Aries are experiencing a renewed sense of who they are this quarter: they are once again in touch with the fire-cracker, go-getting, vibrant side of themselves.  You are not waiting for doors to open, you are kicking them down.  Your energy and ability to make things happen for yourself is high and you will not succumb to the opposition from family members or from societal constraints.  We all act in accordance with how we think society in general expects us to behave and often that can be oppressive and restrictive: now Aries are saying, “To hell with society, to hell with what ‘they’ think, I am doing this my way for me!”   Accusations of selfishness will be just a way of guilting you out of doing what is good for you – ignore it.

You are wearing your heart on your sleeve and it will be hard for you to hold your emotions in.  You may have a public meltdown or exhibition of anger – whichever way others will be left in no doubt of where you stand and this can be rather liberating.  On the negative side an inability to hold emotions in this October during the lunar eclipse can result in you playing your hand when you were trying to be coy.

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It can be a frustrating and angry period in partnerships with some disagreements.  Your desires and those of your partner seem at odds and talking it out tends to get heated.  Arguments over how to spend money, how to discipline the kids, priorities, how the deal with problem people etc will be common place.  Not irreconcilable differences by any means and fights should be heated and quick, so remember to say sorry and focus on common ground.

Single Arians may be more eager for immediate gratification both sexual and emotional in relationships – you are too impatient and must let the new relationship develop.  Even if the sexual side moves quickly, allow more time for the emotional side to come on before you think it’s serious.



Your enthusiasm and the initiatives you are taking may not be well received by those in power, so ensure that you keep them on side and if that fails keep them informed.  Aries like to work in their own way and need a fair amount of independence within the authority structure at work.  This summer your independence may be curbed or threatened by internal power struggles of new management practices. Try and work with the new ‘rules’ as you will find as with anything that after a few weeks they will break down and you will find ways to work with independence again.  If you are self-employed also be aware that new industry rules and changes to your profession may cause short term irritation and you may have to rethink some of your plans to accommodate these changes.


From HOROSCOPE 2014 by Lisa Lazuli