GIVE-A-WAY Tricky, devious thriller – Review from Susannah St Claire Vive Voice

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This is the second book of Lisa Gordon’s that I have read. “A Sealed Fate” was a
nice little book. Lisa did give the reader some tricky curves in it but this
book? “Next of Sin” just knocks the ball out of the park, so to speak. She has a
way of writing that kinda gets you in a groove , reading along, kinda ho hum and
then she gives you a bend in the road.. slips along again and then gives you a
hard right.. slips along and then dumps you right off the cliff. I love
The book follows a family that seems fairly normal, Gaby, the youngest,
Meagan and their older brother Clinton. The golden boy. When Gaby was four, her
oldest sister Alison died while swimming in the ocean on a family outing which
caused their mother to commit suicide by way of alcohol and pills. The family
never really got over it even though their father remarried not too long after
her mom’s death. Gaby meanwhile, just slipped rose colored glasses over her face
and let life take her where it led which was to a summer wedding with her
boyfriend Piers. She had become a lawyer because of her father and wasn’t too
thrilled with her job and even found married life very dull and unrewarding.
After a trip to the bathroom with a bunch of her gal pals at a high school
reunion , she did something very unusual for the conservative Gabriella, she
smoked a joint . Somehow it unlocked the nightmares that had been surfacing in
her sleep for most of her life. She “saw” something that was unbelievable that
had been hidden for all these years that her four year old mind had never
accepted. Herein begins the REAL tale. The title is SO apt once you find out
what is in that four year old’s memory and then it leads you on a chase that
should keep you turning pages. Not wanting to give up more, let me just say, it
sure got a hold on me and I skipped through 600 pages in a day or so. ( even if
it IS doubled spaced! 🙂 ) I highly recommend this as a great thriller. I sure
can’t wait for the next one but Lisa?? This is going to be hard to top!