

Career – With mercury conjunct sun at the time of the new moon this is an excellent time for communications, spreading ideas and putting forward your plans with confidence. You have a great deal of power intellectually and in terms of influencing others via your teachings or insights into problems.

Health – Gemini are firing mentally and can enhance their brain power using Bacopa Herb Extract which is traditionally used as a brain tonic and cognitive enhancer in Ayruvedic medicine.


Love – This is a time when love, hate, jealousy, and passion are all closer to the surface and likely to disrupt relationships and the normal flow of your life.

Career – You may not yet get the upper hand, but the main aim is greater awareness of how you are controlled and where in your life you are thwarted by the actions and demands of others.

Health – It is very hard for you to switch off and you can benefit from doing a crossword or sudoko or perhaps reading a complex thriller to tear your mind from more personal matters which you can overanalyse.


Love – Communication and friendship are vital right now in love and so relationships based on shared interests and goals fair well and those where you tend to go your own way most of the time can feel quite lonely.

Career – Your priorities in terms of what you think is most important to achieve this year are changing fast and that can mean you jump for thing to thing not achieving anything much, but getting a better feel for where you want to be.

Health – You need to consolidate right now – a time to access where you are in terms of health and decide what your most immediate health problems are so you can work on them. Tackle the toughest issues first and foremost.


Love – This is a good time to have an engagement party, get engaged or go public with your relationship. Relationship decisions are favoured now including investing together.

Career – A good time to apply for a grant or subsidy or to get in involved with a private public partnership. You should research new directions for your business that may qualify you for tax breaks.

Health – A great time to start a new exercise regime or to begin a course of treatment to resolve a health issue. A great time to start physio therapy or chiro or osteo to relieve pain and get you in better shape.


Love – In love there is a trade off between what you really want and need now versus consideration for your partner – while you can indeed get your own way today, you may forgo that for a greater prize further down the line.

Career – A very good time to take out an ad or do promotion. Business trips pertaining to international trade that start now will be very successful. A time to think big, plan ahead and not to be restrained by too much caution.

Health – Swap to Extra Virgin Olive oil or coconut oil; use a natural sweetener like stevia or add dates to puddings for sweetness; snack on seeds and nuts rather than crisps. You have an appetite, but with some simple substitutions you need not be too unhealthy.


Love – Your energy is high and you can attract quite a bit of interest, but you tend to not get to know anyone very deeply right now – you are skimming the surface with personalities and making snap judgements. You are attracted to what is superficially racy but which may not have the depth to sustain you in the longer term.

Career – You work better alone as you are not keen to sit about waiting for others to get their act together or for permission and so you are often to be found working away on your own initiative or on a self-styled project.

Health – Alternate health methods work very well right now especially yoga and other mind-body therapies. You feel quite highly strung and so frenetic exercise that gets endorphins really flowing is less beneficial than a more calming, measured style of exercise.


Love – It is you who need to make decisions right now, you cannot wait for a partner to either get motivated or come to a conclusion, you may just have to take the plunge and assume responsibility for important decisions.

Career – You are entering a powerful phase for career advancement and making an impression on your boss and so you can use this weekend to prepare pitches and proposals or think more about what you want next in your career and how to develop strategies to get there.

Health – Your life tends to revolve around others and so time alone is vital so that you have a mental breather and time to fully develop thoughts without interruptions which can create a build up in tension and indigestion.


Love – Your sense of humour is pretty strong right now, and you can bring a laugh to many situations – a great asset in love!

Career – When placed on the horns of a dilemma, you can come face to face with who and what you really are and what you actually believe rather than what you pay lip service to, and you could well be surprised.

Health – A day to have a taste of adventure in your life and so jump out of the routine and look to the possibilities rather than looking at what restricts you and what obligations you have.


Love – It is a time when you must cut ex-partners adrift for good – what are they still doing on your Facebook page anyway, do you really need to see their pictures?

Career – Working with a partner, a business partner or creative one who does not have the same mental blocks as you do can be a way to release those chains and discover that those weaknesses have become obsessions, which blocked the ability to tackle them.

Health – The key is ‘do it now’ why are you putting it off – what change if made today could really snowball by this time next year.


Love – It is not only about fixing what is going wrong, it is about nipping problems in the bud and getting love life back on track.

Career – Pisces are more psychic and perceptive than usual and so expect epiphanies and cathartic events that others may not even notice but which make a great deal of sense to you on an intuitive level.

Health – B vitamins are very important this month from today as are potassium, magnesium and phosphorus along with sodium and so add some ground sea salt to food – a little extra if you love your salty flavours.

