Daily Horoscope March 17, 2018


Love – You need to strike a balance in love between pushing harder for what you want and need while not becoming pushy and impatient – you need to bring positive change to your love life but you should make it a team effort not something where you are just fighting your own corner.

Career – No rest this weekend as you are eager to gain an advantage by putting in extra hours of work or brain storming.

Health – You tend to say things today which put others on the defensive, you look to disrupt harmony to get at the truth, you have an inner turmoil like mental eczema which you deal with by confronting people or issues.


Love – You have a more positive and confident attitude about sex, and you demand an energetic and animated your response from sexual partner. You know when to turn on the charm by saying and doing just the right things at the right times!

Career – Taurus have a greater sense of independence and you are strong-willed, and you have a knack for inspiring others to support your ideas and efforts. It feels good to be a free thinker and that is what inspires others around you and gets you noticed.

Health – Get active and use the energy of Mars to get the blood pumping in any way you can – the method is not important, the endorphins generated are.


Love – You may want to take a few small risks in love – now what you regard as ‘risk’ really depends on your personality, but a risk could be anything from trying a new way to meet a partner, breaking a rule you have set for yourself, i.e. no workplace romances, asking someone you hardly know out, etc.

Career – Using your talents for the common goal without expecting a payback can be the key to changing your life direction in a positive way for months to come.

Health – As Mars enters your 8th house you will see a burst of energy and you should use that to make a break from the past or tackle a regressive habit, and it does not matter how small or in what area of life they are – any routine or mind-set which you tackle now can have a greater impact on your confidence, well-being and life prospects than you think.


Love – Friends can be of great support to you and may offer valuable advice, but that advice can be hard to take especially if it is about your love life.

Career – Cancer are not likely to walk away from a challenge, although knowing when to stand and fight, when to be stubborn and when to let the other person have a hollow temporary victory is essential. Backing down now need not be a defeat it could be tactical.

Health – Pick your battles and manage your energy well today as getting too heated or worked up about something small can be totally counter productive and will cause nothing by headaches.


Love – Trust and respect of each other’s values is vital this weekend – when trust breaks down, so does intimacy, and the sex becomes robotic and meaningless.

Career – “We don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need,” as the song goes. It is important to get working with what you have rather than waste time fretting about what you want or over how you think things could be.

Health – Hard work now can lead to tiredness which in turn leads to despondency and so make sure you eat well – avoid heavy foods like pastry and red meat, eat more fruit and take Vitamin B12 and potassium.


Love – Virgo are very comfortable with their sexuality and you can actually help your partner or a new partner becoming more comfortable with their sexuality.

Career – Today it is all about doing what you enjoy and being creative – forget the details and run with the inspirational and expansive or creative ideas for your business.

Health – You feel enlivened by competitive situations and Virgo women especially, enjoy the company of men and debate with men. Your physical vitality is strong and you have good energy reserves improving stamina so that you can work hard and play hard this weekend.


Love – A good time to be busy and productive as a couple; work on goals and work to make family life better, more fun and more dynamic.

Career – A good time to put together letters, memos or presentations which need a combative and direct tone that can set an agenda rather than just covey information.

Health – Mars square ascendant is a great time for Libra as you become less of a people pleaser and are able to say, “Hey where is mine!” and thus you take back some ground lost by being too diplomatic.


Love – You can wear your partner out as you are very demanding – your high energy means you can just keep going and it can be annoying to you when your partner cannot keep up. It’s a hot kitchen with Scorpio, not for the faint hearted.

Career – Scorpio come on strong with opinions and ideas and you state your opinions forcefully and then assume others will go along with you, but you could get further if you are a little more open to listening.

Health – Scorpio have an obvious zest for life and you seek out experiences that are novel and varied. With an overabundance of energy you can become restless if you’re not constantly on the move.


Love – Sagittarians may be non-committal in new relationships as you are trying to find yourself – this can be frustrating for your new lover who will find it hard to read you and know how to please you.

Career – With Mars entering your second house being self-reliant and going with the decisions you make without looking back and without self-criticism is vital – hold your breath, close your eyes and jump.

Health – Avoid energy drinks and fizzy drinks with added caffeine and sweetener as these can make you very jittery and will keep you alert but not with an ability to concentrate.


Love – Your happiness in relationships is directly proportionate to your level of confidence – if you are in good shape in terms of self esteem you are happy now, but if self esteem is poor you are more combative and jealous.

Career – Capricorn are driven to accomplish what you guys set out to do no matter how hard. You throw energy at anything worthwhile today, quite relentlessly.

Health – You react fast to stimuli and so you need to take less of alternate therapies to get the same result. Avoid strongly perfumed products and any area with a powerful smell be it frying or roasting food as this can give you a headache.


Love – Private and passionate is the theme in love – you are more likely to be private about expressing affection i.e. you may act cool towards your partner in public, but behind the scenes at home you are red hot and ready to go.

