April 5 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – Aries are very sincere in love and relationships and will not say what they do not feel – if they say “I love you” right now, they mean it as they will not go along with anything their heart is not in.

Career – You are very impressive in the way you handle authority – having authority can be somewhat of a poison chalice as people tend to resent those with power; however, you are able to use the power you have in a very positive and inclusive way, which will earn you respect.

Health – Honesty and being who you are and saying what you mean really matters to you – falseness and empty smiles will have no sway with you, you want to cut straight to the heart of the matter with no insincere niceties.


Love – Sudden events in your love life can disrupt the free flow of affection but they can also add unpredictability which jolts you out of comfort zones and forces you to think more about how the relationship works and if it is working.

Career – You are a rebel right now, but often a furtive one. You may appear to play the game and toe the line, but you have other ideas.

Health – You may talk to strangers you meet online or on the bus about matters of great importance, somehow speaking to someone you do not know enables you to be more honest and since you may never see or communicate with that person again there is no boomerang effect.


Love – You must refocus on foreplay and fantasy, lovemaking may have become too straightforward and too clockwork, you must get the feeling and the curiosity back into the mix – let him/her find something unexpected during sex.

Career – You are a good listener and can be highly empathetic to the problems and issues of another, you may be able to give some excellent advice via a unique insight you have into a problem.

Health – Even if you are thorough, is now the best time to be doing these things you are so anxious to do? Ask yourself: what is the rush, and why is there a rush? If there is no answer, take that as a cue to hold back and wait for more information or feedback before proceeding.


Love – New relationships are also going very well, especially relationships with large age gaps or long distance relationships. If you have just begun a relationship, a trip away together may really cement things.

Career – This is an ideal day for reviewing or editing creative plans from scripts to choreography to photography and cinematography – you have the ability to capture an idea or state of mind but you need the product to be crisp and not cluttered with unnecessary detail/

Health – Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming can be useful devices for you to kick habits, get more motivated and overcome fear.


Love – For men as well as women, analyse how much your father’s approval or lack of it affected you and your relationships – think about the wounds you still have from the way he acted or omitted to act.

Career – You are extremely imaginative and creative right now, you can excel in any field where a flow of ideas or brainstorming is required.

Health – Leo live and feel on a higher spiritual level, and you are in a phase where you can convey your deepest feelings in a way that is transformative for you and enlightening for others.

Love – It is important for you and your loved one to have an awareness of how you are both feeling – make sure you communicate about emotional and sexual issues and not just day-to-day ones.

Career – A higher standard is required right now in terms of the work you put out, and you may be scrutinised. Pay attention to detail.

Health – Animals may play a very important part in your life this month: a new pet, rescuing a pet or looking after a friend’s pet. Animals can bring a lot of pleasure to you and stress relief.


Love – This is a time where the journey you are on as a human being really matters to you; meaning in life is what counts, and that is why all important relationships will get your full attention and appreciation. You want to immerse yourself in what really counts.

Career – You have a high regard for ethics within your workplace and are likely to report or perhaps reprimand colleagues or employees who behave in a negative, immoral or unethical way.

Health – You are in a period of obstacles, hiccoughs and barriers to get through. Your strength, commitment and belief will be tested. You certainly can get over the hurdles, but it will be frustrating, make sure you do get enough sleep and let others know when enough is enough.


Love – Your ego and pride can actually be the biggest obstacle to getting closer in relationships – try to set ego and pride issues aside when you have deep conversations; otherwise, it can take time to resolve things.

Career – While this is a prosperous time for you in business, it is also very demanding mentally, and this weekend will see you having to put in a sustained effort – not a time to take your foot off the gas.

Health – You can be rather uptight and you will react strongly to criticism, especially if you think that it is unfair – defend yourself by all means, but pick your battles wisely as not everything is important enough to lose sleep over.


Love – You may entertain extensively at your home – you are in the mood to share the good vibes and make things happen socially. It will even be easier to get along with family members and in-laws who usually annoy you.