Daily Horoscope February 16, 2018


Love – You find it hard to share and you can be quite evasive with your partner as you do not understand enough about your emotions to explain them in any helpful way.

Career – While you may be very sympathetic with the problems of others ie your clients or customers there may be very little you can do in practice other than offer your sympathy.

Health – You are more sensitive today both emotionally and also in terms of reaction to allergens and so protect yourself from both things that aggravate your sinuses to people who rub you up the wrong way.


Love – Just being alone with your partner will not be enough and you will encourage contact with friends and family and participation in group events.

Career -It is hard for you to focus fully on your work as emotional matters tend to interfere with both your concentration and your ability to see what is important and what matters.

Health – You are highly conscious of which friends support you and which friends are antagonistic to your ideas and ideals. You are less likely to hang out with friends who challenge your ideas as you get wound up quite quickly and cannot let it go.


Love – You want to be king pin and you will put your emotional side on full display to ensure you get the attention of your partner. If you are not listened to, you will become volatile looking to disrupt the peace until communication becomes affective again.

Career – You have to ensure that the emotional momentum does not build behind an idea to the extent that you forget all about facts, figures and warning signs as you rush headlong into something ill thought out.

Health – You tend to put everything on hold in order to satisfy a desire for pleasure and change and so not a day for routines or being strict on dietary regimes.


Love – A desire for better communication and also a desire to dare to make outrageous suggestions which can both shock and arouse your partner. Time to stir things up in love and see the results.

Career – A good day to look at your PR and publicity campaigns with a fresh set of eyes and make some changes; you can now be honest about what is not working and cull it.

Health – This is a very restless time when you feel quite irritable as you crave adventure and feel confined by what is ordinary; avoid alcohol as is can make you throw caution to the wind.


Love – While you really would desire closeness and affection, you find it hard to trust right now and also hard to connect with others emotionally. It may be easier for you to be with by yourself than to force emotions reactions to suit a situation.

Career – A time when rivalries at work get more intense and it can be hard to keep emotions in check – do not let competitiveness lead you to make a fast and yet unwise decision.

Health – While you can keep your emotions secret from others you should confront them yourself head on with total self honesty as this is the only way to understand yourself.


Love – If you have recently met someone, it may be a little too early to say; this is it! Take more time in new relationships and keep emotions in check.

Career – A new colleague or association in your work or business life can energise you and boost your enthusiasm again. This is a time to be open about working with others and perhaps even sharing your hopes and ideals to see how they can add value or give you some pointers.

Health – A time when you need to surround yourself with your most trusted friends and draw support from them, feel free to confide and garner advice and support. The more open you are, the more you get back.


Love – Actions speak louder than words and that is what you believe today and that inclines you to do practical and helpful things in love.

Career – You are very sympathetic today and are reaching out to others; your focus today is more on the soft side, the people or emotional side of your work rather than the financial.

Health – You may take longer to fall asleep and so if you are working tomorrow get an early night. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, as sleep can be more troubled tonight.


Love – You have a great need to talk about emotional experiences, especially those in the distant past, with your partner in order to work through them, however ask you self, “How many more times do I have to rehash this?”

Career – You have a vivid imagination and creatively you are really on fire and yet a distaste for any criticism can hinder the proper development of these great ideas.

Health – You may take risks for the hell of it, but are you being irresponsible and are you thinking about the well being of yourself and of those you care about.


Love – This is time when emotions are very private and you resist openness, you prefer to reflect internally rather than talking things through and your partner may feel as if you are in a bunker, but you need that distance right now to work things out.

Career – Home life demands your attention and children especially can be difficult, almost as if they want to say, “Hey where do I fit into your priorities.”

Health – Time by yourself should be grabbed where necessary and you need a place in your home where you can go and hang out and get away from pressure and questions or even judgement.


Love – You have to try to not take thing personally, you can see helpful criticism and advice as an attack when it may just be a casual observation aimed at helping you.

Career – You tend to go with your gut today and once you have made a decision you are reluctant to go back and change it as you develop a strong emotional momentum in that direction.

Health – Watch out for food that are excessively acidic – avoid tomato based sauces, ketchup and chilli laded foods.


Love – You can be very stubborn today, you tend to be more invested in your opinions which you insist must prevail and that makes you very hard to have a productive discussion with.

Career – A good day for investing, you are able to get a good deal on assets or even stocks or foreign currency. You may also buy a new asset for your business.

Health – It can be best to avoid dairy today or beer; you are inclined to develop excess mucous and so stick to food without creamy sauces and chose humus over cheese.


