BE WINE SAVVY – The Essential Guide to Wine Now 99cents Introductory offer

Be Wine Savvy  Joelle Nevin

Be Wine Savvy Joelle Nevin

Wine, dine and influence people!

An ideal gift for the wine enthusiast and all lovers of entertaining and dinner parties.

There is no doubt that knowing about wine gives you an air of sophistication and class and what’s more, a wonderful and relevant talking point on dates, at dinners or parties both formal and casual.

Impress your friends and your colleagues by knowing your Shiraz from your Syrah and being able to chose the ideal wine to compliment and bring out the flavour of your favourite dishes. Learn more about the wines of the world and how to appreciate their flavours and nuances.

Included are recipes for wine cocktails, ideas on hosting wine and cheese parties and advice on wine terminology. Know how to read the label and how to buy sensational wines without breaking the bank.

Go from a wine lover to an aficionado with this colourful guide to tasting, buying, choosing and appreciating wine.

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