Career – You are very much future-orientated within your job and career and want to be progressive in both social and technological ways to improve the way you do business – do not let the conservative stick in the muds dampen your spirit, you can win them over.

Health – It is a good time to sit back and take stock of how things are going and how life is working out – you are in a glass-half-full-mood, and so this evaluation of your life should focus on the positives about where you are, making it a good time to look at the next step.


Love – You are experiencing some barriers to fully letting go in love – examine this closely and reflect on why this could be happening. Perhaps you are hurting over something; something you have not fully let go of. You tend to use activity or even travel to distract from intimacy.

Career – An excellent day for investigative journalists and researchers who want to make a point or ensure that a point of view is heard or represented, your writings have a greater urgency and passion shining through. This is also a great period for auditors, detectives and anyone in a line of work where investigation is undertaken.

Health – Goats are eager to please, do not let that create a situation where you overstretch yourself in a desire to impress – you have nothing to prove.


Love – A loving, generous and spontaneous attitude will help your love life to flow both in new and older relationships.

Career – Creatively, you are very expressive right now and feel freer to go beyond your normal scope in terms of what you produce. You can show leadership on artistic projects right now.

Health – Today is perfect for both spiritual and intellectual growth as you can see the necessity for some of the more challenging or inhibiting aspects of your life; you are able to see meaning within the troubles you face.


Love – Remember it’s what makes you happy that counts – “never give up on a good thing, remember what makes you happy, if love is what you got, you got the lot,” as George Benson sung.

Career – There may be glitches in new software that you have installed on your website, and you might have to become an expert whether you like it or not in order to keep things going.

Health – A day of assessing where you are in terms of the life changes you have been working on – how are things going, and do you need to think more about where exactly you are headed to on this adventure we call life?

April 4 Daily Horoscopes, 2018

Love – Discussions can raise more questions than answers and so a day to let sleeping dogs lie and not to raise those issues you know are red flags as arguments now are just about anger not solutions.

Career – Words can come back to haunt you and so be careful with what you say especially when you speak off the cuff, be more guarded and cautious about expressing opinions.

Health – Not a great day for travelling locally or rushing about doing errands – avoid unnecessary car trips especially if traffic is involved as you will feel quite heated if there are delays.


Love – Romantically things are tricky and you have to play it by ear and be more alert to subtle signals; your partner will not spell things out and so you have to read those more obscure messages.

Career – With the moon waning and Mars square mercury retrograde this is not the time for important financial decisions or making out lays. Proposals you get now can be exciting, but they may be a red herring rather than a concrete way forward.

Health – Taurus lack energy right now and yet the answer is not in coffee or even supplements, you should rather look to increase fibre and drink more spring or alkaline water.


Love – “What is essential is invisible to the eye, only the heart can see rightly” – facts and appearances can mislead and Gemini must go with their gut even if logic says otherwise

Career – This is a time when those you rely on most can disappoint and so you have to have a Plan B as you may also be called on to pick up the pieces yourself as folks flake away in a crisis.

Health – Health is more delicate right now with your ruler Mercury retrograde and also square Mars and so you should be more cautious in travel and also conservative with what you eat – avoid take-aways.


Love – In love, much of what is important is implied, there can be subtle games as you both try and seize power or stand your ground – sorry means anything but sorry as you retreat temporarily with every intention of making a comeback and having the last word.

Career – This is a hectic and demanding day when fast decisions need to be made – it is impossible to get everything right today and often being decisive and making what you decide on work is more important than making than so called ‘right’ decision.

Health – Stress now is self inflicted as you tend to overplay things in your head – you have to know how to stop your overactive mind racing often to the least likely scenario.


Love – Opportunities for love are there, but may not be seized upon as you have many competing interests right now and are struggling to juggle it all – Leo will be non-committal in love and prefer a love affair that fills a gap rather than fills your life.

Career – There are many options to explore and new people to meet who can expand your awareness increasing your effectiveness in your current field, but you need to be quite discerning in picking the options that are best to suited to where you are now and where the need to get next.

