Happiness without Limitation – Book Review



“Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion!”

When your happiness is dependent on external things like possessions, people and other people’s approval then yes, the words from that famous song will be true for you. As an astrologer and student of the New Age I should be more aware of how true contentment comes from within, but even I can get hung up on allowing circumstances to dictate my happiness and contentment level. Happiness starts with our thoughts – ever notice how negative thoughts can become so pervasive?

Reading this book made me think of my neighbour who on his return from The Gambia said, “People in the UK have it so easy and they are miserable, people in Gambia have nothing and yet they are so happy and cheerful.”

Happiness really does rely on little things, but the author also made me realise that the need to be in control,the constant and relentless judging of ourselves and others and the acceptance of what society says about us ie age, marital status, job description etc contribute to so much unhappiness.

There is so much emphasis now days on bucket lists and what we must or should do, as if life is a tick box affair – where once we have ticked all the boxes we become as happy as dear old Larry. So why are we less happy than ever? Because we have too much of the things that do not actually count. So many kids are taken on fancy exotic holidays and yet a recent survey in a UK paper found that kids’ favourite holidays were ones where they camped, fished in rock pools, rambled on the Moors – the simple things.

Anyway, the book really reminded me of things that I should as a spiritual person know already, but it is so easy to get distracted from the pursuit of true happiness when you are trying to impress your toxic friends on facebook.

Well written and a good start to finding meaning and true happiness in life.