Career – Other people respond to strength – nothing wishy-washy inspires or motivates – your strength of mind and soul is good to be around.

Health – Aquarians are plagued by a need to prove themselves in ways that are not ultimately very nourishing: so what if everyone thinks you have a cool car or a designer label? When you are alone, do those same things that give you kudos make you happy?


Love – You demand independence today and want to do your own thing without having to explain or be curtailed – you are going to do whatever you are going to do and cannot be talked out of it.

Career – Pisces can be quite stubborn and you are not willing “throw in the towel” once you have selected a position, however you have a strong sense of fairness and will back down if you can be convinced that your position is hypocritical in any way.

Health – Eat more carbs right now, especially bananas, sweet potato, brown rice, oranges, apples and navy beans to boost energy naturally.


Daily Horoscope March 11, 2018


Love – You can come across as impertinent in love, you are more demanding than usual as those demands are driven by a need for some adventure and sponteneity. You have to satisfy some of your needs yourself. You are all about leading now, but not much about personal responsibility.

Career – Aries want their own way right now, you are very impulsive and you want to do things in your own style, it can be very annoying to you when you have to wait for others to complete something before you can get on.

Health – You need to get out and be involved in activities which are highly engaging or challenging. Boredom is you biggest problem as if you are not busy with something you will be headed for the fridge to get chocolate or all the bad things.


Love – You can often be superficial in that you hide your real emotions and feelings as it is easier than creating drama: harmony is your main aim.

Career – There is a need to apply logic and reason to everything and this presents a challenge as matters of importance happen randomly, but these experiences awaken in you the power of the unpredictable.

Health – Positive new outlets for emotional expression, be they creative or based around charitable pursuits can serve as an escape.


Love – Gemini cannot resist the smell of battle and even in relationships you are keen to debate and convince your partner to do new things or jump on board a project with you.

Career – A good time for team management, you can see where people are most useful and you can get them motivated and working on projects. You don’t mind interfering in the work of others, but you won’t stand anyone telling you what to do or how to do it.

Health – While caffeine is OK is small doses, make sure you have a quality coffee rather than a caffeinated soda. Have plenty of water, even more if you are drinking a few coffees a day.


Love – Relations with Aries, Leo and Aquarius as well as with other Cancerians are more fractious – these signs are quite combative and defensive, but perhaps a good frank exchange of views is what you need to rid the air of tension.

Career – You react angrily, but you also calm down quite fast, this is a good day to get something off your chest and just give it to someone straight. Be logical and not emotional and make sure you stick to facts and do not get drawn into mudslinging

Health – Eat more chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon rather than bacon, sausages and red meat cuts. Add seeds and nuts to salad and sandwiches.


Love – You can get your partner to reveal much for very little information from you in return, you are able to speak freely without actually saying much.

Career – You are rather competitive and you come back strong when the competition up their game – Leo enjoy a challenge and you can be the one to throw down the gauntlet to the opposition.

Health – You are keen on sporting pursuits today and Leo can have success in ventures which are physically demanding. You quickly recover from mistakes and set-backs.


Love – With Uranus trine your 8th ruler, love and relationships are expansive and exotic, and that need not mean that you meet a gorgeous foreign guy or gal or that you are swept away on a roller-coaster holiday romance; not at all, experience in love tends to enlighten and surprise on many levels including philosophical as they take you into new unchartered territory and test your comfort zones.

Career – Today you need to take power back from the group and reassert who you are independent of any friendships or associations that you hang out with or sign up to.

Health – It is a time to embrace being different and to throw off any masks you wear to make yourself more ‘acceptable’ to the people and places you think matter. Only when you move will you begin to feel your shackles. Who really matters?


Love – Not being compatible can be an unusual sort of turn on, especially if you are in a situation where you both have your own places and can enjoy a relationship without moving in and having to try to agree on everything.

Career – Circumstances impel you to make some changes; often things come to a head and you wonder why it took you so long to be able to identify or confront this issue.

Health – In some cases a very forceful or magnetic individual can speed up what could be a long process of healing (psychological or physical) as their strong personality has a great effect on you.


Love – You are very good at identifying what is needed in any situation, what you partner or lover wants and expects and how to give them what they need or indeed to give the impression that you are giving them what they need.

Career – You are most content when you are actively pursuing something and keeping busy – not a good day for a day off or for doing shopping and wasting time in queues. You are more interested in work than office small talk.

Health – A great day for an after work run or cycle. You may even walk home rather than use the bus as you have added energy and feel like being active. You probably won’t lay on the sofa tonight…is it too early for a spring clean I wonder?


Love – You do not need much provoking right now and it is easy for your partner to get a rise out of you. You are less tolerant and certainly less patient in relationships.

