CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE 2017 is now available

“Capricorn are not just looking to create change in their life by shuffling the pieces around the chess board: you want a new chessboard, new opponents, new strategies and maybe even a new game to go alongside the chess.
2017 is a year to feel your own power and sense of personal achievement. You need to pit yourself against the odds to test your ability to make things happen. Success leads to more success as there is this cumulative nature to this year’s activities, things build on what went before and so you move ahead in a linear way rather than like a rollercoaster going up and down. Sometimes events may take you by surprise and be more successful than you imagined or indeed may have unintended but pleasing consequences.
While many events are fated this year, the outcomes are not – it is all to play for and you can determine the outcome with the right attitude or with a renewal of attitudes. Do not assume that things have to happen in a certain way, a combination of sheer willpower and application of wits can mould the outcome in the shape of your vision.”

Following the success of HOROSCOPE 2014, 2015, 2016 and the Brexit, US Election and astrology vlogs Lazuli will again be releasing 12 books: one for each star sign’s horoscope for 2017.
A big thank you to all the amazon and B&N buyers who supported me over the past 3 years and also to my youtube channel subscribers.
Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2017 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering ‘what now’ in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2017? What opportunities can they supply the energy for?
Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book. Includes a detailed yearly overview for Capricorn, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life and career. A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.
NOTE: These are monthly horoscopes

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If you are interested in astrology, numerology, palm reading, psychic readings, clairvoyance etc then you are already aware that life is not one big coincidence, but a series of patterns and puzzles from which we can decipher clues as to our unique potentials and destiny.

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As many of you know I write books on astrology, however numerology is the perfect complement to astrology in terms of gaining an insight into your personality, psychology and life path.

Numerology is a simple way of gaining insights into yourself and others via those most fundamental letters and numbers connected to you ie your name and date of birth. The date of birth is key as it is the one constant in life: our name and place we live changes, but as the compass always points North, our date of birth is fixed and fundamental to who we are.

The purpose of this book is to dive right into numerology with a hands on guide to how to calculate your numbers from your birth date and name and to derive what they mean for you.

Numerology Deciphered exclusive to amazon

Numerology Deciphered exclusive to amazon