Leo Girl and Sagittarius Guy in Love

How does Leo Girl and Sagittarius guy get on in love, sex and marriage?

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How does Cancer Woman and Virgo Man get on?

What does astrology predict about the relationship between Cancer Girl and Virgo Guy?

Lisa Lazuli looks at love, sex, marriage and comparability between Virgo Guy ad Cancer Girl with a celebrity example.

Daily Horoscope April 27, 2018


Love – You are not in a compromising mood and that can make you inflexible in relationships – this is a time when things can boil over and where Rubicon’s will be crossed and so be mindful in all you do as effects can be far reaching.

Career – This day where you are pushed to the limits of what you can do, and the obstacles especially in connection with authority can seem insurmountable, but there is a chink in their armour and you may be closer to victory than it seems and so hold on.

Health – It is a time to dig deep and to test your strength and so if you see a barrier go at it and push yourself psychologically to crash through any mental fear barrier you have set up.


Love – Strong opinions and attitudes often mean more to Taurus right now than love and so you may prefer you own company and your own unique interests to the kind of compromise relationships require.

Career – Time to push hard to achieve your dreams and you may need to reassess attitudes that hold you back or that create confining mind sets which limit expectations.

Health – This is an excellent time to start using positive thinking, you do not have to do affirmations, just focus on what you enjoy, what motivates you and follow your heart and not a route created for you by another.


Love – Emotions and tensions run high and Gemini will not be their usual slick talking selves as situations really draw you in and you are not able to keep as cool as you would have wanted too.

Career – You may have to put a great deal of extra work into your finances and taxes in order to get the better of the system – it is like you are cracking a code, Gemini will investigate the loopholes right now and find ways to save and make money go further.

Health – Do you know that an Oxford Uni and Coventry Uni study has linked a good sex life to increased mental ability and brain function for over 50’s and so if you are older, what a great excuse to revamp you sex life – Pluto in you 8th gets boosted by Mars.


Love – This is a make or break day in love and relationships and it may not be a relaxing Friday with fun times; it may be more like Union negotiations.

Career – Run ins with those who you often lock horns with may be impossible to avoid – show strength today and do not back down, hold your ground and keep a poker face.

Health – Eating smaller meals is more than just good for weight loss, it is also anti ageing – so make it a habit to eat small meals and to reduce appetite by using vegetable smoothies low in calories.


Love – Obsession is an issue in love – your partner may be acting obsessively and yet if you mention it, they will say it is you who are being obsessive – you may both play the blame game and so try and stay away from mudslinging.

Career – This can be an angry and irritable time for Leo; you get annoyed especially with colleagues and service providers and so you are best working alone and so take the day off and work from a home office.

Health – Anger is often linked to the liver and the amount of liver toxicity and so if you are feeling hostile for no real reason, you may need a liver detox – milk thistle tea is a great way to start along with eating stewed fruits.


Love – In romance the time of flirting and testing the waters is over and you need to decide whether to go forward or to drop it – an unforeseen cause of action may force your hand.

Career – For those Virgo who watch currencies, exchanges, stocks and crypto markets, this is a good time for intensive research and charting, especially if you are serious about increasing trading or doing it all more seriously.

Health – Being creative is a massive release for you and so whether you are stressed, lonely, horny, annoyed or unfulfilled throw yourself into something that engages the artist in you; you do not have to be artistic just grab a pen or paintbrush and do what you want.


Love – Does your partner respect you, stand up for you and put themselves out for you in practical ways? If not what’s going wrong?

Career – Work life balance may be a myth you should stop chasing after, find your own rhythm and be engaged when you are at work and attentive when you are home and do not forget to invest emotion in relationships. Know when you need to stop, Libra work well in bursts rather than in a linear way.

Health – Emotionally this is a turbulent time and anything you have repressed will boomerang back to you via sudden unpredictable events. You cannot run or hide; the past is coming to get you, so you can resolve it.


Love – Watch out for new dates who ask too many questions and then follow up those questions as if they are not satisfied – Scorpio may attract possessive controlling personalities right now.

Career – Have you got caught in cycle of work-a-holic-sim? They say that it is no longer about 9-6 and then home to relax; it is working flat out in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, and only slowing down later – but does this make sense or is it a quick way to burn out?

Health – This is great to time to sit back and question yourself – look at everything you are doing and ask WHY? If the reason is guilt or obligation, stop right there. You may even find you are doing things for no good reason at all and wasting that energy.


