Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054] Vegetarianism can help you achieve sustained weight-loss; increase longevity and improve cardio health.

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Over 50 delicious, creative and easy to prepare recipes to help you embark on a new vegetarian lifestyle or to add zest to your current vegetarian regime.

Soups, starters, dips, kebabs, salads, pasta and main courses packed with varied vegetables and pulses.

Being a vegetarian can: lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce susceptibility to cancer and heart disease and promote a thinner, slimmer, more energetic you.

Forget boring vegetarian meals and try these nutritions, inspiring and exciting vegetarian recipes; which incorporate flavours of the world.

Great content! Being vegetarian is the best and proven way to loss weight and sustain good health.
Lots of people turn to vegetarian approach in weight loss because it is natural and has natural nutrient contents when consume. The only challenging on this type of diet is how to prepare it to make it delicious without decreasing its nutritive value.
Good thing there is book publish for the purpose of sharing the tips and recipes for vegetarian diet.


Well, I must say, I have read many diet books and have quite a few in my library now but after reading the Vegetarian Route to Weight Loss, I have to say that this is now at the top of my list. Although I am not yet a vegetarian, in fact, I didn’t even think about it UNTIL I started to read this book. This is not just your everyday recipe book, it is almost like a mini instruction manual on how to not only eat the right foods but it offers the evidence as to why we should change our diets and how we can improve our longevity also, and I am sure we are all members of the ‘ME Preservation Society’ and so that is why I will be following the advice given in this book. For me it was really a wake up call after reading about the facts given in the book.

PALEO DIET – Ideal guide to getting started

PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great


Make a change today and increase your odds of a long and healthy life.

Discover the PALEO diet and the penny drops: GOOD HEALTH IS NO LOTTERY!

YES, Paleo can help you lose weight, but there is far more to it than that. I will quote studies and research to show how a Paleo lifestyle can help you avoid cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more of today’s health bogeymen.

Paleo Diet: Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great aims to introduce and explain the benefits and rules of Paleo.

* I help you get started with a 7 day meal plan packed with delicious recipes for every meal including snacks.
* Chapter two gives you all the reasons, research and facts you will need to convince you that the only way is PALEO.
* There are recipes for Paleo puddings and snacks, so you will never feel hungry.
* You will be eating all your favourite meat, fish and seafood dishes with tasty vegetables.
* Advise on Paleo exercise.
* Ten sporting and screen star celebs who endorse Paleo

I explain why PALEO helps you address issues such as:
* Eczema and allergies
* Bloating and IBS
* Lack of energy
* Poor digestion

So come on! Be fitter, thinner, healthier and filled with energy on PALEO.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Honest, Accessible & Genuinely Looks Delicious! July 12, 2014
I must confess, as someone who counts nurses and dieticians as part of her immediate family, I am weary of diet books and the eating/exercise industry in general. As a result, I approached Elizabeth Gordon’s PALEO DIET with some trepidation: this couldn’t actually tell me anything I didn’t already know, packaged up as a supposed amazing new discovery, could it?? Yet this accessible, interesting book really changed my mind!

The Paleo Diet book sets itself up as a guideline, not a bible which I really appreciate – I hate the standard, mocking “do this or you’re an idiot” of so many similar books. Gordon’s conversational tone is like a trusted friend, taking you through every element of the so-called “Caveman diet”. She talks about the history of food and what changing your mindset and lifestyle can do for you in terms of health benefits. As a cancer survivor myself, this is obviously on my mind a lot both for me and my family, so this was especially welcome. Gordon is also honest, saying that in the short term The Paleo Diet will NOT make your life easier, but then I think things worth doing never are. The costs of following a Paleo Diet do concern me, but the recommendation of another book at the end of this one for those who are “cash strapped” (as we are) gives me hope that we can find a good compromise on this.

There are celebrity endorsements of the Paleo Diet and whilst not a pull for me, I can appreciate why some people would be interested in these. I personally enjoyed Gordon’s references to the “dupermarket” – I believe supermarkets and big businesses are in the habit of manipulation re: commerce and particular products being good for us (when they’re not) too. I agree with Gordon that consumerism and a reliance on sugars, processed foods and wheat is not good for us, yet I’ve felt powerless to do anything but merely limit my family’s intake and make basic switches, like olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

This book is packed with tasty looking recipes that genuinely look delicious and are not just the same-old, same-old I’ve seen before – I was particularly intrigued by the Zucchini (courgette) fries. I feel like my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of a radically different diet, which does not include “rabbit food”, but a real enjoyment of tasty foods, even including desserts (and given as a family we ALL have a sweet tooth, this is VERY important!). Thanks, Elizabeth Gordon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, October 18, 2014
This review is from: PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great (Kindle Edition)
I am an Aries and before I do anything I want to know WHY? That is probably why I enjoyed this book; the author gave me more than enough good reasons to take a long hard look at what I am eating and to make changes. I mean we all know sugar is bad for us, but why, is it just because it makes us fat? NO, I found out. Gordon explains why milk, sugar and certain fats are doing our long and also short term health no good. OK, I admit, I have not gone cold turkey on all dairy and wheat, but I see now that my diet revolved around those foods, at the expense of far more nutritious foods.
I am incorporating the recipes into my weekly routine and weeding out some of the nasty health damaging foods listed. This book was really educational
5.0 out of 5 stars Complete guide to paleo, October 15, 2014
This review is from: PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great (Kindle Edition)
Wow, just wow! This complete is the ONLY complete guide to Paleo anyone needs!! The author really covers every aspect! The introduction is great as the author gives a brief outline of herself and why she east paleo. I really like her style of writing and I was interested straight away!

Excellent information from the get go…facts and studies are included and I have to say the section on milk was an eye opener for me. I had a ‘ah ha’ moment and it confused me as to why I had never thought this way before!

Great section on the history of paleo as well as an section including the 10 most famous paleo celebrities, this includes a piece about each star too.

There are 7 days of recipes which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Desserts for EVERY day. I made the hamburgers over the weekend and they were delicious. We have decided we are going to follow the full weeks meals next week to see how we feel.

An excellent book on paleo and I cannot recommend it highly enough…one of the best out there in my honest opinion (I have a few paleo cookbooks!)


Saving me time and money – what more could I want?

I have recently moved to a new house with a large built in freezer. I had a look in there the other day and it is only 25% full – what a waste of space.

So I purchsed: 

Freezer Cookbook: Complete Freezer Meals Cookbook with Illustrated Make Ahead Lunch & Dinner Recipes


I do basic freezing of soups and stews, but I wanted to up my game and really save myself time and pizza bills by freezing more home-cooked meals. The freezing time guidelines table was very helpful to me as I get neurotic about how long is too long to freeze.

I love incorporating herbs and spices like ginger and horseradish into my meals and so knowing how to freeze these was very helpful. Being a rather haphazard person by nature, the tips on how to organise a freezer and which containers to use was really great.

Pumpkin pancakes, cinnamon rolls, carrot cake muffins and cashew cookies were just BRILLIANT to freeze – these things go stale so quickly and having them in the freezer to pop out when I am peckish or have a friend over is a revolution to me.

Overall the recipes are really healthy, which is important to me. There is good variety and a great mix of traditional and modern meals. Plenty of soups as well – YAY!

Excellent recipes and a must buy for anyone who wants to eat fabulous meals and get more value from their freezer space.