Troubling Questions about the Poisoning of Sergie Skripal.

As an astrologer, I use planetary cycles to detect trends politically and socially and if you have watched my YouTube channel, you will know I love nothing more than a discussion about current affairs and geo politics. My prediction for the UK in 2018 includes a note that we may get dragged into a war or conflict and here we sit ready to take on Russia after a chemical attack on our soil, but I am not the only one having Deja vu; I’ve seen this sh1t before, so let’s look at the facts or should I say lack of facts.


We have been told that the only plausible conclusion is that the Russian State was responsible, even though the investigation was only in its infancy with very little of substance established when this claim was made.  However the Russian State is not a political orchestra playing to a musical score conducted by Vladimir Putin, it is rather a labyrinth of murky associations between oligarchs, power brokers within different competing factions and mafia connections. The order could have come from anywhere in that maze.

Then we have the problem of the proxy. I am pretty sure we would have heard by now if Putin had visited this green and pleasant land on the 4th on March, so where are the perpetrators linked to the crime scene itself. When it was assumed that the hapless Russian pair were attacked on the park bench, we were issued with CCTV of a couple walking past a nearby gym and asked for information or for them to come forward. Did they even come forward and if not why? Was this lead followed up? As usual the police love to ask the public for help and yet once they have what they want we are quickly told it is no longer our business and dismissively shooed away.

Now, while it is no longer the case that the Skripals were attacked on the bench, it would still be very interesting to see the CCTV of their wanderings that day, just in case they were followed or under some sort of surveillance. I note CCTV is conspicuous by its absence as it always is when it counts i.e. Mandalay Bay, Paris 1997 , 7/7, 9/11 and many other notable occasions.

We are told that Putin has incriminated himself by making the statement, “Spies can expect to kick the bucket.” Indeed, kick the bucket means pass away rather than get topped. I could also say that smokers can expect to kick the bucket, but it’s not a threat it’s a logical observation as spying and smoking are dangerous life choices.

Why are we till set on State involvement, it’s a little old fashioned when we have companies that have greater turnover than many countries’ GDP’s and where billionaires manipulate revolutions, crash economies and change society via NGO’s and charities.


We are lead to believe the motive was nothing other than revenge. Yes, Vladimir Putin has been having sleepless nights, tormented with angst over double agent Skripal and plotting in the wee small hours a unique, painful, merciless and very dramatic end.  Yet, Skripal only received 13 year of a sentence when had his crime been viewed as more serious he could have been shot. He was put forward for a spy exchange after 6 years and since has lived openly in Salisbury, he is on the voters roll, visits friends at the Russian embassy each month and his daughter flies back and forth from Moscow frequently to visit – this is not a man trembling in fear.

But we are led to believe that revenge against this man, who buys scratch cards as a hobby, only one of many thousands of spies, defectors, traitors, oligarchs etc. is such a thorn in Putin’s side that he must be dispatched of in Hollywood Blockbuster style with the risk of permanent damage to Russia’s economy via sanctions, casting a shadow over the world cup and all the other unpleasant ramifications.

This is not at all logical.

The other theory is that Russia is flexing its muscle and that this is in keeping with recent aggressive acts like invading Ukraine, annexing Crimea and fixing the US election, Brexit and the Italian election – my, my Putin must have a massive ego boost with what the West credit him with, he is the political super genius of all time. But of course these are half-truths and fantasies that make great bullet points which mislead the ill informed, but which have no bearing on the truth and on the West/NATO’s aggressive placement of weapons closer and closer to Russia in direct violation of promises made to Gorbachev.


In every crime drama the first thing the police do is look into the victim’s lifestyle in the weeks and months before death/attack. I note the UK press are totally incurious about what Skripal and for that matter his daughter were up to more recently.

The Russian ambassador to the UN said we need Sherlock Holmes and indeed I am sure Holmes would be looking at bank statements, recent financial dealings, recent trips, meetings, phones logs and friends’ accounts to build up a picture of this man’s life, his enemies both old and new.

It was not Mary Poppins that was attacked, spies have many, many enemies as their work puts others in peril or gets people killed and so finding a few more suspects should prove an informative exercise, not one that seems to wet the appetite of the UK government however.

One week before the attack, a long dormant YouTube account was used to put up a video of Skripal’s arrest in 2004; the first time such a digital image had been seen. Coincidence?

Neither of the victims called 999. Why? Did they both succumb so fast and at the exact same time? It seems odd to me that they were walking about and eating and having a normal Sunday for many hours and then suddenly the Novichok takes them both down so fast they cannot even call or ring for assistance? I wonder if they knew what is was and presumed there was no point calling for help.


The chosen weapon for this attempted murder was Novichok, an organo-phosphate talked about in open literature in the USSR from the 60’s.

Novichok was made in the Uzbekistan province of the USSR and after the fall of the Soviet Union, US weapons inspectors went to Uzbekistan and destroyed it.

It is worth noting that after 1991, in the turbulent days of Boris Yeltsin, Russia was an open bazaar for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. No doubt anyone could have got their hands on certain WMD.

Novichok can be made by any company producing fertilisers. Indeed there is a book available on kindle with the ‘recipe’. Chris Murray reported that the OPCW were in involved in tests in Iran where Novichok was produced, in fact one of its plus points ( as a weapon) was that it could be made by ingredients available in any functioning country.

Novichock was first mentioned to the masses in Nov 2018 (US) and Feb 2018(UK) in the context of a video game called First Strike – a coincidence maybe.