Love – You are very possessive right now and that can made you irrational in love – you have to hold yourself in check and allow your partner freedom even if it kills you.

Career – Watch out for a certain do or die attitude, your business and investment decisions right now can be highly emotional and also very extreme

Health – For a high energy meal when you have little imagination try steamed salmon, sweet potato (mashed with sunflower seeds) and spinach stir fried with coconut oil.


Love – An old family friend may re enter your life and this time you may find that romance and sexual attraction are suddenly on the cards and I mean suddenly.

Career – Watch the leading people in your network closely and see if they are using any new techniques or methods; you should also check what they are ordering in for clues as to the next moves in your industry.

Health – With Mars activating Pluto in your 1st house this is an ideal day for any kind of personal transformation that requires guts – a good day to start turning your ship around and heading in a better direction even if the initial changes are tiny momentum will build.


Love – This is not a good time for rebound relationships – licking wounds after a bad experience can be quite cathartic.

Career – Communication with superiors or government department have added importance today and should not be taken lightly – take your time and chose your works carefully without giving too much away.

Health – A quite stroll through the library and a browse in the archives can be strangely fulfilling and relaxing – the library may be you perfect place to get away from it all and fire up your imagination at the same time.


Love – Pisces never give their partners or lovers exactly what they ask, for you always give that bit extra as relationships are not about how little you can get away with doing, but how much joy doing things for a partner brings.

Career – A good day for scheduling business travel and for looking for the best deals – you should chose airlines and travel agents with more care as it could make all the difference.

Health – Friends can have a powerful effect on your for better or worse – they can challenge you to be better or drag you into negative habits and so be careful who you hang out with.

March 28 Daily Horoscope, 2018

Love – Aries are emotionally robust today – you can take anything that happens in a relationship on the chin and with good humour. A good day for expressing you wants and needs and getting heard.

Career – You have added willpower and are decisive and so this is a good day to think strategically, look at data and make decisions that will affect your career path in the next few months.

Health – You are stronger today and are able to achieve more in terms of physical output – a great day for your fitness goals and for sports success.

Love – Your partner may be centre stage and for good or bad reasons his/her needs and wants will have to be prioritised and so you may find your life revolved around your marriage partner

Career – This is a good time to make some decisions that you know are going to upset some people – as they say you have to crack eggs to make omelette and today you have to risk some temporary unpleasantness for the long term benefit.

Health – Watch out for strongly flavoured food like chorizo, very strong coffee, mature cheese and smoked foods etc as they may bring on headaches and ingestion.

Love – A good time for all new relationships, but you need plenty of conversation or activity, if a new beau just wants to sit at home and watch TV, he/she will be up for the chop. Initiative and energy turn you on.

Career – You need to use your energy today to bring some positivity to others – you input today and also your ideas can be the make or break factor.

Health – This is a good day for walking, cycling or hiking and any other activity that gets you mobile for a long period of time rather than just a short burst.

Love – Your sexual prowess, charisma and power to attract are enhanced even though you are not at all aggressive in your pursuit of love and affection. If you allow yourself to be pursued you will have many suitors.

Career – . This is an ideal time to prepare for interviews and taking a step up in terms of the career ladder – you will be the stand out candidate as you can handle the extra work and responsibility and should excel in any probation period.

Health – Cancer are more aware of their bodies and alert to warning signs and you will be more concerned about heart health, aging and prevention of disease.

Love – New relationships can race along at pace right now – Leo may make sudden decisions in love like deciding to move in with a lover or get married.

Career – You are not paying attention to others or looking before you leap, this is about you and what you want and you act according to impulse.

Health – Your health is good, but you should not bite off more that you can chew in terms of volunteering for anything that have not tried before or taking on something all by yourself that really needs two or three.

Love – You are concerned about greater integrity and will move away from flirtations, budding romance or new relationships which are not in line with the real you or how you wish to be perceived.

Career – Virgo are more assertive in your interaction with others and debates can become quite heated – you have a knack of zoning in on what is most crucial and can be quite blunt at times.

Health – Reading between the lines can cause more trouble and stress than it is worth and so sit back and relax, sometimes there is nothing there to be interpreted, life can be what is seems, it does not have to be one giant murder mystery.


Love – Librans are up for some sexual activity thank to the action of Uranus on Venus your ruler, and you may initiative some spontaneous love action; you may not be that affectionate but you are passionate.

Career – You are ready to stand up for yourself and yet you can do this in a very positive way that puts other in their place but leaves no hard feelings.

