My Recent Podcast – The ComeBack Kids and the USA

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In today’s show originally broadcast on October 26 2022, Andy is joined by Lisa Lazuli for a show entitled, “The Comeback Kids And The USA.”

We discussed: why are so many people waiting for their personal human saviour to come back; the suspicious fast track that Rishi Sunak’s career has been on since first being elected as an MP in October 2014 to becoming Prime Minister only 8 years later; why the powers that should not be want inflation and high interest rates; why we will probably be having a General Election in the early part of next year; the numerous pieces of legislation both the Conservative and Labour parties support, that will further stifle our already limited means of free speech; how the US Mid-Term Elections will be very positive for the Republicans in both the House and the Senate; why Donald Trump will return as President in some respect; how the conflict in the Ukraine is likely to get worse; Jeremy Hunt’s familial links to China; the Jupiter/Saturn death cycle for US Presidents; why Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister on the Hindu holiday of Diwali; the potential for an earthquake in California; why we could see the end of the NIH and the NHS; and many other topics.

My recent podcast

We discussed: the recent election of Giorgia Meloni in Italy along with the potential implications of this; why some significant events may well have taken place on September 24th; what is going to happen in the UK that could be as dramatic as the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; how the “Lying In State” of the Queen did not generate anywhere near the amount of interest the mainstream media claimed it did; why the Russian Tsar and his family were not given sanctuary by his Royal Family relatives in the UK; why it looks like King Charles III has been handed a poisoned chalice; the problems with the prophecies of Nostradamus; why there will have to be a General Election in the UK within the next six months; the significance of the rainbows when the Queen died; Lisa’s challenge for the audience; and many other topics.

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My Recent Podcast Interview

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Lisa Lazuli – The Case For Astrology

August 24, 2022

We discussed: why astrology is not Anti-Christian, indeed Lisa is both a Christian and an astrologer; Lisa’s educational background and why she chose to specialize in the field of astrology; how an astrological birth chart is constructed; why the elites are so into numerology and astrology; the importance of geometry; the astrological predictions that Lisa has made which have subsequently come true; why Lisa believes Liz Truss will be the next British Prime Minister and the implications of this; why we have included Andy’s birth chart as a link in today’s show; the background to today’s show image; how the internet frustrated the gatekeepers; the synchronicity between Martin Luther and the year 2020; the significance of the number 1888; Lisa’s predictions with regard to the conflict in the Ukraine, Cyber Polygon, and the widely predicted financial crash; an overview of Lisa’s books; how we have moved out of the age of Pisces and into the age of Aquarius; and many other topics.

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