Daily Horoscope May 27, 2018


Love – This is a day to call if you are going to be late; to pick up after yourself; to do the cooking, even if it’s not your ‘job’ – every little bit counts, and every extra bit of consideration or appreciation you can show goes a long way in terms of love and romance.

Career – Loose lips sink ships – you have the tendency to say things off the cuff, which can cause unintended problems.

Health – Health issues to do with the time of year may affect you, i.e., in the northern hemisphere you may have hay fever, asthma, heatstroke, dehydration, prickly heat or bites or in the Southern Hemisphere, flu, arthritis, aches and pains or coughs.


Love – You will not walk on eggshells, and you won’t lose your temper either; you will be inclined to state your opinions in a matter-of-fact way without being over-emotional, and this can be very effective.

Career – You are capable of being very persuasive and can win people over with attention to detail and information provided. You must be thorough and persistent, and you should not allow colleagues to put you off or distract you.

Health – It may be that anger is a defence against passion, i.e. someone who really excites you may enrage you in equal measure. You may almost not want to fall for this person as you know that it will be a very intense relationship, and you are in two minds whether you want that.


Love – In relationships, love and sex, more stability means a sacrifice regarding freedom in the short run as you adapt to changing circumstances.

Career – Family matters can mean that your full attention is not on work this week ahead, and so if you can arrange things in advance, it is best to keep the week free from major commitments, so you have more flexibility.

Health – Today sees the start of experiences that are out of the ordinary and often hard to interpret; you are challenged to expand your horizons and to let go of staunchly held beliefs, especially about others.


Love – People pleasing is great, but every so often you need to break out of that mode of being what others want you to be and be all about YOU.

Career – Be very specific about what you want from people and give the lists, check sheets or notes, send them memos and make sure they have no excuse not to be in the loop.

Health – Facing fears head on and confronting daunting issues can lead to some extremely positive outcomes and new starts for Cancer.


Love – The more you can love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself for who you are, the better and more fulfilling and smooth love relationships can be.

Career – You can easily increase your incomings this coming week as your boss may offer you extra hours, you may do some work outside your regular job, or you may raise money by selling something you no longer use – money is available to be earned if you look hard enough.

Health – Leo need to look within, learn to love themselves and build up that self-worth irrespective of what others are saying and doing.


Love – Respect is key in relationships this month. If you are in a new romance, you will make a point of setting out your likes, dislikes and red flags – you want clarity from the start.

Career – This is a very good time for Virgo who write comedy, blogs, columns or commentary or even draw satirical cartoons – you have a cynical and yet incisive way of looking at and depicting world events, and you can produce some excellent material.

Health – Even if you are already having success regarding getting fitter, losing weight, improving self-image etc, this is the time to take those goals to the next level and create further milestones to aim for.


Love – This is a time when issues in love are sensitive. You are more needy and more vulnerable emotionally right now, and so you need to be careful you do not overreact to what is not really there.

Career – Librans are extremely creative, and when one is creative, one has ups and downs, and it is via those ups and downs that greater inspiration is generated.

Health – A good day for relaxing on holiday (i.e. laying at the beach all day) – rather than a day packed with sightseeing.


Love – In all romantic relationships, you have quite a bit of emotion stored up, and you are not finding it easy to express it and frustration both sexual and emotional is building. Do not rile your partner into expressing your anger; own them and deal with them.

Career – You have a very keen perception of the underlying motives of others, and you can use this to help you understand and manage your teams or staff.

Health – You may not want to commit to anything as you may feel that you really need to give everything your attention, but you should act decisively as the sooner you make decisions and discard what you don’t need (regarding input, information or assistance) the better. Decisiveness earns you more respect that weighing options endlessly.


Love – Communication needs to be two-way; you may get so involved in what you are saying that you forget about your partner’s desire to have a word in. You are quite good at talking and not so good at listening, and so try to bear that in mind.

Career – This is a powerful time regarding your personal development and gaining a feeling of being more in control of your destiny. If you have felt underappreciated in your workplace or overlooked, this is the time you will start to make them stand up and take notice.

Health – Your curiosity is insatiable, and you really need the stimulation of new places with a different buzz and vibe about them.