Career – You can be a little inconsistent, one minute you are rushing into something with great verve and then next thing you lose interest and fitter away time on silly details. You are best in the heat of battle with the pressure turned up right now.

Health – Peanut butter, noodles with stir fry (no spicy sauces), bananas, walnuts, baked potatoes and cheesy bakes are excellent foods to add to your repertoire in the coming weeks as these help you deal with irritation and aggravation.


Love – Expectations in love can be quite high as you are rather idealistic right now; perhaps you need to cut you partner some slack and give them some breathing space.

Career – You are putting in a great deal of effort right now, but truth be told you are concentrating on the bit of the work you like best and not spending as much time on those elements that bore you,

Health – Your health improves today with a burst of energy that will last some weeks. You are standing up for yourself and saying ‘No’ with ease and that helps your overall well being as you sweep away the things which annoy and demoralise you.


Love – Aquarius must deal with and quash interference from others, and that can be parents in law, your parents or other would be advice givers or do gooders. Keep your own counsel and be more coy with what you say about your love life to others

Career – You could be making more of an impression than you think you have, just not had the feedback yet. Whatever you do, do not make assumptions, and do not go on old criteria or form as things may go against the run of play right now and could surprise you.

Health – While you need stronger boundaries from those close to you who seek to externalise their issues, your healing can be their healing too, and so you should not shut yourself off totally.


Love – Capricorn crave variety and intellectual stimulation in love and that need is heightened right now and so if your partner is a reflective mood, you may have to phone as friend for some banter. New love relationships with Librans and Aries may spark up.

Career -Capricorn in the healing and caring professions are very successful right now as you have a deep insight into others and you are also able to assist people going through grief and trauma by saying the right thing.

Health – Hypochondria and worry over health can occur if you are bored and lonely – so the best cure for what could be called imaginary ills is company.

Daily Horoscope March 4, 2018


Love – Not a great time to make promises, a better time to indulge yourself and look to meet your own needs rather than to make sacrifices for a relationship. Look after your self, compromise right now backfires as you heart is not in it.

Career – Say it like it is, be honest and authentic – a time to pull the plug out of what you have lost the feel for. A time to be full on Aries and not like the water and earth signs.

Health – Restraint can only cause headaches and ever set off fevers – bad health now is often trigged by a need to escape something or break out of a trap you have fallen into.


Love – You are highly sociable today and so whether you are married or single it is good to look up friends and organise events as you need get out and benefit from the support, humour and camaraderie of friendship groups

Career – A time to work with others and harmonise and so when thinking of your week ahead, check on how everyone is feeling and what the vibe is, and look to work in tandem with the mood and the general flow. Not a good time to going contra the prevailing mood

Health – A time when a lingering sore throat may be hard to shift and you must avoid dairy products and gluten to ensure you get well fast. Eat more spinach as you may be low on iron.


Love – You and your partner have very different motivations and that makes you view problems from angles that tend to be so bizarrely different that making decisions, especially medium term, one is impossible.

Career – People in authority or even your manager can really test you right now – they are inclined to have a ‘my way or the highway’ approach and you will have to bid your time to prove them wrong

Health – Know your limits and pick your battles as energy can be wasted if you allow yourself to be drawn into conflicts or activities with a very low percentage of success.


Love – A great time in love with other water or earth signs as things flow harmoniously and you can both agree on what goals to set for the next few months and it can be quite invigorating to set targets

Career – You are doing better than you think and so you need a quick recap on all the positives and how you can start to double down on those positives – this is not the time to let anything slow your momentum.

Health – A good day to get physically active and you will find that the day snowballs with you achieving far more than you expected with both fitness and healthy eating goals.


Love – Leo enjoy it when their partner injects some get up and go; you need a little injection of energy from your partner as you own energy has sagged somewhat. If Leo have become a little reclusive or shy, an outgoing new partner or date can be what you need to relaunch your social life.

Career – Time to regroup before Monday; your head is filled with ideas and yet you need to settle on one objective so that you can build something around that, as right now you are rather scattered in terms of the overall picture.

Health – While you are physically quite fit, psychologically you are a little drained as emotionally things are a little confused and there is turmoil within that may not settle until the next week.


Love – Do not get drawn into conflicts of your partner; his/her battles are his/her battles and you should not invest in them emotionally more than you should.

Career – While your energy is rather high, you can go for overkill and so you have to pace yourself and stop the urge to grab at things – bide your time.

Health – Events now can throw a light on aspects of yourself or your thinking that are usually obscure – not only is you character tested, but you have to confront aspects of yourself that you do not like.

Love – Librans are rather selfless today and nothing is too much trouble to do for your loved one – for Libra giving really is better than receiving.

Career – If you have to present a debate or give a presentation, you can give a rousing barnstorming, emotive address which can rally others to your cause; so a good time to record a youtube address or write a speech.