Health – Headaches and mental fogginess are a result of poor sleep right now – Leo should avoid red meat, high fat food (even if it is a healthy fat) and complex carbohydrates to help improve sleep. It is better to go to bed a little hungry than over full.


Love – Love relationships with bosses or superiors or even a partner who has a more advanced position in a field than you are problematic as there is an air of intellectual snobbery and one upmanship or arrogance that sours the air.

Career – It is vital to have an oasis of calm as you cannot make good decisions in an environment that is disruptive, loud or conflict filled – make sure there is a way you can retreat to a quiet spot to get a perspective and see clear to your next move.

Health – Virgo need balance right now, life is very demanding and you may be eating food in a mad rush. No matter what you eat, make time to create a relaxed aura at dinner and breakfast so that you chew and digest food with no talking or gulping down while you talk on the phone or shout at the kids.


Love – Stop worrying about who is right and who is wrong, does it even matter – there is the tendency to get side tracked by what is totally trivial in the big scheme of things.

Career – Libra are extremely impatient about details right now, you just want to bounce over what looks like the dull and ordinary so that you can get to what you feel matters, so you need to delegate the details or make a note to do them later, but do not ignore them or wish them away.

Health – A false sense of optimism can lead you into situations where you could be put on the spot and have to make a choice that you know you will be stuck with for some time. Read the signs better and know when to walk away.


Love – Scorpio should not dip in the friendship pool to find lovers right now especially the friends with benefits style friends – clearly demarcate the friendzone from the erogenouse zone.

Career – Do not a borrower or lender be, avoid financial dealings with friends and also family as there are strings attached no matter what they say. You should also be careful of taking money advice from people – ask yourself what is in it for them?

Health – Be careful what you say to who as gossip can be cruel and hurtful – secrets right now are destructive and so do not keep secrets for others or be secretive yourself.


Love – This is a time when you need to inject humour into your love life; problems are best made fun of. Take a serious situation and send it up, there is nothing to be gained from being gloomy, having a laugh even about a serious problem could just be like that little bit of salt that makes even a crummy meal palatable.

Career – Long term decisions play on your mind and even if you are not ready to make any big life defining moves, you cannot help thinking that you should at least start planning as something is telling you there are moves in the pipeline and you need to be ready.

Health – Sagittarians need to increase the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat and so start with adding young spinach leaves, rocket, watercress and coleslaw to salads.


Love – Trying to know what you should be able to feel and trying to understand what you should be able to intuit can cause more obstacles in love than it alleviates.

Career – Decisions are a challenge right now, situations may demand tough choices, and often fear is your reason for making a selection, especially if there is great uncertainty.

Health – The key now is to slow down, slow down your thinking, slow down your pace, often speed is the biggest problem not the solution it appears to be.


Love – Aquarians are very expressive in love, you want to say how you feel and go with the spontaneous flow of emotion and yet that can get you into some trouble quite unexpectedly. Watch out for teasing a new partner who may take it the wrong way.

Career – You have to step carefully when dealing with people who have a past or who may have connections with the underworld or nasty elements and so it is not so much taking people at the face value it is knowing the baggage they come with.

Health – Aquarians can learn a great deal right now and yet some of those lessons involve facing your greatest deficiencies, especially thought processes based on fear and yet without facing those tough areas you cannot get into the depths where the greatest gold can be discovered.


Love – Pisces enjoy it when a partner takes the lead, you are impressed by knight in shining armour gestures today – right now Pisces put more store in bold actions that represent a degree of personal or professional risk, you want your partner to stick their neck out for you.

Career – With Saturn square your 7th house ruler, those you work closely with or rely on for input can challenge your patience and your tolerance, and you may be reluctant to stand up for yourself in case you make things worse.

Health – Pisces can be too quick to defend a stance you have taken even when you know that it is wrong – saving face tends to matter more that doing what is right. It can be highly self-defeating when being right is more important than being happy.

Daily Horoscope February 23, 2018


Love – If you are happy in love you are totally accepting and non judgmental right now, but if you are unhappy you will be vague and distant.