Love – You are emotional and also very changeable which makes you hard to predict and hard to understand which is part of your appeal; you have this sexy mystery about you.

Career – You are very open and tend to relate with spontaneous sympathy to others. You may however let your emotions overpower your reasoning and logic, and this may lead to some bias.

Health – When Pisces supress their feelings and don’t express anger or angst, the moon’s influence in your first house can lead to indigestion and acid-reflux.

Daily Horoscope February 14, 2018


Love – Pisces often love innuendo however the abstract is hard for you to deal with today ; Pisces want definite answers in relationships and that makes you very open and forthcoming in order to encourage your partner to be as open as possible in terms of affection and emotion on Valentine’s Day

Career – This is an excellent day for reviewing new money-making ideas: you should analyse cash flow, income, and earning power. You are far more pragmatic and rational in your approach to money now.

Health – Pisces need to watch out for sinus infections and anything which starts as a small earache or scratchy throat and then becomes more troublesome – gargle with a pinch salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed in warm water to ease infections.

Love – Love on Valentine’s Day means being a good friend, a loyal friend and being patiently supportive. Love is for better or for worse and today is one of those days where you deposit rather than withdraw from the relationship bank.

Career – This is not the time to lend money or borrow money from friends as the outcome can be frosty relations and the feeling that one party did more of a good deed than they really did.

Health – Aries must be careful of over indulgence especially with alcohol right now. You need to drink water, especially water with a little lemon and do more to alkalise your system. Cranberry juice can also be helpful as long as it is sugar free.

Love – This Valentine’s Day is a ideal time for formalising relationships – you may want to express your feelings and be the one who makes a move to take things to the next phase. Taurus need more certainty from relationships and will not shy away from showing your devotion in concrete ways.

Career – In business and in your dealings with colleagues, it is time to proceed with caution and patience, do not rush in where angels fear to tread, this is not a good time for risks or making controversial opinions known. Solid well made decisions pay off.

Health – A time for some spring cleaning in terms of the people you associate with; if anyone in your life has become toxic you should support them, but if they do not respond perhaps you should withdraw least that toxicity spreads.


Love – Love and sex with all other star signs are enhanced this Valentines’ Day by your passionate and vibrant emotional responses, apart from Aquarians, Pisces and Capricorns who may find your fire power disconcerting. You are not easy to handle, a partner needs to get with the program and go with your flow.

Career – Gemini are very restless and quite impulsive today and you will not let much stand in your way; if you make waves today you may still be feeling the tidal swell for some time and so be careful of what you set in motion.

Health – Vigorous physical activity and challenging sporting events suit Gemini who want challenge and crave excitement. You may even try and stir things up to create excitement and draw out the true emotions of people.


Love – Emotionally you may feel quite frustrated as if you are not getting what you need from your partner and you are struggling to make him/her understand your feelings – is your partner responsible for ALL your needs? Try not explaining yourself, forget words and use body language, your eyes and also timing – do not be too eager, make yoru partner sweat.

Career – Today is perfect for honing skills and working with specialised equipment connected to either hobbies or your main line of work. Cancer are able to work long and hard at fine detail work which although laborious can be strangely satisfying.

Health – As long as you can express yourself creatively and use a little of that Cancerian imagination today you should be fine, if stifled or limited you may feel very angry and that anger is not productive or healthy.


Love – Leo have a strong and vibrant energy which is very attractive; you are more expansive in your thinking and single Leo will be attracting new and interesting people into their lives from well beyond your usual circle tonight.

Career – All systems go! A very important day for new projects – make sure your renew impetus, keep applying pressure and keep the momentum going. If you have been holding back on anything, today you should find some time to address this.

Health – Decisions today should be made to better your life – so make positive changes even if it means being a little selfish and think big.


Love – As in your work, honesty is a strong impulse right now however that has to be balanced by your need to maintain harmony and keep the energy going – you have no way of anticipating how ‘honesty’ will be received, should you risk it, especially today?

Career – You may be cast in a role where you have to criticise, analyse or appraise a colleagues work as it can be a fine line between doing this properly and maintaining good relations.

Health – While your health is rather good right now, you lack consistency in the way you eat, exercise or in what you eat and you may need to stop this hit and miss approach.


Love – Today is an excellent one for love and also a safe one – Libra in established long term relationships fare best and single Libra are quite satisfied with life as it is and may enjoy the evening with no pressure to get hit by Cupid’ arrow.

Career – Even dull, onerous or routine tasks flow today and are conducted with ease. You should be able to finish the less appealing tasks of work and be able to move on to something which is people orientated or creative.