Health – Librans should focus on heart health from today – you need to gently up your rate of physical activity so that your heart gets a proper workout. You may have been more sedentary in winter or the heat of February in the South and so you need to get back to more ambitious fitness targets.


Love – There is a serious side to Scorpio, and you do not take well to be teased or criticised. You can, however, be very critical especially when it comes to the way your partner dresses or behaves in public.

Career – You may ponder long and hard changes or opportunities at work or a new job offer could mean that you start thinking about moving home to be closer to the new job or in some cases so that you can have a home office as you plan to do more work from home.

Health – Scorpio are beating themselves black and blue with self criticism, so much so that you can forget the good you are doing and totally lose perspective.


Love – There is a fine line between trying to impress someone and being a know it all. Sagittarians can allow a certain over zealousness in new or indeed established relationships to come across as competitive and one upmanship-ish.

Career – It is now time to make peace with anyone you crossed in the past, even if it was their fault, there is no harm in you making the first steps to smooth it over as this may just be vital to your 2018 career plan.

Health – All work with children is pretty stimulating, and you can learn as much from them as they can from you. You may have more time to do fun, educational activities with your children or to take them to places like museums or exhibitions.


Love – If you do plan to do any internet dating via a dating site or app, be very careful and read the reviews and also terms and conditions – make sure the site you use has plenty of legitimate users and is not just a site for flirting and bored married people looking for trouble.

Career – A terrific time for new inventions or innovations, even seemingly impossible plans can begin to take shape, powered by your unshakeable vision in them.

Health – Old habits are hard to break and today it can be easy to regress into habits which make you feel safe or secure or which are a back stop when you feel uncertain.


Love – Individuality is reclaimed, personal identity is remoulded and Aquarians remake themselves in your own image, rather than continuing to play a role.

Career – You are more attracted to unusual ideas and are scientifically quite curious, and so if your work or hobbies involve science and technology, you are going to be very distracted as you delve through all the ins and outs.

Health – This a serious day time when you have to put in the grind and concentrate. It is a great period for detail work and also for being highly critical – you can work long hours, often alone and can achieve a great deal as you are mentally tenacious.


Love – Your deeper needs are often satisfied via intellectual and spiritual conversations and connections with others and the love and relationship sector of life is where you look for some certainty, some down to earth practicality and even some reliable and comforting boredom.

Career – Positive new outlets for emotional expression, be they creative or based around charitable pursuits can serve as an escape. Events now can catapult you into a new arena of life, causing a sudden release of responsibility or obligation.

Health – Faith in a unique or even divine purpose and a higher calling eases stress and opens doors for you.


Daily Horoscope for February 26, 2018


Love – You are not your usual decisive self and you will defer to your partner in matters especially financial. You look for agreement and will not make decisions alone.

Career – You may suddenly lose faith with what you are doing or with your direction but you will be able to change tack quickly and make the most of an opportunity to tweak things.

Health – You are rather tormented right now as you know what needs to be done and yet you cannot do it – logic is at odds with emotional motivations and this can be quite upsetting, try not overthink, do what you need to do for the short term.


Love – Love relationships are more intense right now and there is greater depth to what is exchanged between the two of you. New relationships that start now are more open and deeply help emotions and secrets tend to gush out.

Career – Do not be scared to compromise as it can be done successfully without making any sacrifice that matters greatly on your part. You can gain more out of any negotiation.

Health – The power of attraction is working for Taureans especially via connections with others and so keep communicating and meeting other people in many different circumstances as you have a powerful influence over others who will want to support or work with you.


Love – You can get frustrated if you are not agreed with – you are in a mood where it’s my way or the highway, as you do not want certain ideas and plans of yours challenged.

Career – A day of successful information gathering and also great variety – take any chance you get to do something out of the routine or get away from the office to run errands or try a new role.

Health – Try mint or chamomile tea today as you tend to become nervy or even over excited as Mercury square your sun heightens your responses to stimuli and also to the environment making you rather jumpy and excitable and so a soothing tea can help you make the most of your energy without getting stressed.


Love – Cancerians are really in a good mood and romance can arise with co workers. Existing relationships are on the up in terms of understanding and the fun element, as you are easy going and suggestable.

Career – A good time to make decisions, make lists and be decisive on any lingering issues – set yourself goals for today and nail them.

Health – One problem today is that you do not always give personal decisions the weight they require, you tend to rush headlong into what appeals to you in the moment, not perhaps taking account of the longer term commitments you could be triggering.


Love – You are more feisty and competitive in love, and you tend to act before you start worrying about the possible ramifications, and in this case, it works in your favour as you do not have time to talk yourself out of what will be positive moves.

Career – You have a good balance between your idealism and optimism or vision for the future and also a realistic sense of what can be achieved, which leads to good business decisions and concrete progress along the trajectory.

Health – Motivation is not a problem, even though acting on whims can sometimes waste your time; however, you almost have to follow impulses to get them out of your system.