Love – You are witty and playful and single Capricorn will take a devil may care attitude in love risking a little embarrassment to make an impression.

Career – You may choose one side thinking it is the right way to go, only to find that to your surprise no one agrees with you – it is as if the moral codes keep changing and you cannot keep up.

Health – There may be a mismatch of needs in your relationships and sudden arguments and disagreements are possible, but do not take this to heart as the gap is not as wide as you think it is.


Love – Aquarius value stability and loyalty, and today a Taurean mate can be a steadfast supporter and confidante who will back you through thick and thin. The Bull will demand appreciation – remember Bulls like deeds, not words.

Career – This is a very productive time for methodical and technical work or anything that requires use of machinery or specific techniques. You are adept at planning and executing that plan in a systematic way.

Health – It is important to work consistently and not to overwork – you must leave time for rest, sunlight and exercise. Look after your bone health in by taking Calcium and Vitamin D and not straining your back.


Love – Spoil yourself and be more tolerant of your partner’s emotions (even if he/she is being emotionally unresponsive), know when to back off, wait for the right moment and then unleash your feelings of love and romance.

Career – Your main problem right now is that you are enthusiastic and spontaneous, and you keep coming across people who are conservative and rather cautious, which means you feel inhibited. You need to inject them with some of your energy while learning that perhaps a slower pace can achieve more.

Health – This is a priod of paying back favours, and so if you were on the receiving end of any favour in the past, expect that person to ask something in return right now – this may be a little uncomfortable, and you will need to work around the situation carefully.

Daily Horoscope April 28, 2018


Love – Love life is about balance right now – balance of need, balance of fun and also of responsibility. Look closely to see what part of the mix you have neglected and focus attention there.

Career – With Sun in the second trine Saturn, this is an excellent day for reviewing budgets and catching up with paperwork to do with your finances – Aries in their own business should be making forward plans for the next 3 months with targets and projections.

Health – This is a good period for Aries in terms of motivation, positivity and with respect to making constructive and achievable plans to improve your life not only in terms of activity but in terms of positive mental outlets as well.


Love – Taureans benefit from being even tempered and rational and so even what is annoying can be handled in a calm way that can resolve a problem or reassure a partner.

Career – This can be a great time to put your mind to something and execute – plans can come together and theory can combine with practice for some swift progress.

Health – The battle against poor diet and unhealthy food is halfway won if you plan and so even if you do fish Friday, no meat Monday, salad Saturday etc, even a basic plan for each week can help eliminate take away days and binges.


Love – Communications and sex are brought together by a trine between the Sun and Saturn meaning that you need to get talking about sex constructively and tackling any problems that are impeding sex life with good advice and a calm, unemotional stance.

Career – This is a good period for those of you who work in a very big companies or government departments to look for new roles or jobs and liaise with personnel to see how you can advance – you have the ability right now to step up and you need to let those who have influence see your ambition.

Health – Gemini need to get into a good sleep routine and so instead of using the weekend to rave it up, use the weekend to wind down and get into a calm frame of mind – avoid what is hectic and embrace what is soothing.


Love – Your partner may receive an award or bonus; either way good news or progress in your partner’s health or work can give you both a shot in the arm and a much needed relationship boost.

Career – This is a time when work you have done to build relationships in your professional community or the work you have put into networking and finding others with similar goals to both support, mentor and bounce ideas off pays off. You may get a great industry tip via one of your contacts.

Health – Worries and anxiety are less and there is a feeling of being in control which helps Cancerians feel energetic and also more motivated about eating well. Your discipline and restraint are firm.


Love – It is time to be commanding in love – be the lion and not a mouse, stand for what is right not for what will get you by in the short run.

Career – Positions of leadership could possibly open up for you, and Leo can use the next few days to come to terms with any ongoing difficulties that you may have with authority, you will grow in confidence with you power to make decisions and keep to them.

Health – Leo are well placed to appreciate the meaningfulness of the vital areas of your life as you have the perspective to separate the important from the unimportant and that helps settle your mind and give you clear sight on where to go next.


Love – You need to be the one thinking about the future of your relationship – give it direction, this should not be a out pressure but about inspiring goals.