Career – With so many planets transiting your 12th house, Aries are leaning towards the impractical and you become restless when you cannot use your creativity, so duties and obligations demanding detail and concentration are not for you today.

Health – Avoid cream, yogurt and ice cream today and opt for soy or coconut milk as dairy can increase mucous and make colds and flu or general seasonal congestion worse.


Love – You are very friendly and also responsive to others emotionally but you remain aloof as you are not into sacrificing any freedom right now.

Career – Taurus can find it tough to take orders, you prefer to work without someone breathing down your neck, using your own ideas. Taurus freelancers really enjoy their work as you want autonomy and the ability to act on your ideas right away.

Health – Use of a TENS machine may be very helpful in addressing pain as Taureans are responsive to electrical nerve stimulation more than usual right now.


Love – Gemini are not into romance as much as they are after consistency and certainly, you value what is solid in love right now and are not into anything silly or immature romantically.

Career – You are very career minded right now and you are serious about progress, your ambition is palpable and you project as reliable, hard-working and quite conservative.

Health – Gemini should increase vitamin A, vital for the skin and proper protein metabolism in the liver and Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin). Eat more omelettes or poached eggs with oily fish for breakfast.


Love – You are quick to make promises and yet when it comes to it you may find any excuse not to follow through as you priorities tend to change fast and so hold back from making any promises.

Career – Cancer learn quickly and are hungry for mental challenges, have great respect for knowledge and you are able to understand things on many levels setting you apart.

Health – You need challenge and activity right now and that will mean that you look to quit work early and get cracking on an adventurous weekend, anything sedentary or routine will only promote dissatisfaction and restlessness.


Love – There is a desire for sex and yet it can be a means to a physical ends rather than stemming from a desire to unite spiritually to increase intimacy psychologically.

Career – Leo are skilled at delving deep for clues and leads or new perspectives, you are looking deeper than others, then pulling at strands to see what you can unravel. Leo may look to reinvent to old and discarded ideas of others.

Health – Time to tackle constipation and cleanse the bowels. Leo should not only increase fibre but perhaps consider natural and gentle solutions like lemon squeezed into water – make sure you leave the bits of lemon floating and drink them down.


Love – ‘Manner’s maketh man’ – Virgo are very strict about manners and demeanour in public and if your date or partner are rude and loud that can be a total deal breaker.

Career – Virgo are skilled in dealing with groups and pleasing people, you can pour oil on troubled waters and encourage or better communication. There is a desire to get stuck right in and not wait for others to get their act together.

Health – Virgo may have bad reactions to anything fermented or smoked and so avoid exotic cheeses, crème fraise, yogurt, pickled foods or liqueurs in particular. Do not get botox right now.


Love – You look to console your partner and provide a safe space, your protective side is aroused right now and you want to do all you can you bring about calm based on reason.

Career – Libra have a precise and discriminating mindset where you can immediately see what is wrong with ideas, projects or processes and that makes you ideally placed to find solutions.

Health – Libra tend to conserve energy by being economical with emotion, you keep the emotional side of life in check and that helps you focus on what is important and contain any upsetting feelings that could overwhelm you if you indulged them.


Love – Scorpio are very open minded sexually, you are also sentimentally romantic, but a little manipulative as deep down you are quite needy despite the confident exterior you are projecting.

Career – Scorpio are thinking big, you communicate and relate really well to the opposite sex. You are competing strongly, eyeing up who you think are the key actors and mimicking what they do well but also looking for their vulnerabilities.

Health – Scorpio need to focus in cleansing the blood; Goji berries are not only a powerful antioxidant they also alkalize the blood quickly, promoting proper red and white blood cell functioning.


Love – Sagittarians want to be spoiled and you can be woo’ed by tangible gifts epecially luxury one. No date should arrive empty handed or they are in for some frigidity.

Career – Sagittarians are politically savvy right now and you can use that in business or to trade stocks – your intuition on trends is very strong now.