Love – Watch out for having your arm twisted, you can be manipulated right now quite easily in love as you perhaps believe what you wish to and what feels comfortable rather than what is true.

Career – Today reading, re reading and carefully editing whatever you write is important – you need to check facts, remove vagueness and also be sensitive as you may come under scrutiny than usual.

Health – Virgo doing strenuous exercise may suffer increased inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, this can place a strain on the immune system. Eat more blueberries as they help counter exercise-induced stresses on the immune system.

Love – Relationships can benefit from some reminiscing – what is in the past can be a kind a treasure, that has become forgotten or buried or tarnished and you need to polish it up and value it again.

Career – You are able to focus with great determination and tenacity at anything you identify as key – you are great at seeing what is important and doubling down on that.

Health – Good health right now is all about elimination and so a great time to cut a certain food group or product out of your diet for good.


Love – In new love relationships, do not give up yet, keep working at it and keep looking deeper and trying to understand not judge.

Career – You are very resourceful and ingenious at solving problems – if in doubt you will not hang about for help to arrive, you will use your wits and roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and sort it out.

Health – Scorpio have a greater willingness to closely examine whatever is missing in your life and you are willing to make the tough decisions in connection with removing obstacle, which may even be people, that stop you from experiencing fulfilment.


Love – Co-operation is the name of your game as you will do your upmost to avoid conflict and keep the good vibes flowing. Having fun trumps matters of principle right now.

Career – Sagittarians can work on and enhance any artistic ability that you possess taking it to the next level as you have increased confidence in your talents can produce with greater originality and also higher quality.

Health – You are in the mood to reach out to people and you really do not need their acceptance or validation in return, you are gratified by knowing that you held the olive branch and you forgave and the ball is now in their court.


Love – Capricorn are more protective of your private romantic life. You are unlikely to want to share details of your intimate life with friends or family. It is a time to keep love life under wraps.

Career – When tempted by an enticing new opportunity ask yourself if it is a good fit with your career plan and vision for you and your businesses future: it is you? If not it may just be an exciting distraction from what is really important.

Health – Avoid public transport and use the internet, zoom, facebook live or other methods to conduct meetings on line. Travelling can be stressful and also wasteful today.


Love – You may misrepresent your views as perhaps you have not quite thought through something and so best to stay off political or highly charged subjects as you can easily be taken the wrong way and give the wrong impression.

Career – Decisions and directions can quickly be abandoned as you realise you do not have the energy or ability to follow them through and so thing often end very differently what you imagined at the start of the day.

Health – This is a powerful time for meditation and any form of psychoanalysis. Emotions are that much closer to the surface and can be probed and investigated.


Love – You are more aware of what is subtle, you pick up on the undercurrents and concealed emotions of you partner and you are very good at pre empting problems and skirting around agressions.

Career – With a clear idea of where you stand on issues and what you are trying to achieve you are the tip of the spear and can be very effective at both communicating and directing the argument.

Health – You are in a hectic phase and you need to increase the amount of B Vitamins in your diet with asparagus, sunflower seeds, fish, avocado, nuts, legumes and shellfish.


Daily Horoscope February 22, 2018


Love – Aries are known as being an open book, you are frank and open especially in love, but right now you are revelling in being more private and even secretive and keep stuff under your hat.

Career – You are able to work well within frameworks right now, even if you resent authority or a hierarchy you can still work within it quite effectively.

Health – You may have to deal more with institutions in connection with getting your needs met health wise – health often has a lot to do with playing the system.


Love – A time to refocus on quality communication, you need to find those common strands that get you both excited and motivated and also the things which make you laugh – you are perhaps focusing too much on the negatives.

Career – You have to be careful of not caving in to the herd, it can be easier to just go with the pack, but you should not forget who you are and what you really believe.

Health – Hearing about other people’s accomplishments can make you doubt yourself and right now it is challenge to refocus on your goals and believe in your unique talents, but you must regroup for an new onslaught on your bucket list.


Love – New love affairs with people at work or who work in a related field will be off to a cracking start. Work commonalities fuel desire and even if you are extremely time pressured there is always time for sex.

Career – A time of embracing chances and feeling that things are going to go for you no matter what. Right now you cannot lose and while the outcome may not be 100% what you expected, you will move foreward.

Health – A very intense period of relations with your parents and while these can be stressful they can also be productive in perhaps renewing some of your perspectives.


Love – It is almost impossible for you to be satisfied in love as your expectations are very high and you can almost lose your perspective by getting too immersed in your imagine ideals.

Career – If you have been following a path that was not really valid just because you were stubborn, a crisis will now force you to reassess and the quicker you adapt the better.

Health – Be careful in sports as you are prone to torn ligaments. Watch out for excess calorie consumption as well, so avoid smoothies if you are also having a filling carbo loaded meal.