How dangerous is Novichok:

I note that men in hazmat suits who had virtually zero dexterity such was ubiquity of their suits, were stood alongside forensics people with fibre boiler suits similar to what one can buy at the DIY store to paint in and alongside them were firemen dressed in regular fireman garb. Odd?  Pure theatre produced for public consumption rather than chemical protection?

Where were the decontamination tents – does anyone remember the procedure for Ebola and how medical and other personnel had to go  into a tent to be decontaminated and to have contaminated gear safety removed and either disposed of or otherwise? People who watched Alex Crawford’s documentary on Ebola would have seen this. The lack of any decontamination tents is a red flag.

While on the first day the area at A&E was power washed and on the second or third day Zizzi burned the table the Skripal’s sat at and all the staffs’ clothing, it was one whole week before other patrons of Zizzi and the Mill pub (where the Russian pair had a drink) were told to wash clothing and wipe off handbags and glasses with baby wipes. It was two weeks before the Skripal’s car which had been taken to a pound where the public had access to it was taken away, suddenly wrapped up like a sore finger after the horse had well and truly bolted. It was only on the 3rd week that the bench, where they took ill, was removed, until then it was simply covered with a tent which blew off several times.

On the 3rd Monday after the attack we heard that police would be swabbing all public areas in Salisbury due to ‘persistent dust’; and yet on the Sunday ‘free parking’ was advertised on Facebook to get folks coming back to the town centre.

So a total lack of consistency in this approach. More haphazard that hazmat.

Sky reported that 32 people were affected, BBC later reported that zero people had been affected other than the Skripal’ and DS Baily. And that the 32 people said to have been affected were either misinformed or paranoid. However after the third week Sky News put the number affected at over 130? One police officer was reported to have had a mild hand rash – I had no idea Novichok was in the market for mild hand rashes. It is unclear if these affected people have verifiable symptoms is just unrelated general seasonal discomforts.

WE have all noted that Porton Down with its own dark chemical weapons post is just a few miles up the road from. Salisbury

Reports are that an unnamed consultant is dealing with Yulia and Sergie – why unnamed? Usually the doctors are happy to engage with the press and have their names mentioned.

I also wonder why they have not be transferred to London to a specialist hospital? I understand that being close to Porton Down, the Salisbury hospital may be best placed to deal with a chemical weapon injury, but surely at this point them have got to the stage where a bigger and more specialised hospital could assist.



The park bench was quickly ruled out as the scene of crime.

The media have lead us on a tour of Wiltshire and Devon with a new crime scene each day, just so that they can drip feed information daily to keep the drama going and maintain Russophoebia. However, what I see as crucial is that the only other person who is verified as being affected is DS Nick Baily who attended the scene at the park bench and also, it is vital to note, attended the house. Paramedics who attended the scene were unaware of any danger and treated the situation as an alcohol issue; they even gave mouth to mouth and yet not one medical person is mentioned to have come down with anything and yet this DS become seriously ill. So while the media talked about the car and the graveside, it is clear the house is the scene of the crime. DS Baily took ill before the car was even found. The house or something in it is the key and yet we have heard nothing more about that. Was a parcel delivered – surely that can be tracked and traced through a system somehow. Did Yulia unwittingly bring something over in her suitcase? In that case we should be looking at who she trusted and taking fingerprints.  This seems to be to be the most fruitful avenue for further investigation. On what item is the highest concentration of Novichok and where did it come from?

This would mean the perp never had direct contact with the Skripals and also opens the door for a few new possibilities.


The Telegraph reported that a security consultant who had worked for the company, Orbis which compiled the Fake News Trump Moscow dossier was close to Skripal. They went on to say that a recently deleted LinkedIn account exposed that this British security consultant is based in Salisbury, and works for Orbis Business Intelligence – which is Christopher Steele’s firm.  It was Steele who collated a series of dubious memos containing anti-Trump opposition research for Fusion GPS, employed by the Republicans initially and then taken over by the Democrats. Some reporters refer to this ‘security consultant’ as Skripal’s handler.

Sky News reported this week that among other things Cambridge Analytica was paying former spies for dirt on politicians.

In 2006 Litvinenko, on that fateful day he was poisoned with Polonium 210, was at the Itsu sushi bar in Piccadilly, at 3pm where he met Mr Scaramella, an Italian contact. It was at this very bar that the HIGHEST traces of Polonium were found and Mr Scaramella spent time in hospital in London very ill as a result. It was only later than day Litvinenko met chief suspects, Lugavoi and Kovtun at the Millennial Hotel. I can see a defence lawyer closing the case against Lugavoi with that information. It was also said that Scaramella was the first person Litvinenko accused of poisoning him. Mr Scaramella claimed to be a professor at Naples University, but they had never heard of him. I note that traces of Polonium 210 were also traced to a private security firm in London suggesting a non-state actor. But this is what is crucial, Scaramella was linked to the Mitrokhin Commission and was recorded in a conversation where he agrees to dig for any information smearing Romano Prodi (then the leader of Italy’s centre-left opposition, later Prime Minister) as a Russian stooge.

Do you see the link between Skripal and Litvinenko to fake news about Russia influencing politicians?


I certainly cannot see how Putin benefited.

Putin knows the eyes of the world’s media and elite are watching his every move waiting to cry foul and usher in a new cold or even hot war.

Had Trump not won, we would probably already be at war.

The international Neo Liberal order have Russia in the cross hairs as the anti-Soros, pro Christian, anti GM food, private reserve bank septic, IS crushing Vladimir Putin is not only threatening to upset their apple cart, he is somewhat of a lovable rouge to all of us who oppose the tyranny of globalisation with a one world dictatorship.

This story fits perfectly into the narrative of MSM and the globalists and thus they benefit and the manner in which they have rushed to capitalise has made it more obvious.