Health – Sagittarians may be wishing to brighten a dull skin and you can do that from the inside with sarsaparilla, a diuretic that flushes the kidneys and helps treat and improve skin conditions.


Love – You are generous with your time in love and yet you can give out mixed signals. You are in a mood when everything new fascinates and yet you lose interest quite fast which makes life with you a fun fair day trip rather than a walk in the park.

Career – Resist the desire to interrupt, interject or throw your penny’s worth in, as more can be gained by listening intently, observing and focusing on both what people say and what their bodies and eyes say.

Health – Capricorn should try fenugreek leaves are loaded with minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. They are also rich in Vitamin C and K, and contain good dietary fiber as well.


Love – What is simple works for you in love right now, your resist complications and also drama, you just do not have patience for it. You have a big appetite sexually and will pour on the charm to get what you need.

Career – You are willing to work hard and keep at difficult tasks with great tenacity. You are in it for the long haul and are not deterred by what seems like an uphill battle or even a losing battle.

Health – A day where you crave fine foods from wine to speciality chocolates, you enjoy fancy food and you can, but stick to quality stuff with natural ingredients.


Love – You can assume that your partner is on the same page, when they may be giving you subtle signs that they are not so keen on your agenda, Pisces require bluntness now as you are less responsive to hints and innuendo.

Career – Time to take ideas off the drawing board and test them, even if they fail, it’s great as you can bin them or adjust them, but if you do not try things out now you can waste time on things that are impracticable.

Health – As you head to the fridge, ask yourself if you should be eating more or getting more sleep in order to tackle that craving you have.

Daily Horoscope February 14, 2018


Love – Pisces often love innuendo however the abstract is hard for you to deal with today ; Pisces want definite answers in relationships and that makes you very open and forthcoming in order to encourage your partner to be as open as possible in terms of affection and emotion on Valentine’s Day

Career – This is an excellent day for reviewing new money-making ideas: you should analyse cash flow, income, and earning power. You are far more pragmatic and rational in your approach to money now.

Health – Pisces need to watch out for sinus infections and anything which starts as a small earache or scratchy throat and then becomes more troublesome – gargle with a pinch salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed in warm water to ease infections.

Love – Love on Valentine’s Day means being a good friend, a loyal friend and being patiently supportive. Love is for better or for worse and today is one of those days where you deposit rather than withdraw from the relationship bank.

Career – This is not the time to lend money or borrow money from friends as the outcome can be frosty relations and the feeling that one party did more of a good deed than they really did.

Health – Aries must be careful of over indulgence especially with alcohol right now. You need to drink water, especially water with a little lemon and do more to alkalise your system. Cranberry juice can also be helpful as long as it is sugar free.

Love – This Valentine’s Day is a ideal time for formalising relationships – you may want to express your feelings and be the one who makes a move to take things to the next phase. Taurus need more certainty from relationships and will not shy away from showing your devotion in concrete ways.

Career – In business and in your dealings with colleagues, it is time to proceed with caution and patience, do not rush in where angels fear to tread, this is not a good time for risks or making controversial opinions known. Solid well made decisions pay off.

Health – A time for some spring cleaning in terms of the people you associate with; if anyone in your life has become toxic you should support them, but if they do not respond perhaps you should withdraw least that toxicity spreads.


Love – Love and sex with all other star signs are enhanced this Valentines’ Day by your passionate and vibrant emotional responses, apart from Aquarians, Pisces and Capricorns who may find your fire power disconcerting. You are not easy to handle, a partner needs to get with the program and go with your flow.

Career – Gemini are very restless and quite impulsive today and you will not let much stand in your way; if you make waves today you may still be feeling the tidal swell for some time and so be careful of what you set in motion.

Health – Vigorous physical activity and challenging sporting events suit Gemini who want challenge and crave excitement. You may even try and stir things up to create excitement and draw out the true emotions of people.


Love – Emotionally you may feel quite frustrated as if you are not getting what you need from your partner and you are struggling to make him/her understand your feelings – is your partner responsible for ALL your needs? Try not explaining yourself, forget words and use body language, your eyes and also timing – do not be too eager, make yoru partner sweat.

