Born May 15


Gifted in art and music from a young age, these talents need nurturing and you need encouragement from teachers and parents.  A mysterious person you have psychic gifts which will benefit you most if used later in life to help others be it through healing or psychic reading.

You learn by doing.  You are the sort of person who watches someone playing piano and gets the hang of it, rather than the sort of person who learns though tedious piano lessons.  Those born on this day are often child prodigies, but not classroom lovers.  As soon as you get out of the classroom and start doing something you begin to excel.  For this reason young people on this day do well in apprenticeships and it may well be that their hobbies become their career ie sports, music, theatre.

You love to cook, but you do it with flair and feel rather than with recipes.

Harmony and fair play are important to you; you hate nastiness and unpleasant feelings.  You often act as peacemaker and you always apologize when you have hurt another – you will not allow bad feeling to fester and linger.

Very glamorous and sociable you will attract attention and may get acclaim at a very young age.  Despite your love of being out, socialising, going to plays, cinema, concerts and being seen at the right places, you have a very strong attachment to your home and family.  Despite appearances no one appreciates a cozy night in front of the telly with family and loved ones as you do.

You love children and make an excellent parent and teacher; your creativity and loving, warm manner make you a hit with the young people.


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