NEW – Weightloss with the Nordic Diet by Saga Finberg



The NORDIC DIET is the hot new trend in weight loss and healthy eating.

This book contains all the facts and research to help you to discover why eating like a Viking is both the tastiest and healthiest New Year Resolution which still permits vino with dinner.

The Nordic Diet is all about fresh fish, meat and veg and unlike Paleo you can still enjoy legumes and whole grains. You will be steering away from processed food and the refined wheat and pastas of the Mediterranean Diet.

Includes research showing that the Nordic Diet aids weight-loss with no calorie counting and helps to lower cholesterol, prevent cognitive decline and lowers blood pressure.

Mouth watering recipes for soups. starters, main course (fish, pork, venison, duck, meat) and desserts are included with advice on how to adopt this simply delicious healthy lifestyle.

11 Recipes for appetizers and quick meals

6 Soups

13 Main Courses and

6 Desserts.

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