Health – You enjoy the smell of battle and are attracted to competitive and adventurous sports and activities. You enjoy being active and so a good day for sports or a vigorous clear up.


Love – Scorpios young and old have a heightened sex drive – intellectual stimulation along with some eye candy will have you severely aroused. You may not be able to act on all passion in person, but you certainly will in your imagination.

Career – Scorpio are operating with a greater deal of moral certainly, you feel you have right on your side and so win or lose you will still be a winner as you were true to yourself.

Health – You are up for anything that is enjoyable – hard tasks and onerous routines are put on the back burner an you act on whims and cater to a taste for the wild side.


Love – Sagittarians are willing to let things go right now; you may store anger away for a more appropriate time, but if a partner thinks they have gotten away with a transgression they are wrong.

Career – You may be weighing up some major financial decisions, things are yet to play out in full and it is wise to hold back in the meantime – risky or speculative ventures must be avoided.

Health – Sagittarians must work on endurance and flexibility – hill walking, going up and down stairs and some energetic gardening where you dig and shovel are also great forms of exercise that are cheap and accessible at most ages.


Love – While you do want more intimacy tonight you are not really sure how to go about it, you are more reticent than usual and you fear a knock back, be thoughtful and affectionate and let you partner make the move.

Career – Capricorn feel a little like taking the scenic route today – you still want to get to your destination and you have not lost your drive and yet there is some uncertainty and you still need to think about some elements of your plan or approach.

Health – This is a time to seek the middle ground, do not be extreme and be cautious about anything that offers great results. Sometimes the best route is the boring route.

Love – A day where you enjoy one to one companionship; you will look to arrange a cozy night in where you can have your loved one all to yourself, preferably with his/her phone off and wi fi disabled.

Career – Today you are really good at seeing the other point of view and it is easy for you to slip into another’s shoes. Aquarius are great at negotiations, therapy and building bridges today.

Health – You enjoy making decisions with others, but that does not mean you actually take their advice, you just want to hear it as the exchange of ideas help clarify you own thoughts and instincts.


Love – Pisces are very expressive right now; you are exuding charisma and your devil may care approach is very attractive. This is a time of jostling for position in relationships – you will push for what you want and both of you will grapple for the reigns.

Career – You are more daring today and it is a good time to pen a strongly worded letter or fire off some letters of complaint – do not take injustice laying down.

Health – Try not to do everything in a rush, ask yourself what the hurry is. Accuracy can be sacrificed for speed.

Gemini and Taurus – How do they get on in love and relationships.

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Both Kimi and Leila have rather modern attitudes about love and dating and they certainly don’t take no prisoners. Although this is a light-hearted read, some more serious issues ie stalking, divorce and affairs are tackled in a realistic way.

This is a very lively and pacey book and you will be pleasantly amused by the many unexpected turns.

I know another review criticized the grammar of this book; but I feel that it was written in a highly colloquial way and just how one writes when we write emails – it is not meant to be written like a novel where all the syntax is dead right. It’s conversational.
It’s fast moving and very modern. The author does not dwell on things; it’s really about having a laugh and not to be taken seriously like a full length novel.
This is the first time that I’ve read a story that was told entirely through email transactions, and I have to say that I quite liked it! That was definitely a very clever way of telling a story and I think the author executed it well. This is a fun, short, and fast-paced read that can easily be read in one setting (trust me, you’ll want to!). Can’t wait to see more from this author.

TAURUS and ARIES Compatability

This is not one of the best combinations for Taurus, but one can never say on Sun signs alone that it won’t work.

This can be a very complimentary partnership with the Arian helping the Taurus to be more pro-active and less passive about life.  The Arian can bring adventure, action and excitement to the Bull who can fall into a semi satisfied, complacent routine at times.  The Bull can in turn help the Arian to be more committed and consistent about his goals. 

Both signs are very down to earth and sensual and so the sex life will be really amorous and satisfying.  Taureans and Arians love romance and so the wining and dining is all sorted, but for the fact that the Bull’s ideas about romance may not be the Rams’.

Taureans like to take it slow and Arians like instant gratification.  While Taurus likes to soak up the moment, Aries like to pounce and seize that moment.  So you can see that there are some problems in terms of timing and getting the most out of your love life, especially if the man is Aries and the woman is Taurus.  You may have to take it in turns or perhaps the Taurean needs to show the Arian that foreplay can provide quite a bit of stimulation that is also gratifying.