Career – Virgo should think more about your image; think of you as a brand and how you are building that brand – how up-to-date are you LinkedIn or other professional profiles and you project a consistent image in twitter

Health – Too boost mental power (for study and also to lower anxiety) avoid trans fats and also foods high in copper like liver, sunflower seeds, lentils and dark chocolate.


Love – Sex life tends to have more purpose right now, it is not so much a fumble in the night or a badly timed drunken kiss, it is more about a coming together of pleasure and spiritual connectivity,

Career – This is a good time to pool resources and raise funds and so looking to start a Go Fund Me page or a crowd funding initiative can be worthwhile.

Health – Grapes and blueberries combined are somewhat of a dream team that fills you and gives you added calories as well as mental stamina.


Love – Love right now means really understanding your partner or date and not be satisfied with a superficial understanding of them which may be based on what you want to believe rather than truth.

Career – Build bridges right now – new relationship established and new connections made should be made not with flippant intent but with a desire to see them grow.

Health – Scorpio should avoid peppers and members of the nightshade family ie egg plant and zucchini/courgette right now as they are very acidic.


Love – Agreements can be made over how to spend money on long term goals, for example family holidays or children’s education – you and your partner are more aspirational and that can help motivate you both and draw you together.

Career – Take time to get to know colleagues, do not think that a superficial understanding of them is enough, you need to get deeper knowledge of who you are working with.

Health – Steady progress can be made in terms of fitness, but the key is steady, you cannot do more than you are ready for.


Love – Capricorn in difficult relationships or going through a rough phase are handed extra energy and emotional staying power that will help you stay anchored during this storm.

Career – Weigh up options fairly, pursue justice but delay make decisions; the decisions you come to now are are in your best interests and can form a good base for future but you must approach them slowly.

Health – Clear goals and benchmarks are vital; you need to know what progress means and that should not only be about pounds lost or miles run, take a note of how you may be sleeping better or even performing better mentally.


Love – Jealousy is never acceptable and yet often women get away with it more than men as it is seen as a women’s prerogative – but it is always destructive and should be examined for the insecurity which drives it.

Career – This is a time where projects come to fruition and money rolls in and so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour feeling a good job is done.

Health – Are you always hungry? The oleic acid found in avocado is a fatty acid linked to feeling full. Italian studies show that eating a breakfast with avocado and thus oleic acid led to eating 250 less calories at lunch compared to an on oleic acid based breakfast.


Love – This is good time for relationships that begin within a work or an obligation context – you may fall in love while doing something you hate doing and have to do.

Career – Working with others should never lead to you losing your voice and so the challenge for Pisces is to dominate the conversation and be an ideas leader even if you are working within a very big group – be bold about stepping forward as soon as the opportunity resents itself.

Health – Acknowledge the truth even if painful as like all pain, after the initial stab it gets easy and you can move beyond it to an ultimately better place.

Daily Horoscope February 9, 2018


Love – You are inclined to speak direct from the heart and your communications with your partner (new or old) are much more effective as you have this inclination to blurt out just the right thing.

Career – While brainstorming is great you really need to take the first practical step no matter how small to get major missions going.

Health – Increase your Vitamin K intake with carrots, cabbage and other greens or eating good bacteria in yogurt, this vitamin may be your missing ingredient in bone, hair and nail health.


Love – You are highly conversational and yet not that keen to listen and so you start conversations or ask questions only to walk off mid way through.

Career – A last minute dot com kinda day when you can never quite say something is done, as just as you try and finish something, an new little piece of the puzzle crops up.

Health – If you are dieting or exercising more you may well need to supplement your B vitamin intake or nutrients like potassium and manganese.


Love – Gemini are rather idealistic in love and long for a feeling of specialness stemming from an intimate connection – reality can disappoint and the best romance right now can be found in a steamy novel rather than in your bedroom.

Career – A great day for debating and dealing with people as your reaction time is fast and you can take on new information and decide quickly what to do and how to use it immediately to get ahead.

Health – Have you ever heard of Vitamin P, it is especially important for Gemini, and can be found in tea, onions, cranberries and lingonberries. It is excellent for liver cleansing.


