How do Taurus get on with Fellow Taureans Sexually and in Love



While on one hand this can be a blissful, romantic and happy union, it could also be a downward spiral of depression, hopelessness and passive aggression.

Similarities in terms of the need for stability, comfort, continuity and peace can make this a very harmonious affair.  However things can get dull and there is little motivation to inject some adventure into the relationship.  Stuck in your old ways, you may plod on in a “doing Ok, but not very well,” state of suspension in time.

As you have similar values and look at the world in quite the same way making decisions and bringing up the children will be filled with agreement.   Deciding where to holiday, where to live and how to spend free time will also be a source of agreement as you are both laid back and enjoy similar activities. 

You are both earthy, sensual lovers who like romance and enjoy foreplay: you like to revel in the pleasure of feel, touch, smell and closeness and being pleasers by nature you will want to pleasure the other.  Sexually Taurus can be very comfortable together.  What’s more Taurus are loyal and committed and when in a solid relationship Taurus gives so much more in the sexual department; so Taurus with Taurus should mean plenty of sex.  Sex for Taurus must go along with affection; one cannot be fulfilling without the other and with a fellow Taurean affection, cuddles and an earthy wit will go a long way to make sex successful.

When Taureans are not shown affection they get very insecure about their bodies – this should not happen in a Taurus Taurus relationship.

Moneywise you are both sensible and both of you like to spend on objects of beauty to make the home pleasant or for the female to have nice jewellery and clothes.  Taureans like their lover to look good – they enjoy things that are pleasing on the eye.

Since you both like socialising, weekends should be packed full of events and engagements to go to, however sometimes 2 Taurus together tend to cocoon themselves and become almost reclusive.

The positive traits and easy going nature of two Taureans together can make you both more passive as a pair and more likely to get into a rut when routine kills the romance or where neither of you are able to provide the impetus to get yourselves out of a rut.

Jealous and possessive behaviour can become par for the course with no restraining rationale to temper the feelings which can run high.  You are both unwilling to back off and give each other time and space which can mean disagreements drag on.  Added to this the stubbornness of two Taureans can make compromises very difficult and the one who eventually backs down may resent it.

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TAURUS and ARIES Compatability

This is not one of the best combinations for Taurus, but one can never say on Sun signs alone that it won’t work.

This can be a very complimentary partnership with the Arian helping the Taurus to be more pro-active and less passive about life.  The Arian can bring adventure, action and excitement to the Bull who can fall into a semi satisfied, complacent routine at times.  The Bull can in turn help the Arian to be more committed and consistent about his goals. 

Both signs are very down to earth and sensual and so the sex life will be really amorous and satisfying.  Taureans and Arians love romance and so the wining and dining is all sorted, but for the fact that the Bull’s ideas about romance may not be the Rams’.

Taureans like to take it slow and Arians like instant gratification.  While Taurus likes to soak up the moment, Aries like to pounce and seize that moment.  So you can see that there are some problems in terms of timing and getting the most out of your love life, especially if the man is Aries and the woman is Taurus.  You may have to take it in turns or perhaps the Taurean needs to show the Arian that foreplay can provide quite a bit of stimulation that is also gratifying.

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