Gemini Girl Love Horoscope 2020

Relationship issues and dilemmas

How and where to meet your man?

Will you fall in love?

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Gemini Horoscope 2018 – Life, Love, Career and Health

Gemini_Horoscope_2018GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2018 is here; BIGGER AND BETTER!

“2018 is a year of magic, not David Copperfield magic where you can make an air-plane disappear, but a magic which sees inner confidence growing and dissolving previously held beliefs which had became obstacles and hurdles. Your world begins to expand with work more exciting and stimulating and health more vibrant, with more knowledge and opportunities to improve health and resolve issues. You are expanding your awareness of who you are and what you can achieve and you are pushing the limits. You have a chance this year to work with exciting and vibrant people who inspire you to grow as a person as well as improving your attitudes to work and belief in what you do. Belief is essential to work and Gemini may find themselves in new positions or new jobs where you really believe in what you do and strive to do more because it matter so much. Travel in the course of your work is highly possible and there are increased benefits and perks connected to your occupation.
In love there is a richness and a desire to know each other better, even if you have been together for a long time, there is a rediscovery and a revived passion. Love is not a magic bubble or a puffy cloud that drifts across the sky, it is a deep purple velvet against your skin in a log cabin on a cold night.”

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GEMINI and ARIES Love and Relationship Compatability

Are party animal Gemini and Go Getter Aries a good match in love?

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