Daily Horoscope March 3, 2018


Love – A day when you want to be frank and lay out some of your ideas, you are future orientated and you feel like you need to shake things up and put some new plans in action as a way to keep the relationship fresh and engaging.

Career – Aries are not satisfied with themselves, you are driven to take that extra step even if it involves a risk as you feel the need to keep pushing for more. You are working hard and also working with big ideas in mind.

Health – You can become restless today with mundane or repetitive tasks – Aries’ need for expansion and challenge is coming to the fore and that makes you very spontaneous and eager for any excuse to throw out the rule book and just go with your heart.


Love – Taurus want freedom and leeway in love right now – you will resist questions about what you are doing, where you are going etc, as you feel spontaneous and not like you need to explain yourself.

Career – A good time to catch up on reading and also get to better grips with important information in your industry.

Health – Your diet should include a great variety and you can afford to have a few naughty things as long as you also include your 5 a day of fresh fruit and veg or juice. Stay hydrated and drink non caffeine drinks.


Love – A great day to chill out with your partner – forget the complicated social events and pleasing others, just disconnect the phone and have a lazy time together with no pressure.

Career – You are very curious about people and that makes you a canny negotiator and persuader – this is a powerful time to win others to your side or to calming talk people around.

Health – You are willing to talk about ongoing relationship issues with parents, family or friends and yet you are so keen not to offend that you may dance around issues and not make much progress.


Love – This is a time in relationships when Capricorn are more demanding and also more ambitious in love – you see that bigger and better things are possible and you want to push for that rather that accepting a dull and uninspiring version of what could be.

Career – While you have a great deal of ambition and ideas right now, you are so bogged down with urgent and demanding work that your ambitions have to go on the back burner which can mean some frustration, but there is no reason the planning cannot carry on in your head during the wee small hours.

Health – Moderation is very important in health, you tend to over exaggerate or become overly concerned about issues in a way that can cause excessive over reactions rather than sensible pro active action.


Love – There may be circumstances where you need to choose between your family or a parent and your new partner – we cannot be all things to all people, and yet sometimes those close want a big piece of us.

Career – Sometimes better money management just means actually thinking more about where you spend – make a monthly chart and see if you can alter expenditure; you may be shocked at how much waste there is.

Health – Take your foot off the gas – the temptation is to keep your foot on the gas and go hell for tilt forward to achieve your aims, but this may not necessarily get you anywhere.


Love – If things have been tough in your marriage, there can be a sudden improvement and change of fortunes. In any event, there is a fresh new feel to relationships with added spark and a renewed sense of love and compromise.

Career – Where you work with others, you should not take criticism personally; you may identify very strongly with your ideas and see any challenge to them as an affront, but you need to step away from that attitude and see what you can take onboard and how you can improve in response to advice or constructive criticism.

Health – You may also examine your identity with respect to that of your parents or the society you come from, and you may realise that you have changed, and in making those changes you are moving away from where you came from – this can be a significant period of growth and evolvement for you.


Love – You may withdraw in relationships now partly due to your own doubts – it may well be that you are exaggerating problems, and yet you cannot be hurried, you can only work through things in your own time.

Career – You can also reduce your workload by carefully weeding out work you do for others which they should be doing for themselves – be cruel to be kind, and make sure you do not help out others at your own expense; let them stand on their own two feet.

Health – Lifestyle choices are in focus right now, and you need to be more aware of how these affect your long-term health. It is not just about diet; although you can indeed look at reducing how much processed meat you eat, you may also look beyond diet to the amount of time you spend in the sun; exposure to noise pollution or back strain, etc.


Love – This is a time to be carefree in love, so be spontaneous and see what happens. Your love life is ripe with potential, and Cupid is just waiting for a chance to strike.

Career – You will have a renewed zest for creative projects and for anything that has lost steam and has become a little sterile and dull; will see more impetus and ideas flowing that will revitalise your creative and social projects.

Health – This is a time of good karma when help you gave to friends or work you put into groups can turn about to give you a boost.


Love – Today is very much about you and your personality – you have the ability to shape relationships for better or for worse by your attitude and approach.

Career – March is also ideal for business whose clientele are mainly women or who market to women. Even if you supply products to both genders, it is best to focus your marketing towards women this month and so you may put those plans in motion from today.

Health – This is a very good time for tackling issues in the home and family for the purpose of making life easier and minimising distraction. You may start looking at new homes; start renovating a home or build an extension. There may also be changes in your family life, i.e. children who leave home, a parent who moves in or a relative who comes to stay for a few weeks.


Love – Good communication runs both ways, and you need to remember to listen and try to understand; hear the words and the feelings and emotions behind those words.

Career – You don’t want to be expressing opinions without checking the facts; you have a tendency to assume that you know something without checking the veracity of the information you have based your opinions on.

Health – If you had a difficult relationship with siblings, this is the time for an olive branch and a new start. You can be very magnanimous, and that is a great help in all your day to day contacts with this person/people.


Love – Financial affairs between couples are complicated right now, and those of you who are getting together may have to have lengthy discussions about prenups – however, it can be very diplomatic and constructive.

Career – While money is not everything, there is no doubt that being paid for what you do makes you feel valued, motivated and part of society. Aquarians will get more fulfilment from their work, and their work or skills will be more valued and appreciated than usual.

Health – You need to shut yourself off from what others are doing and from needless comparisons – make your own way regardless of the allure of the more trodden path.


Love – This is a time when Pisces are extremely attractive and quite enchanting – many may fall under your spell, and you should be careful not to break hearts as you may inadvertently lead others on.

Career – Be careful of information you purchase, i.e., data, customer lists, instructive courses, lists, etc. – make sure you purchase from a reputable source where you can check reviews from other customers.

Health – There is a strong sense of karmic reward, where things you have done in the past, i.e., work put in, contributing to another person’s life journey, work done in conjunction with others, etc. can pave the way for new opportunities and open doors for you.

A Sealed Fate Creates Quite the Scene



Thrillers can be so cookie cutter today, so it was nice to encounter one that clearly was not. A Sealed Fate draws readers in by setting a fantastic scene: an outsider’s view of Dubai.

And setting, for thrillers, is so important. To really feel the tension, one must be able to really see the setting, to imagine oneself in it. It’s no easy task, but Lisa Gordon does it well, painting for us a detailed picture of life in Dubai, providing us with a variety of creative, independent characters that make the plot pop even more.

Valda is a woman with a broken past, seeking a new start, a new life, in a new land. But as things seem to be turning in her favor, she meets a billionaire sheikh, and all bets are off. Her friend, Larissa, an astrologer, tells her that both she and the shadowy sheikh are sealed together (hence the title), but at the same time, she keeps some secrets back from Valda.

Gordon’s novel is a short one, and that works in its favor. She keeps her plot moving at a quick pace which keeps the reader’s attention, yet she doesn’t quicken it enough to skirt around character depth or setting detail. It’s the type of book that is easily read in a few sittings (or even one, if you’re truly hooked!), but it stays with you as well. Gordon’s writing style lends itself well to mystery and suspense. If she keeps it up (which I’m sure she will), she’ll have plenty of more great stories coming our way!
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