Love – You are optimistic about relationships and Leo are eager to increase intimacy and improve sexual relations and in that cause you are happy to be more adventurous and push your own boundaries.

Career – In cases where you are jointly in control of money or resources make sure that you know what your partner or partner are doing as what they do can impact on you.

Health – It is all about knowing what you cannot control and either letting the emotions tied up in that go, or avoiding situations which bring you face to face with that or those things.


Love – There are so many emotions, needs, attitudes, egotistical stances on both sides that your sphere of relationships are a mine field than can be impossible to navigate without some explosions.

Career – Discussions and negotiation can be very productive in terms of the exchanges and yet there may be far more questions than answers at the moment and you will have to leave many issues for another day.

Health – A good time to flush out your kidneys and detoxify your urinary system and you could use golden rod, horse tail or celery root as these are powerful herbs for this purpose.


Love – Nothing is simple for Librans and you tend to treat relationship problems like a mortician or pathologist treats a body – you are respectful but highly probing and often after answers that are concealed.

Career – You may have to deal with many new people in the work place – there can be a greater amount of coming and going meaning you have to train, control and also adjust to the newcomers, some of whom may be temporary.

Health – Librans have a myriad of conflicting health issues right now and yet often they stem from dehydration and poor digestion and a day long fast or day of fruit only may help reset your body.


Love – Love is a very complicated business – love makes demands and also asks some questions that perhaps you are not ready to answer. Scorpio may be looking at some relationships and wondering if they are ready.

Career – Too many cooks spoil the broth and often too many ideas can lead to a creative process that is congested with terrific notions but short on direction and key aims and so look to know where you are headed so you can chose the right ideas to proceed with.

Health – Scorpio should look to eat protein, less starch or sugar, but more lecithin The mineral most needed this coming week is magnesium phosphate found in foods like almonds, walnuts, rye bread, eggs, apples, barley, blueberries, cabbage, cucumbers, lemons and onions.


Love – You are very big on weighing pros and cons in new or potential relationships, but you can be guilty of reducing everything to a logical basis and actually forgetting about chemistry and the je ne sais quoi that really makes romance rock.

Career – Balancing home life and work is especially challenging – many Sagittarians may be in a phase where they are on maternity leave or off work for study and you can miss the buzz of the work world. You may be facing a dilemma about whether to return to work or not.

Health – Sagittarians are prone to swelling or inflammation and you could try using more turmeric in your food as well as reducing peppers, courgettes and tomatoes, especially tomato paste.


Love – Watch out for TMI in love as you can go overboard telling your new lover things about yourself and you may later regret having been so forthcoming.

Career – You have great independence in terms of your thinking and you are in a phase of being more open to new and even radical ideas – you want to know everything from all angles even if you do not yet know what to do with that info. You are almost hording information.

Health – Relaxation is very important as is extra sleep. Eat more food containing thiamine and potassium chloride like apricots, carrots, celery, pineapples, asparagus, cauliflower, and sweet corn.


Love – While you want your partner to be unpredictable you actually can be quite predictable and set in your ways and perhaps you should be the one to embrace a little drama and fire from your end.

Career – You are highly realistic, but that can also make you pessimistic and so you must remember to temper all your factual analysis with the ideal, the dream and that intangible thing that brings magic to the mix.

Health – Foods that can bolster your health at this time of year seafood and other iodine-rich foods like apples, pink Himalayan salt, kelp, green peppers, salmon, turkey, beetroot, radishes and spinach.


Love – You have a raw, passionate go getter mind frame right now that will surprise the partners of those of you in long term relationships, but it is great for your sex life and for getting new relationships fast off the ground.

Career – Goals right now could be open ended and you need to make them more specific with time frames built in as well as non abstract benchmarks.

Health – Pisces should be eating more fresh salads, especially romaine lettuce, watercress and spinach. Elderflower juice with apple is good as long as it is naturally flavoured. Take extra potassium if you are feeling lethargic.


Daily Horoscope February 21, 2018


Love – Your idealistic nature and also your desire to work with your partner to pool your talent and align energies mean you can take joint aims foreward.

Career – Together we are stronger is the theme, and Aries are a uniting and inspiring force who can bring together those with diverse ideas and opinions to act for a common purpose.

Health – You may find yourself involved in some complex issues to do with your mother’s extended family, and these may become quite tricky emotionally as nothing is what it seems.


Love – Taurus need to be very careful how they handle joint funds which you have responsibility over – keep all receipts, and be methodical and cautious about how you spend for the sake of trust and harmony in love.

Career – Some secrecy may be required over a delicate issue – but you must reveal the secret before it is revealed for you; your sense of timing and mood must be spot on.

Health – Friends may not have your back as they are secretly jealous or resentful of you and so be careful who you rely on and where you look for support.