Career – Today is perfect for honing skills and working with specialised equipment connected to either hobbies or your main line of work. Cancer are able to work long and hard at fine detail work which although laborious can be strangely satisfying.

Health – As long as you can express yourself creatively and use a little of that Cancerian imagination today you should be fine, if stifled or limited you may feel very angry and that anger is not productive or healthy.


Love – Leo have a strong and vibrant energy which is very attractive; you are more expansive in your thinking and single Leo will be attracting new and interesting people into their lives from well beyond your usual circle tonight.

Career – All systems go! A very important day for new projects – make sure your renew impetus, keep applying pressure and keep the momentum going. If you have been holding back on anything, today you should find some time to address this.

Health – Decisions today should be made to better your life – so make positive changes even if it means being a little selfish and think big.


Love – As in your work, honesty is a strong impulse right now however that has to be balanced by your need to maintain harmony and keep the energy going – you have no way of anticipating how ‘honesty’ will be received, should you risk it, especially today?

Career – You may be cast in a role where you have to criticise, analyse or appraise a colleagues work as it can be a fine line between doing this properly and maintaining good relations.

Health – While your health is rather good right now, you lack consistency in the way you eat, exercise or in what you eat and you may need to stop this hit and miss approach.


Love – Today is an excellent one for love and also a safe one – Libra in established long term relationships fare best and single Libra are quite satisfied with life as it is and may enjoy the evening with no pressure to get hit by Cupid’ arrow.

Career – Even dull, onerous or routine tasks flow today and are conducted with ease. You should be able to finish the less appealing tasks of work and be able to move on to something which is people orientated or creative.

Health – This is a cheerful day with positive energy, a pro-active attitude to health and a general feel good factor about what you are achieving. Ever notice how it is easier to eat well when you are in a good mood?


Love – You are in a no nonsense mood today and you will go straight to the heart of any matter in love unafraid to tackle issues, but always in a practical unemotional way. You are also adventurous in looking to take a friendship to a romantic level.

Career – Your thinking tends to be quite cautious and you are very logical and reasonable in the way your address problems. You are more tenacious mentally, sticking with tough problems or questions.

Health – Scorpio can benefit from exercise which increases mobility and flexibility: yoga, Zumba, dance, pilates etc.


Love – Today is a very romantic one and Sagittarius are sensual, sympathetic and eager to please in love which bodes well for sex life, general understanding and good vibes.

Career – It can be hard not to leap to conclusions or grab and at any information which backs up your viewpoint in your haste to get on with things – more haste less speed Sagittarius, do not jump the gun.

Health – Sagittarius are impatient and also a little over optimistic which is quite typical although that can mean you under estimate obstacles and leave yourself with too little time and too much pressure to complete tasks.


Love – Capricorn have powerful desires and amorous feelings today and these may be stimulated in a variety of ways from your imagination, via music and movies or even perhaps through an enticing interaction or sudden personal encounter.

Career – Today is better for creative and artistic pursuits as Capricorn are working well with aesthetic subject matters and you have good insights about what looks good, sounds good or works visually.

Health – Today is perfect for daydreaming and it can be quite productive if you use it for positive visualisation, problem solving and scenario building.


Love – Aquarius are highly affectionate and tactile today; you will not hold back romantically and today is especially exciting for new relationships where there is a great deal of fun to be had. Existing relationships benefit from an injection of fun and playfulness.

Career – Aquarius are in good frame of mind for haggling – you will drive a hard bargain and make sure you get the best deal. I see you asking questions and pushing for key information that can help you reduce the price or spot a dud product or bogus offer.

Health – A sense of being on top of things contributes to an inner ease fuelled by a growing confidence in yourself mentally.

Daily Horoscope February 13, 2018


Love – A day of sudden romances which start in a very spontaneous way and create great excitement. This can also lead to indiscretions and advances, which seem like a great idea but feel like mistakes in the cold light of day.

