Self Publishing – The Book, the Blurb, the Cover.



As you all know getting reviews is crucial if you want to hook buyers.  It can also be time consuming and laborious and with so many authors hounding reviewers it’s tougher than ever.

Let me help.

I can get you 9 reviews (4 verified)

Please be in touch if you require this service.  I have been in the Indie Publishing game for 6 years and have 15 of my own titles published.  Many of you know me well from this blog.

GOOD Reviews sell books.

NOTE: Reviews are genuine and will reflect the quality of your work.




Are you an author of fiction or non-fiction?

Do you dream of publishing a book?

Have you heard all about the Indie Publishing phenomenon?

I have been in the Indie publishing game for 7 years and I know all the ropes.  I have published 15 of my own books (including best sellers) as well as books for others.

* I would love to help you publish your kindle/ebook and paperback.

* I will help you get going with 8 reviews on amazon.

* I will help you design an awesome cover.

* I will help you start making sales.

* Your books can be ready in less than two weeks

* Help with blurb, keyword and niche placement.

My help is ideal for those who do not have time to publish and promote their book.  I can also help authors who are struggling to get reviews and get their sales rolling.

Additional services are: editing and proofing, KDP benefit management and audio book creation.


Contact me via the form or check out my books here and here

I welcome all types of book in both fiction and non fiction including short stories and collections.



Are you an author?

Do you have no time to market your book?

Do you have no time to seek out reviews?

Do you have no time to promote your FREE or 99cent days.

Let me help.  I am an established author with 5 years experience of indie publishing and promoting.

Get in touch to let me know your needs.