You have very different styles in love……for more click here


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Scorpio, you are the solid, emotionally dependable one right now – somehow you have a better grasp of what is going on right now and are seeing reason.  Your partner may turn to you increasingly this period due to your ability to truly understand their situation.  It maybe that you know your partner better that he/she knows his/herself and are thus more clearly able to see where they are going wrong and how they should deal with the people and issues that are troubling them.  This will bring you so much closer on an intimate level as well.  Although Scorpio has so much empathy, do not allow yourself to become too drained in dealing with the problems of your partner and do not become directly involved.

Single Scorpio may find that new love springs from a relationship of dependency ie where you are helping or supporting someone.


Working together on a home diy project or even clearing out the garage together can be a great way to spend time with your partner and share a sense of accomplishment.  Let’s be honest there are always things we don’t want to do and can put off, so this is an excellent time for you to rope you partner in to helping you with a mission (one that affects you both ie home improvement, the garden, fitness, new diet, new sexual techniques etc) and making it a team effort.  It can be fun, rewarding and a way to spend quality time together.

Have single Pisces thought of volunteering as a way to meet new people – volunteering is rewarding, great for the CV and a very good way to make friends who share your interests and who may become lovers.



In marriages it is all about teamwork and mutual support more than romance, but that does not mean that there is no romance at all: Cancerians will not many months go by without an effort with flowers, chocolates, music or whatever it is that will make a day special.

Idealistic about love single Canerians will want the object of their desires to make very traditional gestures of love; it may however be up to you to make the first move rather than them. You may befriend someone at work who has a secret ‘thing’ for you.

More from: HOROSCOPE2014 by Lisa Lazuli



LOVE for the Water Signs – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio


For single Pisceans this is a year of opportunity as you feel sexually attractive and proactive and are willing to take the lead in social situations.  Powerful emotions and desires may cloud your better judgement at times inclining you to don the old rose coloured glasses and this is a danger.  You are impatient in all things romantic and may feel frustrated when things do not move quickly or in the idealised way you imagined.  You also need to stop and analyse whether your emotional craving and romantic feelings are really in line with your true needs and values – they may fall out of sync meaning that you will not achieve a lasting relationship only an ephemeral romance.

That said this is a time for the often shy Piscean to come out of their shell and shine on the social scene.  You will find it easier to go with your heart and enjoy life to the full.


In relationships it is easy for you to talk about your feelings right now, Cancerians, which will go a long way to helping keep things going.  Relationship-wise it is rather tough going as 2014 starts for existing relationships.  It is not that the relationships themselves are flawed but rather that with all the stress and distractions going on about you it is very hard not to let that spill into the bedroom.  Communication and keeping your partner informed about where you are at emotionally and how you are doing and coping can certainly help you both navigate this time of change.  For Canerians married to Libra, Capricorn and Aries this will be magnified as all the cardinal signs are going through a time of turmoil and upheaval.  Solid relationships will thrive under the pressure even if you are both a little exhausted for passion.  Later in the year as you adjust the romantic and spontaneous side of the relationship will spark into life with more chance for social and recreation activities.

Single Cancer will seek out friendships with men rather than full on romance from the get go – friendships will blossom into love later on in 2014 when you will tend to feel more relaxed.  Again communication and shared GSOH will be the benchmark for your relationships as you are very ‘real’ this year – no rose coloured glasses, no fantasy, no puppy love crushes – you will look to the core of the relationship and if it ain’t going anywhere you will not be biting.


Within relationships, both family and romantic you are eager to cut to the heart of the matter; you are bored with niceties and feel that the only way to either move things on or resolve issues is via some candid truth telling.  Scorpio are excellent at psychoanalysing and sensing the motivations of others and while this keeps you ahead of the game, constant analysis is often detrimental to love making and intimacy and so learn to drop the mental intensity and focus on the physical intensity: affection without question in the bedroom.  Your mood is very intense this year which will be draining for you and those around you and so remember to relax, switch off and be vigilant that you do do this every day.

Criticism and very high standards may make love and romance hard to come by for single Scorpio.  There will be no shortage of dates or desirable possibilities, but are you likely to commit to one boyfriend – not really, you have someone very specific in mind and are happy to wait.  Although your eagerness to go steady (if that is not too old fashioned a word) is absent, you may find that your dates are more than willing to take it further so do be clear in all your signals to avoid unwanted attention.  Single Scorpio are enjoying the single life and will setting for sparkling on the social scene rather than cuddling on the sofa with one guy.

For more on the other signs see my other posts or check out HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology & Numerology HoroscopesHOROSCOPE_2014

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