Career – A very useful time for presenting ideas as you can express yourself logically and pay attention to details, which will show how well thought out your plans are and impress others with your originality.

Health – Sometimes doing something a little wild or even childish releases the spirit of creation.


Love – Single Taurus are more adventurous and open to new experiences in love as they know where they stand – they are single and from that standpoint they can expand.

Career – You may have the chance to do important work on a big project which will affect a large part of society, i.e., research on mental health issues, socio-economic problems and causes or economic policy.

Health – Taurus need to think about what you really want and need for yourself rather than letting your life direction be determined by the expectations of others, so a quick look back at lists you made and important landmarks you are aiming for.


Love – Being thoughtful in love and remembering the little things can go a very long way to aid relations and to make your partner feel special and appreciated.

Career – There is wanderlust and the need to be a free spirit; there is the desire not to be constrained by convention, and you will strike out in original ways.

Health – Eating right and taking regular fluids and attempting to keep a certain routine today can help you maintain some balance and keep your energy constant in a time which can be highly unpredictable.


Love – Tackle problems in your sex life fearlessly, and either do research or get help – if you are stuck, this is an amazing month to use the romance of Valentine’s Day to become unstuck and to improve sexual communication.

Career – Clothing, manners, and attitude, can set you apart; use your ability to increase cooperation and bring sides together rather than using tactics that are aggressive and confrontational.

Health – Your psychological insightfulness is very keen, and you can have flashes about the motivations and intentions of others that are quite profound.


Love – Issues of loyalty and the perception of loyalty can cause tension in relationships. Often what you feel is morally superior, and the ‘right’ thing to do may (to your surprise) be very different to how your partner feels about things.

Career – There can also be eureka moments when things suddenly click mentally and make sense, and this can be very inspiring.

Health – – Well being comes from recognising your latent needs – those important parts of your personality which have become dormant or skills you no longer use but should to increase the richness and wholeness of your life.


Love – It looks very exciting for Valentine’s Day – spontaneous relationships can begin and get off to a start like sprinters reacting to a starting pistol. You may be quite deep into the relationship before you realise what is happening and this can feel exhilarating.

Career – This is one of those times where friends or colleagues seem to be agreeing with you and you go ahead think they are going to back you up, but when it counts they fade away and let you down. Know that this could happen and prepare for it.

Health – You could also be held back by becoming dragged down by other people’s problems – you need to get away from Debbie Downer’s and nay sayers who can cloud your judgement with negativity.


Love – There is a strong urge to relate and to fuse with your partner, and you will enjoy any activity that brings you closer from pooling ideas to do with finances, children or even discussing philosophical issues.

Career – Money matters may cause ethical quandaries – i.e., you could save money with Plan A, but you will end up compromising your concerns for Green issues or perhaps Plan B is great from a creative point of view but does not fit in with marketing strategies.

Health – Respect food more, not only regarding what you eat but how you eat. Your health can improve if you allow times to eat in peace and not while talking, googling or feeling annoyed about work.

Love – Single Scorpio should accept invitations to Valentine’s Day parties or events as this is a good time to meet like-minded people with whom you can have a meaningful connection. This is a very good time to make a good impression.

Career – This is day of careful consideration rather than a surge forward – you will take time to review the options and delay decisions until it feels right.

Health – Organic, natural and home prepared foods are best no matter what they have in them, so the key is to make it yourself and it will still be better than anything you buy pre packed even if it is a pre prepped smoothie or supposedly healthy snack.


Love – Sagittarians who are single will tend to meet new potential lovers via your hobbies and artistic interests and so this is a perfect excuse for spending time and money attending events, openings, theatre trips or sporting events.

Career – This is not the day to be stubborn or dig heels in, you have to keep things moving and resist any emotional or mental attitudes that cause blockages or stand offs.

Health – This is a very exciting time for Sagittarius as you are more decisive than usual and that gives you a sense of power and freedom. This is a very good day for health and the energy you have regenerates and revives.


Love – Acts or omissions cast long shadows and so Capricorns may forgive but will not forget – they are taking the subtle signs and reading more into these to make conclusions which will temper your future reactions.