Love – It can be quite an effort for you to just switch off and be content with a cuddle on the sofa and a peaceful meal in with your partner.

Career – You may have to rely on someone’s help to do something, and this can mean you have to put your pride on the shelf for a while, but do not let your ego stop you from getting this assistance as it can add energy and momentum to your projects.

Health – The frenzied pace and erratic, changeable nature of right now suit single Gemini who are looking to cast the net far and wide and have as many new experiences as possible.


Love – You may begin to sense some tacit limits or restrictions imposed by a partner, and suddenly you have the desire to test these limits; are they real or imagined? This can mean you are les agreeable.

Career – Stay flexible, and do not shoot from the hip this month; be considered and strategic in your actions.

Health – It is very easy to waste energy on things which later have to be destroyed or canned and also to arouse opposition which will take a while to heal.


Love – Intimacy can be intensified from today, and while not all conversations are comfortable, you are able to initiate healing and enter a deeper phase in your relationship

Career – This is an ambitious time and also a financially successful one. Money tends to come your way, and you can expand your business, your clients, or get a promotion and so keep your foot on the pedal.

Health – Look deep within for strength, and you will find it as you know truth is on your side and you just have to keep communicating and getting your message out there until others get it.


Love – This is a passionate time when Virgo are more aware of the inner beast, the inner minx, and you want your sex life to be vibrant, making you feel alive.

Career – There is quite a degree of tension at work, and there can be pressure with deadlines and targets to be reached. It is very hard to stick to schedules as events tend to have a mind of their own, and new information tends to bring surprises, often welcome in the long run but not in the short run.

Health – Rest and good nutrition are essential right now – more zinc, coenzyme Q10, potassium, and magnesium are essential to combat energy depletion. You also need more space and time alone – that means properly alone with no phone or Wi-Fi nearby.


Love – You may have to reset the boundaries and remodel the way you perceive each other – wires are crossed and too many fixed assumptions are making mountains out of molehills.

Career – Other people may take some of the things you say more personally than you have expected, and in this case, get ready to smooth ruffled feathers for the same goal.

Health – Libran are pretty irritable with anything which feels dull and ordinary, and so you will prioritise activities that bring the most variety and excitement into your life – not a good month for mundane chores or admin.


Love – Scorpio are no pushover, and you will stand your ground, especially on matters of personal concern. Your partner will be wise not to cross you as you have a tiger in the tank.

Career – This is a good day for reaching targets, and Scorpio can shift stock or products quite easily; you are more aggressive about selling, and you are also more audacious about how you plug your qualities and professional attributes.

Health – For many Scorpio, a home move or home transformation may be on the cards, and again this can be a distraction from other goals, so you have to work overtime to keep all objectives in sight and not falling off the edge of the horizon.


Love – You do what you have to do to keep up appearances, but your private thoughts and intended actions will be very different from what you appear to be doing.

Career – Connections and relationships built in the past, i.e., a good relationship with an old boss can now become very useful regarding getting a good reference or providing you with a key contact or bit of information.

Health – You can reduce nerves by using role play with a friend or in front of a mirror to get prepped for important interviews and presentations.


Love – You need to do some preparation to make the sexual experience as terrific as it can be and so cue the music and have that massage oil ready so that you can both get oiled up hands-on and ready for action.

Career – There is a drive to hoard or to stock up to take advantage of bulk buy savings – make sure you are buying what you really need.

Health – A change is as good as a holiday and so keep ringing the changes by going to new shopping malls, different restaurants, taking in a movie (if you rarely do that), finding new routes to walk the dog or perhaps buying a bike and cycling to work. Forget the routine and shake it up.


Love – Sleeping with an ex just because it feels safe is not a good idea; if you are not together anymore, they are not part of your sex life.

Career – Read fine print and make sure you are aware of all rights and obligations. Even if you get financial advice, make damned sure it’s totally impartial.

Health – It is time to think about your weaknesses; you have to be totally honest about what they are, and then you have to think about how to either tackle them or get around them.


Love – You are not always tactful or diplomatic in love, but you are warm-blooded, wholehearted and spirited. You have a great deal of desire, and your sexual energy is totally charged up.

Career – This is a very good time to get organised regarding getting paperwork and documents together for applications, proposals or presentations. You are very good at laying out your case or your proposal with clarity and with excellent references to supporting documents and evidence.

Health – Your mood impacts your health, and so you have to watch out for negative emotions and keep them in check. Do not stress about the little things, instead cut out waste and excess, to streamline your life.


Daily Horoscope February 18, 2018


Love – You should keep important promises, but if you feel cornered and as if you have been forced into something that does not feel right, just say NO.

Career – This is not a good time to do anything technical or systematic and you are rather scatty and distracted and are better suited to creative and intuitive work than practical endeavours.

Health – A day for some time off and putting your feet up, you may even feel a cold or flu coming on and you should rest and take on plenty of fluids and vitamin C just in case.