Health – This is a cheerful day with positive energy, a pro-active attitude to health and a general feel good factor about what you are achieving. Ever notice how it is easier to eat well when you are in a good mood?


Love – You are in a no nonsense mood today and you will go straight to the heart of any matter in love unafraid to tackle issues, but always in a practical unemotional way. You are also adventurous in looking to take a friendship to a romantic level.

Career – Your thinking tends to be quite cautious and you are very logical and reasonable in the way your address problems. You are more tenacious mentally, sticking with tough problems or questions.

Health – Scorpio can benefit from exercise which increases mobility and flexibility: yoga, Zumba, dance, pilates etc.


Love – Today is a very romantic one and Sagittarius are sensual, sympathetic and eager to please in love which bodes well for sex life, general understanding and good vibes.

Career – It can be hard not to leap to conclusions or grab and at any information which backs up your viewpoint in your haste to get on with things – more haste less speed Sagittarius, do not jump the gun.

Health – Sagittarius are impatient and also a little over optimistic which is quite typical although that can mean you under estimate obstacles and leave yourself with too little time and too much pressure to complete tasks.


Love – Capricorn have powerful desires and amorous feelings today and these may be stimulated in a variety of ways from your imagination, via music and movies or even perhaps through an enticing interaction or sudden personal encounter.

Career – Today is better for creative and artistic pursuits as Capricorn are working well with aesthetic subject matters and you have good insights about what looks good, sounds good or works visually.

Health – Today is perfect for daydreaming and it can be quite productive if you use it for positive visualisation, problem solving and scenario building.


Love – Aquarius are highly affectionate and tactile today; you will not hold back romantically and today is especially exciting for new relationships where there is a great deal of fun to be had. Existing relationships benefit from an injection of fun and playfulness.

Career – Aquarius are in good frame of mind for haggling – you will drive a hard bargain and make sure you get the best deal. I see you asking questions and pushing for key information that can help you reduce the price or spot a dud product or bogus offer.

Health – A sense of being on top of things contributes to an inner ease fuelled by a growing confidence in yourself mentally.

February Week 3 Horoscopes


Love – Aries in long-term relationships where there is only a superficial connection can feel both lonely and also empty; if you cannot inject meaning into your relationship and revive the emotional connection, is it worth staying?

Career – After the solar eclipse on the 15th of February, things take off again, and you can use the power of the lunar cycle to begin making plans, finalising agreements and starting new courses of action during the next 15 days.

Health – What you should, however, avoid from Feb 15 are excursions involving the sea or ferries or getting tied up in the money or finances of friends. Moments alone or doing a creative pursuit or even immersing yourself in charity work or something totally contrary to your ego drives can be strangely enlightening.


Love – New partners are often met via unusual situations or during crisis and chaos, and you can be thrust together in a way which only fate in its infinite yet curious wisdom could engineer.

Career – Taurus can use their intuitive powers to sense opportunities and invest – often a sudden idea that comes to you perhaps in a dream, or a coincidence where you switch on the radio and something is being said which is exactly the answer or clue you have been looking for.

Health – The total lunar eclipse brings the work-life balance into sharp focus as your 10th house of career and your 4th of family and home are activated. Some tough decisions and sacrifices are needed, and events can force you to think about priorities and what different aspects of life mean to you and give back to you.


b>Love – Valentine’s Day will be a fun and social event for both married and single Gemini, and while excitement and novelty is guaranteed, it may be more hectic than romantic with you both too tired at the end of the evening to enjoy a deep and meaningful sexual encounter; perhaps it will be more Microwave sex than a hearty casserole of carnal activity.

Career – A good time for meetings and group activities with new sets of associates or interest groups who you do not usually have anything to do with. Important meetings can be held by video link, and webinars can be used more effectively to train people remotely or introduce products.

Health – Sea and air travel are not favoured and may be more turbulent and exhausting than usual, and so have all your anti-nausea and travel coping remedies handy.


Love – Values do matter a great deal in sex, and if in a new relationship the other person’s ideas about sex diverge greatly from what you feel comfortable with, it can be a gap that will never be bridged with eventual resentment, and so in such a case, the relationship may just have received its sell by date.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb until the end of the month, making this the most opportune time for new starts, launches, and beginning a new chapter. Any activity to do with communications, local travel, and media is favoured and will receive a boost of energy with good results.

Health – Conflict between your spiritual will and immediate personal desires means that many of your actions will be frustrated as not every part of you is in sync.


Love – February may bring you the opportunity to resolve things with a former love and close that chapter on a positive note. While you never want to linger on old ground, it may be a good time to revisit the past briefly and put a more positive spin on it, and then let it go.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb to the 1st of March, making this the green light time for action and decisions. Hiring and firing, outsourcing and meeting new colleagues are all favoured.