Career – Your moods and feelings will be more intense right now and you will develop strong opinions on things. Sometimes you will get into heated debates but these can be very stimulating.

Health – You need to be careful when exercising that you do not strain muscles or tendons and so make sure you wear the appropriate shoes or supports an warm up well.


Love – Aquarians are rather insecure and easily hurt; however, you guys are coming across as cool and even rather detached or invincible like you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

Career – As you begin something new, you will not know quite how you are going to do it, but you need to have faith that you can indeed do it, and once you start trying, the methods will begin to unfold before you

Health – Aquarians will look to be more independent, and that will mean being in control of your own health choices and not relying on a doctor, trainer or group support.


Love – It can be very tricky to deal with love issues diplomatically without ruining the rapport and creating awkwardness for your wider cirlce of friends or family, so you need react appropriately and proportionately.

Career – You may be about to start something of importance regarding putting your stamp on a process or project or making your mark on the world, so make sure you get it all perfect from the get go.

Health – Stress can come from children – you may have battles of wills with them or they may disregard your advice. You will just have to remember that they probably were just like you at the same age.


A SEALED FATE has just been released in audio book.

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A chain of tragic deaths across Dubai spanning two decades. Only Valda knows they were not accidents, but murders. Her name is next on that list.

Spunky singer Valda ditches her old life in Cape Town for a new start in glittering Dubai. Armed with just her cigarettes and some attitude, she sets about reigniting her career and putting to bed the heartache over her former boyfriend Richard.

Valda does indeed find success, and to her astonishment, love, but all is threatened when she is introduced to a billionaire sheikh. Her clandestine liaison with the sheikh propels her into a murky web of deceit, and when newspaper clippings of seemingly accidental deaths across Dubai are posted anonymously to her, it is clear she is rushing headlong into the same fate. No one dares cross the sheikh and she can hardly hardly turn to the law, so with few options open she confides in Larissa. As an astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the sheikh’s destinies were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret. Lara resolves to help Valda flee Dubai and the ever-tightening grip of the sheikh; but should Valda be putting all her faith in her new friend and guru of the grimoires?

Together, Valda and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian roulette where the stakes are their lives, and their adversary, Fate itself.

A thoroughly modern cocktail of intrigue, passion, and suspense set against the exotic locales of Cape Town and Dubai with an eclectic mix of characters, a perfect beverage if you like a tangy lemon peel in your drink as this one has a twist at the end too, but you’ll have to listen to discover it.

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HOLLY LEAVES – FREE June 13 – Nothing is as it seemed and nothing will ever be the same again.


Thriller Holly leaves

Thriller Holly leaves

When five friends go to a psychic for a reading; the predictions make no sense at all because they just cannot envision the tragic circumstances in which everything the psychic says will come to pass.

A group of relatives and pals agree to go for a group reading with a mysterious psychic: their emotions range from eager anticipation to nervous excitement and in the case of Sasha a poo-poing and putting it all down to hocus pocus entertainment.

Yesod catches their attention with pin point accuracy about their pasts and inner conflicts; however her predictions about the future appear to some baffling and out of sync with the reality they all know. Even sceptic Sasha is thrown off kilter by Yesod’s apparent inability – or was it rather a disguised refusal – to read her.

The session strikes a chord of confusion and self doubt into Lee and Gemma; but was the reading so elliptical for Lianne. Did she read something into it the others have missed? Why does Lianne go asking pertinent questions about her past while alienating herself from the others?
Michelle is overcome with guilt: she believes she knows that her own dirty secret lies behind Lianne’s strange behaviour. Confiding in Lee, she reveals all.
But is Michelle’s hunch correct or is the truth so deeply buried in the psyche of one of the other friends that even Yesod could not perceive it.

Seemingly unbreakable friendships are wrecked in a web of deception, lies and infidelity and someone will pay the ultimate price. Nothing is as it seemed and nothing will ever be the same again.

Some skeletons are best left in the closet.