Love – You can get your own way with some clever and timely points made, you are hard to argue with as you are armed with facts and know how to use them. You can talk your partner into activities that suit you.

Career – A good day for sparring or taking on the ideas of others, dismantling them and putting your own ideas forward. A good day to draft a memo or proposal or fill in forms in connection with tax or bureaucracy.

Health – You have to be very careful with friends as your mixed feeling towards them or indeed your own turbulent emotions can be projected onto them in a way that damages friendships causing you both anger and pain.


Love – You are saying one thing and yet your body language is saying something else, perhaps your body is more in tune with your sub conscious – this makes you hard to know and yet you think you are being totally opaque.

Career – You need to be very careful in career decisions right now, you must make careful calculations and think everything through as while Venus brings opportunity and the chance for success, Mars is there waiting to compromise you if you move too fast.

Health – Input from parents can be demoralising and perhaps even self-serving and so be wary of anything that comes from parent or authority figures, take it with a pinch of salt. Wear extra ankle protection for sports and protect the Achilles tendon.


Love – You are very expansive and yet that can put you at odds with your partner in terms of value judgements – your partner seems to back more conservative thinking and wants to stick with what they know.

Career – You will seek out stimulating company and look at arrange meet ups and get togethers possibly with colleagues. A good time to improve relationships with colleagues via social interactions.

Health – Cancerians must be careful with taking risks especially physical risks, as while the great outdoors calls you may come a cropper if you are too gung ho.


Love – Ego conflicts are possible in love, especially over a possession that matters to you or any issue close to your heart, feelings are closer to the surface and angers bubble up as it is hard to supress and you may just want to give your partner a piece of your mind.

Career – You try and be as clear as possible in fact you go out of your way to be direct and to explain yourself and it is very frustrating when people still cannot get the message.

Health – Anger is a big problem right now and you need to release anger in small appropriate bursts by saying what needs to be said, or just getting away from that situation and working off the anger with exercise.


Love – This is not a great time to make radical decisions in love or relationships as you do not have enough information and what you do know you may be misinterpreted.

Career – You enjoy debating issues just for the sake of it and you find that playing devil’s advocate is rather exciting – try not to wind people up.

Health – Keep a close eye on your enemies and do not underestimate them, you do so at your peril. Right now you are vulnerable to stress and also anxiety stemming from attacks by others, not physical but emotional.


Love – Libra need to be as clear and specific as possible in love as vague comments or criticism can lead to an escalation in misunderstanding.

Career – Not a good time to outsource or take on new staff, if you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

Health – Libra must take extra care of their health as you are more vulnerable to colds and flu in the next 2 weeks. Take extra Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc. If you feel something coming on try turmeric in honey with a little black pepper.


Love – A very confusing time in romance and there are mixed messages. You may both have different perspective which make having fun a complex issue fraught with challenges.

Career – While you feel highly creative you are not quite sure what you are trying to achieve – spend more time defining your objectives and know what you are looking for or else you can waste energy.

Health – Your energy comes and goes and so commit only to short bursts of activity rather than nailing yourself down to anything longwinded.


Love – Your partner may be working away forcing you to deal with some loneliness and having to make decisions especially about the children alone. This is a time when it all comes down to you and you need to develop or extend self reliance.

Career – It can be very hard to coordinate groups today especially if events centre on your home – it is best to focus on your part in things and leave others to their own devices.

Health – You are easily distracted and also annoyed and so the more time you spend alone or pursuing solo fitness activities preferably in the great outdoors the better.


Love – You are hard to keep up with and you tend to express yourself half-heartedly as no sooner have you articulated one thought, you are already onto the next one. You can tire your partner out with your chatter and this is not a great time for those with Sagittarius and Virgo.

Career – You are driven by work right now; it is on your mind and even on a Sunday you are keen to work on ideas and develop some new strategies. You should perhaps keep things closer to your chest, not a good time to go public with plans or ideas.

Health – Not a good day for travelling locally – better to stay at home or in your local vicinity, avoid cycling.


Love – A difference in values can make for a serious breakdown in communications – a time to veer away from issues on which you have strongly entrenched or emotionally charged views.

Career – A day to hold off on major financial decisions as you are not thinking clearly and can easily be led in the wrong direction with information that sounds very certain on the surface but which is all but certain.

Health – For the next few days avoid grains, sugars, and other highly processed and starchy foods to ensure that your immunity is not compromised.


Love – There is a twinkle in your eye and a sense of fun, you are the one who wants to initiate love, romance and also sex. You are more than happy to start conversations with new potential lovers.

Career – You will find you are under scrutiny and have to keep up high standards with someone breathing down your neck and watching your every move.

Health – This is a time to stay away from coffee and food that is high in additives ie sauces or dressings. Take time to make your own salad dressings and buy natural flavourings to sex up dishes.