Daily Horoscope Feb 7, 2018


Love – You can be impatient with what is dull and routine in terms of your sex and romantic life and this impatience can make you appear cold and even arrogant, have more respect for the mores and norms that actually make your relationship work.

Career – Creatively you are full of impetus and ideas for your next project and yet the time is not right, you need to finish what you have started and plough energy into making what you are working on to day really rock.

Health – Your ambition in terms of new health and fitness regimes is high but your actual follow through rates tends to be poor – it is a good time to plan and get excited about new directions that will improve your life, but not necessarily a time to implement.


Love – A day to explore intimate issues and to ask yourself why things are not going as well sexually as you would like – it may well be down to your own detachment of late and you should analyse that.

Career – There is this need to gloss over whatever you feel is standing in your way without actually dealing with it, Taurus want to be ostriches right now and put their heads in the sand and pretend it ain’t happening.

Health – You have far more energy to tackle lingering problems in your family or within your household and you can have a positive effect yet you must be more patient for results to come in.


Love – You are a hit on the social scene as per usual and this is bolstered by your ability to cooperate and work harmoniously with your partner on emotional matters and in terms of planning. Your ego and pride are strongly influenced by how you are received romantically and sexually today.

Career – Information comes at you like a super highway and it can be hard not to be distracted by what seems like the golden goose, do not chase after illusionary pot of golds at the end of some information rainbow.

Health – A great deal of optimism can help you to cope and also to make sense of events right now, you are however not that motivated to tackle pressing issues practically.


Love – You may have to lend your partner some money or give an ex partner some leeway in terms of payments owing, Cancer have to be patient with money issues in love.

Career – Time to streamline and tidy up your routines, details are vital and so get organised and focus on the little cogs that make the big wheels turn more efficiently.

Health – Self worth comes into focus and if you are feeling low this is a time when you may spend more or get carried away with impulse eating or even pointless flirtation.


Love – A very playful day where you cast off fears and worries and live for the moment, this helps you get romance back on track and to stimulate a sense of fun that may be lost in your love life.

Career – A very good day for all presentational and public work – you are emitting confidence and enthusiasm and can rally others and inspire people with your message.

Health – You feel really fee to be who you want to be and this helps improve your energy and helps you combat the lethargy that often arises from ego suppression and people pleasing.


Love – A day where you demand more certainly on the home front, not a day when your partner can duck answers as you are in an investigative frame of mind and you want clarity on issues you see as germain.

Career – You can draw on an inner well of wisdom today that will help you make even the trickiest of decisions with a cool head and a clear conscience.

Health – Relaxation techniques are vital today and anything you do which fosters deep states of relaxation from medication to self hypnosis to music to a hot soothing drink is important. You cannot go to bed wired up, you need to thorough relax before you try and sleep.

Love – Having a common cause and sharing a vision can be the special ingredient that makes you love life rock even if other factors are pulling you in different directions.

Career – Be careful that in chasing what you perceive to be the next big thing you actually miss the really small but vital smaller thing that can change the course of your work focus in a significant way.

Health – A day when you are very restless and need expansion – do not become too daring as you can forget about limits and targets you have set yourself falling off the wagon.


Love – You are not in the mood for guilt or for examining yourself too closely – if something feels good in that moment, you go for it and that can be especially so I terms of romance and making the first move on someone out of the blue.

Career – Scorpio are prone to rushing off on tangent, you will look for tenuous reasons to dump one course of action in order to pursue what seems newer, grander or bigger or perhaps just plain different.

Health – Boredom is the biggest threat to your resolutions about health, diet and even spending as, as soon as you get bored you lose discipline and throw caution to the wind.


Love – In love you have to be a little more realistic right now as your expectations are running away with you and you cannot seem to bring those visions in line with Wednesday’s reality.

Career – It should be all about you, you shining and you looking after #1 – resist the urge to step aside and let anyone take credit for what is wholey or partially your work.

Health – A little bravery goes a long way and so make the move to do something for which you must summons courage and you will be pleasantly surprised at yourself.


Love – There are lots of sexual opportunities, however you may find that one person in particular has your number and despite the competition you cannot get them off you mind.

Career – A day where you can grab victory from the jaws of defeat with a last minute brain wave or acting on a stroke of luck – keep improvising and stay in the game right to the end.

Health – You have to watch out for snowballing emotions, obsessions or pre-occupations that start consuming inordinate amounts of time and energy today.


Love – Watch out for old friends or lover who suddenly start showing you some love, they are after something and you may end up the poorer for it.

Career – Networking efforts and business get togethers can be a waste of time right now an are best avoided or not invested in to too a great an extent – leave early and get on with some more productive activity.

Health – Follow the scent of anything which is weird and wacky as the unconventional may hold both emotional and spiritual answers or clues that enhance your grasp of perplexing issues.


Love – Honesty and integrity are vital in love and you need to make sure you are totally clear and leave nothing to your partner’s imagination – be honest, direct and crystal clear in all communications. The more said the better.

Career – Nail down what is most important and give that your all, success now is all about knowing what is the key element of you work and throwing your energy and creativity into that.

Health – Health is given a boost and any medical or dental procedure right now will proceed with less stress and quick recovery.

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Leila, in London, is single and playing the field with the emphasis on playing. Kimi is in NYC heading for splitsville with her cranky and possibly cheating hubbie. They bare all in their spicy emails to each other about the bad, mad and dangerous to know of the male world and how there is a fine line between love and farce.

A thoroughly modern and quirky tale of life, love and lust in 2015 and how social media has lead to a very new moral or immoral code.

Funny, lively and fast moving.

Warning: Some bad lingo and mild sexual content.

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This book tells the tale of two women’s lives via the vehicle of their email exchanges. As the book takes the form of emails it is very in intensive in terms of action as there are no lengthy descriptions or irrelevant waffle it’s just frank banter and heart to heart revelations. The author kinda gets how in the cyber world we reveal stuff and do stuff we would not do in ‘real’ life as somehow what goes down in cyberspace, stays in cyberspace..or does it.

Both Kimi and Leila have rather modern attitudes about love and dating and they certainly don’t take no prisoners. Although this is a light-hearted read, some more serious issues ie stalking, divorce and affairs are tackled in a realistic way.

This is a very lively and pacey book and you will be pleasantly amused by the many unexpected turns.

I know another review criticized the grammar of this book; but I feel that it was written in a highly colloquial way and just how one writes when we write emails – it is not meant to be written like a novel where all the syntax is dead right. It’s conversational.
It’s fast moving and very modern. The author does not dwell on things; it’s really about having a laugh and not to be taken seriously like a full length novel.
This is the first time that I’ve read a story that was told entirely through email transactions, and I have to say that I quite liked it! That was definitely a very clever way of telling a story and I think the author executed it well. This is a fun, short, and fast-paced read that can easily be read in one setting (trust me, you’ll want to!). Can’t wait to see more from this author.