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7 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan

Great info, great photos and a professional layout make this book very user friendly and highly practicable.

I learned so much from the first few pages and was instantly motivated. I had no idea that fruit juices could be fattening.
Image7 Day

Every recipe has a calorie/fat/protein/carb chart and so you know exactly what you are eating. What I like about the Ketogenic approach is that fried food is no longer a no-no.

The broccoli bisque with Cajun seasoning and crispy bacon is divine. I also love the chicken salad with avocado dressing, the scones and the pancakes.

The book as the title suggests is broken into a 7 day meal plan and I found I looked forward to each day just as much as the dishes as so varied and exciting to make.

If you are looking for a new approach to diet….get this book. If you love cosmopolitan, modern meals…get this book.