Health – Health is influenced strongly by social situations, and so keep your friends close and your enemies as far away as possible.


Love – With Valentine’s Day coming, this happens to be a very good month for new relationships; however, the new relationship may only begin after the 14th, so if nothing much happens on that day, keep hanging in there as it is after the partial solar eclipse on the 15th that Cupid gets his espresso and starts waking up. It is a good month to start with an internet dating site or begin more chatting online with a view to romance.

Career – Avoid recruiting new legal, accounting, or tax advisors, and do not enter a brand new partnership. Get second opinions on everything, and do your own research not totally relying on info others give you.

Health – The solar eclipse in your 6th house makes this month ideal for new nutritional and fitness regimes. However, you can eat as well as you like; if you are letting work-life balance become more about work and less about life, that is a downward spiral. You need to pay attention to undue psychological pressure in the workplace and subtle intimidation which plays on your diligence to get you to do over and above what is needed.


Love – You are very creative in love, which means you abound with new ideas how to make life and sex together better and more exciting. You are in a problem-solving mood, eager to take on any issue no matter how taboo and make it better.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of Feb to the 1st of March, and that makes this the most fertile time for planting new seeds regarding finding new premises, looking for new suppliers, working on setting up your new business or starting a work from home or family business.

Health – You should look to increase the amount of fibre you consume along with ensuring you have a balanced intake of omega 3, garlic and sterols and stanols found in nuts and grains or available as supplements, as they absorb cholesterol.


Love – Tension can make good sex difficult even though great sex would do you the world of good regarding relaxing you. Somehow you cannot switch off long enough to get involved. Some spontaneous sex in a new location could be just what you need.

Career – New business ventures to do with games, entertainment or leisure may run into problems and may end up not being viable. Applications for new loans may experience many unforeseen problems and the process can be drawn out.

Health – Scorpio must get enough sleep, and you need to spend an hour or two each night winding down, and that means the devices go off then and not just before sleep. A good book or TV show that grips you is vital to create a cut out at the end of the day where you draw a line between the worries and demands and your restful time.


Love – Sagittarians are ready to make the first move regarding new relationships just in time for Valentine’s Day. You are up for blind dates, double dates, or speed dating, as long as there is an opportunity you will want to grab it and see what happens.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th or February to the 1st of March meaning this is your fertile ground for planting new seeds and starting projects. Moving home, property deals and major family decisions are not favoured. This is also not a good time to start your own business from home especially if it involves hospitality. This is a good time for budgeting, financial planning and investing your savings. This period is good for negotiating prices for new assets, for auctions or buying collectables and art.

Health – Family matters improve, and you can make progress on any ongoing problems which affect your wider family.


Love – Regarding dating, the quality of relationships or people you attract has a direct bearing on your self-worth and should be seen in that light. You sense of self worth and self-esteem will improve quite noticeable this year, but right now relationships can be a gauge of where you are and how far you need to go still.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March, making this a green light phase to get the wheels of new plans in motion. The press should be handled with great care, and journalists must be careful to get accurate information; if in doubt do not report.

Health – This is a week when you need sleep and must take care to eat balanced meals with a variety of nutrients. You really do not want to be having too many takeaways or even too many supplements.


Love – If you don’t grab romantic opportunities now, the missed chance can leave you wondering, ‘what if,’ for a long time. Marriages can turn a corner, and a fresh start can be made, promising new love relationships can begin.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March making this lift-off time for new initiatives and starting a new chapter. Not a good time to invest, make big outlays, replace plant and machinery or buy a car. Not a good time to invest in bitcoin. This is a good time to work with government departments, the police or social services or to get a job in these fields.

Health – A good time for hypnotherapy to help with addictions or phobias. Eat more cruciferous vegetables and get fresh air, but avoid strenuous or repetitive exercise.


Love – Love and relationships get a kickstart as Venus crosses into Pisces just in time for Valentine’s Day. Your Piscean magnetism gets a boost with an added dose of charm, and you become quite the belle of the ball with no shortage of suitors. This is a good time of year to begin a relationship, and yet it is best if you take it slowly.

Career – The moon waxes from the 15th of February to the 1st of March making this a fertile period for planting new seeds and initiating. You should not enter business however with a step-sibling. This is a great time to network and lobbying, or political aims are successful.

Health – This is not the best week for cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, facial peels or getting a tattoo. Relations with your parent of the same sex may be more difficult and sressful and so avoid confrontation or limit contact.