LIBRA in May and June

Passive aggression are the key words for Libra this spring.  How are you expressing your anger and frustration right now, even if you are holding it back it may be having a subliminal effect on those around you.  Maybe you are projecting that anger and experiencing it through others.  Try and own up to your feelings and do not feel martyred as that will increase not diminish your level of frustration on a desire level and on a spiritual level.  There is a call to to be self-sacrificing right now and to surrender to forces beyond your control; this does not play well with Libra who like to be the boss.

The solar eclipse in late April will bring the issue of sharing to the forefront – this may mean how you and your partner manage your joint account or issues of money between yourself and a business partner.  As a Libran you will want things balanced fairly.

Sex is certainly a theme and so are your boundaries – what are the undercurrents in your relationship, how are these affecting your sex life?  Perhaps it is via sex that you can influence your partner.  Could sex be the key in understanding yourself better?  Your sex life will give you clues about what is right or wrong with your relationship or with the intimate side of your life.



You are not very self-aware right now; somehow you are very much caught within your own perspective and are not seeing how your own emotions and reactions to situations may be part of the cause of negativity from outside.  Talking to your close friends and your partner could give you a far better take on how you are coming across.  If your partner or spouse says that you are snappy, sulky or irritable then take them seriously.  You need some time alone this period to work through certain feelings and emotions, you have a nagging sense of things not being right and yet you cannot put your finger on what is actually wrong.  This feeling will of course affect all relationships, especially intimate ones and so talk about it and let your partner know why you need some space.

Single Librans are best staying away from serious romance this period as you don’t know yourself and you are not sure what you want.  Go out with mates and platonic friends and let your hair down, commitment and the game that comes with romance is not what you need right now.

From: HOROSCOPE 2014

May Cancer Horoscope

Balancing the demands of work and career is a hard act to pull off this Spring.  There is just so much going on right now in terms of changes within your career and life direction, big changes going on in the life of your partner and inner changes within yourself.  This is a big spring in a year of huge personal development for you.  A wave of optimism will carry you through despite the demands and you will thrive on the feeling that the hard work is worth it.  Many Canercians may experience a role reversal when you go from being a stay at home mom/dad to the major breadwinner or from secondary household salary to primary. Satisfaction can be achieved via learning or teaching and there is a strong emphasis on the exchange of ideas.  If you are a writer, something you have written may really catch on in late April especially if it is very informative to people in terms of health and personal development.  You may achieve an award or recognition for an invention or something which you have researched and documented.  Your ideas are where the spotlight is.

The solar eclipse at the end of April will propel you to shift your focus towards group and organisational goals; volunteering and charitable activities may result.  You may become concerned about humanitarian or green issues or speaking up for a cause.  Involvement in a group goal or activity may help you gain a new sense of confidence or self-worth.