World Predictions for 2023 – Politics, war, culture, money and elections.


My book of world predictions is now available.

2023 World PredictionsIncluding: What the planetary trends say about economics, the dollar, war, AI, CBDCs, revolution, free speech and geopolitical power blocks.Which countries are seizing power, who’s losing power.Is there a great awakening?Are we ending an epoch?Will there be economic and currency crashes?What about populism? Food supply?Detailed chapter on workwide themes and predictions.Chapters of predictions for UK, USA, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and more…Not for the fainthearted. This is a hardboiled analysis. This is not airy fairy, stardust forecasting. It’s realistic and pragmatic not new agey.

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Horoscope 2023


The most detailed horoscope book you can buy anywhere. Loads of interesting and actionable advice and astrology predictions to supercharge your love and life in 2023. There’s a very detailed yearly analysis, then monthly reports which cover:

*Love and Romance*Career and money*Adventure and Fun*Spiritual growth*Happiness*Marriage and more…

This will empower your life and let you know how to take advantage of planetary energies. A wonderful gift for yourself as you go into 2023 wondering what the opportunities are. I put a great deal of effort into making this guide helpful on a practical level and from a personal growth perspective. Lots of information on retrograde planets, eclipse’s and conjunctions.

NOTE: This is a compilation book, you can buy kindle and paperback versions for individual signs.These are not daily horoscopes.

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My Recent Podcast – The ComeBack Kids and the USA

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In today’s show originally broadcast on October 26 2022, Andy is joined by Lisa Lazuli for a show entitled, “The Comeback Kids And The USA.”

We discussed: why are so many people waiting for their personal human saviour to come back; the suspicious fast track that Rishi Sunak’s career has been on since first being elected as an MP in October 2014 to becoming Prime Minister only 8 years later; why the powers that should not be want inflation and high interest rates; why we will probably be having a General Election in the early part of next year; the numerous pieces of legislation both the Conservative and Labour parties support, that will further stifle our already limited means of free speech; how the US Mid-Term Elections will be very positive for the Republicans in both the House and the Senate; why Donald Trump will return as President in some respect; how the conflict in the Ukraine is likely to get worse; Jeremy Hunt’s familial links to China; the Jupiter/Saturn death cycle for US Presidents; why Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister on the Hindu holiday of Diwali; the potential for an earthquake in California; why we could see the end of the NIH and the NHS; and many other topics.

My recent podcast

We discussed: the recent election of Giorgia Meloni in Italy along with the potential implications of this; why some significant events may well have taken place on September 24th; what is going to happen in the UK that could be as dramatic as the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; how the “Lying In State” of the Queen did not generate anywhere near the amount of interest the mainstream media claimed it did; why the Russian Tsar and his family were not given sanctuary by his Royal Family relatives in the UK; why it looks like King Charles III has been handed a poisoned chalice; the problems with the prophecies of Nostradamus; why there will have to be a General Election in the UK within the next six months; the significance of the rainbows when the Queen died; Lisa’s challenge for the audience; and many other topics.

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