Love – Your ego tends to get in the way when you start discussions and so this is not a good time to talk about anything you are invested in in terms of your pride.

Career – A greater emotional awareness helps you respond to situations and people with a greater degree of confidence in your ability to read signs – meaning you can go just a little further than the surface facts would suggest possible.

Health – Gentle movement and exercises where movements are smooth and slow rather than fast and jerky are more beneficial and so chose swimming over weights or aerobics.


Love – Be careful not to give your partner the wrong impression just because you are sloppy about revealing details – if there is anything you feel needs clarification then make sure you are as crystal clear and do not leave anything to your partner’s imagination.

Career – A day where negotiations and discussions with other are stressful and energy sapping – you may be dealing with people who just do not know what they want and who keep changing the goal posts.

Health – Avoid Caffeine and try one of the teas which promote relaxation ie chamomile flowers, oatstraw, valerian, and passionflower teas. Stress may make you reach for wine and coffee, but you are better off with a soothing herbal tea.


Love – There is a great desire to trust right now – it is almost as if you need to trust rather than to be cynical because it makes you feel good about who you are. While this is a good thing, keep an ear open to others who try and ring a warning bell.

Career – A time when you need to have your head screwed on and to harness the creative energies of others encouraging them to be more structured about applying their skills. You have to balance encouragement with some stick (rather than carrot) or those you work with many not have enough focus.

Health – Are you getting enough Vitamin E – if you are on a fat free diet you may not be and so ensure you take a supplement as Vitamin E is vital for Virgo especially.


Love – Some careful planning is needed if you want to experience romance – love is last on the list right now and you have to be quite creative to find a window where you are both in the right frame of mind for affection.

Career – You may receive very important information from your boss or from a mentor and it is vital that you use it well as knowledge is power and you have the power right now.

Health – While you need to get away from it all physically this weekend; mentally you need to stay plugged in to what is going on at the office and so you may not be able to switch off even if you are technically ‘away’.


Love – An excellent night for a movie, theatre or music event – Scorpio are eager to have their right brain stimulated with images and aesthetics and so the more creatively you explore or engage you are the more sexy your feel.

Career – Those who criticise you will feel your wrath as you will strongly rebut any dissenting comments; you are not going to let anything fly and you will have the last word.

Health – If you are not eating dairy you need to increase your intake of nuts and legumes as Vitamin B and Vitamin E are essential right now.


Love – While you can be blunt, you cannot accept bluntness back and so Sagittarians should not throw stones while you are in a glass house frame of mind.

Career – Working hard and playing hard, Sagittarians have been running about all day and you are not finished yet, you are ready for a highly social night out.

Health – Increase your use of turmeric in your food and make sure you use it with some black pepper and olive oil to increase your body’s ability to tackle aches and pains.


Love – You are ready to trust the judgement of your partner, you are open to hearing a firm argument well put and can put your ego aside to change your mind.

Career – An excellent time to put together lessons, seminars and any lecture or presentation designed to educate and disseminate skills and tricks of the trade.

Health – Reduce sugar, sugar substitutes and also limit you intake of grapes and oranges – you are bets of with berries, root veg and lamb. The Nordic Diet could suit you very well right now.


Love – Not the best night for first dates unless you already know the other person rather well. You can be very nervous with strangers right now and so not a good time for cold dating.

Career – What you say can have a big impact right now and so chose your words carefully and use today to put ideas forward especially if these ideas are likely to be challenged. Even difficult subjects can be addressed right now and headway can be made.

Health – You need to increase your intake of Vitamin A – try foods like carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin and oranges but add these to meaty stews rather than to smoothies as you need to mix them with fats for more absorbency.


Love – A time when struggle and very difficult and demanding relationships are spiritually rewarding and the hardship actually gives your purpose in life definition.

Career – This is time to follow you heart and trust your instincts, however doing this may not lead to easy choices, but it will lead to correct longer terms ones though.

Health – Think about supplementing with zinc – the earth, as in the soil, is more and more zinc depleted in many areas and so to make the most your any vitamin C you may be taking to warm off seasonal colds and flu, take zinc.